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Measuring Stick

Great to meet several of our loyal GPP readers last night at the open house of the new FIU Stadium. Thought that the stadium looked great now that they opened the doors and turned on all the lights. Send in your thoughts on the new home of the Golden Panthers and vote in our poll at the bottom of this post.

Coins The Miami Herald is expected to run a spread on FIU Stadium sometime late next week, probably Thursday, with photos, plus a fans' guide to the stadium and a couple of stories, so look between your couch cushions for 35 or 50 cents, depending on where you live and get a copy of Thursday's paper.

I'm expecting to have some future football sked news for you good people soon, but for now we got a matchup of 2 of FIU's opponents this season when Kansas plays South Florida tonight on ESPN2. Could turn out to be a good measuring stick for the Golden Panthers to see where they are when the Jayhawks go against the Bulls. Yes, I know you can't measure what common opponents do against each other, but maybe we get an idea of USF in tonight's game.Ku

KU is not as physical a team as Iowa is and the Jayhawks do not have the speed ofUsf_2 the Bulls. For that matter, the thought here is Iowa is probably more physical than USF as well. With the exception of a couple of drives, FIU hung with KU. Known for being well-prepared, I think KU hangs and maybe even beats USF tonight? However, would not be shocked if Iowa turns out to be the best of FIU's 4 non-conference opponents this season.


alt7787: I know this is kind of an irrelevant question, but do you still think the Marlins can make the playoffs?

GPP: The Marlins are done. The free-swinging home run or strikeout lineup of the Marlins was eventually going to go into a slump and they did all of August. Plus, their bullpen has been so inconsistent all season and no disrespect to Kevin Gregg, but he's more of a 7th or 8th inning reliever than a closer.

FIUfantastic: Hey Pete, on the main FIU page for the herald (before clicking into GPP) can you make the Football schedule appear before the Basketball schedule?

GPP: Will let the MH on-line guy know.

**Let's take a pause on the Pawse here for an e-mail regarding your Golden Panthers that you may enjoy. Late last night I was CC'd this e-mail that a top MH person sent to the editors at the MH:

Hey, guys,

Starting today, FIU should always be the second item on the college football rail. From now on, the Fiuonly order should be UM, FIU, UF and FSU.

Also, FIU should always be refered to as FIU in all references, including onheds from now on.

Thank you for your attention


Back to the Pawse....

Quijote: Is it just me or is the turf a bit squishy? When are the videotrons going up? Will they be up in time for USF?

GPP: The fieldturf is supposed to be squishy, because there are several layers of padding underneath (pebbles, ground up tires, sand, etc.) There is also a new drainage system on the field so that there Jumbo_3 won't be any bubbles like that infamous Halloween game against Jacksonville when the game was played in the middle of a Cat 1 hurricane and Rashod Smith ran for like 200 yards that night. The Jumbotron is expected to be up on Wednesday, Sept. 17.

TheU24/7: What booze are you referring to? As far as I know, alcohol will be banned from the stadium. Have you heard otherwise?

GPP: Like FIUBlueandGold (BTW, FBG, great post) pointed out alcohol will be available in the Stadium Club only, which is for club seats and club suites holders. Of course, there will be BYOB in the tailgating area.

gpantera: Pete, Can we have two blogs? One for the adult Panther fan who come on this blog for solid FIU info and interesting FIU-related conversation and another for the children on this blog who use words like "stupid" and "retarded" to make their points?

GPP: There is only one GPP, but I took out the Panther Claw on several of the comments on the last Pencil_2 blog. It's been a while since the Claw had to come out, so let's try to keep the name calling to the playground. This is a classy blog. There are other on-line sites where people can have pencil fights, argue over whose mother made the better peanut butter and jelly sandwich and shoot spitballs through straws at each other.


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Great news on the Miami Herald and FIU front. Between this news and the new stadium, it appears the giant is starting to awaken. The day we sprinkle some winning on this thing, the roof will be blown off this town.

