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Moses Is Back; FIU Stadium Open House

Moses_2 It's official, tight end Moses Hinton was granted an extra year of eligibility Hinton by the NCAA on Tuesday and will be back on the field for the Golden Panthers against South Florida on Sept. 20. The tradeoff with getting an extra year is that Moses has to "part" (sorry, couldn't resist) with the first 2 games of this season. So he will have to sit out the Iowa game this Saturday.

After Tuesday's practice, MC said DE Kambriel Willis and OL Cedric Mack should be back this Saturday for the Golden Panthers, who will need both players against the big, beefy Hawkeyes, who might be the best test all season for the FIU O and D lines. Freshman LB Aaron Davis also is expected to make his Golden Panther debut on Saturday. We'll have more on the first meeting between FIU and Iowa later this week.

Mark your calendars for your first chance to see the new FIU Stadium next Thursday, Sept. 11 with an Fiustad_3 open team scrimmage at 7 p.m. Stadium tours begin at 5:30 p.m. and parking and admission is free. Here is the link with all the information on the fiusports.com website: Stadium Open House

Also, got an e-mail from FIU's athletic department and there will be a watch party for the FIU/Iowa game. I'll have details on when and where on here tommorrow.


So far, according to our last poll, more than 80% of you agree that FIU has improved after the first game of the 2008 season. That is the largest amount of people to agree in a GPP poll question of the 32 polls we have created since getting this little poll gadget on the GPP.

FIU0406: On the herald link for FIU: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/colleges/FIU/ it also shows our old logo. Pete, could you look into this?

GPP: The new FIU logo has been put up on the Miami Herald's FIU home page.

FIUfantastic: Please fix the Photo Gallery from the Kansas game...it shows a picture of Paul McCall and says: Florida International quarterback Troy Dannehower throws the ball.

GPP: Done. Paul McCall is now Paul McCall and no longer Troy Dannehower throwing the football against Pm Kansas.

FIUJM: What was the deal with Marquis Rolle? Seemed like he and PM were not on the same page. Is FIU store selling new jerseys yet?

GPP: Asked MC about that today after practice and after watching the game film, MC says on one pass MR ran the wrong route and on the other PM threw to the wrong spot. In Tuesday's practice during 7-on-7's, the two players looked in sync so hopefully that translates to Saturday. The FIU on-line store is expected to be up and running with new jerseys by the end of October was what I was told last time I asked about that.

FIU Fanatic: Pete, not that it is so important, but I predicted the Kansas game at: KU 44 FIU 10 .....and for some reason, you left me out of your "predictors".

GPP: Of course, it's important. Sorry about missing your score. The Win A GPP Blog leaderboard has been updated on the previous blog with your FIU/KU score.

alt7787: One of my sources within the athletics department has informed me that there is a possibility that FIU will put some tickets on sale for our season home opener due to an oversupply.

GPP: I'll look into it.

Ultimate FIU Fan: 1) What time is the game? 2) Big Ten network is showing the game, is their any viewing party?

GPP: Game time against Iowa is 12 noon. Will have details on the FIU/Iowa watch party on the GPP tommorrow (Wednesday).

Quijote: What I do like is that these opponents like Iowa and Temple may be similar to the SunBelt's best.

GPP: FIU plays Iowa and Toledo, not Temple this year. And yes, all these OOC games are a great way for FIU to prepare for SBC play.

SouthPaw: What's going on with the offensive line?

GPP: Mack is back this Saturday. Leavine is likely out this week with a foot injury. Caraballo (foot) is expected back for the USF game.

Many of you had concerns about missing players in the Kansas game. Tell us who FIU missed the most against Kansas and needs the most against Iowa....


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I am excited about the stadium tour. I remember asking about this a couple of times.

Pete, I have noticed that FIU hasn't put up the new logo around campus. The old banners from last year are still up. Have you heard anything about when they plan to remove those and put up new ones? Thanks.

Will you be at the stadium Pete? It would be cool to say hello. Great news about Moses, he is a big play maker and we could use him to block up front as well.

