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Holy Toledo!

The expression that is the title of this post can have two very different meanings for your FIU Golden Panthers on Saturday night around 10:30 p.m. -- that would be eastern time and not GPP time.

Bat_2 First of all, let's not even relate "Holy Toledo!" to Batman, because Robin does not belong in anything Batman-related. But I digress, so let's get back to FIU. The Golden Panthers could be celebrating with a "Holy Toledo!" after their road win or they could muttering to themselves "Holy Toledo!" if the Rockets go off and score 54 like they did last week against No. 25 Fresno State.

The Golden Panthers will need to score and score often against the Rockets on Saturday to win their first road game since 2005 (La-Monroe), because Toledo scores in bunches -- 37 points per game to be exact.

It is too much to ask of the FIU D to keep the Golden Panthers in games each week with their steady, rugged play. FIU's D can derail high-scoring Toledo, but it will need help from the Golden Panthers with the ball.

Whether it's run or pass, FIU has to move the chains, get first downs and punch it in the end zone quite Mckay often tommorrow. The Golden Panthers can do this. It's all about execution -- and not the execution former Tampa Bay Bucs coach John McKay once famously said about his team when asked about his team's execution, McKay quipped: "I'm all in favor of it".

On offense, FIU's OL needs to open the holes for the RBs, the RBs need to hit those holes, OL must give the QBs time to throw, QBs must hit the open WRs and the WRs, if need be, borrow Lester Hayes's stick-um and hold on to the passes. It sounds like such a simple game, eh?

One thing FIU's D MUST and I repeat MUST, keep an eye out for is trick plays. The favorite holiday around Toledo is Halloween, because the Rockets are all about tricks in order to get some touchdown Hallo treats. You good people all saw how it worked for the Dolphins last week against the cheating Belichecks. The same can happen to FIU if it is not on guard for the Toledo trickery.

In our last GPP poll, more than 50 percent of GPP Nation thinks FIU's 1st W comes tommorrow. Sorry GPP Nation, but I'm not among those 53 percent. Just can't see FIU's O hanging with Toledo's O.

GPP thinks: Toledo 34, FIU 12



The latest example of how GPP Nation can make a difference. Thanks to FIUer noticing that the GPP does not come up on FIU google or yahoo searches, we have added "FIU" to the title of our blog. If you go to the blog page on the Miami Herald website or to the sports section of the MH website, you'll notice we are now called "FIU Golden Panthers Prowl". But for brevity's sake we'll still go as the GPP on our posts. Sort of like how FIU is FIU.

2006PA: Got a question... The rendered image of the stadium after phase I completion has the metal columns under the bleachers painted blue and a huge FIU logo on the front of the stadium. I know its a rendering and isn't going to be 100% exact, but are they going to "beautify" the stadium further during this season?

GPP: For this season and possibly until the north side is complete, the beautification of FIU Stadium will likely consist of huge banners like those currently adorning the south side of the stadium. Where youFiustadiumaerial  are going to see the real beauty of FIU Stadium will be when the Student Support Complex/Welcome Center is done in 2010/2011, because that will be the main entrance to the stadium. For now here is an aerial beauty of a photo of FIU Stadium, taken on last Saturday's game day, courtesy of fiusports.com. Click on the photo to get a nice big pic of the stadium.

Max: Pete, just to let you know, FIU's PantherPass has this game scheduled to air live on Saturday. You could sign up for FIU's service instead of Toledo's.

GPP: Actually, the service is still Toledo's and they get all the $$ from sign-ups. FIU is routing the service through fiusports.com. But you can sign up at FIU's site and give them the web hits.

Puma: Hey Pete, I know you keep teasing us that we'll get coverage for a week once we get a big win. I want that win as much as the next guy but shouldn't FIU coverage be based on demand?

GPP: Puma, I am in complete agreement with you, especially with more than 140,000 FIU alumni in SFLA and that's the big number I bring up at the MH when asking for more FIU space or the front page in the paper. However, the stock response I usually receive is when FIU wins more then they'll get more coverage.

Ca SouthPaw: Pete, do you have any new updates on how Colt Anderson is doing in practice compared to Paul and Wayne? Seemed like he was right on their heels and how his name is never mentioned. Are the coaches planning on giving him a redshirt?

GPP: SouthPaw, I asked MC about CA the other day and MC said CA has not caught PM or WY yet. In practice, CA shows some flashes, making some great throws and showing some mobility, but then there are some days when he still looks like a QB that has thrown just 15 passes in college. CA has all the potential to be the No. 1 guy on this team and because of that don't be surprised if he is redshirted this season.

NYCFIUFan: What time is kickoff for the FIU-Toledo game? Can anyone tell me?