Anyone else sick of the naysayers who are coming on to try to ruin this for us? I say FIU goes out there and runs the Bulls out of town in our new on campus stadium. I can't wait for next Saturday.

BTW, the Bulls are up two touchdowns on Kansas right now in the 4th quarter. I hope they win, I want them to come in there ranked as high as possible and undefeated.

I can't wait for Thursday's newspaper. I have to get me a copy.

The stadium is really nice. I really enjoyed our tour. I am looking forward to the 20th.

Pete, the pencil fight comment is pretty funny. I remember those. lol

USF put Kansas away...wow, what a game! I suggest you check it out on ESPN360.com if you missed it. Hell of a game!

USF looked pretty beat up in the first half, they kept mentioning how UCF roughed them up. But, they came back with some great drives and an awesome last minute interception to set them up with the field goal win.

USF QB is a great scrambler (ala WY); he couldn't do much against KU, but I think he will have an easier time getting around FIU. My prediction: USF 30. FIU 10.

The Stadium was excellent! Great environment with the band and the dazzlers and Roary the Bear. I cant wait to start pounding my feet on the steel floor and start making some real noise. The place looks great now, it's going to be even nicer with the video screen going; hopefully FIU is hard at work at making some great videos to get the fans hyped up!

It's such a drastic change from last year's Spring Game. Having the USF fans sit on the old bleachers, awesome! We should rope it off and have some hay for the bulls to feed on.


Great post....Nice to see that FIU is taking a more relevant position in the Miami Herald, as it should....Can't wait for Saturday...man...that USF-Kansas game was something, wasn't it?

USF still sucks, but I dont know what to expect next weekend. i just dont understand why this team cant score points. Why did Kansas make throwing the ball look so easy last night. They were picking up passing yards like nothing and yet FIU cant hit short slant rountes and dunk passes. Im not going to call out the players, but the coaches. I cant seem to understand how a team as talented as the golden panthers cannot score points, move the ball or even get first downs. The game next week cannot be a blowout, FIU cannot be down 35 points at the half.

on a lighter note Pete I thought of a delightful idea. You should set up a Meet and Greet tent at the game next week. Get the herald to lend you one of their subscription tents so you could have a meet and greet with everyone. If you cant find an incentive for this then I have one for you. I will be at the game with some tri sigma's (hopefully god willing). surely I can convince one of them to stop by your tent for a meet and greet. This sounds kind of stupid, I just thought it would be kind of funny.

Yes, I am back...I tried to just read everyone's comments and only post to make my predictions but I just cant take it anymore...and it is only week 2. I will let previous blog comments slide but I must discuss 3 that have already been made on this blog.

Gpantera? Seriously? How many times (over the last 18 months) are you going to refer to this sleeping giant? You are not a giant. You have not been sleeping. What you have seen over the last 2 yrs and 2 games is what youve got...which I think is one win total. I dont know if you are serious when you write your comments because i cant imagine someone could be so (insert whatever word you want here that the claw would remove)...and my favorite is you think that the LOCAL paper putting FIU second over schools that are hundreds of miles away and being able to hire some construction workers to build a stadium mean you are going to "awaken" and possibly win a game or two (now that would be unprecedented).

And Max? what are we ruining? and by naysayers, do you mean realists?

FIUfantastic...you are absolutely right, what a great game last night. But did you really just use WY in the same sentence as Matt Grothe. (For those of you who didnt watch, Grothe was 32/45 for 338yds, 2TD and no picks (and 30yds rushing) against a BCS quality team. He is a superstar that could get Hesiman consideration. Please dont say he does anything ala WY. More importantly, you said he wasnt able to do anything against KU and he will have an easier time getting around FIU. You are right, he will have a much easier time with FIU...so if his performance against KU was nothing as you pointed out, his stat line against FIU should look something like this....

Passing - 46/48 572 yds 6TD's 0 INT
Rushing - 14 carries 140yds 2TD's
(possibly all in the first half)

LOL...that was pretty funny...or pretty dumb...Thanks for the laugh....

