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A Little Gamesmanship

For the second consecutive day, Troy did not announce who its starting quarterback would be on Qb_2 Saturday against FIU.

No shocker or mystery there since this meeting with the Golden Panthers suddenlySh  means something with both teams atop the Sun Belt. Troy coaches already know who will be the starting QB between Tanner Jones and Levi Brown. They're just keeping everyone else -- most importantly -- FIU in the dark.

One of those 2 QBs will replace starter Jamie Hampton, who tore his knee against Florida Atlantic and is lost for the season.

However, do not be surprised to see receiver Jerrel Jernigan -- Troy's bigger version of T.Y. Hilton -- Jj_2 line up under center for a few snaps on Saturday.

JJ like T.Y. has blazing speed, but as a sophomore is a little thicker than Goodbye and can do everything T.Y. can do such as run, receive, kick return and even play a little QB -- although we haven't seen that from T.Y. since his high school days at Miami Springs.


Gppaw Looks like overnight the GPP suddenly turned into a meeting of the FIU Pep/Spirit Club. Lots of ideas from FIU Nation regarding stadium traditions and chants, etc. I think someone said it best in one of the comments from the previous blog: give it time and traditions will develop.

Keep dropping your ideas on the GPP, because the FIU athletic department and marketing dept. religiously read the GPP (need proof see: T.Y. Goodbye). Whatever stadium traditions and chants you guys develop is cool. So what if Roary is MIA, as long as the Golden Dazzlers are at every FIU sporting event then the world can keep on spinning.Newdazz2

Gppaw_2 The GPP WORLDWIDE READERSHIP keeps reaching other parts of our planet Earth. With our last poll question regarding your impression of FIU at (3-3, 2-0 1st SBC) halfway through the season we got 2 new countries joining the Prowl.

A couple of GPP readers in Lima, Peru and Woerden, Netherlands both agree that FIU's season thus far is "Great....Didn't think FIU would be tied for 1st in Sun Belt".

Take out your pencils and your scorecards and let's update our readership:


18 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

Here's the question you good people have been asking to be polled....enjoy:


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FIU Fanatic: Have you guys heard/seen the dirty players 'war' in the media launched at FAU from Troy...and MTSU? The Troy media relations people, it appears (and Pete might confirm this), sent their injured QB as a candidate for player of the week, with a not so subtle accusation against an FAU player of causing the injury, not only to the starting QB, but to another player a couple of plays later.

Yes, Troy is accusing FAU of taking out their QB. Even Troy head coach Larry Blakeney said the hit on his QB was shady.

Pete, any reason why there are duplicate numbers on our squad? Case in point, Michael Dominguez #53 and then there is another player wearing #53 what gives? Did Kambrel Willis play last week? I understand our defense is playing well, however any reason we aren't seeing more of him (K. Willis)?

I totally hope I'm wrong on my prediction. Will gladly give up my perfect record for it, however I don't see us beating Troy on the road. Next year, YES, however there still some development needed. I do believe we will make it close just because of our speed and the TY Goodbye intangible. My prediction (hoping I'm wrong!) is:

Troy - 23
FIU - 16


NYCFIUFan: Pete, have a question, is PG working on extending MC's contract? It looks like we are on the right track and I hope we don't lose him.

Not that I know of. It's only year 2 of MC, but yes, if he keeps this up, FIU should offer a long-term deal.

With the football facilities FIU is developing, the promise of this football program, the recruiting hotbed in FIU's backyard and being born and raised here, I could see MC possibly turning into a Dadgum Bobby or JoePa at FIU.

I was talking to another person at practice today and was telling him how much enthusiasm we've seen at practice since MC took over. And this is not just because of 3-game win streak the team is on.

Coaches on this staff really seem to be enjoying coaching out there. Another thing, I've noticed is that FIU coaches help out with other coaching aspects on the team. For example, you'll see D-coordinator Phil Galiano not only coaching the D and LBs, but he's also helping out the kick returners on catching kicks and when to and when not to field the punts. There's some serious coaching going on out at FIU Stadium.

Haven't been any home games this season but wanted to know if the "claw" is still being done at the games? (you know like how UF has the chomp, do we still have the claw?)

Moving back to Miami tomorrow so see you all there!

GO FIU!!!!!!


Keep up your fine work behind the mike. I hope you got some hot tea or hot brandy for your voice after Saturday.

If the score had been 31-21 MT on Saturday, those good old boys from Murfreesboro would have said what a great facility FIU Stadium is, what a great job FIU coaches are doing even though they are down by 10 points and what enthusiasm the FIU PA announcer has even though FIU is losing 31-21.....yada, yada, yada.

