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The First Of Many For T.Y.

Ty_2 Super freshman T.Y. Hilton won the Sun Belt Special Teams Player of the Week Award today after another solid performance last Saturday in the win over Toledo.

T.Y. had 80 yards in returns and his 55-yard kickoff return at the start of the second half sparked the Golden Panthers to the 35-16 romp of the Rockets.

T.Y. also caught a screen pass from Paul McCall and turned it into a 37-yard touchdown on Saturday.

Going to start a new feature with different FIU athletes on the GPP later this week. Let's see what you good people think of it. First up on the new feature is LB Scott Bryant and then later 2-time All-American volleyball player Yarimar Rosa.


So far 82 percent of GPP Nation thinks the W last Saturday means improvement and a 3 to 5-win season for FIU. Some (13 percent) are thinking bigger like Sun Belt champs. Poll is still open so keep voting. We'll start our North Texas talk with a new GPP question at the end of this post.

Some people will do anything to get on the GPP. Got this photo on the right e-mailed to me from FIU director of major Score_2 gifts Jose Sotolongo. Guess, that Toledo scoreboard is a major gift from the Golden Panthers to FIU Nation.

TheFIUfan: The Spanish language broadcast of the game is 100 times better than the English language attempt at a broadcast. Lucky for those of us who are bilingual. How's your Spanish, Pedro Pelegrin?

GPP: Gotten better, although some friends and family say I mangle the language. Yes, FIU's Spanish Castle_3 broadcasts are entertaining and detailed. Play-by-play hombre Jerry Del Castillo (Jerry of the Castle) and Pepe Chamby Campos (Joe Chamberlain Fields)Wilt  do a fine job bringing the Golden Panthers action over the air.

Must also add that new English radio play-by-play man Jeremy Marks-Peltz has also done a good job in his first year calling FIU football. FIU PA guy Roman Garcia brought up an interesting piece of trivia the other day: FIU is probably the only Division I football team with 3 broadcasters with 3 names each. JDC, PCC and JMP.

JM: What do you think it will take for us to move into a conference like the big east? 3-4 consecutive conference titles, Good home attendence? anything else?

GPP: FIU has to first win several Sun Belt titles before thinking conference move. FIU already has the new stadium, but attendance will also be a factor. FIU does have the Miami market working in its favor, which would attract any conference. However, like CJ & FIUFan pointed out, although it is not in the plans right now, don't be surprised that if the Sun Belt improves considerably that maybe the BCS Sbc gets tweaked in the future. Every week we are seeing more and more upsets in college football. Last week we had 4 top 10 teams go down. Granted, No. 3 UGA fell to No. 8 Alabama, but still there seems to be a shakeup in the polls every week. Even here we have a team that had lost 24 of its last 25 games take No. 12 South Florida to a final onside kick.

FIUrulez: Pete, where was your heart on Saturday? Will it be in Texas this Saturday? If you get to go to Denton, can I put mine in a cooler so that you can transport it there for the game?

GPP: This Saturday my heart and the rest of me will be in Denton, Texas covering FIU vs. North Texas. FIU Nation can look forward to Miami Herald staff (yours truly) coverage when the Golden Panthers and the Mean Green play on Saturday night. Thanks to GPP Nation for all their support. Heard there were a lot of e-mails land in important MH in-boxes today. FIUrulez: Is it possible to transport your heart while you're still in Miami?Em

Quijote: Pete, fans...What are the viewing options for the North Texas game? Will a bar be showing it, or will we only be able to buy a stream?

GPP: ESPN regional and if you can't get that on your cable or your local bar won't show it, then you can log on to meangreensports.com (North Texas website) and they will show the game on there for like $10. I'm sure fiusports.com will route that live video feed to their site by the end of the week.

FIUJM: Congrats Pete on being a Godfather!!!

GPP: Thanks, my bro made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

gpantera: Pete, Sorry for being pushy. The excitement over the W had me chompin at the bit to hear from you. Thank you for reminding us you have a life outside the GPP.

GPP: No problem. I was chompin at the bit to write from Toledo, but that didn't happen. Glad there are people who want to hear from me. Thanks for your readership.

Here's something for all GPP Nation to think about as FIU prepares for North Texas....


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