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T-Minus 42 Hours

We're down to 42 hours before your new home to FIU football opens its gates. That, 42, is a pretty good number around FIU -- El Monstruo (right) returning an INT against FAMU in the Orange Bowl. Ab_3

Sure wouldn't hurt the Golden Panthers to have an EM-type of performance from their defense on Saturday. But we'll get to that down below on this post.

Here are some updates on the new FIU Stadium: The jumbotron is completely up and running. Each Golden Panther's photo and name was being shown on the board.

The new FIU logo at mid-field and the end zones have been painted and are ready for football. They have installed tarps with FIU logos covering the 4 tunnels leading out to the field, which includes the tunnel where the Golden Panthers will sprint out of.

The FIU tailgating, which will occupy the entire north road of the stadium is supposed to get underway at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday....but if you're a great college football fan, you will arrive at FIU around 11 a.m. or noon.

Gates to the stadium will open to the public at 3 p.m.

Was told that there likely will not be any Panther Walk this season, because the team is using the Tram_2 newly-built visitors clubhouse at the FIU baseball stadium and they'll be shuttling to the stadium on Disney World-like trams. Next season, when the team dresses in the FIU fieldhouse there will definitely be a Panther Walk.

Oh, yeah, they are playing a game on Saturday with No. 12 South Florida helping FIU inaugurate the new stadium.

We outlined several keys to the game in the Monday blog earlier this week and just can't see FIU doing all of them.

Yes, the Golden Panthers are going to be riding an emotional high with a new home and a national TV audience, but once da Bulls get something going it will turn into a football game between a No. 12 team and a team in the 2nd year of building.

Just can't see FIU's O-line stopping George Selvie and the creatures USF has at LB. On the other side, USF QB Matt Grothe can run like a running back and is a cagey passer with some physical receivers. You good people and the expected SRO crowd at The new Cage will help in the early going, but unless FIU plays the game of its life it won't be close at the end. FIU likely won't win this game on Saturday, but getting that new on-campus stadium opened is a huge win for FIU on Saturday and beyond.

GPP thinks: South Florida 52, FIU 10


Like a fine bottle of red wine, the GPP fancies itself as a classy blog. I'm going to have the Panther Claw take a more active role in some comments. You guys want to insult each other go right ahead, waste your energy on a name/someone you only know through cyberspace.Opus

But when the PC goes through the comments if it reads any vulgar, racial or threatening comments they will be deleted. And please don't impersonate other bloggers, I got all your e-mail addresses so I know when the post is a Gppaw fake and it will be clawed out.

We have fans of other college teams (UF, FAU, USF, FSU and UM) visit the GPP quite often. Apparently, FIU is on the minds of many who do not root for the Golden Panthers or maybe it's just that the GPP is a damn good blog. Whatever the reason, everyone is welcome on here as long as they keep it clean.

Although, I do sometimes wonder about all the attention FIU receives from other teams' fans when FIU has not gotten off the athletic ground yet. Anyways, appreciate all the readership from everyone and thanks for making the GPP a Top 10 blog among the 40 blogs at the MH. Could you imagine, when FIU starts winning how this blog is going to soar up the MH rankings since we live in the Bandwagon Capital of the World??

On to your questions....

FIUfantastic: I think it's a great move putting Troy in the game. He hasnt gotten a chance to play in a college game and I am sure he will be pumped up to play his first college game against the number 12 Td_2 team in the nation.

GPP: Troy Dannehower (right) was working at LB with the scout team defense. He may eventually get some PT on D and STs, but right now he's only had 3 practices on D. TD said he could see the move being permanent. FIU is 4 QBs deep and could have Cedric McCloud next season to make it 5. TD did tell me something interesting after his INT for a TD. He said from playing QB all these years, he knew the FIU QB on that play was looking blitz and was going to throw to his hot read and that's how he stepped in front of the RB and picked off the pass for the score. TD has got football savvy.

ridgepanther: pete, with TD at LB who are the QB's now?

GPP: Paul McCall, Wayne Younger, Colt Anderson, Darold Hughes.

FIUBlueandGold: Does Jamie Burke (13, below left) have any eligibilty remaining ?? Guy got like 2 medical red shirts I think. He might have been the best QB recruit we've ever had.

Burke GPP: JB probably would have been the best QB in FIU history, but both his knees were torn throughout his FIU career and the left one he tore twice. He was an accurate passer, had a strong arm and was able to dissect any defense. He's already graduated and I heard he got married.

True story about JB, former coach Don Strock was not going to allow anyone to wear No. 13, because he wanted to honor Dan Marino. The No. 19 (Johnny Unitas) and 39 (Larry Csonka) were also off-limits. But Marino seeing JB's talent told DS to give JB No. 13.

NYCFIUFan: Pete I read from your article that FIU has 6,000 season ticket holders, is that above or below expectations?

GPP: That is way above expectations considering FIU was coming off a 1-11 season. The expectations of where this program is headed and the new stadium are what shot up the season ticket numbers.

Pantera Dorada: Any news on ticket sales at the stadium?

GPP: Last I heard when I was at the stadium today, there will be no individual game day sales for Saturday's game. There will be, however, individual ticket sales for the other 4 home games. BTW, as Ultimate FIU Fan pointed out, great reply by PG on the radio today when a radio host took him to task about tickets for Saturday's game.

FIUJM: Pete, how's it going with naming rights to FIU Stadium?

GPP: FIU is talking to several folks, but has not completed any deals yet. It could be another year before there is "insert corporate USA name" here on FIU Stadium.

sunblazer69: PP, is Raul "Ala de Pollo" Puga the same guy that has been featured on ESPN Deportes as Wings the #1 tailgater in the world ?. He's tailgated during the World Cup, Super Bowls, Boxing events in Vegas and was interviewed last month in Beijing by NBC. Where is his tailgate party? Are we invited?

Puga GPP: That's the Puga that you are talking about. Heard he will be tailgating in the south side parking lot. Just show up to the tailgate, I'm sure he's got plenty of wings for all. Puga is an FIU grad of the school of hospitality and he bought like 10 season tickets to FIU football. I tried his world famous BBQ mojo chicken wings at a food festival in the Grove and they were outstanding.

seiscervezas: Hey Herald writer what is it with this Sotolongo guy selling bricks. Isn't he working for your paper. Kind of silly to promote your own guys.

