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Better Times On SW 8 St....But Still Got Work To Do

Panth Your Golden Panthers are growing up right before your eyes and rather quickly, too. 3-3, 2-0 tied for 1st place in the Sun Belt and a huge test against the perennial class of the SBC at Troy this Saturday.

Impressive win against Middle Tennessee and the Sun Belt's top passer, Joe Craddock, on Saturday. FIU held Craddock, who averages 268 yards per game to just 25 yards and got JC an early trip to the showers for his ineffectiveness.

Another stellar performance from the FIU D swarming the MT backfield with tackles for loss, playing tight pass D -- Anthony Gaitor (right) 2 INTs & SBC Defensive Player of the Week -- and containing backup QB Gaitor_2 Dwight Dasher, who killed them last year.

This is a well-coached unit by D-coordinator Phil Galiano. Like AG said in the postgame interview, he was sitting on the 2nd INT that went for a TD, because they had seen that formation all week on film and when MT lined up in it, Galiano yelled it out and AG went pick 6.

What was clearly evident vs. MT, was the Florida speed FIU has and the Blue Raiders did not have. FIU was much faster on both sides of the ball. These young Golden Panthers now just need to add some size in the weight room and there will be a complete Division I football team playing on SW 8 Street.

Although the stats do not completely reflect it, Paul McCall (left) may have had his best game making decisions. PM knew exactly when to tuck the ball and run and when to throw it. PM also showed some Pm nimble feet ducking a couple of sacks and leading the team with 53 yards rushing. Nice aggresive running, especially with the somersault in PM's 9-yd TD run.

Good to see Junior Mertile (below, right) make an impact. While T.Y. Goodbye has definitely been the most productive freshman thus far, you may not know this, but shhhh! quietly JM leads the team with 14 receptions.

Greg Ellingson and Jeremy Dickens had some nice grabs Saturday and provided some timely downfield  Jr_2 blocks. For the 3rd straight game FIU showed it hasShh the ability to score plenty of points in Bill Legg's O. BTW, pretty sharp play-calling from the La Pierna. BL had MT off-balance. MT was looking for the short stuff all through the 3rd and early 4th quarter before PM hit T.Y. with that 63-yard TD. The FIU O-line did a fine job for the 4th consecutive game.

What has been a little troubling about the O has been the slow starts. As the Sun Belt sked toughens up, especially with the next 3 games against the other 3 teams tied with FIU for 1st, the Golden Panthers O needs to get into games faster and not wait until the second quarter. Also, can't have PM leading the team in rushing. FIU needs more of the RBs performance vs. Toledo.

The D has been lights out for most of the season, still, more sacks would not hurt. There have been several times when the opposing QB is sitting back there going through his reads. With bigger and better O-lines in Troy, ULL and Ark. State awaiting FIU, the pass rush has to finish and not just put pressure here and there. 

Fiuinaug Overall, the Golden Panthers were pretty much on point against the Blue Raiders. All 3 facets of the team produced and the result a 3rd straight win equaling the program record and equaling the best start in FIU history (2002 team, which featured FIU football pioneers like S John Haritan, left, started 3-3).

The FIU fans also helped out the Golden Panthers. Good to meet, Quijote and gpantera, who dropped by the front row of the open-air press box to talk FIU football. At the start of the game, it looked like it would be an average turnout in the student section, but when I looked over there midway through the 1st quarter, the area was just about full and good thing for those metal stands, because when they get stomped FIU Stadium gets loud.


Gppaw_2 Saturday's game vs. Troy is on ESPN regional, but you can also catch it at FIU Arena where the university is hosting a watch party at 7 p.m.

OR you can join me in Troy on the GPP with our LIVE blog from Movie Gallery Stadium in Troy, Alabama. I will be on-line around 6:45 p.m. Miami time on Saturday.

Gppaw_3 This just does not get old.....Congrats, once again to Yarimar Rosa for her 4th SBC Volleyball Player of the Week Award. It's the 9th in her career (a Sun Belt record) and YR is looking later this Yr_2 season to earn her 3rd All-American honor in 3 years at FIU.

Gppaw_4 Got a chance to finally see the Panther intro video (was busy during USF game to notice) that is played on the Jumbotron before the Golden Panthers take the field and must say that is one impressive intro piece with AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" playing in the background and the live-looking Panther jumping from building to building and stomping through the opponents helmet on the FIU Stadium field. Kudos to Ed Filomia, who put the video together.

Gppaw_5 Reminder the GPP Q & A's are now in the comments section.

WIN A GPP BLOG Leaderboard (through 6 games; scores for FIU/Troy must be in by 6:59 p.m. GPP Time on Saturday)

6-0 (points differential)

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FIUVoice (105); Clawing Cancer (108); FIUJM (113); FIUBlue82 (116); NYCFIUFan (117); Puma (120); Gazi (121); FIU Love (122); esteban688 (124); FIU0406 (126), The OC Panther (126); Gold (127); FIUPantherFan (128), TheChampionUnderdog (128); FIUBlueandGold (135); TNGoldenPanther (136); alt7787 (141).


