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TV, Tents And Time To Forget

Usf_3 Fiuhelmet_3 Espnu The first game at the new FIU Stadium will be seen throughout the nation on ESPNU. The worldwide leader announced today that the FIU/South Florida game and new stadium opener will be televised by ESPNU at 5 p.m. on Sept. 20.

The network asked to move the game time from 7 p.m. to 5 p.m. and FIU happily obliged and yours truly thanks ESPN for the deadline-friendly start time. It will be the first-ever nationally-televised FIU home game in the 6-year history of the program.

We're about 70 hours before you can walk in to the new FIU Stadium, with the open house/practice on Thursday. Yours truly and some MH staff are taking a tour of the stadium tommorrow (I haven't been there enough) and we'll try to get some preview photos on here for you good people before you go on your own on Thursday night.

And for those FIU fans wanting new team merchandise, FIU will have a merchandise tent set up on the south side of the stadium by the Stadium Club on Thursday. So hit the ATM.Atmdog_2

Here's an e-mail I got today from FIU regarding Golden Panthers football merchandise and an answer to Miri's question regarding the banners around campus:

Hi Pete,

Wanted to respond to your inquiries:

1. We are in the final stages of our negotiations for our brand new online store that will carry the latest Adidas FIU authentic gear with our new logo, as well as more economical options by other brands. We will also have a merchandise tent at the open practice this thursday and at every home game. It will be located on the south side of the stadium, by the stadium club for thursday.

2. Our marketing department is working diligently in order to phase in our new logo in every aspect of campus life as well as externally. They are aware of the banners and other logos on campus and will continue to update them throughout the season in order to have a united marketing front.

As for Saturday's game, well if you haven't already, it's time to forget about that game. The facts are Iowa is a bigger, stronger, more physical, more experienced team.

Shed Let's not mince words. Iowa took FIU out behind the woodshed and gave the Golden Panthers a good, old-fashioned butt whooping.

The thought here is since Iowa was a bigger, more physical team they gave FIU more trouble than Kansas. KU does not play that smashmouth style that Iowa does. I think Iowa beats Kansas if they play this season in a bowl game.

Did you see Iowa 235-pound RB Shonn Greene (right) carrying FIU defenders on his back on a couple of runs. That man will be carrying the ball on Sundays for somebody in a few years.Sg

The Golden Panthers need to get healthy in a hurry on the o-line, because right now its a turnstile there. FIU expects to get back Mario Caraballo for USF and hopefully by then Cedric Mack will be completely cleared by the NCAA. Andy Leavine (foot) may not be back until Troy, Oct. 18 or ULL, Nov. 1. You can't do much on offense without a line. FYI, MC and O-line coach Greg Laffere did not fly home with the team from Iowa. Both coaches stayed in the Midwest and went recruiting Sunday and Monday for O-linemen.

Forget for a second about these out-of-conference games, FIU is not ready to measure itself against these teams and it could get worse against USF, because not only are the Bulls a physical, big team, but they also have the Florida speed on their roster. That one could be in the 50-60 point range, if the Golden Panthers don't figure out a way to contain USF athletic QB Matt Grothe and his speedy, physical receivers or for that matter, All-American DE George Selvie -- a Tampa monster with speed and size.

To measure FIU this season, you have to see how the Golden Panthers do against the Sun Belt. Remember, MC and co. did not exactly inherit a Top 25 team. An argument could be made that this is really year 2 of the FIU football program. Yes, FIU had some good players before (El Monstruo, Turnbull, CW, Bouie, Bostic, Rashod Smith), but the previous staff did not build depth or recruit enough talent (that's one reason they're no longer at FIU) like Howard has up the Turnpike in Boca Raton to maintain a steady program like the Howards have.


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1-1: panther viscosity (60); TNGoldenPanther (61); Max (67); FIUBlueandGold (69).

0-2: gpantera (76); SouthPaw (78); FIUfantastic (82); E-Man (83).

GPP 2-0 (29).

**If your screen name is not listed above, then you did not place a score for the Iowa game on the GPP.

**You can get a first look at the 2009 FIU baseball team when they play an exhibition game against Team Ontario on Monday, Oct. 27 at University Park Stadium. Time is still to be determined.

**The FIU Baseball Alumni game is Saturday, Oct. 11 at 12 noon, about 7 hours before FIU/Middle Tennessee kickoff at the new stadium.

**FIU hoops completed its OOC schedule by scheduling a game at Washington, in addition to UCLA and Georgetown.

Let's get your thoughts on the issues of the 1st 2 games....