Clawing Cancer: Go on, FIU! Make it happen! And that comes from the son of a FC Barcelona fan. Pete, do you have any info to share here?

Nothing new, except from what you got from the MH story. Tommorrow is the deadline for applications and I guess we'll know more after that.

Fiji Drew,

Yes, the "paw paw, claw claw" is still making the rounds. He's a true FIU fan, he's been there since the beginning but honestly I hate that "paw paw, claw claw" stuff. Hardly intimidating

Ultimate FIU Fan: Pete, any reason why there are duplicate numbers on our squad? Case in point, Michael Dominguez #53 and then there is another player wearing #53 what gives? Did Kambrel Willis play last week? I understand our defense is playing well, however any reason we aren't seeing more of him (K. Willis)?

There is no roster limit in the NCAA, that's why there are some duplicate numbers on FIU's roster. But there is a limit for how many players can dress for games at home and away. For example, for Sun Belt away games, SBC teams can only travel about 65 players.

No. 53 is LB Michael Dominguez who plays every game and No. 53 is also backup K Eric Karcinski.

KW played last week, but we aren't seeing more of him, because he needs to put on some weight. Too many times this season, bigger O-linemen have denied KW's pass rushing. He could get away with that speed in high school, but in college, experienced O-linemen have the brawn and brains to stop the speed. KW needs another season of strength and conditioning.

Thought I'd share this link GPantera just sent me, its of the opening video panther jumping all over Miami on the videotron. Its friggin' awesome, who did this...FIU graphics or something?


As cool as it is, I think the music doesn't match up terribly well with the video. We need music with more energy and excitement, what do you guys think?

Actually just watched it again, the music is pretty good lol....maybe it needs something though is a tad more energy. And the roar has to be corrected when the panther is leaping across tamiami trail, sounds more like a burp. The roars are solid later in the video though. Not a big deal, regardless the video is damn awesome. Especially when it morphs from the lightning bolt in the everglades.

You know what would be even more awesome?! If they show the panther having a cafecito at versailles in between his leaps across Miami lolol how awesome would that be???

I can't stop playing that video, damn its so awesome!!! Props to whoever made it (Pete?).

"Thunderstruck" is an amazing song for sports, Quijote. Have you seen "Varsity Blues"? Love it.

Come on, Pete, Roary needs to be out there more. The Dazzlers are cool and all, but Roary is too cute (even after his plastic surgery... even though I do admit I kind of miss his old face).


The old Roary needs to make a comeback, what do you think? :)

The song is starting to really stick on me, after 50 views haha!

ohhhh man I can't get enough of that video. they NAILED it when the panther jumps on the opponents helmet....like the sound, explosive, fireworks is perfect.


thats cute. it really is.

Not to be picky... but the poll has 3 options that are sort of the same.

"Hate it, Don't use at football games, and Use only at soccer" are essentially the same. This causes people to split their votes and makes it seem like a large amount of people like it more than dislike it.

In reality, it's about even if you add up all the dislikes.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

T.Y. never played QB at Springs. He threw one touchdown pass on a HB option when he got a direct snap from center.

T.Y. never played QB at Springs. He threw one touchdown pass on a HB option when he got a direct snap from center.

The intro video was horrible. Why? Because it's ANOTHER copy of what all the other schools do. We need to stop using YouTube for research on how to build a football event and come up with our own stuff, from the people who care *in* FIU, not outsourcing it to SoFla marketing teams.

Oh yeah, 24-20 FIU > Troy :)

I remember in my freshman year at FIU, I got a CD with all of FIUs chants and songs.

I think there should be a night in the stadium where everyone receives a copy of that CD so they can learn all the fight songs and chants.

By the way, Ole, Ole, Ole is in that CD. Does anyone know what I'am talking about?

I remember we went over them but I don't remember a CD, that sounds like an awesome idea though. Or set up a website with them. Maybe I'll propose that to Panther Rage.


Could you provide YouTube links showing how its a copy of other schools? I mean, how can it be a copy? The video is all Miami areas and FIU campus, and well if Pitt uses the same animal its only because we are both Panthers. I think its pretty original.

Guys, I just showed the video to the peeps in the warehouse...they ate it up! They loved it, and a couple even got visible goose bumps, and they're UM fans.

I think the video is great, I'm loving it!

lol you all must be young then lol when i was a frosh.. i think the fight song was diff. we never got a cd.. and the only thing i remember was the skit they did about overdrinkin and rape

im w/ you quijote.. that video and the welcome to the jungle video are great

it would be nice if they show the video with a troy helmet at fiu arena on saturday.