GPP: Jose Sotolongo works for FIU so the MH is not promoting "our own guys". He used to work for the MH, but left after they got rid of the meat empanadas at the cafeteria. Well, that's one reason. I got nothing to do with the selection of photos in today's FIU Stadium story in the paper, but overall the MH editors did a great job with today's layout of FIU Stadium in the sports section. Speaking of promoting, the GPP will take this time to promote the Golden Dazzlers.Newdazz

outofthecage88: Pete, I was reading the UM blog (yes, sorry, I read all the blogs) and was wondering why Manny Navarro is covering the FIU game this weekend? Are we getting more coverage now from the paper? Is he going to stop covering Miami?

GPP: The MH is coming out in full force for Saturday's game: yours truly will cover the game, Manny and another writer (don't know who yet) will write sidebar stories, there will be a columnist out there too (don't know who) and David Quinones will be shooting video throughout the game of everything -- not just the action on the field -- and doing video interviews for the Herald's website.

I'm sure FIU Nation is looking forward to an FIU win the most on Saturday, but for this poll question's sake let's see what else has got you psyched for Saturday:


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Pete Great Story!!! IT was so great to see FIU take up a huge chunk of the herald. Im so excited about Saturday!!! By the way do you still stand by your Marlins not making the playoffs prediction? Not even a little chance? They've been so hot lately Im starting to see what the Colorodo Rockies did last year.

oh yea. is there any chance we can get Pete Garcia to shave off that Wanstaache? He looks like Saddam Hussein in today's herald picture.

Personally, I can't wait to just be back at home. I hated going to the OB last year and as sad as our original stadium was, it was ours. It's good to have a home again.

Pete, I know this ain't your fault...but for the Troy D. article, they used that pic of Paul McCall with a caption that says "Troy Dannehower".

USF 24, FIU 14

I was driving south on the 'Pike this morning on my way to work and they Jumbotron was clearly visible....even from a distance in the bright early sun! That thing is going to look awesome at night!!! and could probably be used as the backup if the field lights go out!


On a side note though, I do have to show my displeasure with FIU Athletics. I'll be at the game, but that's cause I'm a season ticket holder. Howeve, I have friends that are FIU Alumni that aren't necessarily big time football fans and have no interest in seeing all the home games. However, the want to show up and support the school in what is one of our biggest events ever. And guess what, they can't! That's not cool.

I know the tickets have been a problem, but I wish they would've figured something out so that those from FIU's past could represent. I'll be really upset if I see lots of empty seats when I alone know of 7 alumni that want to go but can't, unless they buy the season tickets.

Quijote - a rare moment of camaraderie from a UM fan. As a suggestion, maybe your alumni friends can go down to the stadium and buy from people scalping tickets. I do not think it is illegal. Also, have you checked on ebay or craigslist, maybe someone local is selling tix and you could just pick them up

I must be in a good mood b/c I am leaving for Texas in a few hours - but I checked on Craigslist and there are some tickets posted for sale. Good luck and I do really hope you all get to go to the game on Saturday.

hahahaha.... that sadaam comment was hysterical.

cant wait! go panthers!

Thanks for the blog and GO FIU!

I'm excited for this Friday. I hope everyone has a good enough time that even if we don't do so hot this year fans enjoy the enviroment enough to come out in good numbers. This stadium has the potential to create a lot of memorable Saturdays.

Before I forget, let me enter my prediction:
Although it pains me, I'm going to have to say 50-10 USF over FIU. I hope I'm wrong on the victor.

Am I really attending a D1 football game on campus to see FIU take on the # 12 team in the land along with an ESPNU crew?

This is unreal.

Regardless of the score, tomorrow will be a win for FIU.

Go G-Panthers!


USF 34 FIU 13

ESPU coverage, 790 The Ticket broadcasting at 11am all day from the "CAGE."

Packed house and hopefully a little luck !!

Can't wait, good luck to our guys !! Great moment for the FIU community.

Protect that house !!!!

Oye gpantera...its Jose the tall mofo we met at the Penn State game at Hooligan's last year. I've misplaced the card you gave me, could you e-mail me your contact info to fiufiu80@gmail.com? I'd love to swing by and say hi at the game.

Roar baby!!!

Quijote, i just e-mailed you.

GPP Nation, as I've said before, I've been involved w / FIU for a looooong time. Tomorrow will be very special for my family and me.

I have received a ton of calls from alumni coming out of the woodworks asking how they can attend the game. I truly hope for a magical day!!


gpantera my friend....I totally agree with what you are saying..if you would've told me this 10 years ago, I would tell you are crazy....now, tomorrow night...it's like that first game against St. Peter's all over again....Regardless of what the final score is...if everything else goes fairly good, FIU will have a big WIN in their ledger!!!

Just got home about an hour ago from the new cage....finishing touches are still being put on the new home of FIU football. Jumbotron looks amazing and field is in pristine shape. Can't wait for tomm.

Just drove home from a oil burner at the office...man that jumbotron looks awesome lit at night!!! woo hoooo

They were playing that "YOU IN" 30 second ad.

Im telling you guys mark it down I said it first FIU will win today. My final prediction is 21-17 FIU. Amod Ned scores two touchdowns and Paul McCall throws for one more threw the air. Matt Grothe throws 2 INT's in the second half. Everyone runs on to the field and celebrates with the team!!

My prediction is
USF 48
FIU 17

Mack's not playing again, which means our offensive line has no chance against the Bulls. That means we can't control the ball and our defense will be on the field way to long and will eventually wear down. It also means Younger will probably play the entire second half similar to the Iowa game. FIU loses 43-17.

It pains me to make this prediction on this, very historic night for our beloved university.....My family helped me out with this.....USF 41 FIU 10

SouthPaw im not trying to put down your comment or analysis of the game but why does everyone on this blog talk about cedric mack like if he's the whole line he's only one guy its not like just because he's in the game our line is going to be 100 times better but i dont know thats just my opinion. I think with or without him it'll make a difference because FIU will still win and a new breed of football will be born.

I am so pumped up!!! I think most of the FIU family have been waiting for this day and long time. It is finally here, lets get loud and crazy today...our team will definitely need to feed off that emotion.

I know it can get ugly today, but I believe we can keep it competitive with great game planning, executions, and turnovers.

Go FIU!!!

35-17 usf

But I'll be out there tailgating before hand and I'm just going to savor my first real college football game.

