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T-Minus 42 Hours

We're down to 42 hours before your new home to FIU football opens its gates. That, 42, is a pretty good number around FIU -- El Monstruo (right) returning an INT against FAMU in the Orange Bowl. Ab_3

Sure wouldn't hurt the Golden Panthers to have an EM-type of performance from their defense on Saturday. But we'll get to that down below on this post.

Here are some updates on the new FIU Stadium: The jumbotron is completely up and running. Each Golden Panther's photo and name was being shown on the board.

The new FIU logo at mid-field and the end zones have been painted and are ready for football. They have installed tarps with FIU logos covering the 4 tunnels leading out to the field, which includes the tunnel where the Golden Panthers will sprint out of.

The FIU tailgating, which will occupy the entire north road of the stadium is supposed to get underway at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday....but if you're a great college football fan, you will arrive at FIU around 11 a.m. or noon.

Gates to the stadium will open to the public at 3 p.m.

Was told that there likely will not be any Panther Walk this season, because the team is using the Tram_2 newly-built visitors clubhouse at the FIU baseball stadium and they'll be shuttling to the stadium on Disney World-like trams. Next season, when the team dresses in the FIU fieldhouse there will definitely be a Panther Walk.

Oh, yeah, they are playing a game on Saturday with No. 12 South Florida helping FIU inaugurate the new stadium.

We outlined several keys to the game in the Monday blog earlier this week and just can't see FIU doing all of them.

Yes, the Golden Panthers are going to be riding an emotional high with a new home and a national TV audience, but once da Bulls get something going it will turn into a football game between a No. 12 team and a team in the 2nd year of building.

Just can't see FIU's O-line stopping George Selvie and the creatures USF has at LB. On the other side, USF QB Matt Grothe can run like a running back and is a cagey passer with some physical receivers. You good people and the expected SRO crowd at The new Cage will help in the early going, but unless FIU plays the game of its life it won't be close at the end. FIU likely won't win this game on Saturday, but getting that new on-campus stadium opened is a huge win for FIU on Saturday and beyond.

GPP thinks: South Florida 52, FIU 10


Like a fine bottle of red wine, the GPP fancies itself as a classy blog. I'm going to have the Panther Claw take a more active role in some comments. You guys want to insult each other go right ahead, waste your energy on a name/someone you only know through cyberspace.Opus

But when the PC goes through the comments if it reads any vulgar, racial or threatening comments they will be deleted. And please don't impersonate other bloggers, I got all your e-mail addresses so I know when the post is a Gppaw fake and it will be clawed out.

We have fans of other college teams (UF, FAU, USF, FSU and UM) visit the GPP quite often. Apparently, FIU is on the minds of many who do not root for the Golden Panthers or maybe it's just that the GPP is a damn good blog. Whatever the reason, everyone is welcome on here as long as they keep it clean.

Although, I do sometimes wonder about all the attention FIU receives from other teams' fans when FIU has not gotten off the athletic ground yet. Anyways, appreciate all the readership from everyone and thanks for making the GPP a Top 10 blog among the 40 blogs at the MH. Could you imagine, when FIU starts winning how this blog is going to soar up the MH rankings since we live in the Bandwagon Capital of the World??

On to your questions....

FIUfantastic: I think it's a great move putting Troy in the game. He hasnt gotten a chance to play in a college game and I am sure he will be pumped up to play his first college game against the number 12 Td_2 team in the nation.

GPP: Troy Dannehower (right) was working at LB with the scout team defense. He may eventually get some PT on D and STs, but right now he's only had 3 practices on D. TD said he could see the move being permanent. FIU is 4 QBs deep and could have Cedric McCloud next season to make it 5. TD did tell me something interesting after his INT for a TD. He said from playing QB all these years, he knew the FIU QB on that play was looking blitz and was going to throw to his hot read and that's how he stepped in front of the RB and picked off the pass for the score. TD has got football savvy.

ridgepanther: pete, with TD at LB who are the QB's now?

GPP: Paul McCall, Wayne Younger, Colt Anderson, Darold Hughes.

FIUBlueandGold: Does Jamie Burke (13, below left) have any eligibilty remaining ?? Guy got like 2 medical red shirts I think. He might have been the best QB recruit we've ever had.

Burke GPP: JB probably would have been the best QB in FIU history, but both his knees were torn throughout his FIU career and the left one he tore twice. He was an accurate passer, had a strong arm and was able to dissect any defense. He's already graduated and I heard he got married.

True story about JB, former coach Don Strock was not going to allow anyone to wear No. 13, because he wanted to honor Dan Marino. The No. 19 (Johnny Unitas) and 39 (Larry Csonka) were also off-limits. But Marino seeing JB's talent told DS to give JB No. 13.

