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Is This Heaven?....No, It's Iowa

Should FIU knock off its first Big Ten foe in Iowa on Saturday, the Golden Panthers may be asking the question in the title of this post. However, don't see it happening, so the Hawkeyes will be greeting the Golden Panthers at midfield after the game and saying "It's Iowa".

So why will this game not have the feel good ending of the famous phrase's movie: "Field of Dreams"?Joejax

You only need to look in the corn fields of Iowa. No, not for the ghost of Joe Jackson and other dead baseball players. It's in the corn-fed beef.

The Hawkeyes have great size on both the offensive and defensive lines -- thanks to the corn-fed beef, I'm sure these boys eat 4 and 5 times a day. FIU has gotten bigger, but do not have the size of the Hawkeyes, yet. Plus, Iowa's offense plays that tough, physical ball control game -- reminiscent of the old Bill Parcells/New York Giants Super Bowl teams.

Tunanyg Before you pound your keyboard, not saying here that Iowa is the Giants of the late 80's and early 90's, but their offensive style is similar and that could be bad news for FIU, especially if the Golden Panthers O cannot sustain drives and score TDs.

Kansas, with its spread offense last week, didn't really hit FIU in the mouth, because most of the Jayhawks game was predicated on spreading the FIU defense. This week, Iowa is saying "we're going to run the ball right at you until you stop it. Then we'll play-action you."

With RB Shonn Greene, a 235-pound bruiser, it will be a task for FIU to stop the Iowa ground game. Not only that, the Hawkeyes have a couple of 230-pound fullbacks to lead the way for Greene.

Does have FIU have a chance? Of course, the Golden Panthers always have a chance. This is not WWE or TNA wrestling. No offense to the Flying Plantain Brothers.Beautpeopl_4

As always, FIU cannot turn the ball over and will need to control the ball as much or more than Iowa and put some touchdowns on the board. The Golden Panthers cannot run just 55 plays and have the ball for just 22 minutes like they did last week. If that happens, you might end up turning your DirecTv channel 618 (Thanks, Max) to another channel by the 3rd quarter.

Iowa is not the class of the Big Ten, but FIU is still growing. FIU wins this one and they'll get some ESPN coverage just like the FIU volleyball ladies did on ESPNU.

The thought here is attention from the worldwide leader will have to wait. GPP says: Iowa 34, FIU 13


**Reminder: Deadline for FIU/Iowa scores for the Win A GPP Blog contest is Saturday at 11:59 a.m. GPP time. If you need a refresher on contest rules or what GPP time means then check the post entitled: "Who's Getting On The Bus?"

Mount Mack is plenty big at 6-4, 320, but you good people think he was the biggest missing piece for FIU in the season opening-loss to Kansas. More than 70% of you want to see Cedric in Iowa. Kambriel Cm Willis got more than 22%. Got another question down below.

Miri: I have noticed that FIU hasn't put up the new logo around campus. The old banners from last year are still up. Have you heard anything about when they plan to remove those and put up new ones?

GPP: I put in an e-mail to the FIU people responsible for all that. When I get an answer, I'll have it here for you.

Max: Will you be at the stadium Pete? It would be cool to say hello. What's the ruling on cameras at the open practice. Will it be okay to take pictures?

GPP: Yes, I will. Stop by, say hello and allow me to put some faces to some GPP readers on this blog. It's an open house tour of the stadium and since it's open FIU won't show any plays in practice, so bring your cameras, take tons of pictures of the stadium and feel free to post them on the GPP.

FIUrulez: Pete, I know you don't write the headlines but today's headline for your article was: "Florida International University tight end Moses Hinton granted extra season by NCAA". I thought they are to Fiumedia only be referred to as FIU?

GPP: Yes, you are correct. FIU is FIU. However, not everyone at the Herald has gotten that message and I try to spread the word around the office whenever I do see the 3-word reference to FIU. Maybe the box of FIU media guides (one of those is 2nd prize in the GPP contest), that FIU media relations maven Rich Kelch sent to the MH this week will help the cause.

inspubadj: Any information on the new men's basketball coaches?