GPP: 7 p.m. for kickoff and 6:59 GPP Time for scores.

**When it comes to who will finally settle in as FIU's starting QB that will be decided on the field by the performances, but if you were MC for a day what do you think?


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awesome victory. 5 td's in one game.

knuckle-bumps for all.

all right pete, now it's time for the herald to live up to its promise. we got the w, now we want a daily article on FIU in the sports section.

So glad Pete was wrong! Let's keep this momentum going and not over look North Texas. We need that win just as bad as we needed this one!

ALL! Oct 11 for the Middle Tennesse game...Alumni can get free tickets to the game.

* Lifetime members of the Alumni Association may request up to 6 complimentary tickets. (RSVP Required)
* Annual members of the Alumni Association may request up to 4 complimentary tickets. (RSVP Required)
* FIU graduates who are not members of the Alumni Association may request 2 complimentary tickets. (RSVP required)
* To reserve your complimentary tickets you must RSVP by phone 305-348-3334 or email alumni@fiu.edu (office hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., email must be received by Oct 10, noon). Please leave full name of person, email address, member ID# (if applicable), and number of tickets needed.
* All tickets must be picked up at the Panther Pit Tailgate starting at 5 p.m. on the north side of the stadium and ending at 6:30 p.m. No tickets will be mailed.

Lots of energy on this blog, love it. So happy for the team and for us die hards. This was a big win because (1) it continues momentum after going toe to toe with the #12 team in the country, (2) gains confidence in our offense, these guys looked fantastic steamrolling a team that went to the wire against a top 25 team last week, the whole 4th qtr was cruise control, and (3) let's Mario breathe a sigh of relief knowing he and his crew has made a difference and the improvement is REAL and tey can continue doing what they're doing.

Now let's see this snowball and start rolling downhill the rest of the season. Winning is contagious. And, YES, TY is a star, he looked like man playing a boy's game and he is only 18! Much to be excited about here. GO FIU!

Did yall see this video??

FIU produced video of the Stadium Opener!


how about that?

FIU FOOTBALL is on the Rise!!!

great win.

Way to go FIU!!! We won! Great game, keep up the good work!!!

Congrats to MC, The Team, The Adm & The GPP Nation! Enjoy tonights victory and lets hope this is just the beginning!


I'm so happy to have been wrong about the score. Great to get our first out of conference game.

You represented FIU very well tonight boys. Thank you. Great game. Now let's keep it going.

Manny Navarro - our collective hearts were in Toledo tonight.

Golden Panther Community, let's get out there on October 11th and welcome our boys back home in style and with a whole bunch of energy.

To any player or coach who may read this, do NOT under estimate North Texas. Imagine how they are feeling after being destroyed 77-20. We need to take them seriously and play like we did tonight.

Congrats to my team!!! Way to go guys and prove so many people (including yours truly) wrong!!!! Yes sir, well done!!!!

Great win and great job by the staff getting this team ready for tonight. Great game by TY and Julian Reams. The defense once again played out of their minds, holding this team that was averaging over 41 points per game to a touchdown (on a trick play to open the game) and three field goals, plus shutting them out in the second half. What a performance. Here is to keeping the momentum going next week in Denton, Texas.

YO Pete! get the headline on the game story fixxed



JUST LAST YEAR WE BEAT NORTH TEXAS.. OUR WHOLE CONFERENCE IS FBS.. (the division formerly know as Division IA)

If we had already beat a non FBS school this season then you could make a comparative statement with this headline but this is not the case.

incredible win.. defense, offense, special teams.. everyone did their job.. now lets keep it up !

A great win, GO PANTHERS!!!

Congrats to FIU's football program-players, coaches, administrators, etc! This is a HUGE win! It's definitely a great time to be a Golden Panther! Go FIU!

OC Panther,

This is direct from the FIU post-game notes on the official website:

The win was the first I-A road victory since November 5, 2005, a vacated 31-29 decision against Louisiana-Monroe. It was also the first non-conference victory since October 4, 2004, 31-24, at Stephen F. Austin (vacated). Tonight was the first non-conference FBS win in the history of the program.

Well done, I hope everyone on this blog goes out there on Oct 11th!

Wow... can't believe I actually predicted an FIU win and got it right! I'm back in the blog hunt, baby! :)

And what's even crazier... FIU was the only Sun Belt team to win on Saturday.

Seriously... I'm not all that surprised we held Toledo to 16... I think it's pretty clear now that the D's performance the last two games wasn't a fluke. But man, where has that offense been until now? Hope the Paul McCall haters will shut their mouths now. He didn't have a great game, granted, but it sure sounded like he managed the game well. And ain't it amazing what can happen when the O-Line stops becoming a turnstile? I give credit to the coaches for realzing that the problem wasn't McCall, it was the O-Line.