NYCFIUFan: Pete I read from your article that FIU has 6,000 season ticket holders, is that above or below expectations?

GPP: That is way above expectations considering FIU was coming off a 1-11 season. The expectations of where this program is headed and the new stadium are what shot up the season ticket numbers.

Pantera Dorada: Any news on ticket sales at the stadium?

GPP: Last I heard when I was at the stadium today, there will be no individual game day sales for Saturday's game. There will be, however, individual ticket sales for the other 4 home games. BTW, as Ultimate FIU Fan pointed out, great reply by PG on the radio today when a radio host took him to task about tickets for Saturday's game.

FIUJM: Pete, how's it going with naming rights to FIU Stadium?

GPP: FIU is talking to several folks, but has not completed any deals yet. It could be another year before there is "insert corporate USA name" here on FIU Stadium.

sunblazer69: PP, is Raul "Ala de Pollo" Puga the same guy that has been featured on ESPN Deportes as Wings the #1 tailgater in the world ?. He's tailgated during the World Cup, Super Bowls, Boxing events in Vegas and was interviewed last month in Beijing by NBC. Where is his tailgate party? Are we invited?

Puga GPP: That's the Puga that you are talking about. Heard he will be tailgating in the south side parking lot. Just show up to the tailgate, I'm sure he's got plenty of wings for all. Puga is an FIU grad of the school of hospitality and he bought like 10 season tickets to FIU football. I tried his world famous BBQ mojo chicken wings at a food festival in the Grove and they were outstanding.

seiscervezas: Hey Herald writer what is it with this Sotolongo guy selling bricks. Isn't he working for your paper. Kind of silly to promote your own guys.

GPP: Jose Sotolongo works for FIU so the MH is not promoting "our own guys". He used to work for the MH, but left after they got rid of the meat empanadas at the cafeteria. Well, that's one reason. I got nothing to do with the selection of photos in today's FIU Stadium story in the paper, but overall the MH editors did a great job with today's layout of FIU Stadium in the sports section. Speaking of promoting, the GPP will take this time to promote the Golden Dazzlers.Newdazz

outofthecage88: Pete, I was reading the UM blog (yes, sorry, I read all the blogs) and was wondering why Manny Navarro is covering the FIU game this weekend? Are we getting more coverage now from the paper? Is he going to stop covering Miami?

GPP: The MH is coming out in full force for Saturday's game: yours truly will cover the game, Manny and another writer (don't know who yet) will write sidebar stories, there will be a columnist out there too (don't know who) and David Quinones will be shooting video throughout the game of everything -- not just the action on the field -- and doing video interviews for the Herald's website.

I'm sure FIU Nation is looking forward to an FIU win the most on Saturday, but for this poll question's sake let's see what else has got you psyched for Saturday:


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Fomenter, the difference is Pete does not cover UM games and take pot shots at them while blogging to FIU fans. Manny can talk all he wants about FIU on his blog, but when you come to OUR house as a GUEST then be respectful and know your place. That is the problem Fomenter. Understand that?

Seriously guy, if you don't enjoy covering FIU sports then tell your boss. All we are trying to do is a favor for you. We hope that you never again have to sit through another embarrasment. I know that it must be tough for you to lower yourself by covering FIU athletics, so consider it a gift by the FIU fans on this blog. Oh, and on your way out, can you take the garbage posters that come here from your blog. Stick to writing about um, God knows they've never caused anyone embarrasment.

Max, Gold...

The last thing I wanted to do was project to anyone I'm against FIU. I bleed blue and gold. And the last thing I want is for folks like you to think I'm anti-FIU and to post messages that I have an agenda or am two-faced or am some horrible reporter. I care about what you and other readers think -- especially folks from FIU, whom I have a great respect for. I feel its important to build a solid relationship with your readers, to be trusted, to feel approachable and to have a connection to the community. I wasn't trying to paint a false picture of what I saw at the stadium. This is simply a case of a giant misunderstanding.

I made a quick comment on a UM blog about what I was seeing at the stadium. As an FIU guy, I was embarrassed. I probably made the mistake of posting on my UM blog -- because you are right it has nothing to do with FIU. But I was simply informing readers once again I wasn't in Texas with UM. The comment on the stadium was the truth at the time (there were only about 10,000 people there at kickoff). I never got the time to go back and change my comment on my UM blog because I was busy covering last night's game. When it was over, I went home. I didn't realize I had created an uproar until tonight. I know this is a long-winded explanation. But like I said, I care about what our readers think of us. I care that people are posting messages calling me a bad journalist or unfair -- especially when it comes to FIU because that's where I went to school. So, I apologize for being a little sensitive. I just want to get my message clear that I intended no harm by my comment yesterday. It was an opinion based on the fact at the time and something I wasn't able to go back and change.