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So ESPN U will be airing the game, but it wont be live? If that's the case then we will get the opportunity to watch the game in person and watch it over with commentary. kind of like NFL replay. So hopefully we wont see too many people with headphones on during the game. There's something about the "headphone guy" at games that is kind of annoying.

anyway I dont know what to think. i am naturally a very positive person, but we havent scored on offensive touchdown yet and we never even went past the IA 32. There is something about all this that really doesnt make me feel too positive. I hate to say it, I really do, but I think FIU stadium will be empty after halftime because the bulls will be soooo far in front. nevertheless i will be there and real excited. hey you think I can run through the field naked during the game? Wow!! what a way to open the new stadium.


Yes Surrrrrrr! I got ESPNU, I cannot be there for the game but I can watch it at home!

Hope they Represent!

So ESPN U will be airing the game, but it wont be live? If that's the case then we will get the opportunity to watch the game in person and watch it over with commentary. kind of like NFL replay. So hopefully we wont see too many people with headphones on during the game. There's something about the "headphone guy" at games that is kind of annoying.

anyway I dont know what to think. i am naturally a very positive person, but we havent scored on offensive touchdown yet and we never even went past the IA 32. There is something about all this that really doesnt make me feel too positive. I hate to say it, I really do, but I think FIU stadium will be empty after halftime because the bulls will be soooo far in front. nevertheless i will be there and real excited. hey you think I can run through the field naked during the game? Wow!! what a way to open the new stadium.


my arse still hurts from weeks one and two. i can't muster any words right now.

here's hoping that we get healthy and that all the USF football studs forget to get on the bus to Miami.

at the risk of stating the obvious, it's been a really rought start. ouch.

FIU 17, USF 28

gpantera, you finally give in! But that will be the weekend FIU WINS...not. lol I'm hoping we put in a decent showing in our nationally televised home opener!! Hey, we weren't that much better last year and kept it very competitive AT USF.

Don't have a score just yet...

Thank you very much for asking about the banners. Pete, you rock!

I will be at the scrimmage on Thursday after class. I get out at 7:40ish. I hope to meet you.

I believe it was TT who said "in order to be one of the best, you have to play the best." While I agree with this statement for baseball (and most sports that don't require physical contact), I believe MC's football schedule is going to be his undoing (and I hope I'm wrong). When you lack size and depth in football, you're setting yourself up for big time failure by playing three games against physical opponents to open the season that 1) you can't be competitive in, and 2) you get your players bodies and egos so bruised that you can't compete against the teams that you're supposed to be able to play with (i.e., conference games). Some will say that schedules are made out years in advance. While this is probably the case, I pity the individual who didn't have the forethought and experience to see what they were creating. Yes, you play ONE of the those games up front to create a measuring stick for program progress and you play it to give yourself leverage with recruits. However, until you build/recruit a program where you can compete at the top half of your conference, you are just setting yourself up for failure. After a while, you simply create a buzz of look how FIU got pounded again. Try selling that to recruits. Someone in the scheduling office needs to reassess or you're going to have people asking for MC's hide in another two years and then another coach will come in and the cycle will start over again - optimism followed by disappointment.

Your thoughts????


MC is still playing DS schedule, so lets see who he schedules next year.

Next year's schedule is still the schedule created by the old administration as well. We got Toledo at home and we are at UF, Alabama and USF. Well that is according to this site:


Also, keep in mind that when these schedules were created, Kansas and USF were winnable games for smaller teams. It's just tough luck I suppose that those two squads have become A LOT better in that short time span.

Well, until FIU can prove me wrong (and trust me, I won't be mad!) I'm going to predict another blowout.

USF 42
FIU 10

USF 59 - FIU 17

***Scrub the RB in the backfield and get Hinton, Kirchenberg or someone else that can block to make that extra hit on the guy that gets loose after our QB, hell stick another lineman back there with our QB to pick up the blitz and lay someone out !!!

I know that JUCO ball is very different from this level, but this Mack kid on film just moved the pile and pancaked d-lineman ?

The offensive line needs to STEP UP !! Whatever it takes, slap the crap out of each other in pregame, anything, but I think the coaching staff needs to do something to motivate these guys. ***Hmmm, I see running stadium steps on the horizon soon. You miss a block and the QB gets lit up, guess what ?? Hell we got that punishment in High School and guys got the message fast !!!!

FIUgold and blue i think thats the best form of.."motivation" for them to block.. then again.. doin all those stadium steps might cut the weight and we need the beef lol

Time to forget??? No, it's time for us to all remember how well they played. What they did to us and what we can and must take-away from the experience.

For example, beyond their line play, I was very impressed by the Iowa play calling. Talk about being set-up. Do you guys remember the beautiful screen pass they ran where they had 3 OL blockers on our 1 DB? How did that happen? The reason that play was so successful was because on the previous two plays they ran simple dives off center which we stuffed. Then on the third play, the screen pass, it looked like they were going to run the exact same play. Everybody on the defense bought that running play, LB's, Safeties, everybody. Talk about being set-up...that was some great coaching.