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FIUrulez (143); fiufan751 (153); Quijote (156); U24/7 (161); SouthPaw (166); MIA/NY Josh (174); CrazyCane (209).

GPP 5-1 (143).

Gppaw_6 The GPP doesn't hand out mid-season awards, but will have a mid-season review + 1 game of the Golden Panthers next week during FIU's bye week. For now, this question will tie you over:


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ROAR BABY!!! Pete do you mean if we go to Troy we get to join you in the media booth???

Quijote: ROAR BABY!!! Pete do you mean if we go to Troy we get to join you in the media booth?

Not sure if Troy will let you in the booth, but it never hurts to ask.

FIUFPL: I wonder if they played the AOL goodbye sound?

They did play AOL Goodbye on T.Y.'s TD (T.Y. said he laughed when he heard it), but it was a little too loud when T.Y. scored that the AOL sign-off got drowned out. Yes, I agree they either need to turn up the volume or get better speakers. Like the Golden Panthers, FIU Stadium is also a work in progress.

FIUfantastic: Does the stadium have an official name?

Until they sell the naming rights, it is known as FIU Stadium.

Quijote: Pete, pleasure meeting you...however its time you update your bio picture! You can't be 25 forever ;)

Actually, that photo of me on the left was taken last year when the GPP was launched. Glad I still look 25.

Baltimorepanther: By the way how is our Volley ball team doing?

Like the FIU football team, the FIU ladies are atop the Sun Belt standings. They are undefeated at home and in November host the Sun Belt V-Ball Tournament at FIU Arena.

FIUPB: Pete, Why is FIU is not considered on the web vote "Which Florida team will have the better season?"

I contacted the MH website manager and he told me the question was never supposed to be put on-line. It was a test question.

I believe him, because the question never ran in the print edition of the MH and poll questions always run in both MH print and on-line editions each day. He said the question is going to be taken down and the results will not be published.

No need to call Oliver Stone on this one, but nice catch of the FIU omission.

FIUBlueandGold: Anyone notice that 610 WIOD is carrying the rest of the games ?? Will they be keeping Randy and Jeremy ?? What's up with that ?

FIU football is moving to 610 AM, because 940 AM is now the new Miami Heat station. So when the Heat's season begins, they take over 940 and FIU shifts over to 610.

Have to double check, but I believe the 1st FIU game on 610 is Nov. 1 at ULL.

gpantera: Now here’s some constructive observation from yesterday’s victorious game v. MTSU
The west-end scoreboard looks incomplete
If there are no intentions (or funds) to add a full blown video screen on the west-end scoreboard, then fill in the space underneath that small scoreboard and cover up those two metal beams – it’s an eyesore
Suggested solutions:
1) Fill in the space with advertising (new revenue stream)

2) Fill the space with FIU branding – either our new logo or a sign that states “Welcome to The Den” or “Welcome to The Cage”

3) Fill the space with a sign that reads, “Welcome to Miami” now with the OB gone, we’re the only college stadium in town that can lay claim to that moniker

1) Those speakers are not enough – we need surround sound

2) There are two FIU Athletics signs - one at the bottom left and the other on the bottom right corner of the video scoreboard – the objective of the sight is to promote FIU’s athletic website – PROBLEM: the font is such that the audience cannot make out the URL – what’s the point of advertising a URL that no one can see?

How do we get this info over to FIU Athletics?


I already sent your post to all the FIU marketers.


so last night i was one of the 4 kids that tried to rush onto the field after the game. before i even stepped onto the field two state troopers slammed me down and shoved my face in the pavement. (i certainly was not going to try and resist)

i saw in your article you mentioned something of the incident. i was wondering if you saw exactly what happened?

I did not see exactly what happened, must have been when I was coming down from the press box onto the field at the end of the game. But I was later informed about it.

Heard from a good source that FIU is investigating the matter. When I know more I'll have it on here.

Quijote: While most of us won't be able to go to Troy, it would be great if Pete can get us information as to where we should go to congratulate our team in the early AM following our win!!!

Quijote, I'm confused ;) you picked Troy 50, FIU 10 and you're ready to congratulate the team next Sunday morning when they arrive??

The team bus will arrive at FIU Arena this coming Sunday, Oct. 19 anytime between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. Time depends on the length of the game.

CJ: pete question for you .. last week we were 12th in the Turnover Ratio in the Nation... AFter those 3 picks.. (minus the one from mcall) what does that put us at?

TO's were even last week, b/c FIU had 2 fumbles so it was 3-3 in TOs. Because of that FIU dropped from No. 12 to No. 19 in the nation in turnover margin.

Pete, what's the injury status of Curtis Byrant and Cody Pellicer? I think Pellicer should be redshirted at this point, but Bryant's already seen action this year, and I would think he can make an impact.

Also, I noticed that Kenneth White saw action for the first time last Saturday. What position are the coaches slotting him in at? He was a guy that I thought could play both sides of the ball, but seems like he needed to add more weight if the coaches saw him on the OL. I would have thought he was an ideal candidate for a redshirt if that's the case.

Also, what's the status of Emmanuel Souarin? He was a guy that many thought would contribute this year.