USF 48

Mack is a big, dominating presence. He's a junior, so he's already physically mature, and we need someone who can keep Selvie from tearing up the backfield without double teams. Leavine is out at the other tackle, so the line is in no better shape that it was against Iowa where we got manhandled. I'm not saying the line would be 100 times better with Mack, or even with our complete first string in the game (which hasn't happened a single minute this year yet). I'm just saying that without the first string healthy, establishing a running game and giving McCall time to throw against a top caliber defense like USF will be very difficult.

I said before the season started that I thought the offensive line was out thinnest area, and we've not been at full strength there this year. If the last two years have taught FIU fans anything, it's taught us that without an offensive line that gives our QB time to throw and creates space for our running backs, winning isn't going to happen very often.

If we can keep this game close at halftime, I'll be happy with the result. This season will be measured on how well we do in Sun Belt games, in my opinion. In past years we've played pretty well against out-of-conference teams (like we did against USF two years ago in Tampa), but have stunk it up in Sun Belt play. We HAVE to reverse that trend this year.

21-17 FIU.

What the hell... let's have a bit of fun with this one. I got a good feeling about this game. Dunno why. But I do.

Just came home from the game.

17-9 USF wins. Man was this game exciting even though our points came at the end.

Negatives::: Costly Personal fouls led to atleast ONE of their touchdowns. Offensive Line still having trouble, we cant run it up the middle as seen in the touchdown run to the outside after two tries up the middle. The interception FIU threw was just bad decision making, the QB needs to realize that he cant just force the all when u are on the run, threw it away if you need! NO more missed field goals! It could have been 12-17 or better.

Positives::: Defense is sick!! Way to stop USF on the 1 yard line TWICE! T.Y. is fast and we need to get him involved on more plays. Stadium is AMAZING! Crowd was into it! Can't wait till we get the stadium fully built.

Even though we got our points at the very end, I feel the score ACTUALLY indicates how close it really was. No personal fouls would not have given made them punt instead of touchdown!

OVERALL, i'm excited for conference play. No reason we should do GREAT in conference.


Went to the game, watching the DVR and when Mompremie went down like that, FIU students started yelling "BullS$it" and it comes across VERY clear on the ESPN feed. Even the announcers made a comment about it, we didn't come across as a classy fan base to be quite honest. Those yelling probably didn't know what was up, but regardless if someone is on the floor for over a minute it should be safe to assume its not bull$hit.

man i am pissed... not because of the game. the game was very well played.. i figured the outcome.. and i did see a closer result that most were predicting but i didnt see this result. no im not pissed w/ the team.. what i am pissed.. i got so worked up over the game... and in the first qtr. my friends passes out from the heat and we had to take her home! when a friends in trouble you must react but.. damn i was hoping to be ther today all game

Hey Quijote... how did the game/stadium look on ESPN? My friend told me the stadium looked a bit small...granted its only half its ultimate size, but I figured it would look big anyways.

Also, did they do any tours of the stadium/tailgating/fans section on ESPN?


It did look a bit small because the cameras were angled from the suite's side, facing the USF side so it looked small. Then when they used wide shots you were able to see the entire stadium, and then it shined. The scoreboard looks just as good on TV as well.

They did tour some of the stadium facilities, like teh Club Suites and Mario's office. They did a good job, and went out of their way to interview Mario and Pete.

Back from the game, it is unfortunate that we lost but very proud of the effort. I hope that the few idiot fans that were yelling that garbage when the USF player was hurt did not make our fans overall look bad, especially since we probably have a horrible reputation from that garbage that occurred at the OB versus UM 2 years back. I was at the game and it was a great picture seeing the FIU and USF players getting together in prayer, I wish him the best.

It was great seeing the school spirit on campus before the game, it is growing ever so slowly, at least since I was there. Overall we could have won that game if the offense was more productive the first 3 quarters. Lets give Toledo hell!


Toledo beat #25 ranked Fresno State.

lol we can't catch a break.

new stadium same sorry team, who cares? move down to D3 were you clowns belong!

fau, how is it that you guys got stomped on by minnesota..... and we kept it within 8 points against 12th ranked USF.

You guys opened your mouth and got all cocky but yet texas raped you, michigan st shut you out

I also saw the game on ESPNU. I can attest to what Quijote said. They did a pretty good job overall with the broadcast. The camera angles weren't the greatest, but it was definitely better than the old stadium, for what that's worth. The broadcast crew wasn't too sharp, but they weren't a reason to mute, either.

ESPNU also did a good job with showing the crowd and setting the vibe... and not showing the areas that weren't full. I was a little surprised there was some empty seats. Pete... did FIU relent at all from their "you gotta buy season tix to get the USF game" line?

Anyway... the stadium looked great. Roman came through loud as hell on the TV feed. I could hear him almost as well as the ESPN crew. Seriously.

As for the game... I dunno what game some of you watched, but this was NOT well-played on either side. USF clearly wasn't focused. They're the better team, by far, but it sure looked like they were still thinking about the KU win. They went through the motions big time for most of the game.

As for FIU... we straight up pissed this game away. That was the worst game from USF that I have seen in a long time. This was entirely winnable... and would have been, I think, had we an O-line worth a damn. I'm sure some yahoos on here will say "Younger should start again." To you guys, I will only say this: Had McCall had the time during the game that WY did on that big throw to TY Hilton, McCall would've looked like a genius. 12 was running for his life all game long. It's a miracle he only had one bad pick.

Our O-line is terrible. I thought the inaugural year was a bad display of O-Line... this one might actually be worse. I honestly think we've regressed. I'll wait until the first Belt games to make sure of that, but wow... Mario, you need to fix this quick, brother.

The D played like freakin' studs. I thought I was watching the 2006 team out there. I'm glad they got that safety, too... they deserved points more than the offense did.

Oh, one more thing... PLAY TY HILTON EVERY DAMN DOWN FROM NOW ON! Pleeeease? I don't care if he's a freshman. That kid is electric. Get his butt out there. Do what you gotta... have him marry the ball if needed... but get him out there!

I really liked the environment and I think everyone has pointed out the really awesome positive stuff...let me point out the stuff I think needs a little improvement:

-The parking situation was really disorganized. Cars were being parked in different places, some spots looked empty, others were packed with cars.

-The sound system was way too low.

-The band needs like 15 more members, USF band was incredibly loud!

-WHY WAS THERE SO MANY EMPTY SEATS!! That place should have been rocking... I think it was a bad choice not selling ANY individual game tickets. I had like 10 people I could have brought but there was no way for them to get it!