BTW, the South Florida giant University is still sleeping...unfortunately...

I was watching old highlights of Barry Sanders today, he was pretty quick (ala Julian Reams)

Oh, and i also caught some old highlights of Dan Marino, he had a strong arm (ala Paul McCall)

MIA/NY Josh..... its pretty courageous of you to come on here and use your sarcasm to chop down a struggling team. I certainly think so...

But what you and your weasel friends dont understand is the courage and loyalty of the FIU faithful.

You have to respect people who know what side their on through thick and through thin.

You on the other hand will continue (i can bet 100%) to troll our board with your misguided smugness and your negativity.... because thats all the online bully's like yourself really have. Your just a spiteful little coward.

MIA/NY Josh, when I made my comment comparing Grothe to WY was just trying to explain that there were many plays designed for him to run the ball LIKE FIU does with WY.

I didn't mean to compare WY stats to Grothe.

Thanks for 2nd creative post...your point really got across. Hope you feel better and got it all out of your chest =).

You might say USF is not a giant, but they have been in the top 25 for 2 years, play in a BCS conference and beat big time teams. I hope you can pull off an upset against the bulls, but I see that extremely difficult. See you on November at the Shula Bowl.


That was a great game. I watched it all the way. God, why can't college football be extended a month or two more? :)

I think having USF win that game is good news for FIU. Maybe great news. Seriously.

Last year, USF had all kinds of trouble against FAU when they went to Lockhart Stadium. And that was the game after the Bulls beat West Virginia, who were ranked top 5 then, I think. And it was a Thursday nighter, too. I think. Point is... USF is in prime position for a massive letdown. They did it last year. Had they lost to KU, they probably would've been more focused on FIU. Now, it'll probably take the Bulls until Thursday to remember that they have a game.

Granted, FAU last year was a better team... but that makes FIU even more over-looked. Not that I can blame USF if they did; that was a thrilling W, and Lord knows FIU's not proven themselves worth a spit yet.

I don't know if we'll win the game... still thinking about that... but I do feel a lot better about us making it competitive after the KU-USF game. Hell, if USF is asleep enough at the wheel, this one could be a steal.

I can't believe I'm actually saying this... I might be running a fever... but combine that probable letdown with the new stadium, the media attention, a thrilling atmosphere for the good guys, and the very real possibility of everyone within FIU and FIU football knowing that a W starts real momentum and instant credibility... folks, this could well be the statement W FIU has been waiting for.

The stage is set here. Hopefully, we'll take advantage.

I hope FIU wins but I stand by my prediction. FIU can't score and USF just has better talent. You are talking about a top 25 team and the 2nd best team in this state after UF.


I share your dream, I really do! But I honestly don't see that happening. Thus far, we've seen zero improvement from last year. In fact, our close game with USF under Strock was with a better team than we have now. And FAU last year were rock stars, and still are. We are not a comparable team to FAU.

However, I do see the game being much closer than folks outside of our clan may think. We won't win, but I don't see a blowout either.


Pete, is it true that there will be a sizable amount of undercover cops at the FIU-USF tailgate looking for underage drinkers?

I heard this from a friend and this could be bad news for a lot of people, especially us Greeks. Let's be honest, we like our beer; especially at football games.

This could affect the general good time at the tailgate and also the support from the Greek community at these events.

If you could find out or know anything, please share.

Just to clarify, I meant *football tailgates. I know that there is a strict "no alcohol" rule in the stadium itself.

greek panther.. just make sure your underage brothers dont drink..

That would be hard since we have many guys that fall into that category.. including myself lol

I'm not saying we'll win, gpantera. I have a hard time seeing that, especially since this program under MC hasn't proven they can do anything other than lose. FAU is a better program right now. And we have shown some improvement, but not enough by far, especially on offense.

All I'm trying to point out is that the stage is set for FIU to take a big step in the right direction as a program, both on the field and on the respect chart, if they can get a W. I personally think Toledo's our best chance at a win out of the Belt, but if there's another, this one's it.