FIUJM: Pete, what's your take on Gaitor being on 1st team All SBC? From the practices, I gathered he's the biggest talker on that defense and he has that swagger. He might want do do interview for GPP.

A little early for All-SBC talk, but right now I would vote for him. He's certainly having a terrific season and when NFL scouts come to FIU one of the guys they always talk about is AG.

I voted for him yesterday for SBC Defensive Player of the Week and voted for T.Y. for Offensive Player, but T.Y. did not get enough votes to win it.

panterarosada: The only way to settle this is for Pete to create a poll. Do you like the OLE OLE chant?

Will have the poll question on the next post.

I personally like the Ole, Ole chant. It's one of the traditions at FIU and right now there aren't many athletic traditions at FIU.

So what if it's a soccer chant. The New York Mets fans use it when shortstop Jose Reyes comes to bat. Except there it's Jo-se! Jo-se! Jo-se!

FIU is not your typical university (and that's meant in a good way) and so why not have an atypical chant for football.

SouthPaw: Pete, what's the injury status of Curtis Byrant and Cody Pellicer?

Also, I noticed that Kenneth White saw action for the first time last Saturday. What position are the coaches slotting him in at?

Also, what's the status of Emmanuel Souarin?

Curtis Bryant is healthy and MC said last week that as soon as he earns playing time he will be a regular in the D-Line rotation.

MC said last week that a decision on whether to redshirt Pellicer will be made this coming week. Same with Winston Fraser. Both players have hand injuries and will probably get redshirts since we're already halfway through this season.

White has worked as the 3rd team center on the scout team all season. He also plays guard, but with the injuries to Chris Cawthon and Dustin Gibson, looks like KW will be needed now.

Souarin is likely headed for a redshirt, because of the FIU secondary depth. He will be a player for the FIU D. The kid is lightning quick.

Great information, as usual.....I have to comment on the JungleVision (the official name of the FIU Jumbotron, I think) use at the stadium, which I think is not only very professional in nature, but it helps the overall ambiance of the game.

Pete, as you well said those two pieces, the intro...and that great "Welcome to the Jungle" piece are just part of building up this program. It is now very, very entertaining to attend FIU football games, and not just because we happen to be winning, but that video board, with those nice videos, fan shots, game shots, and replays...just add so much to the game experience...

I have to tell you, at one point I went down to the Stadium Club with a very good friend of mine who had not EVER been at an FIU football game. As we ordered our drinks, during the second quarter, I couldn't help but show off with pride to my friend the facilities, and kept "watching" the game from the flat panel TV's in there, which had close circuit of the JungleVision feed. I must say I LOVED IT!!! This is the FIU of the future just growing up in front of us...amazing....

Hopefully, our administrators will keep ironing out some little details, as I would like for them to add monitors/TV's in the general concession areas, so that the vast majority of game attendees can also get a hot dog without missing the game. This would further elevate the status of our stadium as a truly full blown state of the art college stadium...

Great show guys....keep complementing the actual game and team growth, with those videos, features, camera shots, replays, and more monitors around the stadium so that more people can enjoy/watch the game, while buying stuff and paying FIU more money....What do you think?

Also, agree with the sound system a bit subpar....

Thanks for the update, Pete. I have to mention while on the subject of the game experience, some comments made by the MTSU radio guys at the end of the game. The quote was something along these lines: "FIU has a good football team, but they are a long way from big-time."

They were, I think, mainly referencing how the guys working the chains were very slow and also how unprofessional it was for the stadium announcer to be openly routing for FIU. They even commented that they thought it was against Sun Belt rules. Not sure if that's the case, but I have to say that there are definitely some things need to be improved, like the music that plays in between plays. I know it's the first year in the new stadium, but we need to remember that the game day experience (and television experience) of visiting fans will greatly influence how people perceive FIU.

thanks for the stat pete... i didnt remember the 2 fumbles... plus didnt we have 2 picks from AG, one for McDuffie and like a fumble recover i thought we totaled to like 4 to's but thats for the headsup

I only said TROY 50, FIU 10 because I have yet to choose FIU in a win and with our three game win streak, why stop now and jinx it?

lol. won't be making it up to troy, but looking forward to the FIU ARENA (NOT FIU STADIUM GUYS) rally.

Pete your killing me here. You like the ole ole thing too? Ive heard the Jose- Jose chant at mets game as well, but we're talking about 2 completely different sports from many aspects. baseball has a larger hispanic presence than football does. both in players and fan support. so ole ole would be appropriate. I just dont like it because it doesnt feel appropriate. It does nothing except alienate those that have never heard it. Soccer is not big in the U.S. In general white and black football fans, which tend to be the biggest of football fans, do not watch soccer. They dont want to hear Ole ole when they go to a game. it makes them feel alienated and like they cant express normal college traditions. There is a complete lack of actual football atmosphere at the games its not even funny. Between the music and the ole ole and the lack of attendance it doesnt feel like football.

honestly though it doesnt matter. The team is playing so well and I hope they continue it. all this talk about chants and so on is retarded. the team may start winning now, but its going to take a couple of more years to get an actual football atmosphere at FIU. once FIU starts receiving more and more students from outside of miami then we should start seeing an improvement.