Great game, nice way to open the stadium, a win would have been best but at least we didn't get blown out. Although it has been a LONG time since anyone has walked out of that stadium after a win. A LONG time. I think we've covered the positives of the game and stadium, here are some stadium areas of improvement I noticed.

1. The sound system. While it is much better than before, there's only sound coming out of the jumbotron. I was on the other side and the USF band would drown out everything coming out of the jumbotron. Need a surrounding sound system quickly.
2. Our band. Man they looked teanie tiny compared to USF. I had to really focus just to hear them playing. And when I did hear them playing they were rarely playing something recognizeable. Seems like they were better a few years ago.
3. No bathrooms on the concourse level. Hopefully they put 1 or 2 in once the other side is complete.
4. Where was Roary? Our mascot needs to get more involved with what is going on in the game. Be more like the UM Ibis, as much as I hate to say that.

This is all very solveable. Everything else was great.

FIUFanatic, you bet me to the punch on a few of those! I totally agree.

Roary was on the student side.

I agree, I was sitting on the student side and I still could barely here the sound system.

I doubt they will place speakers on the suites because I think thats where the coordinators sit.

When the scoreboard goes up on the other side, they will probably place speakers there as well.

Pete-Can you find out if there was something wrong with the sound system, it was very low. They need to raise the volume.

Yea our band is small, I swear to you, I didnt even realize our band was there until half time. I kept looking for them and couldnt see where they were seated.

Very impressive performance by the defense yesterday. The good thing about our defense is they're still young. Anthony Gaitor played a great game!!! Our DT were impressive in goal line situations. The last TD USF scored they had to go right because they weren't penetrating inside.

TY Hilton is the man!!! I think coaches are trying to put him in and get him the ball as much as they can. On punt and kickoff returns he gives us hope. This is just his first year, and now we know why programs likes UF and WV wanted him. Our receivers are going to be good for the next 3-4 years and props goes to MC and staff. Recruiting guys like Hilton, Mertile, Rolle, and Frierson shows that coaches are working hard to get talented players. Now all we need is protection so we can find a way to get them the ball.

Cristobal will get the Younger/McCall question this week. I think he's doing the right thing playing both of them. Personally, I think Younger was progressing towards the end of last year and even though he doesn't have the better arm, he can make plays with his athleticism. At the same time, McCall needs protection. After he gets that we can judge him. One thing though, he didn't need to force that pass that was intercepted. He had nothing on that play.

Yesterday many recruits showed up and I'm sure they were impressed with tough play from FIU.

Overall, I'm excited on where this program is headed...ideally, lets win 3-5 games this year and build on that for next year.


So I'm browsing through sports articles on the Miami Herald on FAU and UM when I run across the blog from Manny Navarro titled "Canes crush Aggies 41-23". I start reading it and the first couple of lines read...

"Sitting here at a half-empty and embarrassing scene at FIU Stadium where the 12th-ranked South Florida Bulls are playing the Golden Panthers. But my heart is in Texas."

He goes on to mention how he spent the FIU game listening to the UM game over the radio! What kind of sorry excuse for a sports writer are you? Were you not sent there to cover the game?

To say the stadium was half empty is a completely lie. Even the picture on the Herald shows only one side being somewhat empty opposite of the student section. What write such lies? Why try to embarrass our fans, alumni and school?

What's embarrasing about losing 9-17 against the #12 team in the nation?

Frankly, if he doesn't want to be covering FIU, then he needs to get his a$s up and leave. We need him like men need n1pples, we dont! Do us a favor and never step foot on our campus again!

What did you guys think about that video FIU played during the game? The one where they had that massive golden panther roaming the FIU campus, jumping over buildings and finally landing at midfiled blowing up the oppenents helmet?

PETE, is there any way for us in cyberspace to get a hold of that video, post it on our Facebooks, favortie blogs, etc. and effectively share FIU with the world?

Overall, I'm very happy with this performance. The defense was very good and the offensive line looked like they got better as the game went on which is somewhat encouraging, especially against that defense.

Wayne looked much more comfortable in the game and did a nice job getting positive yards when the pocket broke down. I love the comment that ESPNU showed from coach Legg wishing that he could combine McCall and Younger into one QB. You could really see what he meant by that in this game. In my opinion, that's what Colt Anderson brings: a taller guy with more mobility than Paul and a better passer and decision maker than Wayne. He should be our starter if he truly is our future and we should bring in McCall if the OL is giving the QB time to throw but Colt is making bad decisions and passes, and bring in Younger if the OL isn't giving the QB time to throw and we need a guy with more mobility. That's why Wayne should have seen more time against USF--he was much more suited for success against a defense like the Bulls.

Anyway, a very nice showing for our stadium's opening game. Just like our stadium, our program is still under construction. Let's keep building.


Who's in charge at the Miami Herald sports? I will start a petitition and send it to the person in charge at MH sports. The petition will be to ban Manny Navarro from all FIU related activities.

It is in Manny Navarro's best interest not to show up to cover an FIU event again. Let's resolve this through diplomatic channels before something bad happens to him.

I just looked up Manny Navarro's bio. He's an FIU alum. When I read that, I through up in my mouth and felt my bowels move. As far as I'm concerned, Manny Navarro has just come FIU public enemy # 1. Revoke his degree and get him off of any FIU related sport stories now!

FIUfantastic, you brought up some good points. Our band needs to get louder and play songs that the crowd knows. Also, did they play our fight song at all? Also, another good point, the announcer was not loud enough, my seats are in mid-field and I had a tough time hearing. Finally, another observation, my seats are very close to the players, I felt really close to the action, Pete Garcia, mission accomplishment on that end.

As far as the game, anyone who said that “USF did not show us their best” or “Are still hung over from Kansas” that is a poor excuse. Why do some people refuse to give this program credit? We went toe to toe with the #12 team in the country, and even though the score was not in our favor, we were the more physical team and we dominated their offense which has a potential Heisman candidate in Grothe. I just hope this team stays focused, it seems whenever we get a glimmer of hope that we are improving we regress the following game (does anyone remember the Mid-Tennessee game last year)?

Also, if anyone thinks that covering FIU is beneath them, then don't cover the program. Those kids playing their hearts out and our university, which gives a lot to Greater Miami in the form of professionals, improved quality of life, and revenue streams, disserves a lot better! I did not read Navarro's blog, but if he wrote the things that some of the people on this blog are claiming, then sign me up for that petition to ban him from FIU events. The U, with their 5 national championships they like to show off, can't sell out Dolphin Stadium (where USF, playing in a pro-stadium, can sell out every game by the way) and when the FIU alumni start coming home, those stats will only become worse.