GPP: SR filled out his staff with the hiring of Dwight Evans. Not the Dwight Evans De of the Boston Red Sox, but rather Dwight Evans from Central Florida. Got a chance to meet DE yesterday in the FIU football office and learned his specialty is coaching the big men and is known for recruiting in Florida. DE has coached 20 years and has been at Missouri, South Alabama and UCF.

FIUFan: Can you please tell me why the FIU Volleyball win over ACC Champion and #19 Clemson (to win the Big Orange Bash) is buried in the Local Round-up beneath a Barry Women's victory over UMass-Lowell?

GPP: You can blame me if you'd like, since I should have made sure (by calling downtown) that the win over No. 19 Clemson got proper play in the paper. Until FIU starts winning on a consistent basis, the people in the MH are not going to take notice and give FIU its proper due. As the FIU beat writer, I should have called and suggested they give the FIU ladies a headline, at least. Sorry to the FIU ladies and the Golden Panthers fans.

**Someone down in Willemstad (the capital), Netherlands Antilles is a fan of Kambriel Willis, because in our last blog that person voted No. 55 as the player FIU missed most in the season opener.

Let's crank up the GPP Worldwide Readership scorecard: The GPP is read in 32 STATES: ALA, ARI, CA, COL, FLA, GA, IDAHO, IL, IND, IOWA, KAN, KY, LA, MASS, MD, MICH, MIN, MO, NEB, NC, NJ, NY, OH, ORE, PA, RI, SC, TEN, TEX, VA, VER, WIS.

13 COUNTRIES: Australia, Brazil, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, U.S.A.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

**Checking out most of your predictions and my own, not too many think FIU beats Iowa on Saturday. So if the Golden Panthers were to spring the upset, what has to happen:


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The FIU offense is better than last year. The problem is that it just wasn't enough to put more than three points on the board last week. I have a feeling FIU will do a better job of keeping the ball in their position for longer periods of time against Iowa. Unfortunately, all that means is that they'll keep Iowa under 40. FIU scores its first two touchdowns on offense for the year but Iowa will wear our defense out.
Iowa on top of FIU 37-17.

According to the other FIU football blog, it is confirmed that the Kendall Village Tavern in the Kings Creek mall will be hosting an unofficial watch party for the game tomorrow. Family friendly place too.


Going with the upset special....

FIU 27 - Iowa 20

Here is my prediction for our game
FIU 17
Iowa 36
But maybe (hopefully) I am wrong and we can pull the upset.

FIU Blue and Gold
I like your predictions for the Gainesville game, but I think it will be UF 72 UCG 7 with Tevo running for 200 yds and passing ofr 300, The Gators are going the take the tropical depression to school tomorrow.

GO FIU, GO Gators!!!!

Baltimorepanther, that would be nice. I'll be happy with just a Gator win. I'm thinking 31-20 Gators.

I appreciate your taking the blame for 'everybody' over at the Herald but there really is no need. We are the State University with 40,000 students and 125,000 alumni; after 40 years we shouldn't have to re-introduce ourselves to the editors every six months.

Thanks for all you do Pete.

Go Panthers !!!

The most important thing is ball control. But let's be totally blunt... we'll probably need to have all 4 of those things happen to get a chance at the W tomorrow. I don't see that happening. We'll be better than last week, though. At least, I think we will.

And, speaking as a journalist, I gotta agree with FIUFan. The editors at the Herald should be paying more attention to things like that. Beat writers need their sleep. I get your point, Pete, and it's valid, but I doubt a mistake like that would've happened had it been the University of Miami instead of FIU. I know it's volleyball and it's a Friday night, but still... some editor should have noticed that. There was no reason that story should have been buried.