Well it is pretty interesting if the radio guys from MTSU felt that my getting the crowd into the game was unprofessional. I wonder if they have ever heard the term home-field advantage. If it is against the Sun Belt conference rules, I would love for them to show it to me, because not only does it happen in division 1 college football, but also happens all around the professional circuit. Ever been to a Heat game and heard the chants started by the voice of the Heat and FIU alum Mike Biamonte. It is part of the game to get the crowd into the game and part of my job. I guess the old guys from MTSU could't find what else to blame on their team since they are now 1-3 in the conference. Sucks to be them doesn't it.

South Paw, don't read too much into what the MTSU losers radio announcers said. They also refered to AG as a very lucky player when he intercepted the first time and called "The New Wave of FIU Coaches" bush-leaguers when they went for the fake punt and missed. It seems to me they were expecting FIU to be the same last year's team.

Ive been an FIU fan since i started going to FIU in 2005, their best year so far and i hung in there through the horrible streak in 2006 and 2007 although the last game of the latter year awesome as we finally broke the streak. I agree with Mr. Pelegrin about the slow start to FIU's offense that is something they need to improve on. During the last 3 quarters they played much better offensively and that was enough to beat MTSU but i dont think itll be enough to beat the tougher teams that are coming up. I have also noticed that FIU seems to slow down their defense in the 4th quarter as proven by UNT's only TD coming in the 4th quarter as we as one of the two scored by MTSU. Once again the margins were already so large during those two games that it didnt alter the result however i sincerely doubt we will be beating Troy in the 4th quarter so comfortably. If we are able to do these things by starting strong offensively and maintaining our spectacular defense strong all the way to the end of the game, I think FIU will have a decent chance at a bowl game this December.

On inside the polls on ESPNU one of the Analyst Mike Gottfried said FIU was the most improved team in the nation and even showed a clip with T.Y. this morning. Nice publicity for the program.

Let's go FIU!

I hope the guys beat Troy this week. It'll be an awesome win.

I agree with FIU Voice here....It seems to me that these MTSU radio guys were so mad at losing, they were finding dumb excuses to mask their anger...Geez...talk about being hyper sensitive and wrongly opinionated...Good job 'Voice!!

P.S. Have you guys heard/seen the dirty players 'war' in the media launched at FAU from Troy...and MTSU? The Troy media relations people, it appears (and Pete might confirm this), sent their injured QB as a candidate for player of the week, with a not so subtle accusation against an FAU player of causing the injury, not only to the starting QB, but to another player a couple of plays later...Kind of crazy stuff!


You do an awesome job, don't sweat the small stuff. I don't know who does the OB/Dolphin Stadium voice for UM (he's been at it for as long as I can remember), but you're so much better than him because you bring energy to the call even if its not in the most ideal of situations for the team...you never sound out of it. I hope we continue hearing your voice for many years to come.


I CrazyCane would like to be the first to congratulate FIU for breaking into Rivals top 100 ranking. I just saw the most recent ranking which have FIU at #99 (UM is at #60 I think) and FAU is somewhere around #110.

I think if FIU can continue to improve and win ball games, maybe it will be worth it for UM to schedule FIU - but for now - UM still has nothing to gain from playing FIU.

thats intersting... FIU fanatic... alt. you have to keep in mind that although football is prodominatly black/white.. most FIU fans/ students/ Alum. are hispanic. and as long as that is the public university in miami, this will probably continue to be the way it is.. that doesnt mean anyone black/white shouldnt get into it.. its not a chant to "alienate" people.. you call the Ole chant a soccer sport and directing it solely to hispanics... soccer or "futbol" is the worlds sport. not just hispanic, but english, french, indian, chinese, brazilian, s. african, nigirian, etc. so dont make that chant a "hispanic" thing.. as a matter of fact i would love seeing more "soccer" chants.. have you ever seen a REAL soccer match.. those are TRUELY fans.. packed houses against the crappiest teams and the stadium is rocking 24/7 from 2 hours before the game till an hour after. and those chants last the ENTIRE game

I think FIUVoice is doing a GREAT job, we need a leader in chants, to make noise, stomp our feet, etc. This isn't study hall. Those MTSU guys were just bitter hillbillies. Although asking us to make noise or pump up the crowd during offensive drives needs to slow down. Now can we just get Roary off his lazy butt and onto the field or endzone after a touchdown!

And I too support to ole ole chant. Don't make it into a race thing, that's immature. Can you pronounce it? Does it promote FIU? Do fans sing along? Then what's the problem!!?? Miami is not Murfreesboro or even Boca Raton, we are a culturally diverse city and that's the way the WHOLE world perceives us, and that's positive. Singing ole ole will do nothing to change or enhance that. People need to recognize that not all traditions will be started by them nor will they like all of them, that doesn't give you the right to try to squash them.

thanks CC... i know for you that took ALOT lol i really do hope soon FIU and UM pick up that series cause it could become something special over time. i mean our fans already hate e/o lol what more do you need lol

You did a great job FIUVoice. Everytime I go to Dolphins game, Kenny Walker, always says, that's another Miami Dolphins first down. Nothing wrong with rooting for your team.