So, I hope I explained myself to the best of my ability and you guys will realize the context in which things have been interpreted and said.

Agree with scumsanitizer...now fomenter is the distric attorney against PP.....who has nothing to do with this....thank God he is not a follower of UM...if he meows ...if he chases after mouses....if he likes tuna fish....he must be a cat....

Talk about audacity....

fair enough manny. Let the man breath. His actions were unacceptable but at this time I do not question his sincerity. Thanks for easing some of us and good luck with the rest.

Pete has taken his pot shots repeatedly. Don't be fooled by the way he hides it in his vernacular.

Manny was talking about a UM game while he was being forced to cover the FIU game, I assume, because if not he wouldn't have been there. It appears to be pretty obvious he didn't want be there, the real question is, if you guys were so unconcerned with UM, why would you be on their blog reading it? I was at the game for most of the second half and saw plenty of empty seats, in a small stadium, when your school is constantly lauding their large alumni and student body as a basis for possible support. Where was that large alumni and student body group for yesterday's game?

I comprehend how you guys are proud of your school, and rightfully so, but a lot of the bloggers here are out of touch with reality and just expect respect to be doled out as if they earned it by having dreams for bigger things. Step 1 was starting a football team. Accomplished. Step 2 was having success and developing a strong base for fan support. That's unaccomplished. While the stadium is a great, huge step for you, if FIU doesn't start winning and funding keeps being stripped by the state, FIU won't be able to meet attendance standards and will be busted back down to D-1AA. Just imagine if the NCAA actually makes you count the number of fans that enter the stadium and not the "tickets sold."

My own personal favorite didn't do so well filling their stadium yesterday and there were plenty of empty seats. That's embarrassing, for any school, regardless of the name of the institution. Understand that?

Now, Manny....that sounds more like the Navarro I've read and heard on your high school reports.....This is just a huge misunderstanding and a choice of words on UM's blog that was not changed later on to a less emabarassing situation due to lack of time...

Now, I urge all our readers to all take a deep breath, relax, and read from where Manny is coming...It's evident to me now he understands where we are coming...and that we have a legitimate reason to be a bit mad...plus sensitive..being the history of FIU sports, and how hard sometimes is to be a fan of our alma mater in this town. I say let's put it down and accept Manny's explanation/apology TOTALLY.....

Let's go on...Thanks for the explanation, Manny.

The last thing I will say about this, is that it feels great knowing that FIU now has enough fans to stand up for it when it is clearly being treated unfairly. Manny, your mischaracterisation on a blog that has nothing to do with FIU was not necessary. As a fellow FIU alumn I wish you nothing but the best, good luck covering um.

Manny didn't lie, like some of people continue to state. He stated that: "...12th-ranked South Florida Bulls are playing the Golden Panthers (in front of about two empty sections early in the game)."

Is he lieing? You be the judge...


Yeah I think he was lieing too. There was a lot more sections than just two. You guys boast over 35000 students and hundres of thousands of alumni and can't even muster a full attendance on opeing day?!

Keep ripping on Manny if it makes all of you feel good inside. He manned up and apologized to you, but sure as he** isn't because he lied or misrepresented the truth.

Casual Observer

He just changed that. Do you think he would have created such an uproar if that stated that from the beginning?


#1 Being a sports writer, you should be very aware that ANY stadium or sports venue is nowhere near its sold capacity during the opening stages of a game, especially in South Florida. So this was very immature on your behalf and its ill intent was obvious.

#2 You bleed blue and gold yet "your heart is in Texas." Give me a break.

This kind of stuff decreases readership at your publication.

Fomenter, you've missed the point entirely on this issue. Entirely. I can try to force feed logic, reason and plain-ole-manners through one of your ears to enable comprehension or I can move on. I choose the latter.

Manny has said his peace, we have said ours. Let this dog lie.


"Sitting here at a half-empty and embarrassing scene at FIU Stadium where the 12th-ranked South Florida Bulls are playing the Golden Panthers (in front of about two empty sections early in the game). But my heart is in Texas"

That's what I've read since the beginning. But even if he didn't originally write the last part (let's say he changed it after the uproar), looking at those pics, it really doesn't seem like much of a stretch to say "half-empty"

He was a guest in your house, which coincidentally is his since he's an alum, and posted his observations. He didn't insult FIU at all. I guess you can't comprehend his explanation.