Iowa- 35


FIU scores some points during garbage time and gets ready to come home to open the new stadium with a win. because USF sucks. USF and UCF suck. Im tired of hearing people putting USF and UCF at the level of UF and FSU. USF got lucky last year and UCF plays in a conference that is probably weaker than the Sun Belt. maybe just a little weaker.

For a little extra motivation the guys can make believe they are playing against the steelers....

Apparently DirecTV will show this game, but I know Pete mentioned something about local vs regional big ten network...so I'm guessing directv is showing the correct feed.

This is straight from FIUSPORTS.COM

Opponent: Iowa
Date: Saturday, September 6
Time: Noon (ET)
Location: Iowa City, Iowa (Kinnick Stadium)
TV: Big Ten Network (DirecTV, Channel 618)
Radio: WINZ (940 AM)/WRHC (1550 AM)-Spanish
Listen Live! English Spanish
Tickets: Buy Now

GPP Nation, does anyone have the phone number to Village Tavern that they can post? Can't make it to Village Tavern but want to watch the game? Just got the solution, if you have Comcast Digital and you order the Sports Package ($5 per month) you will get a plethora of Sports Channels that include 742 (Big Ten Network). If you don't like it after a month just cancel. So to watch FIU vs. Iowa on Comcast Digital just add package for $5. I'll be at the Village Tavern & taping the game on my new Sports Package!!


Got an e-mail today from a DirecTv executive who reads the Miami Herald and he says that regardless of what kind of DirecTv package you have, that you will be able to see the FIU/Iowa game on Ch. 618.

Thanks for the clarification Pete! You are a rock star!

Iowa 34
FIU 10

FIU 10
Iowa 37

Thanks Pete for the Directv update and as always, GO FIU!

Glad I could help out Pete. Good luck to the guys, beat the Hawkeyes!

iowa 31
fiu 17

Iowa 34-fiu 14

UFF is right, for Comcast suscribers just add the Sports Entertainment package for $5. Package also includes NFL Network. Thanks for sharing that UFF.

Anyways, saw this morning on the Big Ten Network(channel 742 for Comcast) the previews for Big Ten games this week. As they were previewing FIU/Iowa, arrogant analyst is not buying that FIU has solid defense. Apparently, he thinks we'll get blown out. Personally, I think Big Ten is overrated!!! I'm tired of nation hyping up OHio State and then getting killed in a big game. USC is going to massacre them next week!!!

Wish our boys a great game, make us proud and find a way to win!!!


I hope we give Iowa a better game then UM will give UF. I gave my Iowa prediction but for the UF-UM game:

UF 45
UM 10

Go FIU!! Go Gators

Anyone know a website where I could watch the game online?

Volleyball won again! lets get them some big coverage!


FIU has "International" in its name but their International alumni cannot hear their games on the internet.

No offense!!! Very easy to find reason it was a blowout. What's the deal with C. Mack? If Leavine and Mack don't play in O-line,McCall has no chance.

Last thing, seems like we really need Ashlyn Parker in secondary. Felt like K. Brown was being picked on.


FIU is still the academic and athletic joke of the state of Florida... need to get those cubans out of there... go Canes!

Very depressing performance. After evaluation Kansas and Iowa, I'm afraid to say that I've seen zero improvement from last year. Hopefully, this will change with our conference games, but thus far the same problems exist. Our offensive line is awful against these bigger out of conference teams, I'm certainly hoping we match up better in the SunBelt. I thought we gained size in the offseason?

Younger actually outplayed McCall today, I think we was more composed and his scrambling worked to his advantage. If we play a team that we know we will be outsized at the line, I think we should play Younger. However, if we play a team where we think we can give McCall some time in the pocket, play Paul. Obviously, when Paul is rushed, not only does he not scramble well, but he tosses some dawgs up there...one of his interceptions was very underthrown. I was a bit disappointed Mario didn't like Colt have a few snaps either. I haven't been very impressed with what our new O coordinator has done. There was good variety in play calling, but none seemed to be very effective. But then again, although we had them guessing, their O line rendered the effort useless.