I'm still recalling the hit Weatherspoon laid on the USF running back in when they were near the goal line. Made him stop and go backwards! It looked nasty from upclose.

i just posted this on Manny's UM blog:

Manny Navarro,

In your blog, your opening lines were, "Sitting here at a half-empty and embarrassing scene at FIU Stadium where the 12th-ranked South Florida Bulls are playing the Golden Panthers. But my heart is in Texas."

Let me help you out. Please give me the name and contact information of your superiors at the Miami Herald and i'll start a petition to have you removed from ever coving an FIU event again. Your degree is from FIU yet your heart is in Texas or whereever UM may find itself. That's your dysfunction. That's your decision. So in addition to having you removed from covering FIU events, I'll work relentlessly to have any record of you holding and FIU degree wiped from any public record. I can't help you get secure a UM degree. You could either start stockpiling student loans or perhaps if you beg UM, they'll color in a diploma for you in crayon and you can hang it up in your cubical with pride.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goal of complete disassociation of anything FIU related.

This is my first and last posting on an UM blog. Unlike some UM fans, i'm not preoccupied with UM business. I stick to my FIU business and I could only pray UM does the same. If you hate FIU, fine. Then stay here on your UM blog and keep telling each other how great you are for beating Texas A&M, a team that was beaten earlier this year by ASU, a Sunbelt team that plays in the same conference as FIU.

Manny Navarro, I e-mailed you. Don't respond to me via this blog as I will not be coming back to visit this nor any other UM blog. E-mail me so that I can help you out.

Go G-Panthers.

Eek! He doesn't need to get banned or anything of the sort.

It's simple though, if he doesn't get to cover us, that is fine, don't show up!

If his boss demands he show up, let us FIU Faithful know and we'll be glad to email his boss and let him know that its best for all of us that he not cover us!

ONTO the game, Pete do you feel like I do that this game was winnable, if not for those personal fouls.

Manny Navarro just showed his unprofessionalism in writing that garbage in his blog. He should be fired. Gpantera, why do you say he is an FIU alum? His bio says he "studied print journalism at FIU." It looks to me from reading his bio that he doesn't even have a college degree.

Once again, UM is represented well.

Manny Navarro is an embarrassment to FIU!!! I can't believe he would write that on his UM blog. Way to show his professionalism. I actually have a friend that is friends with him but I can't believe he would write that. He should be ashamed of himself. I'll leave it at that, I would sign a petition for him to stop FIU coverage. Before he would cover HS football now that he's covering UM, seems like his head got big.

Pete, question for you...Alonzo Phillips. He is 3rd fastest player on the team, is he even suiting up for games? I don't think I've seen him make a catch or play all year. Thanks.


Our band was not bad at all. I heard them fine (when USF wasn't playing). Their halftime show was better than USF's. They played more recognizable songs that USF did in their halftime show, and by doing that little dance they did, their performance was better than USF's was. I just had to defend La Banda del Sol. They did a great job and deserve the recognition. I even liked the little battle of the bands they had with the USF band. Haha.

As far as Manny Navarro goes... yea, it stinks that he actually went to FIU and decides to insult us. But, don't let him get to you.


Thanks for the words of reason.

My take is that if Manny doesn't want to be associated with FIU, then we don't need the dead weight and negative coverage. I'll be happy to show him the door.

Turncoats like M. Navarro or the worse kind of UM fan. And the fact that he has a platform to spew his anti-FIU venom sickens me.

Every positive step FIU has ever taken has been in the face of UM hate. It didn't stop us from adding football, law and medicine to FIU's tools in building a distinguished public university in Miami. They probably never saw USF ascending and them descending. They never saw Wake Forest winning the ACC while they still have yet to compete for an ACC championship. And when FIU achieves top 25 status, they'll be full of excuses and ill-conceived rationale then to.

Enough ScUM talk. I'm through with them, at least for today.


* Stadium is beautiful.
* Ambiance around stadium was college gameday incredible. Lots of potential cowgirls milling about.
* Great to finally see first offensive touchdown.
* Defense kicked butt.

* Disappointed in several empty seats that might have resulted by only selling tickets to home opener through season tix package.
* I came out looking like Two-Face, burnt on the left side and white on the right side. Boy, it was Africa-hot yesterday at the game.

Now let’s start recruiting some hogs for the o-line.

Go Panthers!

I hope these guys play hard at Toledo. Last year they came out flat after their body bag games.

TY Hinton is the real deal.

ESPN's website got the FIU reference correct in their scoreboard. Yahoo still used Florida International.

Can anyone tell me why the Dolphins are winning 21-6 at the half against the Patriots?

Pete - your thoughts on Toledo, what do they bring to the table and how do we compare.

Why does FIU care so much about UM? You claim to not care about them..... yet read their blog? I'm sure you were just "browsing", just let it go. Heck, did you see what Texas A&M's president (FIU grad) said when they interviewed her, or how horrible her command of the English language was? I don't see too many people complaining over there.

I was actually able to swing by the FIU game for part of the third fourth quarter, I got there right when the helicopter landed next to the stadium. It's a nice stadium and you guys showed some grit on opening day.

Wow!! Clawing Cancer took the words right out of my mouth! USF played down and payed for it. I applaud FIU D-fense and special teams... The offense?? Not at all.

On that long play i was jumping up and down asking Younger to get rid of the ball, because it was taking soooo long to get off. VERY SURPRISED that the O-line blocked that long. His throw was whatever... the credit on that play goes to TY HILTON... once he made the turn he BLAZED down the field.

My friends and i were talking after the game and i said that i expected people on this blog to start calling for Younger to start. I have to go with Clawing Cancer. Younger's plays are too readable. They don't respect the pass... they even brought in the safties... he only does sideline passes because He just can't throw. He overthrew a few, but onein particular he launched the ball 15ft over a wide open reciver doing a post route.

Now i really hope that none of you think i'm a WY hater... i'm not. I spent all last year defending him. But he still hasn't shown anything with his arm other that he can make 5 yrd passes decently. Even on the 3rd & 4th and short running plays be didn't fare well. He needs to keep practicing, because he has so much potential. He should use his athletism as a boost to his throwing skills but he has yet to tap into that ability. It would make his life easier i the pocket. With out that amazing quick catch and run by TY, Younger would have been 2-8 and 10 yards.

Gaitor, Bryant and Weatherspoon played very well and i think it was smart to let McDuffie start he's much bigger than Kreg Jones.