I don't see the game being a blow-out. I also got a gut feeling on this one... and it's saying FIU will have a real chance to win this game going into the 4th quarter. I'm not saying it makes sense... it doesn't... but when I get this kind of vibe + all the other stuff I mentioned earlier, it tells me that something real crazy is going to happen next Saturday.

Sometimes, a game comes along that brings with it an emotional or psychological or spiritual value that's hard to quantify. Think of the inaugural game, or playing the last college game at the Orange Bowl. We're talking two games that were above and beyond a regular game, and FIU won them both.

I'm not saying that'll happen on Saturday for sure... but opening a new stadium certainly qualifies as such a game. Playing an opponent the caliber of USF at home is such a game. And, for a team that has no respect and zero credibility... if they want it, here's a great chance to start getting it. I'm sure MC & the coaching staff knows that. Hell, they might be just as motivated as the players to do well for the same reasons.

Perhaps this is something PP can look into... but I wonder if MC & company are using that kind of talk as a motivator for the game. I wouldn't be at all surprised if that's the case. MC strikes me as the type who would do that.

Clawing Cancer i do agree w/ you that this game will be filled w/ emotion.. but to pull an upset.. several things will have to happen, 1 FIU will HAVE TO PLAY MISTAKE FREE FOOTBALL, this is a must to win ANY game this season. 2 im not sure who USF plays next week but hopefully its a big converence game.. and FIU could "qualify" as a "trap" game for USF... after coming of a huge win over KU. 3 the fans got to get into the game early and often. meanding FIU will have to do something to keep the fans in it for more than 3 plays. if all three of those things happens. FIU has a chance to be in this game. BTW pete do you mind checking to see if i posted a score for this game?

We just don't have the talent to matchup with most teams on our schedule (once again) this year. I understand the need to fill our bank account with these body bag games, but it gets old when you don't even compete.

USF will have their way with us on Saturday. My only hope is that the Bull coaching staff inserts its second-stringers in the 2nd half and spares us an even worse whoopin.

USF 45, FIU 7

Since I will be at College Station this weekend - I am going to put in my score now, so I do not forget later this week. I have broken down this upcoming game very scientifically. First, I took into accout that USF is extrememly overrated. They play in a week Big East and struggle against any real competition. USF does have tendancy to lose focus and make very winnable, possibble blow out games, close. In other words, they play down to other teams talent, which is never a good thing. Second, USF will be looking past FIU, who doesnt? Third, USF got taken to the limits by UCF, who is going to get blown out by the Canes on Oct. 11. Fourth, FIU IS GOING to keep it close, they have to. It is the opening night of their ON CAMPUS stadium. There is going to be a real buzz in the air - and I am sure that the FIU team and fans are going to be jacked up. There is a lot to be said for atmosphere - just ask the OB. With all these variables, I expect the game to be closer than most people are predicting. My prediction is:

USF 65
FIU 10

Thanks for the positive comments as always, crazy CrazyCane. At least getting beat 65-10 by USF in our FIRST ever home game at the new FIU stadium would be FAR MORE RESPECTABLE than losing 48-0 to Virginia in your LAST ever game at the Orange Bowl. By the way, Virginia just got beat 45-10 by Connecticut this past weekend. How does it feel when Connecticut surpasses you in football? UM, you've come a long way, baby.

Can anyone provide an update on the situation with our Offensive line ??

What's up with the Mack Truck ??

If we can get him back, I would almost want to put him in at Left Guard with Ula at LT and protect our QBs blind side, at least if the pocket collapses on the right side our QB can see it and run for his life or dump a pass to a tight end ??

If he's back they gotta load one side of the line opposite of Serini with 2 guys that can hold off a pass rush. That Selvi for USF is the real deal !!!

Hinton and Kirchenberg better be on that line blocking this week. We need to be able to move the ball in small chunks and eat the clock, cuz we know USF can make quick scores....