Special teams seems to have improved from last year though. A kick off return last game, some nice returns this game, and a blocked field goal...not bad really. Punts, for the most part, have been much better than last year.

42 to 0 nice job FIU turds! move down to D3 were you belong scrubs!!!

Is FIU that bad or Iowa that good?
Where was the preperation?
If they're bigger, than we need to be faster. This team was not ready. Shame on the coaches.
Let's forfeit the next two and get on with Sun Belt play.

Well after all our bold predictions of keeping it close and possibily pulling off an upset, we all need to re-evaluate. I think the new spread offense is taking much longer to learn than we thought for our guys. Our O-Line looks very weak against bigger teams and our speed on defense was matched with Iowa's speed, which surprised me b/c I knew they would be much bigger, however I thought we'd be faster. Here's hoping for an improvement in our home stadium opener in two weeks. If Iowa did this to us, what will a ranked USF team do? Lets keep the faith!


P.S. Congrats to the GPP Nation for filling up the Village Tavern at Kings Creek. I'm sure they will do their best to find ALL our away games in the future if we bring those numbers to their place!

The O-line was getting beat. And almost every pass McCall threw was too high!

One thing seems obvious, we certaintly DID NOT have a huge improvement from the recruiting and offseason training. But when you think about it, it's sort of expected. The freshmen are too young and inexperienced against BCS opponents.

I think realistically, we have to wait till we start the SunBelt games to see exactly where we stand.

Posted by: alt7787 | September 05, 2008 at 07:36 PM

Dude! USF and UCF are better than your school now! both have attended bowls and won conferences. Have your team done that?
I just don't get this hatred between schools. Their passion for their teams makes the fans say things that don't make any sense.
I hope FIU can pull off an upset against USF!!!! that would be awesome for our conference and how nice would be for you with the stadium opening!!

FAU 49 vs UAB 34

Different year, same problems, no offensive line. This is very disappointing

Guys, be realistic, we had 3 offensive line starters out today against probably the most physical front we'll face outside of USF this year. The OL is in terrible shape--we have no depth there.

Hopefully Coach Cristobal and his staff will start putting more emphasis on bringing in some big boys who will give us a chance to compete. It's a little disappointing that Coach Cristobal, who was an offensive lineman himself, hasn't done more to sure up our line.

This season is far from over. We weren't supposed to win these first 2 games anyway, and from my point of view, we've played with a taped-together offensive line so far. Let's wait and see what we can do when we get our guys healthy up front. Hopefully, we'll be able to bring in some good recruits next year (a few junior college guys like Mack and some stud freshmen to build the program around).

This season will be measured one way in my book--by how we do in Sun Belt play. We cannot continue to keep getting beat in the Sun Belt. We should be DOMINATING the Sun Belt. This season will be a major success if we can win the Sun Belt. We may not be able to dominate the Sun Belt like we will in a few years, but we have enough talent to win it this year.


I'm sorry but FIU doesn't have enough talent to win the SunBelt this year. FAU nad Middle Tennessee had nice out of conference wins today, especially M. Tenn beating Maryland (!) Louisiana Monroe lost to SEC powerhouse Arkansas by a single point, we got blown out. Suddenly it seems SunBelt may not be the bottom feeder of Div 1A football anymore, but looks like we are still at the bottom of our conference based on how our conference teams have done. However, we've had the most difficult out of conference schedule, NO DOUBT.

This was a hell of a downer. Not that I expected FIU to win, even with everyone healthy, but still... 42-0? Jeez. Maybe we got Iowa on one of their good years. And maybe FIU got a bit lucky. After going down 21-0 in the 1st Quarter, I was starting to think Iowa would put up 50+.

Anyway... some of you peeps need to chilly-willy. This is Iowa we're talking about. A Big 10 school. Maybe not the best one, but still a lot better than anything we see in the Sun Belt. We should've done better, no question, but bad games do happen sometimes, and when they happen against teams like Iowa, this is what you get.

