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West Scoreboard Going Up; Galindo Goes Down

West There was a crane sitting outside the west side of FIU Stadium on Tuesday afternoon ready to install the new scoreboard on the west side of the stadium. But heavy rains that began after FIU's practice postponed the installation until later this week.

The new board should be ready to go for the Golden Panthers next home game on Oct. 11 vs. Middle Tennessee.

FIU hoops was hit with some significant injuries Tuesday when leading scorer Alex Galindo (below, right) dislocated his ankle during individual workouts and will be lost for 8 to 10 weeks minimum. Coach Sergio Rouco said he would know a more exact timetable on how long Galindo would be out in about 1 month.

Backup center Badara N'diaye has a knee injury that could cost him a minimum of 4 weeks to possibly 6 Ag months. He will have his knee scoped later this week.

Add these injuries to incoming forward J.C. Otero's knee injury and it's been a rough preseason for the Golden Panthers. Otero has started light jogging.

SR is hopeful to have both AG and JCO back when Sun Belt play begins. Bada might be out for the season.

SR said right now a projected starting 5 could be: C-Russell Hicks, F-Nikola Gacesa and then 3 guards: Josue Soto, Tremayne Russell and newcomer Michael Dominguez (not the linebacker).


In an effort to get to your questions quicker and to have less clutter on each new post, we'll be moving the Golden Panther Pawse to the comments section of each new blog post after this current post. So if you ask a question on posts from now on, the answer will be inside in the comments section and you won't have to wait until the next post. Almost like a daily live blog.

Max: Pete, any news on a watch party for Saturday's game?

GPP: Sent an e-mail to FIU to find out for you. Will post on here when I have more info.

mra: Pete, think our running game is where it should be?

GPP: Not yet, but that could be attributed in part to playing bigger defenses in Kansas, Iowa and South Jr Florida. Julian Reams (right) and A'mod Ned combined for 126 yards and 4 TDs against a more evenly-matched opponent in Toledo. To measure any part of the Golden Panthers you have to see how they do against Sun Belt teams, because that's the level FIU is at right now. Next year could be a true test for the running game, because JR and AN are seniors this year. There will be 2 new feature backs next season.

Quijote: Pete, I'd love to hear more about TY and how Mario found this guy. You normally find a player of his calliber on top 25 teams...so yeah curious to know how we found him and what his back is all about. What is "scoring" defense exactly, I mean isn't the point of a defense to avoid scores?

GPP: T.Y. Hilton (below, left) was being recruited by UF, West Virginia and FIU. UF thought he was too small so they gave up on him. It came down to WVU and FIU on signing day. One thing that we have seen with MC and his coaches recruiting tactics is that they go after the top tier guys. Many times they may not get those guys, in part, because FIU is not a Top 25 team, but at least MC and co. are not afraid to recruit the best. However, every so often you can get some of those type of players to FIU. It's like asking the pretty girl to the dance: if Ty you don't ask, you don't have a chance.

A little insight on T.Y. during his high school days. For several seasons, he was being recruited to go play at Northwestern High, but he always said no so that he could stay at Miami Springs High, because he wanted to make his mark at MS.

The scoring defense stat is the amount of points per game a team gives up. FIU's scoring D is No. 89 in the nation allowing 28.8 points per game.

outofthecage88: Pete, when was the last time we were favored? Have we ever been?

GPP: Thought it would have been last season against North Texas in the OB, but it wasn't. FIU had lost 23 straight going into the NT game last season. Since joining Division I in 2005, FIU has never been favored until this week.

Puma: It looks like the soccer team is sucking wind this year. what's the deal?

GPP: It's the second year under coach Munga Eketebi give it time. After having a poor regular season last year, the team made a run to the Conference USA title game.

FIUJM: Pete, did you move up on blog ranking last week?

GPP: Report has not come out yet.

SouthPaw: OK, I'll ask the weekly question: is Cedric Mack going to play on Saturday? Cm

GPP: No sight of him at practice, so no. Looking more and more like a redshirt season for CM.

FIU Fanatic: Pete...question for you...I don't see Alphonso Bryant's name anymore in the roster page in FIU's website. Is he still part of the team, but not available for this season?..or is he not part of the team anymore?

GPP: AB is no longer on the team. He has several non-FIU issues to take care of and left the school.

blkpanther: Hey Pete, If you gonna be in Texas, can we have a live blog?

GPP: Normally don't like to live blog since I'm the only one covering the game, but you know what, let's give the live blog a shot against NT. If it's a rough go of it, then we'll scratch it for the Middle Tennessee game.

Gold: Pete, any news on expanding the band?

GPP: Have not heard anything.


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