It's a moot point either way, a mountain out of a mole hill if you ask me.

LOL...good catch on the obvious blunder by the not so casual one...LOL...hehehe....Manny just changed that blog entry.....and now he changes that too.

Let's move on...if these un-educated folks with other allegiances will allow.....

Casual Observer,

When he spoke the statement indeed it was not a lie, we were all there, those sections were empty because the lots were still full with tailgaters, in true Miami fashion. Where the statement becomes a lie and the true intentions revealed is when the statement is not corrected later in the game when everyone was in the stadium, and while obviously not sold out thanks to Pete and his marketing startegy, it was NOTHING like those pictures. I ASSUME you are not a fool Casual Observer, so nice try but pointless nonetheless.


Ummm, I believe Manny has said it several times. He made that comment at the beginning of the game. If you don't want to take his word, just take a look at when it was posted....

"Posted by Manny Navarro at 05:19 PM on September 20, 2008"

Keep trying to defend your ridiculous statements. He wasn't lieing when he wrote it.

Add to my last post......and he just mentioned he never had a chance to correct it.

I think we can match up quite well against Toledo! Look at their recent results, their defense is not very good. This is good for US because we can get all the help we can get with our offense. However, our defense is solid. So we'll see hwo it works out.

If this is truly Manny Navarro writing the apology, it rings a little hollow. If you are "very proud to be a Golden Panther," then why was the one thing you mentioned about being at FIU stadium on Saturday so negatively slanted? Why was your "heart in Texas"?

How in the world does two empty sections constitute a "half empty" stadium and an "embarrassing scene"? Your comments were made at the very beginning of a 5pm game. Is that the only thing that you, as a proud FIU alum, could write about your whole experience for the day? How much did the Miami Herald save in airfare to not send you to the UM/Texas A&M game? Was it really worth it when you write one untrue statement summarizing a very significant day for FIU athletics? You sure don't sound proud. The funniest part of all is that if there were alot of empty seats in the stadium, it is exactly because of FIU alum like you, Manny Navarro. If the Herald didn't send you, you certainly wouldn't have paid the small sum and shown your Panther "pride." FIU alum who fervently follow the Hurricanes and ignore the Golden Panthers are the WORST kind of fans. So if you were embarrassed, you should take a look in the mirror and look no further.

And I can explain two of the empty seats on Saturday--I live out of state and purchased two season tickets to support the program, but wasn't able to make it down this weekend. The airfare for one trip down costs more than the entire season ticket expense. But maybe you can ask the Herald to buy you and other "proud" FIU alum season tickets.

Anything of importance that Mario say?

The stadium holds 18,000. There were over 16,000 there (16,717 to be exact - that's 93% capacity). You had to take some tight camara shots to miss most of the stadium that was full of energetic fans. It's stunning the lengths folks go to frame FIU in a negative light.

UM is allegededly BIG TIME so i expect all 72,000 seats at Dolphin stadium to have someone in it every game, right?

I'm done. This is like arguing with people who claim that the WMD's were there when we never found a fire cracker, the economy is fine while our financial institutions take a dump and global warming is marketing ploy while it's 70 degrees in NYC in late September. The stubborness is initially shocking but ultimately sad.


Not really, same spin we're all used to (not that that is a bad thing). Shapiro did throw a few subtle below the belts though, and Mario's face wasn't too pleased....like he didn't express it but you had the feeling he wanted to deck him!! Like Steve said, in front of Mario, "So you're 0-3, when will this program start getting some quality wins?" I'm not paraphrasing, but he also said something along the lines of "16,000 attended the game, so not quite the sellout." And finally, he asked "How come the U doesn't want to play you guys anymore?" Mario laughed and said "I guess those scUMbags are scared of a rising program," and then I laughed because neither Steve's question nor Mario's answer took place.

Friends of FIU,

I just completed an e-mail conversation with Manny’s boss, Mr. Jorge Rojas. I will not reveal the contents of our conversation as to respect the privacy of our discussion. Suffice is to say that Mr. Rojas also apologized and has taken the necessary measures to ensure that moving forward, a similar “slip of the pen” does not recur. I made it clear that FIU is no one’s push over and every single time any of the FIU faithful uncover an instance of media coverage we find out of bounds, we’re going to call the media on it swiftly and with the backing of every FIU student, alumni and friend who will listen (and we all know there are a whole lot of Panthers roaming this town – and this country). I also through in a shameless plug in there for our guy, Pete Pelegrin (go Pete, we love ya!). At this point, let’s move on and start to focus on increasing our support for our budding athletic program.



It’s nice to see FIU rally in defense of our program when we feel an injustice has occurred.