It's clear that a lot of the FIU faithful still have pie-in-the-sky thoughts about this program, and I hope for your sakes that you don't get too discouraged by losses like this. If we were as good as many of you thought, we wouldn't be 1-25 since 2006. This is clearly a work in progress and will be for some time.

Let's not get on Cristobal's case about recruiting when he's only had 2 years and most of those recruits are still getting bigger and stronger. Many of those hosses that Iowa starts in the trenches are juniors and seniors who've had 2 or 3 years' worth of corn-fed everything and peers to look up to and learn from before they even set foot on the field for real. FIU does not have that luxury.

I'm glad to see the Sun Belt do well out of conference... that's been a sore spot for some time. I was reading something on ESPN the other day about small conferences and their upset rates, and the Belt by far was the worst going into this season. The SBC is clearly getting better. Unfortunately, I'm starting to think that a 4-win season might be out of reach with these kinds of improvements in the conference. I still think we'll beat Toledo and win at least 2 SBC games, maybe 3. Anything more than that is pie-in-the-sky, folks... at least, for this year.


... to finish my thought (damn computers)... on to the new Cage opener and USF. Man, I wish I was going to be there for this one. It's going to be the best atmosphere since the St. Peter's game for sure. I just hope we make a game out of it, and considering the stinker we did against Iowa and the stadium opening, I'm sure we'll see one geeked-up and possibly over-achieving FIU squad come Saturday.

As much as things change, things stay the same. Ugh. I'm so tired of seeing these blowouts. Can't we at least keep it somewhat competative?!?! I watched the game and we got beat in EVERY facet of the game! The lines were being manhandled! So disappointing.

After another terrible loss the excuses keep flying. Just say we got a terrible ass kicking and leave it at that.

Look at the recruiting classes the last two years on the offensive line. None of the guys were highly rated coming out of high school. That's a problem. You have to build the hamburger starting with the beef. We've been bringing in all of the fancy condiments the last two years, and now all we're left with is a pickle sandwich.

Only Cawthon remains from Coach Cristobal's first class and other than Cedrick Mack (who still hasn't seen the field this year) there is no one who is capable of contributing immediately on the OL.

And one more thing--the blue pants suck (even with the gold stripe). Blue pants = good ole fashioned butt whippin' every time. The stats prove it out. Let's get gold pants and stop playing games.

Iowa's a very good team, esp. with that young QB who they played only 1/2 the game with. Watch for them to challenge for the Big 10 title.

Another good weekend for the Belt:
FAU over UAB (C-USA)
MTSU over Maryland (ACC)
ULM 27 - Arkansas 28 (SEC; ULM lead 27-7 in the 2nd half but couldn't hang on).

The SBC is getting better with two bowl tie-ins now. This season isn't over till we quit. Let's sell-out the new stadium and support our team.

Iowa's a very good team, esp. with that young QB who they played only 1/2 the game with. Watch for them to challenge for the Big 10 title.

Another good weekend for the Belt:
FAU over UAB (C-USA)
MTSU over Maryland (ACC)
ULM 27 - Arkansas 28 (SEC; ULM lead 27-7 in the 2nd half but couldn't hang on).

The SBC is getting better with two bowl tie-ins now. This season isn't over till we quit. Let's sell-out the new stadium and support our team.

FIU will never win any games with a man at the helm who doesn't give a crap about anything but his ego. FIU has no offensive line. FIU has no QB. FIU has no running game. FIU's defense can't be expected to stop even a junior high team if they have to stay on the field 85% of the game. FIU needs someone in charge who has a passion for the school and not for the spotlight. Bring someone in who truly wants to win. Someone who truly wants FIU to win, regardless of what attention is does or does not bring to him.

Dear Realist, so sorry you weren't invited back for a second practice on walk-on tryout day, however they needed players who know how to put on the pads. Instead of Realist, you should call yourself Fatalist.