CC, is that really you congratulating FIU? Thanks, it would be nice to play Canes, but I can't see that happening because some people can't work out differences. I hadn't taken a look at Rivals rankings, but I know rankings range from 78-99. I'm just glad we're improving.

Pete, thanks for answering questions. I know Gaitor 1st team talk is premature...kid is just playing great football.


CJ, Stop glamorizing and exagerating the game of "Balompie". Yes, lots of countries play it, but unfortunately here in the US it hasn't excelled. Pele, Beckenbauer, Chinaglia before and Beckham and his wife now, haven't done it. The game, as much as they want to sell it, it's boring to the US market. Not every game is a sold out, there are way too many leagues and championships. FIU Stadium will probably host soccer games in the future and that's ok, but it will never catch up.

As far as the chant, we should be original and come up with something new. The ole ole chant was originated in Brazil and you'll never catch an Argentinian singing it, the European countries hate it. You know who sings them ?. People that have nothing else to come up with. If you're an FIU student ask an Italian, Spaniard, British student if they will do that. The answer will be NO because they have a tradition and that is what has to be build here at FIU. We have a great music department let them come up with something original.

BTW, this past World Cup had the worst attendance record in recent years. Also as I said before not every soccer game is a soldout. FIFA has recognized the problem and they have focus groups following the NFL, MLB, NBA and NASCAR to see how they market their sport.

im not just refering to the ole chant when i mention other courtries like the Euro's etc. they have their own chants my point is if you have a chant like that it should not be shot down it should be utilized.. seriously im all for the NEW at FIU... however, New Uniforms/ Stadiums should not mean we need to chanGE ALL the things FIU has done in its passed.. i like the new logo.. it has grown on me.. but the logo is a prime example.. if you constantly try to change things the "tradition" everyone is trying to look for will never appear. i hope they stick to the new logo and keep it all the way through.. and i hope they hold on to the Ole chant cause thats something that shows who we are.. thats ours and you can bet we are the only NCAA team to do that chant

Hey Crazy, I think FIU would beat UM right now. And I'm not BSing you either.

Man, lots of good topics in this post.

There is no rule saying the PA announcer can't lead the crowd in cheers... but plenty of places do consider it a bush league move, including most of the Sun Belt. That's a personal preference, which I respect, but some of them really do take exception. When I was PA, I was told not to be too "homer" during games for that reason. I won't say by who, so don't ask. I definitely wanted to do some of the things Roman does now and was told "no", but that was before the new administration took over. I consider that change a huge step in the right direction.

I will also tell you that some of the things I was allowed to do to try to hype up the crowd (especially during football) received some complaints from the conference members and the referees. Even some of the non-conference teams and fans complained. This was during the winless season. I didn't worry about it too much because some people just don't like that sort of thing, and that's their problem. But I'm not surprised Roman's getting some flak for it, because I got flak for doing far less than he does now.

Main thing is, if FIU likes it, everyone else can jump off a cliff. You do your thing, Roman. And, hopefully, they'll give you better speakers to work with come next season.

As for the "ole ole" chant... man, some of you people get picky as hell. First you complain that FIU has no "uniqueness" or "tradition", and then you rag on something that is unique and has tradition.
It's a fine chant, especially when it's done at the same time by about 20,000 people. Who cares where it's from? Who cares who does it? Point is, no one else in college football does it. That alone means it's worth keeping. Hell, I think Roman should lead the crowd with that chant. If he doesn't already.

If some of you think it sounds too "hispanic" or too much like "soccer", that's a personal problem. FIU should be themselves. And if that means "ole, ole, ole, ole, FIU, FIU", so be it. It beats a lot of other things I've seen.

Can't tell you how proud I am of this program, in our short history we have been through a lot and it is nice to enjoy a little success. From the past 3 games we know we are a respectable program now but this game at Troy will tell us if we are real SunBelt contenders, if we win, I think we are going to win the conference. Having said that I still think we are still wet behind the ears so my prediction is Troy 27 FIU 21 (I HOPE I AM WRONG!)

Pete, have a question, is PG working on extending MC's contract? It looks like we are on the right track and I hope we don't lose him.

Also, nice to see all of those FIU haters in last place in predicting FIU games, hopefully we don't have to endure another one of those losers being a guest writer on our blog.

Although your team is becoming respectable in non BCS circles - your fans are still as delusional as ever. Quijote - are you serious? What makes you think that, b/c you have beaten 3 teams, that are lucky to have a heart beat. Please - go beat 1 team from a BCS conference and 1 team in the upper teir of the Sunbelt then come talk to me. Until then, please do not make such outrageous claims like FIU can beat UM, or that you invented the question mark.

So this team keeps putting the pressure on themselves every week , Which is a Good thing! and every game comes with a little more pressure. I think that Paul McCall has been spectacular esecially as a a game manager of this offense. look forward to Troy.