It was not the "half-empty" part that upset me, it was the fact that he was paid to go cover his ALUM and he couldn't even go the day without instead listening to UM and the radio and following them online.

REGARDLESS, I accept your apology. Good luck in the future and covering UM.

Let's move on, Pride.


The picture shown above was from the side that was least packed and can be found in the herald.

This is for "Casual Observer".

Shapiro had some tough questions for MC. Regardless, I think WSVN has the best coverage of FIU Football. Another thing, props to 790 The Ticket for broadcasting from stadium since 11 am.

As for Manny Navarro, apology accepted. It's water under the bridge for me. He realized he made mistake, let's just focus on FIU!!!

Are you all serious with this crap?

Guys, seriously, the FIU community has stated their beef with Manny, and Manny has apologized. Let us all move on.

Manny, I just ask that next time you write something about FIU, you remember where that diploma came from. Help us grow the program by changing the stigma of FIU being some inferior school. At the end of the day, it'll only help your cause by creating a better value for that diploma you hold.

Let's focus our efforts on Toledo and accept Manny's apology.

I'm going to egg Manny's car...Its a 1994 Kia Sephia with dubs with a "U" personalized tag.

Hilton certainly proves freshman can play, lets check our roster and find some more.

Quijote- are you sure you can afford the eggs?

Yup, earning gs and don't have a Crazy Cane Loan to pay off.

everyone needs to chill the F*** out. its obvious he wrote that at game kickoff time... lets be real he covers UM... thats been his job to cover UM. its a good job.. and then to not be sent to cover the taem you've been cover and to be replace by greg cote.. come on thats a slap in the face. he doesnt need it from us. the staidum filled up after kick-off. you all saw it and im sure Manny saw it. i have no beef w/ him especially after he appologized for it. seriously to the few of you out there.. stop being so rightious.

I made a formal inquiry to the Herald and took this up with FIU...

Typical political "Two Step" Nepotism, I'm done with this crap !!!

Manny Navaro is the worst kind of Liar! He's now waffling and actually changing his written word to try to avoid the illision of impropriety. I am disgusted to have this guy as a fellow alumnus; what a stinking brown-noser to lie about the situation and then go on to his blog and say that he's sorry we can't handle the 'brutal truth'.

This guy has no class and zero character and was obviously ill-raised. Didn't your mother ever tell you that if you didn't have something nice to say about someone, not to say anything at all. Manny, how bout this; 'Though I'm hear watching the FIU-USF football game, I wish that I were in Texas reporting on the Canes'. No cheap-shots there and NO LIES!

Manny should be reprimanded if not fired, not for his original comment but for the way he tried to manipulate the issue afterwards. How can anything he writes be trusted if he doesn't have the back-bone to stand by what he has written. And if he's simply a liar, what does that tell you about their hiring practices.


Was that picture taken before or after 5:19? As has been stated 1000 times, he wrote that blog entry and made that comment at that time. If you guys still want to call Manny a liar go for it, but at this point, it pretty much exposes that fine FIU education.

No one has yet to response to what was said earlier. UCG was written by PP, did you see this type of outcry by UM? Forget it, some people will just continue to be who they are. Displacing your anger over the state of FIU football on Manny is ridiculous, but at this point, I guess not entirely surprising.

so if there are soo many FIU fans roaring this town and the country;
why is it sooo dificult to fill a beautiful 18,000 brand new stadium against USF?
I am not criticizing your program or looking for a fight!
This is an issue I have been seeing and it is hard to understand when FIU has 38,000 students all year round and over 100K alumni. maybe is is the fact that there are too many international students that do not understand the purpose or pride of having a football team.
I am just curious!
maybe I am wrong!
good game against the bulls!

I have one question, where are all the FIU tough guys who said UM was going to get rolled by A&M and that the media and UM fans would be calling for Shannon’s head? You guys scared.

See, you all cry about wanting respect, but you do not want to give any. You want UM to respect you, please see the numerous posts above simply b/c a UM beat writer wrote something not to the FIU fans liking. But at the same time - you all come on here and talk about how UM is a falling program, and how FIU is on the rise - and when UM goes to College Station and blows out A&M - nothing.

You all are so freaking fake. At least when FIU won their one game last year I came on this blog and congratulated the FIU fan. But you know what - those days are over son. I was going to say you all had a nice game against USF, but I looked at the #'s, and they trounced you. The had numerous more first downs, more yards, more everything. They shoulda had at least 3 more touchdowns. Furthermore, you have this brand new on campus stadium, 30 thousand students, 100K alumni and you couldnt fill the thing and/or get there on time so it looked full at kick off. Give me a break, stop running on cuban time and get to the stadium early so sportswriters can't say the FIU fan doesn't care. You all have noone to blame but yourselves, unless you want to blame MC.

