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TV, Tents And Time To Forget

Usf_3 Fiuhelmet_3 Espnu The first game at the new FIU Stadium will be seen throughout the nation on ESPNU. The worldwide leader announced today that the FIU/South Florida game and new stadium opener will be televised by ESPNU at 5 p.m. on Sept. 20.

The network asked to move the game time from 7 p.m. to 5 p.m. and FIU happily obliged and yours truly thanks ESPN for the deadline-friendly start time. It will be the first-ever nationally-televised FIU home game in the 6-year history of the program.

We're about 70 hours before you can walk in to the new FIU Stadium, with the open house/practice on Thursday. Yours truly and some MH staff are taking a tour of the stadium tommorrow (I haven't been there enough) and we'll try to get some preview photos on here for you good people before you go on your own on Thursday night.

And for those FIU fans wanting new team merchandise, FIU will have a merchandise tent set up on the south side of the stadium by the Stadium Club on Thursday. So hit the ATM.Atmdog_2

Here's an e-mail I got today from FIU regarding Golden Panthers football merchandise and an answer to Miri's question regarding the banners around campus:

Hi Pete,

Wanted to respond to your inquiries:

1. We are in the final stages of our negotiations for our brand new online store that will carry the latest Adidas FIU authentic gear with our new logo, as well as more economical options by other brands. We will also have a merchandise tent at the open practice this thursday and at every home game. It will be located on the south side of the stadium, by the stadium club for thursday.

2. Our marketing department is working diligently in order to phase in our new logo in every aspect of campus life as well as externally. They are aware of the banners and other logos on campus and will continue to update them throughout the season in order to have a united marketing front.

As for Saturday's game, well if you haven't already, it's time to forget about that game. The facts are Iowa is a bigger, stronger, more physical, more experienced team.

Shed Let's not mince words. Iowa took FIU out behind the woodshed and gave the Golden Panthers a good, old-fashioned butt whooping.

The thought here is since Iowa was a bigger, more physical team they gave FIU more trouble than Kansas. KU does not play that smashmouth style that Iowa does. I think Iowa beats Kansas if they play this season in a bowl game.

Did you see Iowa 235-pound RB Shonn Greene (right) carrying FIU defenders on his back on a couple of runs. That man will be carrying the ball on Sundays for somebody in a few years.Sg

The Golden Panthers need to get healthy in a hurry on the o-line, because right now its a turnstile there. FIU expects to get back Mario Caraballo for USF and hopefully by then Cedric Mack will be completely cleared by the NCAA. Andy Leavine (foot) may not be back until Troy, Oct. 18 or ULL, Nov. 1. You can't do much on offense without a line. FYI, MC and O-line coach Greg Laffere did not fly home with the team from Iowa. Both coaches stayed in the Midwest and went recruiting Sunday and Monday for O-linemen.

Forget for a second about these out-of-conference games, FIU is not ready to measure itself against these teams and it could get worse against USF, because not only are the Bulls a physical, big team, but they also have the Florida speed on their roster. That one could be in the 50-60 point range, if the Golden Panthers don't figure out a way to contain USF athletic QB Matt Grothe and his speedy, physical receivers or for that matter, All-American DE George Selvie -- a Tampa monster with speed and size.

To measure FIU this season, you have to see how the Golden Panthers do against the Sun Belt. Remember, MC and co. did not exactly inherit a Top 25 team. An argument could be made that this is really year 2 of the FIU football program. Yes, FIU had some good players before (El Monstruo, Turnbull, CW, Bouie, Bostic, Rashod Smith), but the previous staff did not build depth or recruit enough talent (that's one reason they're no longer at FIU) like Howard has up the Turnpike in Boca Raton to maintain a steady program like the Howards have.


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GPP 2-0 (29).

**If your screen name is not listed above, then you did not place a score for the Iowa game on the GPP.

**You can get a first look at the 2009 FIU baseball team when they play an exhibition game against Team Ontario on Monday, Oct. 27 at University Park Stadium. Time is still to be determined.

**The FIU Baseball Alumni game is Saturday, Oct. 11 at 12 noon, about 7 hours before FIU/Middle Tennessee kickoff at the new stadium.

**FIU hoops completed its OOC schedule by scheduling a game at Washington, in addition to UCLA and Georgetown.

Let's get your thoughts on the issues of the 1st 2 games....


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