I personally don't care about the ole ole chant, but how can anybody claim "since nobody does it lets do it". This football program is in its infancy and could test other avenues (Read Here CREATIVITY). As stated by Clawing Cancer this is a "soccer chant from other places". We criticize UM fans for calling us followers and second class university and then we go and accept somebody's chant from a different sport as our own. GIVE ME A BREAK.

Also it is time that the FIU football fan understand this is FOOTBALL not soccer not balompie. FOOTBALL is a REAL CONTACT SPORT not a softie game, I don't want to hear about its popularity,. The highlight of the world cup was when the French player hit the Italian player with his head after he was offended because the Italian guy had mentioned his sister being his lover. Please go to Scotty Bryant or Jonas Murrell and tell him that and you'll see what happens. FOOTBALL is a game of courage where injuries are part of the game unlike in soccer where every prima dona fakes every touch.

It's too bad that George Carlin died without doing a routine about FOOTBALL vs soccer as he did with baseball. If you haven't heard it go to the internet and look for it.

As much as we could hate the Gator Chump ? or the Seminole chant they are football war chants not this lame metro sexual ole-ole.

Honestly, do you see Mario Cristobal as an ole-ole kind of guy, please!!!.

Hey PP ask MC and the staff if they are ole-ole kind of guys or if they prefer a real FOOTBALL chant.

seis your getting so bent outta shape over this y dont you show us some of YOUR creativity.. we have a "Paw" movement thats the seminole chop mixed in w/ the gator chomp.. only ours really doesnt strike fear into people.. the "FF II UU FIU" chant we have.. w/ the arm movement.. really isnt all that great.. lets face it unless it is done w/ the olympic ceremony presision.. looks like our entire crowd is retarded.. the ONLY original thing i think i have seen was my gf's brother trying to simulate a panther bite.. and well.. lets just be kind and say it didnt look good

How about we do what some other schools do where half of the stands, like behind the home team yells "Panthers" and in response, the other side of the field yells "Pride" - and we do it at the direction of the score board and the mascot?

Anyopne like that idea?

The Ole change has been an FIU chant for ever, even before football was around, so we can't just say that since football is new we can eliminate it. I believe it started with our Futbol team and hence its a futbol chant (when we were good and winning). It then started to get popular at basketball and baseball games. I for one hope it stays. Go F I U!

Are people seriously complaining about a chant? If you don't like it, don't do it. Easy as that.

Personally, I love the "Ole ole" chant. It's one of the only traditions we actually have. I'd rather embrace it than knock it.

Roman, you are doing an amazing job. Keep doing your thing. You get the crowd pumped up. Just tell the DJ not to do the same when we are on offense, and especially when we are about to kick a field goal.

CJ, see I like the PAW movement and maybe we can built from there.

FIUPantherFan, its fine for the futbol games. As for the Basketball and BB games nobody shows up unless we play UM. I go to every game.

seis cervezas, I hope you understand now why FIU will always be second. The faculty and the students can't come up with an original fight song. Do you guys have an Alma Mater or did you copy somebody else's.

Is Plagiarism 101 a requirement or an elective course at FIU?

Quijote, are you serious or are you high?. UM has lot to NC by 4 points, to FSU by 2 and #4 Florida by 21. FIU lost to USF by 8, Kansas by 28 and IOWA BY 42.

The only thing you got going is the thletic director and the football head coach. Do you know where they came from, UM. Again you came in second.

Anyway good luck with trying to find an identity.


ok so lets get it strait.. you like the paw.. (something im not against just saying its not fearful) and believe to build on it.. (again not agaisnt it) but you seem to be DEAD SET on a chant that a good majority seem to like at football games..(# to be confirmed in petes next blog) sounds to me your trying to do what "SEIS CERVEZAS" thinks is football. i dont mean to like attack or anything but i want you to see how it seems sometimes... you dont like the ole chant (or at least perfer it on the soccer field) but thats YOUR preference.. trust me if fans didnt like the chant they wouldnt continue it when some1 starts it..

as to the general topic of trying to create tradition etc. i dont think you can "force" tradtition. it just kind of happens... i mean did the admin force the gator chomp on the fans.. or did a fan just start it randomly and catch.. same w/ the seminole chop... how bout the U w/the hands.. was that the admins brainchild.. or was that a player throwing the U and the FANS took it.. i think traditions are formed by fans and players.. and as for right now.. our tradition.. true tradition is the Ole chant.. cause thats what the fans brought.. (that FF II UU just seems to forced, ill always do it but it just doesnt flow)


Were you at Dah U when they were building the program in the 70s and 80s ? I was...

Did you write the alma mater at UCG ? Didn't think so !!

Were you sitting there against ECU and UH in the early 80s with the other 25K fans ? I was and boy it was torture, but you support a team no matter what !!!

Sure...come over here and do a drive by with your GED level opinion. We all know you went to DADE and sat loyally in the west end zone OB with those low life animals.


Get lost loser !!!

I think we've had some good games. But you cant expect to go 1-11 one year and win the Sun Belt the next year.