Thats right, I said blame MC. He gets his team ready to play the home opener against a top 25 team, but against lesser opponents, esp on the road, he lets his team be unprepared and get rolled.

So if you are going to blame any-1 for the way you feel, do not blame MN - blame MC and the fans of FIU who could not get their lazy ass to the game on time.

FAUowl and U7/11 - the stadium wasn't a complete sell out because our administration did not sell single game tickets, for whatever reason, everyone there was either a season ticket holder or a student. If they would have sold single game tickets, people would have been hanging from the rafters to get in. This is not breaking news.

U7/11 - Please come to the realization that no one here gives a crap that UM beat anyone, much less Texas A&M which was beat by fellow Sun Belt ASU. Funny how you expect to come on to an FIU blog, again, an FIU blog, and expect us to be boasting about scUM. Just get the F outta here and stay out.

Guys, stop worrying about Manny Navarro. It is sad to be Manny Navarro, here is my point.

Guy graduated from FIU and has to crawl, and beg to carry Susan Miller Degnan's jock strap. Not only is she ugly and unpleasant to look at, her breath is unbearable and on top of that she is a horrible writer. Her mistakes are constantly corrected in the "errors/omissions" section.

With all these attributes she's the one in the limelight when it comes to UM sports.

Manuel,(Manny), what a shame, no wonder you're always bitter. You remind me of Quasimodo

scUMsanitizer- b/c you have a short memory (part of the reason you are at FIU) I was only responding to previous posters who said Miami was going to get beat by A&M and the we were going to be calling for RS to be fired.

And as for leaving - do you not read what PP blogs. We are welcome here. I am not going anywhere. You hate me so much - you leave. You bring down the overall intelligence of this blog more than anyone.

Everyone lay off Manny, I'm sure his apology is heart felt and if it isn't who cares. I was at the stadium with a good number of people and when we first got there, the stadium did look a little empty but eventually it looked a lot better. As for the game itself, the defense did a good job and held the Bulls well. Too bad the offense didnt do much in the first 3 quarters. The stadium looked great and there was a fantastic atmosphere.

Does anyone else think that FIU should only give out blue t-shirts for the games? The yellow in my opinion looks really bad.

PS Good luck to the University of West Central Florida, sorry i mean USF, with all their upcoming games.

"We played about as bad as we could have played," USF coach Jim Leavitt said. "I don't see how we could have played worse.

Maybe FIU fans should call for Leavitt's firing - I mean, he also is showing FIU no respect.

Wow... this post might actually set a record for most comments. If it hasn't already.

NYCFIUFAN... I predicted a FIU W in this game. You know why? Because I've seen USF a bunch of times. I worked with their radio network last season. I like Leavitt and what they're doing over there, but USF sometimes has trouble getting up for teams they ought to beat. Especially after they have a big W the week before. Go watch their win over KU and then tell me if they played their best against FIU.

By the way... why'd you say "they barely beat KU" as if that was something bad? Kansas is a damn good team. Perhaps a bit overrated, but that team could very well finish with 9-10 wins and another big bowl game. That's not an overstatement.

I was dead certain USF wouldn't be focused coming in, and with the stadium opening and FIU being a massive underdog... it just seemed like a great trap game. Which it ended up being, but we couldn't capitalize. It would've been a historic W. But such is life.

I take nothing away from FIU. They played their hearts out. I'm sure this game will help confidence-wise as the season goes along. But let's be realistic. They did not play a great game on offense. They did not play a hell of a game. The defense did. The special teams did, too.

The GP's have talent.. but we're not at USF's level. We might have a hard time getting 2 wins in the conference... the SBC has really stepped up their game. Yes, we could have beat USF, but only because they weren't playing with their heads screwed on right. There's no shame in saying that. Do you think Appy State would've beat Michigan last year if the Wolverines actually played that game and not gone through the motions?

Fanatic... as always, the voice of reason. :) Seriously... you've got a point. Perhaps I'm being too harsh. But you know as well as I that saying FIU was more physical than USF is flat-out wrong. We got dominated on the O-line and that's mostly why we lost... if some people here couldn't see that from watching all the times USF got into the backfield, then they need to re-take Football 101. I don't know how else to say it.

FINALLY!!!!!! A comment I agree with and respect. Thank you Clawing Cancer for stating is right and being honest with yourself.

U24/7; yes we don't like U and U don't like us, no problem, we can deal with that. But when a professional reporter leads his post with a shot and a lie about FIU for no reason (other than to brown-nose the establishment), then I've got a problem.