OVERALL... great experience! few things should be fixed here and there, sound and all.

Manny Navarro is scUM. He is the worse kind of scUM, the kind that turns their bac on the very institution that provided him the means to work at the Miami Herald and then what does he do, he turns around and bashes that institution. He should never be allowed to step foot on campus AGAIN! I hope Madique reads this and maks this happen.


Pick up the phone and call the Herald and call FIU. This MANNY NAVARRO is a scUM BAG.I am personally going to make sure that he is CANNED.

Call Pete Garcia, Maidique and the Herald.

"Sitting here at a half-empty and embarrassing scene at FIU Stadium where the 12th-ranked South Florida Bulls are playing the Golden Panthers. But my heart is in Texas."

(ARE FRIGGIN KIDDING ME ???) Manny Navarro YOU ARE A LOUSY EXCUSE FOR A JOURNALIST. I'll HELP YOU GET HIRED at " U DAH" washing JOCK STRAPS, CUZ that's obviously what you want !!!!

I realize that we have 2 cable news networks that are obviously poitically biased in FOX and MSNBC, but c'mon NOW we have sports journalists that cannot put their emotions aside and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Mr. Pelegrin, not sure if Manny reads your BLOG. In the event, that his contempt for anything FIU is larger than we are all now aware, do us a favor and please communicate our disgust to him and anything short of an apology from him on his BLOG and the GPP Blog will present him further problems professionally.

Had Pete done the same thing, I am quite sure the scUM would be going NUTZ...

So let's go people, we need ACTION - pick the phone up and call or email. I am just sick and tired of the vendetta against FIU.

BTW - Awesome game, awesome tailgate, great stadium lounge. Our guys played tough til the very end. I am excited for the conference schedule and think we can make some noise and get a few wins if the Oline get going in the right direction.

i don't care if he is a repented FIU alumni... thats his problem, and we don't need him. What i don't like is that instead of just saying I wish i was at the UM game(which i can understand)he plays to the already FIU hating group and LIES about the situation. Its very simple dishonest and Biased journalism.

#1 16,000+ fans in a 18,000 seat stadium is about 90% full

#2 losing to the #12 team in the nation by 8 points while being almost 30 point underdogs is not embarrassing

so at the end, he flat out lied and it was totally unprofessional, like little kids talking to their friends about the team they hate.

Journalism? Biased? WTF are you guys talking about? It's a blog. Not the front cover of the newspaper sports column, but an opinion based section catered to Cane fans.

You don't see us Cane fans coming on here everytime PP makes a comment about UM. How many of you people still say UCG? Who again wrote that into their "blog"?

You guys are hypocrites. Worry about your team and your blog.

Jeeze, some of you guys are really thinned skin. Get over yourselves.

It is Navarro's blog so he can say what he wants. However, it is extremely distrubing and disappointing that he studied at FIU and yet he covers UM and worships them all the while he trashes FIU.

However, it does seem that he may not even have earned a degree from FIU, let alone UM. He might be a dropout since his biggest education claim to fame is that he graduated from Braddock High School. So more than likely Navarro is one of those people that wished they could go to UM, but was either too dumb or poor to go to the exclusive UM. Unfortunately he seems to be part of the VERY HIGH percentage of FIU alumni or former students that pledge their allegiance to another institution that did nothing for them and could care less about them.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and Navarro can say what he wants. He should just be smarter about it. Like those people at the Obama rally on Friday. A complete bunch of idiots that have probably been brainwashed by some rich old white man to spew fictional garbage.

One more comment. Please enough with the "we have to get Navarro fired" stuff. It is a blog and it is not meant to be professional journalism. There are millions of blogs on the internet. How many of them follow journalistic guidelines? Maybe 1 or 2 out of a billion blogs.

Read the garbage that is posted on right wing blogs. Complete garbage that usually has no credible sources and is based on the opinions of the blog writer. If Navarro wants to talk garbage about FIU to please his UM blog readers than he can do so. Its kind of a prerequisite that he do say things that might please his readers.

Imagine if Pete came onto this blog and said something like " I was at UM today and they have a majestic campus. So much greener and nicer than FIU's". We would eat him out!!!! Naturally he is going to say the opposite because he wants to please the FIU fans.

So please stop with all the "fire Navarro" stuff. If he wrote something like that on the front page of the Herald (which I hope he didnt since I havent read the paper yet) then that is a different story. But a blog in which he has full discretion over is a different story. I love FIU, but you cant get so pissed off everytime someone talks garbage about FIU. We cant go after someone for stating their opinions in a medium that allows him to do so. Plus we havent won anything nor do we have anything to really be proud of so we cant talk.

It just so disrespectful. You get sent out to cover FIU opening game and instead you sit there an listening to the radio and read the internet about another team. The best thing he could come up with was the stadium was half full (which is a complete lie), the game was embarrassing (which while it is an opinion makes little sense as there was a chance to tie until the final seconds).

It's a slap to the face of our school, our athletics, our fans, and alumni.

HOWEVER, asking for him to be fired is drastic and comes off knee-jerkish.

He just should not cover us anymore, plain and simple. He doesn't want to be there and we don't want him there. Stay off our campus and he's happy, we're happy, everybody wins.

OK, off the subject of Manny Navarro. I don't want to waste any more time on that loser.

Pete, can you give us an update on the latest constructiion plans for FIU stadium over the next few years? What is slated for completion next year and for the year after that (2010). I keep seeing and reading different things on scheduled completion dates which will get the stadium up to 45,000 seats. Are the plans fixed at this point, or are there variables that will either accelerate or decelerate the plans?

Pete, my friend just said that Miami FC wants to move to the FIU stadium. I saw them at the game, so I was wondering if something was brewing. When do you think the move will happen? Next year?

Folks... I agree with many of you that Navarro shouldn't have wrote what he did... especially since he's an alum and he was supposed to be writing a story on FIU... but he is the UM beat writer. His primary job is to cover the 'Canes, not FIU. Frankly, he's supposed to think the Canes are more important... just like Pete thinks that FIU is more important. That's how beat writers are supposed to be. And the 'Canes are a more important program in the Herald's eyes (and should be until proven otherwise), so I don't think it's wrong for him to follow the game while at FIU. Take it from someone who's been in the media room during games... there's lots of time to do other things during the game you're covering. Especially when they got big plasma TV's tuned into ESPN.