Additionally... I'm glad to see the coaching staff is getting Hilton more involved. That kid is clearly a game-changing kind of player. And Julian Reams... my Lord. About time he did more than just have great practices.

Good work, GP's.

I doubt they'll put up 77 on NT, but FIU ought to be able to put up enough points to win that game. I just hope we don't get overconfident again. Rice is no world beater, but this is the second year in a row that NT gave up over 70 points in one game. Not to mention, we beat these guys last year. Definitely a winnable game, even if it's on the road.

Clawing cancer im goin to have to agree w/ you im glad that McCall was given a shot to manage the game.. would have liked to see more from him but thats me being incredibly greedy lol great running from realms and ned... loved the comment on realms and practice btw.. i cant wait till the MSTU game. and hopfully we go into that game on a 2 game win streak

Incredible performance by the Golden Panthers!!! I'm really happy for us all and especially the staff that put in the hard work. It all starts in believing they can win(which couldn't be possible under Don Strock...sorry for mentioning his name). Let's just take that confidence to North Texas next week and play a great game.

One more thing, Galiano has done an amazing job with defense. They keep playing like that and we can be in many games.

TY Hilton is a star!!! McCall played solid so props to him also.

GO FIU!!!!

Forgot to mention, the blog contest just got interesting like ClawingCancer stated!!! :)

Where was Manny's heart yesterday? In Miami or Toledo. I have a feeling his heart was crushed.


We won. Write something! The GPC (Golden Panther Community) is pumped and we want to hear from our champion jounalist

im a perfect 4-0 so far.. so im happy lol

Case in point Pete. While not exactly a signature victory (Toledo is ranked near the bottom of DI schools), look at what we get for coverage.

A special to the Herald article by I assume the local Toledo correspondent. The guy gets it wrong by saying it’s our first victory against an FBS team. We can’t even get a Herald journalist to write the story?

Last week, we get Linda “Debbie Downer” Robertson ranting about FIU’s misplaced priorities and yada, yada, yada for our opener. Contrast that to this week where UM loses and they whip out the preeminent Herald sports journalist and a man who is as old as Greg Cote sounds, Edwin Pope, to reassure the UM fans to keep the faith and imploring them to support the Canes because they’re one of the few major football programs to have to create motivation in an off-campus stadium. I don’t remember the off-campus stadium venue being an issue before.

You can’t help but think that Edwin (who was around when Miami was pronounced Miam-uh) and the rest of your illustrious colleagues think this is a zero-sum game and are annoyed by FIU even attempting to create an Athletics program. The only time I remember Edwin writing an article about us was when he asked to call off the UM-FIU series. Does Edwin even live here anymore or has he moved out-of-state?

Hey I know that UM deserves the coverage they get. All we’re asking is to get our own and to try to keep it fair. There’s room for both of us.

I promise that’s the first and last time I’ll mention anything about UM.

Figure it out Herald, nobody reads newspapers anymore for the big stories. Why read the Herald’s wire stories when we can get that somewhere else on the web? If you’re going to remain relevant you need to focus on the LOCAL content. The investigative reporting and scandal-of-the-month stories in the Metro section are great. Manny this is when the term embarrassing applies, when it refers to our local government. The other big local component would be the Sports section. Duh!

Is anybody pumped over here? I did not expect this, although I hoped for that win...heck, I've hoped for so long...with no results...that I kind of forgot how good it feels...Guys, let's savor this one win, one game, at a time. We, as FIU fans, know the 'agony of defeat' all too well to become too accustomed to the 'good times' and being fans only on those times.

On the other hand, we are truly passionate, "no matter what" type of fans. We blog, write, whine, and support, donate money, attend home and away games, EVEN with our recent..and overall...dismal record. Folks, this one is for all of us!! Enjoy!

trust me FIU fanatic i tihnk everyone here is pumped over this win

I'm pumped...it feels great to win. I can get used to this!!!

Can't wait till next week.


North Texas next week is now a MUST win to continue this momentum. There is no reason why we should not take it to them. A win next week will be bigger than yesterday's simply because it's a conference game and I have no idea how far back we'd have to go before we find back-to-back wins, that would be huge...relatively speaking of course. MC, you better get these guys re-focused, I'm sure you're already working on it.

ole ole ole FIU FIU!!!!!!!!

GPP Nation, love the energy! Now lets spread it to the community. I called WQAM to talk FIU football with Zack and he was very talkative about our Golden Panthers, however it would never be mentioned until I brought it up. It's easy to make noise in our own house, however the neighborhood may not hear us! Take that energy outside this blog and let ALL in South Florida hear OUR NOISE! Let the folks in South Florida know who TY Hilton, Juilan Reems & Amod Ned, etc. are!!