Mack should be our starting LT from day one.

Yeah SouthPaw, it isn't like Virginia lost any talent after last year - oh wait a minute - they did lose 2 players in the First rd. of the 2008 NFL draft; only the best d lineman in college football last year, Chris Long (2nd pick overall)and one of the best o-linemen in the country, Baranden Albert (15th pick overall in the first round)
Dont worry SouthPaw, one day FIU will have a player drafted on the first day. Southpaw you really are one of most misinformed, uneducated bloggers on this site.

I do not have any rationale for my pick, I just think Florida International University sucks.

USF 56


I have to admit that loco crazy canes's post made me chuckle..funny stuff...I love the way he likes to include now the ON CAMPUS stadium we are about to inaugurate as one of the important variables.....LOL.

I would love to see FIU win this game but its not possible. The talent level is just not there. Anyway good luck FIU! USF 48 FIU 6

Its going to be a tough game against USF. I honestly think FIU will have a big advantage seeing as its the first game ever at the stadium so you know its going to be sold out and the players will be on an emotional high which usually means you raise your game to a higher level(ex. UM vs. UF) With that said im predicting 21-17 FIU holds off USF in the fourth. One thing im very not pleased with tho is our coaching I feel that MC and his staff are doing a poor job. I think we have plently of good players on our team to compete with any of the teams we have played the past two years so I truly think we need new coaches cause our players arent performing at their highest levels. On that note I will root for whoever the coaching staff is until a new regime comes in whoever it may be and gets this program to a higher level no matter how long it takes. GO FIU!!!!

USF 38
FIU 12

Can't wait for Conference games

you know what i think we will go 35-13. (man i hate goin against dreams i hava of FIU winning normally they mean good things but USF is just a quicker version of What FIU wants to be)

Cedrick Mack is going to redshirt this season unless a miracle talks him out of it. Can't say i don't understand why he would, he really wan'ts the most time to shine in his NCAA career.

well here goes my prediction... im not feeling to sure about it but, i'll go with

USF 49
FIU 14

God... i hope 'm very wrong.


You're right--Virginia will be down a little this year so maybe you'll score a few points on them while they're re-building. Maybe a field goal or two. Good luck with that.

And how many players did 4-8 North Carolina lose to the NFL last year? How about 5-7 N.C. State? They both hung losses on UM last year. No, it doesn't take NFL talent to beat UM these days.

But hey, if you keep scheduling the Charleston Southern's of the world, you guys will have a nice shiny record again in no time. Until then, enjoy coming on FIU's messageboards and posting your drivel.

CJ: No doubt on everything you said. FIU will need the A++++ game to win it. Nothing less will suffice. Probably.

Whoops... just realized... I meant to say Quijote, not gpantera, in that insanely long post I wrote earlier. Sorry about that. I don't function well in the mornings. :)

And CJ... USF plays NC State after FIU. They don't start conference play until after NC State. And it's Pittsburgh they start with, so that doesn't qualifies as a big-time opponent.

I would love to predict an FIU win but I dont think it will come until conference play (though if anyone has been paying attention, the sunbelt has been playing awesome, even against SEC teams...i think 2 or 3 wins against BCS schools)....see everyone at the cage

My prediction
USF 45

Im telling you guys FIU is going to pull this one off! Upset city..all you fans get ready to rush on to the field once the clock hits 0:00..FIU stuns USF in home opener 24-21..Matt Grothie (however u spell his name) throws 2 INT's late in the 4th to seal the deal for FIU.

All we need is one big win and its possible. Remember a few years ago Rutgers went into Cincinnati after an emotional win against Louisville which came down to a last second field goal?? Well I sense a little De ja vu coming because the following week Rutgers went into Cincinnati and got spanked by an unranked Cincinnati team and thats what ultimately put Cincinnati on the map and gave their team all the confidence they needed....It's going down this Saturday... USF will lose no doubt about it!!

FIU 17 - USF 45

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