Of course you guys are welcome here and I for one appreciate your slant on things. But for a herald reporter to be taking cheap shots from the bully pulpit of his blog, this is clearly the promotion of some agenda.

Good luck with the rest of your season but don't expect compliments or lauds of your program over here; it aint gonna happen.

p.s. tell your compadres over on the other blog that the only reason any of us know about this at all is because one of the bloogers here picked it up. Most of us never bother to read that blog.

I was watching Sports Final last night with Joe Rose and after panning across 3-4 shots of empty stands he said, and I paraphrase "Wow, if they can't get their stadium full for the opener how are they going to fill it up for other games? Not a good sign at all".

Are you guys taking it to him too? Time for the FIU mob to call for him to be fired as well.

Manny, apology accepted and water under the bridge as far as I am concerned. As you can see Manny FIU, like UM, has a passionate core fan base and we love our team, especially when they play their hearts out and show the type of courage they did on Saturday night... they played the game the right way. Just wish if the MH is going to send a reporter to the FIU game that reporter focuses his or her attention to that game.

Good luck the rest of the season and GO FIU!!!

Oh, summary of my trip...

Airfaire ticket....$315
Season tickets.....$100
New FIU Cap .... $22
Meals at the game...$15
Seeing our FIU football team play a great game in a new stadium....priceless

Hey fomenter, pan across a Dolphins game (or most any game) 1/2 an hour before kick-off or after the outcome has been determined and your going to see more empty seats than not.

Point is, there could have been pictures from any media outlet (Joe Rose's station included) that could have shown a 90% full stadium rocking. If they decided to put up less flattering pictures. That's there problem.

Good way to sum it up NYCFIUFan!!!

I actually was speaking to a USF fan on Saturday and they were mentioning that the first couple of years people didn't attend USF football games. After they started showing progress, the community and students started paying attention. Winning cures all!!!

Pete, looking forward to your opinion of the game.


The thing is there are pictures like that after the game started, not just before or after, but I don't see FIU going after Joe Rose. Why is that? I know the stadium wasn't full during the game, but it was pretty full.

nobody is going after joe rose because he does not blog for UM, to the same scUMheads that then come on this blog talking smack. Different journalists have different goals and intent behond what they say, you don't have to be a psycology major to understand that. And this topic has jumped the shark.

UM24/7 and other scUMbags,

Texas A&M is a very weak squad. They LOST against a fellow SunBelt team before they played the Canes. They are a very mediocre team.

And the pollsters took that into consideration, you still haven't cleared the top 25 and won't until you play some decent teams. But then again your conference is looking like the SunBelt this year lol...ok a bit sarcastic but ACC is struggling big time. You may even have the chance to win your conference, but it won't matter because then you'll get blown out by any non ACC team in your bowl game...that is if you get there.

Wow that's a cool position for an FIU fan to take. You can talk all week about how UM is on the decline and how they are going to get rocked by the opposition, then, if UM wins, you can come on the blog and be like, oh that team you played sucked anyway. I like it.

So what I am going to do is continue to talk about how FIU is going to be blown out of every game and if, by some act of G-d they keep it close, I will just argue that the other team played so bad and that was the only reason it was close. Oh, wait a minute, that actually happened to FIU this weekend.

USF played bad because our defense played well. We stopped them on their own goal line on a number of plays. We blocked field goals, caused fumbles, did everything right on defense.

Iowa, Kansas, USF...we may be 0-3 but its not like we've been playing cream puffs like Texas A&M and Charleston Southern LOL.

UF is not a cream puff, but out of respect they didn't run up the score...just did enough to cover the spread which by the way USF did not and therefore got dropped three places in the coaches (or AP?) poll.

GPP nation, I addressed Mr. Navarro's comments by sending him an e-mail directly. If you have a gripe with what he said, do the same, however lets keep it above board and constructive. Some stuff being mentioned here is a little low rent.

On the event Saturday, my family and I had an extraordinary great and memorable time. Different than the first time we played UM @ the OB where the whole day was pretty tense and the culmination of the fight during the game ruined that day. The tailgating was fantastic with great co-mingling with great USF fans. They kept on telling my wife and me how incredibly impressed they were with FIU's campus, all the buildings, and the art works surrounding campus, etc. Several fans around our tailgate area actually went to walk around the FIU campus. We got there 3 hours before the game and had a fantastic time.