The problem that I really have with last weeks dropped pass that would have put FIU up is that we really don't have any experience leading a football game on the road against a big school. We're not going to win those games until we start to put ourselves in those positions, and we had a chance to at least get that felling last week.

Iowa wins and losses in the trenches. We've got to be able to move the ball better than we did at Kansas. PM has to make quick accurate decisions and the OL must keep the Iowa defense off balance and create space for the running backs.

Iowa gave up 137 yrds on the ground to Maine (a pretty decent I-AA we played a few years back) but only 3 points. Maine only threw for 89 yrds.

Iowa has a balanced attack that took Maine apart; it's going to be like tackling a tank.

Let's hope the guys learned from last week and can gain some confidence against the Hawkeyes.

Go Panthers !!!

OK sports Fans, better team on field at KU yes, BUT note this you can have the best conditioned team on the planet, but you win games with players, I was in Lawrence and saw what lesser teams do against superior talent. They always shoot themselves in the foot, they always make key mental mistakes at the worst time. I am not convinced this O will be any good until the second half of the season. SOOO Iowa prediction.............
35-3 just no offense... and watch out for WY return

Pete, I know you don't write the headlines but today's headline for your article was:
"Florida International University tight end Moses Hinton granted extra season by NCAA"
I thought they are to only be referred to as FIU? I'm going to assume that they are doing this to spite FIU and nothing else.

Hey Pete, what's the ruling on Camera's at the open practice. Will it be okay to take pictures?

pete any word on the FIU watch party yet? if not kings creek tavern is offering to have one

Iowa - 34 - FIU 13

Iowa 38
FIU 13


The new logo looks great on the aforemtnioned herald page. Here's hoping FOXsports and ESPN follow suit soon.


This is the e-mail I got from FIU today regarding the FIU watch parties for this season....

Hey Pete,

I wanted to update you on the watch party. After doing tons of research and contacting both the Big Ten Network and DirecTv we will not be able to have a watch party. Reason being is that FIU @ Iowa is being transmited in the local Big Ten affiliates, meaning only in Iowa and Florida. That would work for us, the problem is 99% of sport bars use DirecTv (because of the NFL sunday ticket) and not local cable boxes. DirecTv boxes get the BigTen national signal, not the local one so they will be showing Marshall v. Wisconsin instead.

Fans that have local cable companies that have the Big Ten network will be able to watch the game at home, but sports bars with DirecTv will not be able to carry the game.

Let me know if you have any questions, and let people know that for the following away games on ESPN gameplan we will have watch parties.

Pete, I've noticed that on DirectTV, the big ten network always has alternate games on other channels. For example, the Western Kentucky/Indiana game was being shown on channel 620, as well as other games on other channels. I have a feeling the FIU game will be shown on one of those channels. If not, they have used places with cable before such as Mr. Moes in Coral Gables.

Just as an example, the Big Ten Network's main channel is on 610 on directTV. However, for those of you with DirectTV, you will see that on channels like 618, 620, and 623 it says BTN and they will show the alternate Big Ten Networks games. If you check on the Big Ten Network's website here:


It specifically says that the FIU vs Iowa game will be on channel 618 at noon in Miami, FL. I need to get hired to put this stuff together honestly.

Thanks Max.

No problem, hopefully something can get put together. People on the FIU board are talking about getting together at the Kendall Village Tavern for an unofficial watch party. Let's see if they announce anything after the info provided or if they will just go without one this week.

personally, i think i will just check it out in kendall and hope they have it figured out by next time...

I called the Village Tavern in Kings Creek / Kendall Dadeland area....They said they will be showing the game...

I'm not sure I buy that story from FIU about the game not airing at SportsBars ??

I will call them again tomorrow and make sure they get this channel 618 ??

Thanks for checking it out Max.

Yeah, if they check their directtv guide it will show the FIU-Iowa game at noon on that channel already.

I smell upset!!! FIU: 21, IOWA: 18!!!