If you have ever met MC, you'll know that he's COMMITTED to FIU! I know some of you think of his UM ties (remember people make mistakes & his UM days I know pain him (lol)), however TDAOS. He's FIU now!

GO MC build up our Panthers!!!

I know it hurts to loose the way we did yesterday, Iowa is a good team, but not a great team to beat us like that.
I agree with everybody about the O line, and we are frustrated about the missing players on the line, but we don't know the real reason why they are not playing.
I am sure MC will build a competitive team in the next two years, when the freshmen are juniors and the next class are sophomores we will have a good team too.
I know we all want our team to be the champions year in and year out, but reality is that we are not at that level yet.
I think me may improve come Sun Belt games, because of more experience and the confidense. I know is great to get the experience and the money when been the punching bag of stronger teams, but to build our confidense and build our fan base, the athletic department should schedule a cup cake game a year, it is great to play 2 ranked teams and another from a strong conference, but before conference play we should play the FAMU's or Bethune Cookman's of the world to build the player's confidense and to use them as warm ups, lets face it the offense hasn't taken enough reps in game situations. our defense and special teams are the only one getting the experience and the play time.
I hope we get a better showing at the stadium first game, but I think we are going to loose that one too.
Lets be patient and hope for 3 wins this year, that means 1 out of 4 games, we have only played 2 games, the time will come and we will celebrate.



Tell Pete and MC that the fanbase did not expect W's these last two weeks but we do expect something that resembles the ability to compete.

When planning future out-of-confernce oppenents, let's stick to the MAC, WAC and C-USA's of the world because the fanbase takes a beating when the team gets handled this way.

gpantera, tell the fan base we just picked up $1.5M for playing those two games. Look what's now coming up for FIU - Home to USF (Big East), that's great scheudling. Next at Toledo (MAC) that's so they'll come play us I'm sure. That's the kind of game I beleive your looking for. Then we get into an ever improving Sun Belt schedule.

[FAU beat UAB pretty handily (their in C-USA with world beater ECU). MTSU beat Maryland (ACC) and MTSU lost to Troy (that's got to tell you something about Troy). Ark St., don't forget, beat Texas A&M and then hung 83 points on Texas Southern].

So we made $1,500,000 for the Athletic progam by playing 2 big time schools. We lost unexpectedly bad to an Iowa team that I would be very surprised if their not a top-10 team come the end of the season.

At the end of the day we lost a couple of games we were supposed to lose. Now we get a home game in front of our fired up fans for a chance at USF and then we start playing teams we should match up better againts.

Go Panthers !!!

2 things.

Southpaw that blueberry pants issue is dead, stop beating a dead horse. They could have gone out there looking like Goldmember [from Austin Powers] and still loose.


At the level we are at now we could not beat good 1-AA teams. And believe me those are good teams.

Very disappointing loss indeed....However, I agree now more with the last post by FIUFan....let's turn the page and focus on what is ahead...Those two games...even next game against USF....were expected to be losses anyway...and we collected the $1.5 million needed to shore up the Department, the program, and the stadium. So, yes, that was a disappointing...and perhaps even a bit worrying loss...but we have to put things in the perspective of where the program is at...

That being said, we need to see some improvement, at least somewhat similar to the improvement against Kansas as compared to last season..which in turn can eventually lead on to victories....now we have USF at our new on campus stadium on Sept. 20. Let's rejoice on that fact and let's hope this team...and its coaching staff...grow into something really special.

Disappointing, but at the end of the day, Iowa, Kansas and USF will be lining up with kids that have been playing in programs for 3 or 4 years.....versus our Frosh and Sophomores (undersized)

Where is this Cedric Mack kid ??

I thought Matavao and Serini played well, Alajajian and Gibson were getting beat on too many plays that killed drives...

