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Measuring Stick

Great to meet several of our loyal GPP readers last night at the open house of the new FIU Stadium. Thought that the stadium looked great now that they opened the doors and turned on all the lights. Send in your thoughts on the new home of the Golden Panthers and vote in our poll at the bottom of this post.

Coins The Miami Herald is expected to run a spread on FIU Stadium sometime late next week, probably Thursday, with photos, plus a fans' guide to the stadium and a couple of stories, so look between your couch cushions for 35 or 50 cents, depending on where you live and get a copy of Thursday's paper.

I'm expecting to have some future football sked news for you good people soon, but for now we got a matchup of 2 of FIU's opponents this season when Kansas plays South Florida tonight on ESPN2. Could turn out to be a good measuring stick for the Golden Panthers to see where they are when the Jayhawks go against the Bulls. Yes, I know you can't measure what common opponents do against each other, but maybe we get an idea of USF in tonight's game.Ku

KU is not as physical a team as Iowa is and the Jayhawks do not have the speed ofUsf_2 the Bulls. For that matter, the thought here is Iowa is probably more physical than USF as well. With the exception of a couple of drives, FIU hung with KU. Known for being well-prepared, I think KU hangs and maybe even beats USF tonight? However, would not be shocked if Iowa turns out to be the best of FIU's 4 non-conference opponents this season.


alt7787: I know this is kind of an irrelevant question, but do you still think the Marlins can make the playoffs?

GPP: The Marlins are done. The free-swinging home run or strikeout lineup of the Marlins was eventually going to go into a slump and they did all of August. Plus, their bullpen has been so inconsistent all season and no disrespect to Kevin Gregg, but he's more of a 7th or 8th inning reliever than a closer.

FIUfantastic: Hey Pete, on the main FIU page for the herald (before clicking into GPP) can you make the Football schedule appear before the Basketball schedule?

GPP: Will let the MH on-line guy know.

**Let's take a pause on the Pawse here for an e-mail regarding your Golden Panthers that you may enjoy. Late last night I was CC'd this e-mail that a top MH person sent to the editors at the MH:

Hey, guys,

Starting today, FIU should always be the second item on the college football rail. From now on, the Fiuonly order should be UM, FIU, UF and FSU.

Also, FIU should always be refered to as FIU in all references, including onheds from now on.

Thank you for your attention


Back to the Pawse....

Quijote: Is it just me or is the turf a bit squishy? When are the videotrons going up? Will they be up in time for USF?

GPP: The fieldturf is supposed to be squishy, because there are several layers of padding underneath (pebbles, ground up tires, sand, etc.) There is also a new drainage system on the field so that there Jumbo_3 won't be any bubbles like that infamous Halloween game against Jacksonville when the game was played in the middle of a Cat 1 hurricane and Rashod Smith ran for like 200 yards that night. The Jumbotron is expected to be up on Wednesday, Sept. 17.

TheU24/7: What booze are you referring to? As far as I know, alcohol will be banned from the stadium. Have you heard otherwise?

GPP: Like FIUBlueandGold (BTW, FBG, great post) pointed out alcohol will be available in the Stadium Club only, which is for club seats and club suites holders. Of course, there will be BYOB in the tailgating area.

gpantera: Pete, Can we have two blogs? One for the adult Panther fan who come on this blog for solid FIU info and interesting FIU-related conversation and another for the children on this blog who use words like "stupid" and "retarded" to make their points?

GPP: There is only one GPP, but I took out the Panther Claw on several of the comments on the last Pencil_2 blog. It's been a while since the Claw had to come out, so let's try to keep the name calling to the playground. This is a classy blog. There are other on-line sites where people can have pencil fights, argue over whose mother made the better peanut butter and jelly sandwich and shoot spitballs through straws at each other.


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