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Paul Younger Has Left The Stage

Pm Just when you thought Paul Younger would be headlining the FIU offense this Saturday against Toledo, MC said after today's practice that Paul McCall will start against the Rockets and that Wayne Younger would see action in the first half. Here is MC's direct quote after Thursday's practice:

"Paul will start the game and Wayne will play quickly in the first half," MC said. "Wayne played better in the [South Florida] game and he had a chance to really make a statement in practice and he did ok -- just ok. Paul really practiced well these last couple of days and now he's got to show it in the game. I'm looking for one of those guys to make it real clear and real easy, but until they do it's not fair to the team to go with one when the other one is right there.''

Will have more on the FIU/Toledo game on the Friday blog with the GPP's preview and predicted score.

Remember, your last chance to get your score in for this game in the WIN A GPP BLOG contest is at 6:59 p.m. GPP Time on Saturday. And Quijote, if a contestant does not select one game, then he or she is eliminated from the contest. The 3 simple rules outlined on a cocktail napkin at the beginning of the season are: 1) Make a prediction each week on the FIU game (name a winning team and score) 2) The deadline for each game's predictions is anytime before kickoff. We are going by the time on the GPP, so DO NOT think if it's 6:59 p.m. on a Saturday on your clock, it's also 6:59 on the GPP clock, because you'll be late and you're out. 3) Standings tiebreakers at the end of the season will be the total point differential of your scores.

Baseball's magical month is 4 days away when the MLB playoffs begin. FIU baseball is hoping to unleash Turtle some magic next season with its incoming class that TT released today. Here is the link for the FIU baseball class on fiusports.com.

The FIU baseball alumni game is Oct. 11 at 2 p.m. at University Park Stadium and the 2009 Golden Panthers first exhibition baseball game is Oct. 22  at 6 p.m. against Team Ontario. Planning a live baseball blog from that game.

Will answer your questions on the Golden Panther Pawse in Friday's blog.


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Toledo 27
FIU 10

Pantera Dorada:

There is simply no pride from the International Students. I understand the schools don't play football in latin america, but they have some other sports which could turn into something more competitive. They base their education not on grades, but on social status. I am hispanic too, but I learned to take pride on my alma matter and I understand everything on how all schools in the states work. Schools here are education centers, research institutions and sports entertainers. I am not saying that colleges in Latin America are not good, but they just don't understand the potential of a learning institution. They just don't get the passion for your alma matter. That is why the don't go to the games because they think is a waste of time and they rather partying or bragging to their mates in Latin America how smart they are because they are getting an education here in the United Sates. That is why, when I try to explain the American college system to them; they just say that I am a red-neck.

Man, I hope he's got a quick hook for Paul. We should be able to put up some points on these guys. If he can't get something going by the 2nd or 3rd drive, he needs to put Wayne in. Show the team that he is going to do whatever he can to get them a chance to win.

Stopping the run seems to be the key here. If we can do that, we can have success.

Wow FAUowl, you truly are a dumb@s$.

I guess you really want to fuel some sort of rivalry by coming on here and angering and demeaning FIU, but really all people on here are going to hate is you.

You talk about international students like if FIU has some huge amount of them. About 7% of students are International. Compare that to other Florida schools like UF which has the most international students in FL and 17th most in the nation, and then you will realize that you just like to talk out of your a$s.

Sorry that we don't get "hype" to play your tiny school out in West Palm Beach. No one cares. Even when you come down to Miami, no one cares. I know you wish you were on our minds all the time, but you ain't.

The amount of people that show up to ANY game (especially in a big city like Miami) is highly dependent on winning. Ask UM, ask USF (which had poor attendance until they started winning), ask UCF, ask anyone.

Toledo 38, FIU 16

my prediction this week
FIU 21
Toledo 17

I am going to agree with FAUowl. I have spoken to several international students and it is true, they don’t have a sense of pride for their athletic programs and they do not give back to their universities in their respected countries. It is just the way that their educational systems work. Then they come to the US and those practices follow them.

I did have, however, some international students sitting behind me at the FIU game last Saturday but they were more interested in the party and pre-game than what was going on in the game. And furthermore they were cheering when that USF player was seriously injured. I could have slapped them.

I am sorry but I am going to agree with FAUowl. Yes, it is great that FIU has a large diversified student population with people from all walks of life but it is like a double edged sword when it comes to contributions and giving back to their alma mater.

What does whether an internation student has pride have to do with FIU football???

We have LESS..lemme repeat myself...LESS international students than other Florida schools.

Not sure why the topic of International Students and whether they give back to schools or not is in a blog about FIU next upcoming game with Toledo!!

Toledo 41
FIU 10

FIUFloridaPower&Light - I know that the new idea is to only refer to FIU as "FIU" but in case you forgot - FIU stands for Florida INTERNATIONAL University - Is it really that hard to see why this topic has come up?

By the way - did everyone see USC lose last night to an UNRANKED OSU team? Maybe they are on the decline? maybe FIU and MC has taken away some of their recruits and that team, like UM, will also soon be passed up by sleeping giants like FIU.

Toledo 45
FIU 24


I really can't tell (being that you are a canes fan)if you sincerely believe that FIU is a program on the rise or if you are just being sarcastic.

BTW, FIU is up to 15 commits and most of then being South Florida talent.