Cool video, i loved it!!!!

Troy 35
FIU 14

Can anyone tell me if the student (Champunderdog) that was pummeled by the FIU staffer will be allowed to attend games ? What kind of disciplinary action was taken on the FIU staffer ?

- someone posted somewhere that the staffer got arrested ?

- Champunderdog, hope you are ok and heal soon from what I hope was just a bruised ego. That whole deal was just ridiculous.

That kind of $hit can't happen unless someone is charging the field with an UZI or a machete !!

Please advise...


Thanks for the support ;)

It looks like FAU is getting themselves a little bad reputation from their Texas and Troy games respectively.

Pete thanks for your response for my question, I know that this is Mario's home, but if a team like Auburn with their very deep pockets made Mario an offer, who knows if he would pass on it. Looking forward to Saturdays game and GO FIU!!

Pete, lets give this one a shot...

FIU 34 Troy 42

Lots of turn overs, freshmen mistakes and enough bloopers to fill a night of AFV...


Does anyone know if Saturdays game is going to be televised? I live up near Gainesville, FL and can't seem to find it on Direct tv.

Does anyone know if Saturdays game is going to be televised? I live up near Gainesville, FL and can't seem to find it on Direct tv.

KJharris, I think this weeks game is available if you have ESPNPlus.

Please update us on championunderdog. I'm interested in hearing if he will be able to attend more football games this year. I'd be disappointed if he isn't allowed to attend anymore.



As of today there was a brief Q&A in the beacon with julie berg, the associate athletic director or something like that. She pretty much said in so many words that the guy has not been arrested or fired and that they have no knowledge of any injuries to any students.

As for me, this upcoming Tuesday myself and 3 of the other students involved need to attend a meeting in the office of student conduct and conflict resolution where we will be advised further on what sort of punishments they might hand down. I was told most likely they will revoke my right to go to games.

Like i said before, I personally am not looking for any "justice" or vindication. I want nothing to do with putting another black eye on fiu athletics in such an awesome time in our history. However, to ban us from going to games at this point I believe is a little overboard. We are all die hard fans and that would be the worst kind of punishment.

With that said, I can tell you that as of yesterday afternoon, the beacon acquired some video footage -that a student shot- of the fiu employee punching my friend in the head. The scrapes and bruises on my face and head were courtesy of the Florida Highway Patrol.

All three of us were interviewed and obviously the injuries to my face were still clearly visible and documented. We are straight up kind of guys and told the facts as they were, we understand that we acted in poor judgment, but i can assure that nothing was done with malicious intent on our part.

Personally, I am embarrassed that things escalated this far and I am embarrassed that I even played a role in it. Right now should be about the players and this HUGE game coming up at troy. Hopefully the athletic department and everyone involved can find a way to appropriately address the issue once and for all, so we can turn the corner onto the next exciting and great chapter in FIU football.

FIU 24 Troy 17

Hope everything turns out good for you, Champion.....You don't "seem" to be any type of unruly person, just a passionate fan that made a decision that turned out to be bad...I hope FIU officials take all of these things you've so eloquently mentioned here into account before handing any type of sanctions on you. Good luck!!


The game will be on Dishnetworks : 432 MASN network. You can check direct TV for listing.

Does anyone know if we can get the game on Comcast through espn gameplan or something?

ESPN Game plan has the game saturday

If you have Comcast, it will be on Comcast's CCS channel 63 @ 7:00 PM.

If u don't have Comcast, you have to get it through ESPN.

The Game can also be seen on ESPN 360.

DirecTV will be showing the game on channel 640.

Champion, keep us informed on your situation.

As I mentioned before, I wrote an email to President Maidique and the director of public safety, asking them to investigate and punish the staffer.

He wrote back he would look into it. I'm sure neither of the two will write back but it the minimum it lets them know that fans saw what happened, disapprove of the actions, and demand an investigation.

I saw one of the players walking back from practice today. I made sure to wish him good luck. His face just lit up when I said that to him. If anyone sees any players on campus, make sure to do the same. They appreciate our support. :)

The game will be on TV in DC: MASN 42.

I read that the FC Barcelona group signed a 5year deal with FIU for us of the stadium; what are the chances that FC Barcelona's bid will be selected by MLS?

IS FIU still offering the stadium rent free?

FIU 24
Troy 18

I saw the weekly press conference on fiusports.com, very impressed with McCall and Mcduffie, well spoken young men. I hope we continue to recruit such impresive players.

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