The game was a very hard-hitting affair, btw that was a fumble on the USF running back who was crushed by one of our d-backs near our end zone. Back to the game issue, USF is a better team NOW than FIU and would probably beat every Florida team except UF. However, kind of interesting to see that USF was very much like FIU 4-5 years ago and it took excellent recruiting from Coach Leavitt to make them a power. Good luck to the Bulls in their season! USF fans were a class act, something that can't be said about a certain school in the Sunshine State.

They stadium was partially empty in the beginning of the game, but has all the FIU students piled in, it got more full by the end of the 1st quarter. Even Mr. Navarro admitted that to me in his response to my e-mail. Guys do the math, 20K seats, 6k+ were season ticket holders, USF fans bought 3k+ and the remaining approximately 10k was distributed to students. My only disappointment was that those 10k students didn't ALL show up (approx. 7k students attended). However as I told Mr. Navarro, I'm a glass-half-full guy. My take is that @ least 7k students showed up to see an FIU team that has won 1 game in their last 25.

This blog shows that FIU is building momentum in support and we as FIU fans support the program during the lean years. We will truly enjoy the day when FIU turns the corner and becomes a national power. Till then, keep up the faith, stay focused on the positive and ignore the noise.


P.S. Pete, just found out that our men's Basketball team will play UCLA during Thanksgiving. I'm already booking my flight to LA to support our men's basketball team!! All GPP nation invited to attend!!

Damn Ultimate you're hardcore. Going cross country just to support FIU basketball eh? Good for you man!!

I am sure this blog is in the top 2 this week at the Herald, Pete has to thank Manny and all the upset readers.
I couldn't make it to the game but I watched on TV and it was a good game. I am dissapointed like most that we didn't sell every seat, but well, like Ulimate fan said, we are a 1-25 team, and had more fans in one afternoon than the Marlins have in a whole month, remember they only sell out the 2 or 3 world series games every 7 years, even if they are a good team to watch.
I hope our offense try to match our defense the rest of the season, we really need help with the OL, and I am sure the coaches are doing their job recruiting quality players for our program.
Lets keep our heads up and remember that we can win 3 or 4 more games this season, and build on this experienses. I can't wait to take my kids to a game at the cage soon.

I did the same and emailed Navarro directly.

Yea I saw plenty of USF fans mingling with FIU fans. Nice atmosphere overall.

I finished tailgating at 4:15 and got to the student gate at 4:30. I didn't get in until 5:05pm and I missed S. Mercado signing damn it!

They need to make more than one student entrance!

And they need to have an entrance to the fair grounds from FIU itself. They were directing traffic to parking across the Arena....thats no fun...I want to be in the tailgate. Luckily I figured there must be one and found some security guy that said there was an entrance in Tamiami Park.

where is this article or blog that Manny Navarro wrote about FIU? I would like to read that cause everyone seems to be pretty upset about it


Looks like the Miami FC moving to FIU Stadium is a done deal. Kinda came out of nowhere...could you fill us in please?


Wow, you guys need to get a grip, seriously. All this over a blog entry? You guys will be the same ones complaining later on when the blogs get pulled down for too many people complaining about blog entries. God forbid the guys that write articles have a separate forum to speak their mind.

As for Manny's comments, please. I too was flat out ashamed that place wasn't packed like the inaugural game was. That's embarrassing and a lot of the blame goes squarely on the admin. Withholding tickets to jack up season ticket sales is flat out shady. I had several friends that wanted to go but couldn't get tickets. They should have made more tickets available thru the alumni association or some other means if the fear was to limit USF fans for the opener.

As for the game: the defense showed up big for the most part and especially on the big plays (goal line stances, etc). They had some lapses but by and large Grothe had nowhere to throw the ball even when he had all day to throw. Kudos to the secondary there, especially Anthony Gaitor. I felt like I heard his name called over the PA every other play. He was all over the place.

The offense didn't help the D out at all though. USF had pretty good field position for most of the game (minus the great punts inside the 5). We couldn't sustain a drive, got virtually no time for the QBs to throw the ball, couldn't open any holes for the backs to run, etc. Until our O-Line shapes up it'll be more of the same.

Ty Hilton needs to be in the game, period. The kid is a playmaker. One great punt return was called back for a hold and of course he made the one offensive highlight of the game for us.

As for those talking QB controversy: only because Younger is more mobile would I think of making a move towards him. He escaped a couple of sacks all on his own in which McCall would've been floored. He definitely has some playmaking ability with his feet but throwing wise he missed 2 throws horribly when he had wide open guys.

All in all, we look better for sure but we have a ways to go yet. A for effort. The D will keep us in games this season, we just need the offense to get it going. If we had any semblance of an offense we could've pulled the upset. It's incredibly frustrating.

I saw some guys wearing the Miami FC polo at the game, which may or may not mean much...

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