We've made great progress, and everyone is really proud. The SBC will be ours in less time than we all thought

If this was a home game, maybe we would have a chance, so I will say Troy 24, FIU 10.

Nice to see more scUMs coming to FIU blog.

By the way, I've been hearing more FIU talk on the radio, especially on 790 The Ticket. People seem to like what Mario Cristobal is doing at FIU. What I don't understand is that certain Canes fans are calling in radio station and saying that Shannon is great recruiter but not good coach and that in 2-3 years the "FIU" coach will coach at UM. Seems like some fans from other schools want Cristobal or are not happy with current coach.


Pete, my prediction:

FIU 21 Troy 17

It's going to be a close game, our defense has to play amazing for us to win. Our boys want to win 3 straight on the road, and remain at the top of the Sun Belt Conference. Can't wait for the game.


FIU 20
Troy 34

FIU 20
Troy 17

6 beers, is it? More like 12. You're going off like a drunk.

First, I never said where the "ole" chant comes from. Others did.

Second, it seems like you do care, since you keep bringing this up. I think it's fair to say that most FIU people like the chant, and that's what matters. Hopefully, PP does a poll on it and we get an idea one way or the other. I'm sorry you don't like it, but no one said you had to. If FIU starts getting rid of chants because 2 or 3 people don't like it, then tradition never gets built. (The same applies to logos, by the way.)

Third... of course I can claim that since no one else does it, we should. If you want to be unique and creative and different, you shouldn't be afraid to try some off-the-wall ideas. Just because no one else does it doesn't mean it's a bad idea or it won't work. Or, for that matter, there's nothing wrong with taking a chant from somewhere else and making it your own. That's not plagiarism, especially since like half the soccer world does "ole ole". There's hardly a patent on it.

Fourth... broaden your mind. Sounds to me like you want FIU to be like every other big university with a football program and just do what they do. Well, too bad. FIU isn't like any other school. I happen to like it that way, and so do many others. Let's show what makes FIU unique instead of just following the pack, and I for one like honoring the past. That's how tradition gets built.

Oh... one more thing. If you think "futbol" is a sport for pansies, then try running around for 90+ minutes with no rest. You try avoiding tackles that can ruin knees and ankles. Then come back and talk crap. The whole "football's a man's sport and soccer's not" is one of the worst arguments ever. I guess anything that doesn't involve planting people into the ground isn't "manly" to some people. So, tell me... do you think basketball or baseball are wuss sports, too? Or do you just hate soccer and resort to using dumb arguments?

If you don't like soccer, fine. No one said you had to. But that's a damn hard game to play. I'm with you on some of the prima donna stuff, but you see the same crap in basketball, too. Let's not pretend it's only in soccer.


I think I said before that we should do half the stadium says "WE ARE!"

And the other half says "THE PRIDE!"

Can everyone respond to what they think of this?

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole...FIU...FIU!

Hey, check this out, ESPN Bowl Predictions...guess who's in the running to head up the New Orlean's Bowl....


Man, I really like FIU Dad's vision!

Does anyone here know the mascot?

If he could get in the middle of the field, and point to the east side and the east side screams "WE ARE!" and then he points to the south side and they scream "THE PRIDE!" and then the whole stadium finished by screaming "FIU"?

Thoughts? This is a good think tank we got here! We can definitely start some grass roots stuff here!

Oh... one more thought, since people here are mentioning chants, and this one's directed at Roman, or FIU admin.

I think it'd be a great idea if, during TV timeouts and other such dead spots, Roman leads the crowd by singing "ole, ole, ole, ole", and then have the crowd going "F-I-U, F-I-U". The band could probably add a mean background beat behind it, too. I don't know if something like that is done already, and I apologize in advance if it is. But if you don't, that seems to me like it'd be a good way to get people going.

Just a thought.

If we all like it, we can have Pete pass it on to Athletics and send out school emails asking ppl at the next game to look for the mascot at center field and be ready to chant!

We can even have FIU Voice lead the very first one, by giving directions to those that did not read the email!

Thoughts people!

Um... no offense meant here, but why "we are the pride?" I've never heard that at an FIU game. Ever. Besides, the only pride I know of, other that what the word actually means, is that pride is what you call a pack of lions. If we were lions instead of panthers, I could see that working. Or am I missing something here?

Don't meant to hate on the ideas... I was just wondering what the reasoning was. I definitely like the whole idea. I'm just not sure about the words. That's all.

I don't really like the "WE ARE.. THE PRIDE" idea.. In fact, I don't like anything that starts with "We are", it's too cliche in my opinion.

I think we need some kind of signature move or hand motion (such as the "U", the Gator Chomp, etc.) but I'm trying a hard time trying to think of something dealing with a paw that doesn't look ridiculous.

I say we give it some time, and for now the Ole Ole and FF II UU chants will have to do.

Sorry to change the topic... and for all the posting... just saw this:


Go on, FIU! Make it happen! And that comes from the son of a FC Barcelona fan.

Pete, do you have any info to share here?

On another note... I personally do not care if we ever play UM again.

UM is just another football team, and frankly, we don't need 'em. I rather play UCF, UF, USF and FSU than have our administration begging UM to play us!