We are undersized. That's all. Our skill players are very talented, but if we can't give Wayne or Paul anytime for them to complete their routes - forget it!!

ok the positives... still looking... ok joking aside... younger had a decent game... although 3 sacks to both qb doesnt really allow them to have good games. the O-line needs to grow up now... get healthy get elligiable whatever it takes but can we please have our TRUE starting O-line in there.. i didnt expect to win this game.. but i wanted to be competative.. o well on to the next... for those screaming the sky is falling ya need to chill. progress will happen

Yeah, I think it was just a shock because we did pretty decent against a really great and ranked Kansas team.

Moving on....drove by the stadium today and the brackets that hold the JumboTron are up. Guys, this thing is big, like Billboard size big. I didnt think we would fit this stadium with that. It almost looks too big for the stadium.

Its freaking great! Let's beat USF cows! Go Panthers!!

I didn't say we should play a good div 1AA team, we used to beat FAMU in the past, and if we can't do that now then we should go back to 1AA.
This is not to make money, but just to give our offense a chance to scrimage against other teams, the same way Kansas and Iowa uses us.
I hope we get a better showing on the 20th,

FIUBlueandGold, Cedrick says he's still having problems with his NCAA paperwork. He's trying to get those issues resolved.

Could any one of you take some photos of the new Jumbotron being installed on our on campus stadium?

Yeah, I'll try to take some pictures by tomorrow of the screen.

Looks like we're going to be on TV...ESPN U, first FIU home game EVER to be televised!

Sept 20...be there!

Pete, any word on ticket sales? Season-tickets? USF game sold out yet? Truly like hearing the FIU Football radio ads on WQAM & 790 The Ticket. We (GPP Nation) need to start calling these shows and inquire about having those radio host (morning, noon, drive home time) on BOTH stations start having MC on the show leading up to USF game. Jorge Sedano (790) and The Beast (WQAM) are some of the several FIU alumnus on those stations.

Pete, is the Athletic Department looking into possibly having the Joe Rose morning show do the show one morning from the sky-box of the new stadium. Possibly the Friday before USF? Maybe have you (Pete) on the show that morning. That would be a marketing bonanza. What do you and GPP nation think?


Sun Sports has televised FIU home games before, as has WTVJ. I think you mean it's the first TV broadcast for ESPNU, FIUfantastic. Just wanted to point that out.

And as for the OL discussion... Mack's still a freshman. Most of Cristobal's recruits are still freshmen or sophomores. Do any of you know how rare it is for an underclassman to start on either side of the line? Especially the O-Line? Go look those numbers up... there ain't many.

That's a position that not only requires brains and coordination, but also size and speed... all of which, for that position, generally takes until junior and senior year to develop properly. It's not just a talent thing... their bodies have to develop. If you guys think that position's a quick fix, think again. Especially with freshmen and sophomores. Even getting JUCO for O-Line's not a sure bet, because many of them are developing, too. The only way to build depth at OL is precisely what MC is doing... get them young, work them hard, build the depth with each recruiting class. There are no quick fixes in that spot. Sorry.

We can whip I-AA teams now. Good Lord, we wiped the floor with FAMU the two times we played them. Dial down the panic talk, people. Seriously. It's good for FIU to play the Kansas and Iowa's of the world. The money is great and the experience is priceless. It makes a world of difference when you play the rest of the schedule. Sure, schedule a cupcake every now and then, but I don't think FIU created football to beat Charleston Southern. Right?

The Beast is a proud UM alum, UFF. You mean Joe Zagacki. I think.

That's great to hear that USF game will be on ESPNU. I still hear the ads and 790, hopefully the stadium is filled with Blue and Gold. I would think that game would be sold out by now.

UFF, Sid Rosenberg(790) is big FIU fan and has had Cristobal on his show before. That's great idea. We need the media to inform people about inauguration and matchup against a great USF football team.

As for Mack, kid can come in and play right away. He played 2 years at El Camino CC, and was recruited by the big schools like Arizona State. He can definitely come in and contribute right away. Our O-line needs any upgrade.


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