Here is some info. to help.

WQAM Sports Talk:
(305) 567-0560
Lead Host e-mails:
1) Joe Rose: bigdog@wqam.com
2) webmaster@wqam.com
3) Big "O": bigo@wqam.com
4) Jim Mandich: maddog@wqam.com
5) Steve Goldie: goldie@wqam.com

790 The Ticket:
1(888) 790-3776

Texting 790

Now collect all that energy and GPP Nation lets be heard!!


I saw the participation report for the game on fiusports.com and it said Daunte Owens started at receiver. Is that true? If it is, it's great to see him get some playing time. Is he still going to be used as a running back or strictly as a receiver for now on? Thanks!

Daunte Owens didn't start at receiver. That must be a mistake.

The FIU football bandwagon will now be boarding all passengers and is set for take off....ALL ABOARD!!!!!

I just sent an email to the 790 crew.

Simple short email. If we all do this, we can get some momentum and recognition in this town.

Everyone knows you eat an elephant one bite at a time.

Congratulations to our team! I really didn't expect anything like this outcome. Great work by our kids and coaching staff. Now, lets get some more W's in conference play! GO FIU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earth to Pete Pelegrin. Come in Pete, over.

Since last we communicated, FIU won a football game. Do you have any thoughts or insights to share?

UFF, that's great that you mentioned that. On 790 The Ticket, heard FIU calls and that impressed me. I wasn't able to get through but definitely sent text messages about our football program. I know that with Sid Rosenberg(6-10am) and with Jorge Sedano(12-3pm), Dos Amigos(10-12pm) we can definitely talk FIU football.

People are going to start taking notice, W's really help. GO FIU!!!

lol...he does have days off I think.

Great win by FIU. Still feels sweet. But before we start expecting a Sun Belt title, there are still lots of things to improve on.

Keeping things in perspective, we won the turnover battle 4-0 vs Toledo, which makes winning almost assured. We haven't had a turnover margin in our favor like that since our 52-6 beat down of FAU in 2005. In fact, we're the second worst team in D-1 in turnover margin over the past 3 years turning the ball over 32 more times than we've turned our opponents over (only New Mexico State has been worse). Our third down coversion ratio was still bad, we had too many penalties, and our offense only produced 239 yards. When we win a game after losing the turnover battle, we will have arrived.

Still, it was a great road win in a tough place to play. Great to see that the team never quit even when falling behind 13-0 early on. You can feel the confidence and momentum building with this team.

Pete, was Daunte Owens lining up a wide receiver against Toledo? I'd like to see him get some touches, so that would be good news.

And I've been surprised to see Johnathan Nieves seeing action in so many of our first four games. Can you tell us more about this freshman? Suprised that he's seeing the field ahead of more heralded guys like Curtis Bryant, Andre Pound, Kasey Smith, and Donnell Wilson.

Yeah, from what I've seen it's Tues., Weds. and Thurs. lol

Seriously, great road win for Coach Cristobal and the The G' men!

We need to kee the mo' groing into UNT, if we can somehow get a W there and be riding a two game winning streak coming home v. MTSU, WATCH OUT. The Cage will be packed and rockin' (like something out of the OB in its heyday).

Let's get focused on UNT and figure out a way to keep this 'track meet' going.

GO Panthers !!!

FIU defense he;dg USF offence to 17 points.

That says a lot in the high scoring game of college football.
8/30 Tennessee-Martin 56-7
9/06 AT UCF W 31-24 OT
9/12 No. 13 Kansas W 37-34
9/27 AT North Carolina State W 41-10

9/20 At Florida International W 17-9

In my opinion Mr. Pelegrin took 20 minutes out of his day to write a filler article that had no effort in stating any team analysis that would actually conclude that prediction. All he did was look at one game and speculate a high scoring phantom offence in Toledo. Here’s an example, last year North Taxes came across a 74-62 shoot out with Navy. Did that same UNT performance sustain against FIU last year? No, why? Because a single game observation doesn’t define the chemistry of every match up in college football no matter how bad or good a team is.

Also, he totally ruled out any mention that FIU or Toledo would have the advantage on controlling the pace of the game. And that has nothing to do with predicting a score or what your gut feeling is but rather it has to do with how fast and proficient a team can transition from defense to offence which was clearly FIU's advantage because they were able to keep it scoreless for the Rockets in the 2nd half.

It's just predictions...and based on FIU's prior history, the great majority in this blog...minus 4 bloggers...predicted a win for Toledo, many of them fairly easy. It's not "rocket" science...pun intended....just predictions for fun. All of us, FIU fans, should and/or are happy we put up such an important win!!!

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