Iowa 30, FIU 17

Watched the replay of the KU game this morning, available on a KU link via their message board.

- FIU is much faster up front on D-line,LB,and DBs...The D-line was getting pressure on Reesing with Newman, Warthen, Jackson, Jones and Chacreton. I was very impressed with their effort. Reesing put the ball on the ground twice while getting HIT in the pocket -but KU was able to fall on it.

We went for it inside the 30 three times on 4th down (conceding 9 pts/ or counting the dropped Mertile pass 7 pts + not kicking 2 FGs = 13pts...

Had Jeremy Dickens caught that ball on the 4 yrd line we certainly could of come away with another 3 or 7 pts...

The offensive line was BAD. But keep in mind the front 7 of KU may be the best we see all season. McCall impressed me with his ability to scramble and pick up 1st downs on the run...

Again, the score is mis-leading and KU had nothing going in the 2nd half. I am very excited that our team speed has improved. The KU announcers kept praising FIU for it's team speed and trademark of all Florida schools and thought our program was headed in the right direction.

Since we were behind, not sure that 4 FGs would of changed the game dynamic - so Mario chose to go on 4th down several times near the red zone. I really liked what I saw in this game and I am fired up for IOWA. Our speed needs to be used properly against a below average Defense and the O-line needs to do a better job holding their blocks...

***Hilton did not seem to be running full speed on that run back, you can see him waiting for the blocks to progress and then he just had too much space for KU to get him. I'd like to see him on a slant in space on offense and his "run after the catch ability" - that guy needs to get the ball as much as possible to keep IOWA off balance and open up chances for Rolle, Dickens, Mertile...

so Kendall Village Tavern it is.. lol im goin to have to come strait from FIU cause i have class till 11:25... what better way to start the day then class in the morning and a beer right after

GPP Nation, I called Jim "Mad Dog" Mandich during his show and asked him (Mandich being a Big Ten guy)about Big Ten viewing for FIU vs Iowa. He said the Iowa faithful get together @ Shula's 2 to view their games every weekend. He added that he is sure Shula's 2 will have the game, however we'll have to share the place w / Hawkeye fans. Furthermore he added that we shouldn't worry, they're not like U. of Miami fans, that they'll be orderly.


P.S. If Town Tavern in King's Creek is showing the game, I'd rather go there. I check with Shula's 2.

Thanks Blue&Gold for the recap. I also had the same question about why we went for it on 4th and long (like 7 yrds or something) instead of kicking the field goal on a number of occasions. I think this happened late in the game and the only thing I can think of is that MC was looking at plays v. a good team rather than worrying about how many points we scored. The game was pretty much over by this time as well; 40-10 and three points wouldn't have meant much and may have only served to motivate KU to score more.

Also, you rationalize that KU had 'nothing going' in the second half. Well, unless there is a motivation to score more, i.e. a close game, we can not really make a judgement as to KU's inability to move the ball. They may have been playing back-ups, they may not have wanted to show their full complement of plays for no reason, etc. The point is, until we force a quality team to play a whole game, we don't really know how good they are and in turn how good we are.

I'm looking forward to seeing the game this weekend on Comcast/Big Ten network. Thanks for the updates on the coverage guys.

Go Panthers !!!

KU had their 1st team in all game and they tried to score on the last play with like 15 seconds left and we stopped them at the 2 yd line, with :07 on the clock....

The 4th down plays I was speaking of were in the 1st and 2nd quarter near the 30 yd. line...In the second half I think we went for it once on 4th down on the KU side...

Mangino was not happy with his team's performance and I guarantee you that the IOWA players will see on film that our guys lay the lumber on the hits !!! If we had a FG kicker that was consistent and could nail 45 - 53 yarders, I think Mario would of kicked and hence FIU might of had another 15 pts on FGs.....

**Although Rivest hit his about 43 yds down the middle with good height, the ball cleared the cross bar by maybe 2 yds ??