Besides, he's not the first FIU alum to be a Canes fan first. He probably went to FIU when us having a football team wasn't even a wet dream in the administration's eyes. It was a bit classless on his part and he was factually wrong... but asking him to be fired because he disrespected FIU is wrong. What he did is give his opinion, just like Pete does on here. We do have a 1st amendment for a reason, folks. And, if I was the Herald sports editor, I'd just have a friendly chat with Manny about not doing something like that again. There's no need to ban him from FIU. People make mistakes. It happens.

Anyway... to NYCFIUFAN... dude, what game were you watching? Obviously not the FIU-USF game. FIU did not go "toe to toe" with USF. Sorry. USF went into that game thinking it was easy pickings and FIU proved otherwise. Which is to FIU's credit, for sure, but let's not talk crap about "toe to toe". USF is a far superior team. They should have won that game by 3-4 touchdowns, and had they actually brought their A game, they probably would have. The USF team I saw against KU (and I saw that game) was not the same one against FIU. Not even close.

The D did a great job, considering the insane time of possession the Bulls had, but they still gave up 320 yards total. That's hardly suffocation. What the FIU D did do well is make big plays, and that's to their credit. Had the O done its part, I have no doubt FIU could have done even better defensively. But USF was able to move the ball. They did have a 99-yard scoring drive, not to mention the crazy time of possession.

And "more physical"? MORE PHYSICAL? Dude, either take off the blinders or admit that you did NOT watch that game. The O-Line was getting man-handled. There was at least one guy getting through on most plays. McCall and Younger were running for their lives the entire game. The D played with more heart than USF's O, but they were not more physical. They just wanted it more. Big difference.

I do agree that FIU better not lose focus next week... Toledo beat #25 Fresno State at home... that might actually be a tougher game than USF was. But, considering that the Rockets are a MAC team and they did knock off a ranked team, they could very well be in the same boat USF was in coming into the FIU game. I'll say that's good news for FIU, too. What the hell... we need it.

Who cares about Navarro...we played great and no one can take that away from us. Even if they didnt bring their "A" game, we were in it till the end and to that, I say bravo.

I just caught up on my hearld reading and WTF to Manny Navarro!

Seriously, it is not an opinion when you state a lie. I of course do not wish that Manny Navarro gets fired but I do wish that his ALMA MATER revokes his degree.

I think I shall call Manny Navarro Manny Arnold for now on. I am of course refering to Benedict Arnold.

I just caught up on my hearld reading and WTF to Manny Navarro!

Seriously, it is not an opinion when you state a lie. I of course do not wish that Manny Navarro gets fired but I do wish that his ALMA MATER revokes his degree.

I think I shall call Manny Navarro Manny Arnold for now on. I am of course refering to Benedict Arnold.

Clawing Cancer, what are YOU talking about and what game did YOU watch? FIU was more physical then USF and how do you know if USF did not bring their "A" game? Why can't you believe that maybe we played a hell of a game and are capable of competing against USF? Didn't USF barely beat UCF? They barely beat KU as well. They are a good team but I think we have some talent as well. We got our butts handed to us against KU and Iowa but you know what, we can get better as the season goes on.

I just posted this on the canes blog and I thought it would be appropriate to share it here. What a jerk!

"FIU's stadium was 80% full and UM fills about 50% of theirs. Should we call UM games embarrassing or half empty?

The answer is NO! Lets call a spade a spade, Miami is a very tough sports town but what Manny Navarrow displayed was classless and unprofessional.

The simple fact that he is not stating an opinion but a mere lie proves my point. It was not half empty nor was a 17-9 loss to the number 12 team in the nation embarrassing.

Thanks for the memories manny but I will not read your blog anymore. I love UM because I was born a cane but I can find my canes news elsewhere.

I don't want Manny fired, only thing is Herald shouldn't let him cover FIU sports anymore. Like I said before, his head got big covering UM sports. He knows he made a mistake and hasn't replied back to any comments. Even though it is a "blog", there still has to be a certain level of professionalism. If he didn't like the company that he was working for and he stated it in a "blog"...should he not be held accountable?

For those FIU fans deeply offended my comments yesterday I apologize. As an FIU alumnus, I was embarrassed by the fact the game was not a sellout. I covered FIU during its inaugural season and am very proud to be a Golden Panther. I attended the team's spring game on my own and have attended various FIU events over the years. I was happy to be there Saturday. But disappointed to see that at kickoff there were two sections of blue seats without any fans. The student section was loud and proud. But there were also plenty of available seats there. I call it like it see it in the end. I did the same last year at the Orange Bowl with the Canes. It was nothing personal.

If you want to take this up via email, feel free to contact me at mnavarro@miamiherald.com

PS, I made my comment on the blog before the FIU game was even finished. It had nothing to do with the end result. I was proud of the way the Golden Panthers kept fighting in the end. The defense played great and Ty Hylton is a budding star.

I would have responded to you guys earlier, but just signed onto my computer for the first time tonight. I also responded to anyone who sent me emails.

Wow....Some interesting stuff here...Here's my take on two issues:

First off, it's a disgrace Manny Navarro's comments on that blog, since his "opinions" are a mistatement of facts...it wasn't "half empty"..and the game..and its result wasn't any "embarrassment"...I agree with sending him emails, calls and the like, showing the displeasure some of us might or might not feel with his condescending comments. However, I don't think it should get to extremes (firing him, banning him), for some of the reasons espoused here as well.....I'll show my disgust with his erroneous comment and hope he is a bit more careful...and truthful...in his comments...even when doing so for a "rival" college blog...

On to the game, clawing cancer, I agree with you on many issues and opinions, but my man....let everybody have their own opinions...and even if they are wrong in your mind and soul, don't be so harsh and blatant in your criticism of fellow FIU'ers posts, particularly when they haven't been offensive...Now, my take is somewhat in the middle of what both or your theories state.....some of it has to do with USF not playing good..but a very good portion has to do with FIU playing better as well.....not everything is black and white.

I happen to think this was a very respectable showing by FIU...and while it's true USF were clearly stronger, were ahead the whole game, and got 320 yards of offense (which is a lot less than the almost 500 yards they have been averaging), it is also true that FIU Defense made some PLAYS in order to prevent a wider difference.

The stadium was beautiful, the Stadium Club was great, the game atmosphere was electric, the tailgating was amazing, the Jumbotron was spectacular (I can't get over the fact that it took me some time to "re-realize" I could look up to the scoreboard to review the replays of the game), and the end result of the game was much closer than most people imagined...Great night for FIU Football inaugurating such a beautiful facility!!