When you say our tiny school in Palm Beach; that really shows how you say things without thinking.
I know you simply don't care if we win or lose to your school, but we are not a tiny school like you say. We are older, bigger campus, better football team and 27K students.
I don't know why you have this thing about FIU being part of the Ivy League, being in the top 25 with bowl appearances, conference titles and national championships. You really think you are all that. On the other hand, I probably agree with you on the international percentage on other schools; however, the hispanic population of students at FIU is 69% or 70%. There is nothing wrong with that, but football and school pride are not in their minds. Good luck this year! and I hope you don't beat FAU because I don't want to hear you saying how great you are ;even though, FAU has dominated your school 5 times out of 6 the past 6 years. If you are interested, watch the owls again on ESPN this tuesday 30th prime time. Oh! tuesday the 7th again on ESPN prime time.
To the rest of the bloggers: You seem very well educated individuals, not like FIUfp&l.

Pete... that "Paul Younger" reference was on CBS Sportsline. Sorry for not responding sooner... been a busy bee.

Anyway... this whole "international student" thing is sort of interesting. And it's actually true, because I've seen it in my own family. My 3 older brothers were originally born outside the US, and all 3 went to FIU, and all 3 could've cared less about school pride or going to see a game.

Having school pride is an American thing. Colleges fielding athletic teams is also an American thing. Many schools outside the US don't bother with such things because their main thing is education and they get money from that, not from fielding teams.

I remember one time having an argument with two of my brothers about FIU fielding a football team... both said it was a total waste of money for an educational institution to do a thing like that. I had to explain to them how the money flow worked in America and then, after 3-4 times of hearing it, they were like "OK, but it still sounds dumb."

It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the international students feel the same way (unless they actually play for the team). That's just the culture for a lot of them. Most of them feel that, if you want to play sports, you can just join an amateur team somewhere. That's how it works in a lot of other countries outside the US.

With that said... if FIU soccer ever got a real atmosphere going, I bet you a lot of the internationals would jump on that bandwagon. That's real "football" for lots of them. American "football" will probably be more for the Americans, and there's nothing wrong with that. That's the kind of diversity that makes a place like FIU special, in my opinion.

Finally... about the Beach... I figured that was an expensive endeavor. But I gotta admit, that huge space between the old sidelines and the visiting bench would be a pretty cool place to have it. Hopefully, someone will help with the cause soon. Don't look at me. I'm probably at least 20 years away from donations like that. Thank you, student loans. :(

So PM gets the nod.... i guess the question is how many points is TY hitlon capable of bringing to the table if he is invovled in the offense more? Also, will the golden panthers bring the same intensity on the road that they had for the home opener? answer 1... 13 points...
answer 2... just do not see it...

the prediction....
35-13 Rockets

The old bleachers, I meant... not the old sidelines. Damn dyslexia. :)

Anyway... might as well give my score... I think FIU's got a real chance to steal here... I'll say 17-14, FIU.

Here is an updated list of our commits thus far. Supposidly, there are 2 more out there but I can't get the names, positions or teams. Notice that most are from South Florida. GO FIU!

1) Edgard Theliar - WR College of the Desert (JC)
2) Korvic Neat - WR Hallandale
3) Rockey Vann - WR Ocoee
4) Jairus Williams - WR Miami Central
5) Cedric McCloud - QB Raines
6) Tourek Williams - TE Norland
7) Rupert Bryan - C Glades Central
8) Derek Wimberly - OT Hallandale
9) Derrick Jones - DB Miami Springs
10) Jamal Franklin - DB First Coast
11) Jack Griffin - K St. John Neumann
12) Elliot Cain - DB Winter Springs
13) Giancarlo Revilla - OL Killian

what time is kickoff for the FIU-Toledo game? Can anyone tell me?

SouthPaw - so, Toledo is now going to have a let down against FIU b/c they beat a top 25 team last week. Check your facts bro - I think they (Toledo) lost to Fresno ST. last week. So, now that I have had to correct you, and Toledo is going to be pissed about losing a close game last week in OT - this game should not even be close and FIU is going to get blown out of the stadium right?

Southpaw - here's a hint, when you are making a point about why you think FIU will be able to keep the score close, check the facts, re-think your position and then post a score where FIU gets blown out.

I've been dropping on the prediction charts, but idon't mind as long as FIU does beter than my prediction. With that said this week i'll go with:

Toledo 31
FIU 14

I just hope this game will show a definet starting QB come conference play.

crazy cane.. im not so sure.. from what they been puttin on espn.. or what they did put toledo beat fresno

I'm Hispanic and I have a lot of school spirit and more than that; passion.I was one of the individuals shouting terrible words to an injured player..believe me it was never done with a bad intention. In the heat of the moment you don't understand what is going on in the field..people started screaming some 5 seconds right after it happened, then it was like 20 minutes on complete silence. Then the ambulance came... and myself as everyone in the stands understood what was really happening. Then everybody stayed silent. That's it NO mystery. Prayers to Mompremiere.
I don't care if FIU loses 10,000 games I love FIU, I want FIU to be the most prestigious football program in Florida, I envision it everyday. The problem I see here is the prejudice and generalization towards International students. There exists unpassionate national students. I was in the stands and there were Americans, Hindus, Argentinians, Spaniards, Mexicans, Venezuelans, Colombians, Japanese, Cubans and I can go on forever, FIU is extremely diverse; and they had a lot of passion, not to be confused with partying. Maybe some individuals need to understand that people live their sports in different manners. Hispanics go to soccer games since they are kids, and they don't chantD#, D#, D#, D# they rather sing a song that has more rhythm. It is what it is. Still I sing my lungs out D#, because I love the Panthers. I will give my everything to make the players feel the home court. I want them to feel the BLUE and GOLD. And hey! FIU is probably the only Division IA school with a crazy soccer chant. OLE...OLE..OLE..OLE...FIU...FIU!!
Take care and G-d bless.

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