Well that does make our performance that much more impressive. I think we had the ball down deep twice in the 2nd half and were stopped by a 4th down incompletion and intercetption in the end-zone. We had 4th and 7 at the KU 10 and threw an incompletion late in the 3rd, and we had 4th and 7 at the 15 and threw the INT mid-way through the 4th quarter. Both of these were well within field goal range (would have been 27 and 32 yrd attempts respectively).

Also, not to take anything away from FIU's defense but on KU's last possession (which ended up running out the clock), KU rushed 11 times on the 13 play drive, most of those being up the middle.

I know see where we should have had at least 13 more points easily in that game. 23 points v. #14 KU is respectable, not quite competitive, but respectable.

i think that last drive they were just beaten... and battered.. if they were more in the game id ont think KU holds on to the ball .. should help that we get Arron davis,KW, Ced Mack and D. Owens back

Iowa 36 FIU 10

Great Story from ESPN on FIU's win over #19 Clemson.


Iowa 38, FIU 6

FIU 30, Iowa 24.

Iowa 45
FIU 10

They lose again...big

45-10 Iowa wins


I'm willing to put good money that UM gets blown out by more points against UF than FIU by IOWA. Because while we were getting ready against conference play by playing quality opponents like Kansas, you guys were playing rinky dinky Charleston Southern LOL. In fact, we have ZERO Div II schools this year... since you can't play in your own conference, I guess you guys had to resort to Div 2 opponents and other out of conference cake walk teams.

CrazyCane responds to himself now? Was he trying to have an alternate username or something and start fights with himself?

Any information on the new men's basketball coaches?

FIU 20 Iowa 17. Counting on the offensive line playing much better and the defense forcing a few turnovers.

Yeah, whats up with CrazyCane fighting with CrazyCane??

I'd like to call FIU-Iowa an upset... but I can't. I do think we'll win one OOC game this year, but it won't be on Saturday. We'll keep it somewhat respectable, hopefully; if we held Kansas to 40, we can probably hold Iowa to under 30. I'll call that a moral W if we do it.

Iowa 28
FIU 14

And if anyone knows a way I can watch the game in Winston Salem, NC, let me know. Listening to the online feed's all well and good, but I need a freakin' TV!

If this game was at FIU, I actually think they could pull the upset, but since it is not, still have to go with Iowa...

Iowa 38
FIU 17

Yes, I think they may put up 17

Iowa 44 FIU 3

What do you guys think about the UM/Gators game? Gators look strong, but the Hurricanes hate the Gators so much, I smell an upset: UM 38, UF 35.

Hey, I just remembered...I was watching the Vanderbilt/South Carolina game and Vanderbilt has an interesting tradition for their football games: They have all the first year freshmen students run out on the field before the football players.

That would be a great thing to do at FIU since the Freshmen should be the first group supporting FIU Football. What do you guys think?

Since you asked:

Gators sack Marve 7 times

Marve throws 3 ints (2 pick sixes)

James and Cooper combine for 3 fumbles

UF rolls and runs up the score BIG TIME !!!

Gators 62 - UCG 6

Since you asked:

Gators sack Marve 7 times

Marve throws 3 ints (2 pick sixes)

James and Cooper combine for 3 fumbles

UF rolls and runs up the score BIG TIME !!!

Gators 62 - UCG 6

PP, since this is our blog to ask you questions all-things FIU athletics. Can you please tell me why the FIU Volleyball win over ACC Champion and #19 Clemson (to win the Big Orange Bash) is buried in the Local Round-up beneath a Barry Women's victory over UMass-Lowell?


This story warrented a full article on the ESPN web-site yet your editors brings no attention to it.

lets just make this S. FLA upset week... FIU beats Iowa and Um beats the gators... and the owls lose lmao that would be the upset week i would like to see


Catch your Big Ten games on COMCAST! See below for details in your area.

12:00 PM (ET) / 11:00 AM (CT)

Does someone have the number for Village Tavern in Kings Creek to confirm that they are showing the game. Thanks.

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