I for one would like to thank Manny for manning up and appologizing for his comments. Still, it sadens me that someone takes a shot at his own alma mater. I understand that he may be a die hard cane fan but one must always remember where he came from. A mans success is defined by his past and manny, love it or hate it, you are an FIU alum so look at your diploma and be proud. Again, thank you for your appology and GO FIU!

I for one would like to thank Manny for manning up and appologizing for his comments. Still, it sadens me that someone takes a shot at his own alma mater. I understand that he may be a die hard cane fan but one must always remember where he came from. A mans success is defined by his past and manny, love it or hate it, you are an FIU alum so look at your diploma and be proud. Again, thank you for your appology and GO FIU!

look everyone should just relax on manny... im sure like most alum at FIU he was happy to see FIU through this moment.. but the truth is he was prob a cane long before he got to FIU. let the man have his allegences. i dont mind him writing about FIU.. and during the first qtr. the stadium was half empty. he wasnt wrong in his post. after a while everyone showed up (prob still tailgating ) Manny prob just had a poor choice of owrds.. everyone really should just relax

Manny, I appreciate that you come here and apologize. But the fact is that everyone that goes to the UM page sees that heading on the Herald blog, it is RIGHT at the top. Many won't even click through to read the comments, so the influence you had by posting that there is SO much worse and apology does nothing to change the fact that most uneducated fans will think that the stadium was half empty when you saw yourself that it was not. Your apology here and on the UM blog is too little too late, the influence you've had by putting that as a heading that everyone sees has done much worse than you may even think it has.

Why does Manny write an almost carbon copy apology on UM's blog entirely identical but saying "For those FIU fans deeply offended my brutal truth, I apologize"...while here..at the FIU blog is: "For those FIU fans deeply offended my comments yesterday I apologize"

Now...I'm sure Manny is a nice guy and probably likes FIU a bit...I've even heard him on high school interviews mentioning FIU and MC recruiting South Florida in a positive way. I do believe though, that Manny, trying to be more associated with the canes' mentality and wish that FIU stays down and "below" them, tried to make a comment most of the most uneducated and rabid canes fans do, in order to sound kind of "more like them".

Now, with just changing the words "comments" on FIU's blog to "brutal truths" in the canes' one...it shows he changes his "message" according to where he is posting...He made a mistake....I'm sure he knows this..and he is trying to fix that posting on both blogs the "same" message...but with one subtle difference. Common Manny!

Wow Fanatic, didn't catch that, but completely true.

Wow FIU fanatic...Preach brother. Manny Navarrow is two faced. I accepted his appology but did not see that note in the UM blog. In my honest opinion, that remark proves holes in his appology. I don't like or trust him one bit.

What two-face? You guys are unreal. I made apologies on both blogs and now you want to rip me for that?

Come on. Let's talk about it. I'm here now.

I typed the first apology on the UM blog and then realized after posting it some people might get offended because I wrote brutal truth. I came here and decided to change it. There is no agenda.

Anybody going to post a response? Or are you guys waiting for me to turn away so you can rip me? I'm here now. Let's talk about your beef with my comments.

Manny, are you looking to argue or start a fight with people who post on a blog? Seriously, I usually will type something on a blog and then go do something else, I don't think most people sit around refreshing the blog over and over to see if you responded.

I think you need to relax and realize why people are upset. You have to admit, what you wrote and how you wrote it were bound to piss people off. By posting the apologies in two different ways you really made yourself seem like the bad guy, again.

Don't stick around here looking for arguments because that does NOT help your cause. Leave your apology as is and let this thing drop. By next week we'll all be over this and looking forward to our next game.

Look Manny, we understand that our program is not big yet and we can not compete against Miami. Sure a few of our more uneducated fans try and compare us to UM while at the same time, several uneducated UM fans take shots at FIU's baby program as well. Its part of the City of Miami fan base but when a member of the media takes a shot at FIU with a false "opinion", lets just say that it fuels the fire.

We are upset that the title of your blog had nothing to do with FIU yet you take a shot at FIU on its day to shine. It was very obvious that you did not want to be at FIU’s first game, which is fine, but don’t share that with the UM bloggers as if the stadium was “half empty and embarrassing”. Did that need to be in the UM blog? NO!

And by the way, FIU did better than most people gave them credit for. Perhaps not to the extent that it was sold out and we won the game but it was still a day to remember. And still, your apology, though I am sure was sincere, was flaky due to the unparallel intentions on both blogs. We understand that keeping the UM fans happy is what puts food on your table but this was not the Manny Navarro that most of us have been following for years. That is why most of us here were insulted by your recent work.

My two cents is that it's a little hypocritical when your own blog author refers to UM as UCG and then has the audacity to infer that Mario's open practice sessions influence UM's sessions. He constantly parallels FIU to UM, when a more accurate parallel would be to FAU.

FIU has to earn a ton of respect, there's a reason The Herald is the only paper that covers them.

There was no need to apologize. One should not apologize for what they believe, he believes FIU is 2nd rate and that's why he said what he said, both at the game and on his blog just now like Fanatic pointed out. The rest his internal strife will have to work out. So do what you do Manny, hang tight to those fickle Cane fans, cause you've been exposed to the over 100,000 local FIU alums...I don't even think UM has 100,000 alums in its history. Stay over there, we'll stay over here. Done.

Well, I just got here and see your posts....I believe your mention of FIU on that UM blog was not accurate nor necessary. My guess and thoughts is that you did that in order to accomodate more to your target audience...I doubt, even if the place was full and people lining outside for extra tickets before game, that you would have mentioned something like..."here on FIU's brand spanking new, state of the art, great little stadium"...to an UM's audience...so I take your comment like I think it is....

However, I insist, this is no reason to make it get out of hand, and ask for your firing, or any other knee jerk extreme action....Your apologies are accepted, since I truly belief you made a mistake and should not have gone the "embarrasment" way, nor exxagerate with the half empty comment, however, you do have two 'versions' of your comment/"apology"....Now, I read your reasons for changing the stronger wording of your "first" apology, but it does appear, on the face of it, you are making one on UM's blog and another here. That is all with me.

Other than that, I think this should not get out of hand...I think we have the right to criticize your comments, because they were not simply true, and perhaps some of us saw it as a shot at FIU, in our minds. Now, I understand more your "embarrasment" comment if it was solely directed at the many seats open at the beginning of the ceremonies, and while I don't think it was "half empty" either, I understand.

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