So not only was there a size and skill factor, there was also a maturity in the coaching/play calling that was quite evident.

As long as we realize what is happening and learn from it (and copy it), these types of experiences will help us grow and learn. If we don't learn anything and just get frustrated by what's happening, then we are surely lost.

Go Panthers !!!

Here's a little news through the grape vine... Cedrick Mack is still waiting on his transfer papers to go through. He is irritated that they are taking so long and that he is missing the biggest games of the season. He's been looking foward to playing but he needs to wait on the NCAA. He also said that if this process streaches out to the point where a good chunk of his season is gone, he will use his redshirt.

Let's hope it dosn't come to that. The only possitive of that outcome will be a offseason in the weight & conditioning room before 2 years of elligibility... definetly will strengthen the O-line next year. But i really hope they get it done quick... because God knows we need all the help we can get there!

In order to make a call on the score, I think we all need to ask ourselves these questions:

1) How much better/worse is USF compared to last year.

2) How much better/worse is FIU compared to last year?

We almost sneaked a win last year at USF, so why is everyone making these blowout predictions? They hardly escaped UCF last weekend. I know, UCF is a better team than FIU, but still...

Your thoughts?

Quijote, I may be wrong but I think that the game that you're referring to took place two years ago. As a result, a comparison would be worthless. Sadly, those predicting a blowout are looking at this and last year's performances.

OK boys and girls - I am finally back from G-Ville, and yes, UM got beat by the better team - but for those of you who watched the game - I think the "idea" of UM on the decline was surely put to rest. Did you see the defense shut down Tebow?

But, this being an FIU site, lets talk about FIU's performances thus far - can we say pitiful? There has been nothing to show improvment, nothing which indicates that this team is on its way up, and nothing to show that the year of coaching experience has helped MC and his staff. The team still looked unprepared and uninspired. I know that I am not the most objective person when it comes to these matters, so I ask you GPP bloggers, over the past 2 games has FIU looked well prepared and inspired in any way to you? And if your answer is yes, please explain.

Im super disappointed with the Iowa game. I'm praying the USF game is a little bit closer considering it the new stadium opener.

FIU 10
USF 32

Crazy cane...... you are correct, against these teams there is little improvement. WHat is glaring and laughable is the fact that this staff has 3 o-line coaches and that unit is by far the most defficient... I do not get all this hype with Caraballo HE IS A WALK ON FROM NOWHERE!!!! has never played and was marginal in HS.... Just arrogance that these coaches think they can make a player... you cannot coach talent and unitl they recruit talented guys to play oline this is what we are going to see week in week out. Now, as time goes this season the o-line play will imrpove against lesser teams Keep in Mind the sunbelt in strong this year so it will be interesting.

CC... did you watch the game? i didnt know they got big ten network up in Gvill or that a canes fan like yourself would pull himself away from the tailgating? lol theres the silver lining guys .. canes fans stop to watch the Fiu game instead of tailgatings lmao im just messing but cc i have to say that this game was just bad.. i heard more improvement at the KU game then what i saw in the IOWA game. but lets keep the positive vibe going. Younger in the second half as far as i remember did not throw a pick and threw for was it 100 yrds? not directly sure on the stat line. the young guys on d are undersized but when KW made it to the game you knew it was him when you saw the good tackling and the # 55 around the ball. but really... thats about it from this game.. (my take on it anyways) it takes time and they will learn.. to jump back to the U/UF game.. the U dfense did a great job and for the most part the Offense did its job not turning the ball over... but it would have been nice to see their offense do a bit more.. and you guys caught some bad breaks at the end.. good team though

You know what, I can't disagree much with what CrazyCane is saying! Maybe the answer is that we're still very young and we're playing WAY over our heads right now. We've been overmatched and manhandled these past two weeks and I don't think its going to get better this next game. I hope to see some improvement when we start conference play but as others have pointed out, other teams in our conference are getting better too!

Ignore CrazyCane, I think his title suits him well. Remember that in the last blog he was arguing with himself. He obviously forgot to login as his alter ego and posted something to himself.

JUCO ball is not on the same level as what FIU is playing. That is correct. I think it is much higher in many cases. Until you have a coach at the helm who has a passion for the school he represents (like Leavitt at USF) then FIU will continue to struggle.

sorry realist... ive been to multiple practices and have seen first hand how much this guy is passionate about the program. i think he was the right hire.

yeah all Realist's comments are against MC... i don't know what your beef with him is. But you are absolutely wrong, and with all due respect i think you sound a little stupid. I can take it if you tell me that he is a bad coach play call wise. Because those are things that we can see as spectators. But to say that he has no passion: Which he has shown nothing but. To say that he acts like he does publicly (which you have in a another post) but privately has no passion for what he does is idiotic.

Unless you are MC's wife, father, mother, player or psycologist, you can't say anything different than he has shown. I doubt you are any o the above so... The way i see it: It shows your arrogance when you make claims against, and without evidence about someones heart. You don't know what moves or motives him. So stop playing God with your "soul piercing knowledge" and lets try to keep this respecable blog stupidity free.

sorry to everyone else... it's just a little irritating. He should change his name to SPITEFUL... because he's got some major MC complexity.

100 % agree Esteban. I wish our former coach showed half the passion that MC does. That part of him cannot be questioned.

disregard my comments Pete. I feel retarded. For some reason I thought the game was this saturday the 13th. Thats why I asked if the ESPN U broadcast was replay.

by the way I was watching the Marlins tonight and I was so surprised to hear the commentators mention Maxx and Miri. apparently someone sent someone an email. it was just so funny to hear.

Yeah that was us, I sent one first and then Miri sent one. :) Miri even mentioned FIU.

Yea, that was fun. :)

Esteban, I understand your frustruation. Seems like some people the write on this blog have an agenda against MC.Let the season play out and let's evaluate his progress after two years. People seem to forget that MC & Staff have had to built this from the ground.

What I don't appreciate is someone calling out a specific player like Mario Caraballo. The kid is working hard to contribute to the team and RIDGEPANTHER somehow feels that he is qualified to say he was marginal in HS. Do you watch him in practice? He might not be ready to play yet but nothing wrong with the coaches feel he may be good addition in the future. Remember, these are college kids, no need to call any specific player out.

Pete, will the jumbotron be ready by Thursday when fans allowed to get see stadium? I thought they were installing on Sept 12(Friday). Thanks in advance.

GO FIU!!!!

There they go again:

Another poke in the eye. PP, by now you must sense an agenda over there. Can you please explain it to us?


USF 45, FIU 7

I do not feel like I am calling anyone out, I am just going off what is written in the articles. I just think we have an O line that is not very good (to put it mildy) and at least the way i see it we are anticipating the start of a kid who is completely unproven. but according to the paper we are to expect improvement with his presence?
If anything that puts undue pressure on a guy that needs time to develop. how is that fair to him? it is what it is. Has it not become clear that no matter how good an offensive coach legg may be or how well the team trained in the off season it comes down to players?

I respect that, trust me I know our offensive line is work in progress. Biggest problem in my opinion is the experience. Wish Cedrick Mack and Leavine could play against USF. First two games, we've felt the loss of Xavier Shannon also. Just give them time, Cawthon, Stephen Bailey, and Kenneth White will be good in the future.


OK, guys. I have lurked quietly long enough. Though we are no longer a part of the program I still keep up because of the bonds that my son has with the players. I will not make any comment about any coach and/or player. I will, however, say that FIU still has a lot of growing to do. But this is nothing that we all didn't already know. Do they have the players and/or coaching staff in place to take them all the way to the top? I'm not sure. But I do know that it takes time to build a program. I do agree that you have to play against the bigger guys in order to bring in bigger bucks and get better as a team. But I think that there are too many of those games scheduled each year. These players need their confidence back. There needs to be some OOC games scheduled in which they actually have a chance of winning. Winning is the only thing that will build these guys. I hope that there are adjustments made in the schedule in the future. GOOD LUCK!!

Is Oprah on a commercial break?

Where did FIUMom come from? What do you mean your no longer part of the program, your son graduated? What OOC teams would like to see FIU play, rather, what OOC teams do you feel are "winnable" games for FIU at this point?

During the next commercial break, before you go to the kitchen and get another Pop Tart, please respond to my questions.

Dont even get me started on losing Xa....

Take it easy CrazyCane.....

USF 42 FIU 13

TheChampionUnderdog - You must be new. I never "take it easy." But if you want to get involved mand if you agree with FIUMom, why dont you try and answer my question big shot.

you know i would love to see FIU win a OCC every now and then and i think they have a winnable game in Toledo. i like the fact that we have scheduled at least 1 Florida (not in our conf.) Team every year and would like to see that continued... (we have yet to play UCF, FSU, and we will play UF next year) but i do think it wouldnt hurt scheduling some1 from a D-II to give us a tune up as well... so if i were to schedule it every year i would do one FCS team, 1 team from Florida not named FAU, 1 team from a Mid Major conf. and pending on the availability would like to see either another mid major or BCS school up north (maybe even during winter get a snow game in lol)

I think we should play Duke or any of those cupcakes in the ACC like FSU or NC

Crazycane is one to criticize seeing how he argues with himself. Don't listen to him FIUMom.

Man one day CrazyCane is going to make the mistake of revealing himself offline and he is going to get decked, HARD.

I never have and never will listen to Crazycane. His name says it all.

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