We'll do just fine and continue to get better without them.

Don't really care about the chants. Those things figure themselves out in 30 - 50 years.

I would love to see a WELCOME TO MIAMI sign on the stadium in honor of the late OB.

Also we need to start thinking where are we going to hang our 2008 SUN BELT CHAMPS sign.... J/K!

Yeah I agree with Cancer...I don't know you are so convinced with "We are the pride".

How about "ROAR, BABY!!!" Roary points to the east side and they tell ROAR and the west yells BABY haha

FIUFantastic, I'm feeling you on the J/K...I know what you really mean is our Big East Champs banner.

Clawing Cancer,

At games (especially at the USF game) most students where a yellow shirt that says on the front: FIU FOOTBALL and on the back: THE PRIDE.

A pride can be a group of lions or peacocks. But that just details! LOL! Absolutely FIU doesn't mind because they made those shirts and years ago they had the slogan "Feel The Pride" which was a play on words.

Oh don't worry I do mind the criticism! I just want to see if we can come up with something!

Basically I sort of like "We are Marshall" or "We are N D".

They way I think of it is we can expand our nicknames from FIU and Golden Panthers to include "The Pride".

Don't like WE ARE THE PRIDE either, but I do like the idea, particularly with that lazy Roary leading it at midfield. Maybe one side FIU and the other says PANTHERS. Or GO PANTHERS, or GO FIU. Or something catchier.

Oh... I get you now, FPL. That's what I get for being in North Carolina these days. :)

That "Feel the Pride" thing you're talking about wasn't FIU Athletics. That was a slogan from the FIU Alumni Association. I remember that because I had to do their announcements at every home game. I think they were talking more about the pride of being an FIU alum. But hey, whatever works. Like you, details are not that important to me.

I do like the idea of Roary leading chants. That's a great idea, even though I'm sure someone's going to say "but UM's mascot does that too!" and accuse FIU of ripping Miami off. Well, lots of other mascots get on the field, too.

BTW, we should re-new that series ASAP, if they're ever willing to do it again. Hell, we should make it annual... call it a fancy name... I'll say the "Turnpike Throwdown" since both stadiums are just off the Florida Turnpike. I'd even do a trophy for it... or maybe just make a humongous key for the city of Miami and give that to whoever wins it annually.

Man, I'm feeling creative today!

We are The Pride


We are FIU

both are cool

FIU 20
Troy 17

I don't think UM wants to renew that contract anytime soon, especially now that we're actually winning games.

Correction, *renew that series.

Check out the bottom 10 on espn:


And look at who they have on the waiting list, not FIU but UM!! Isn't that funny!

Guess they were not impressed with UM's victory over UCF. Also, someone had a good point, if UM does not want to commit to us in a game every year I wouldn't mind playing UF or USF every year, not horrible places to visit. Gives me an excuse to go to Gainesville or Tampa.

Yeah, I would love to have that series every year: UM vs FIU.

It was really exciting the first year, 2006. And everyone can agree, that even though the fight was ugly, a great time was had by all at the OB that day.

I would call it 'The Magic City Melee' or 'The Magic City Showdown'.

FIU 27 Troy 17

Man Law!

Hopefully MLS is coming to Miami and FIU. That is huge for the city and FIU!!! I would definitely buy tickets to some games. Reason the "Miami" Fusions failed was because they played in Ft. Lauderdale. MLS can succeed in Miami!!!

I'm down for Roary starting a new tradition. At first I had doubt about new logo, but I definitely like it now. As for Roary, I like the old one better, our current Roary looks like cartoon. Just my opinion, so don't kill me!!!

UM, FIU should be playing in all sports, especially in baseball. We all know Jim Morris is scared.


If you want to do half stadium chants, why not something simple and obvious: GOLDEN...PANTHERS...

I like the "We are the pride!" chant. Roary does need to be out there. At some point we were like, "Where's Roary?"

Roary needs to show emotion!

When the opposing team drops the ball, he should point and laugh! Or maybe mockingly pretend he's crying .

If the opposing team scores, he needs to drops to his knees and pound the floor! Or kick the field goal post in anger!

If TY is running in a punt return, he should try to keep up on the sidelines!

If we score, he needs to go chest-bump the football players!

He needs to lead chants!

He needs to mock other mascots if they come!

He can pretend to lead the band when they play!

He can get mad at the Referees!

"We are the Pride" is awesome... The students had gold shirts with "The Pride" in the back...

East: WE ARE!
All: (Roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

I love it, FIUFPL. :)

i was thinking of something like fsu's war chant but instead the claw. and we all roar arghrrrrrrrrr while doing it. lol

btw...we are the pride is pretty cool. special how fpl described it.

LOL the ROARRRRR is cheesy but "A" for effort.

Great to see others ANNOYED that ROARY does JACK during the games. Mascots should not be relegated to tossing t-shorts and giving hi-fives and waiving at crowds...pathetic, PATHETIC! Get out there and do SOMETHING, like FIUFP&L suggested above. Get some crackhead in that suit man.

Hey Pete,

I am so happy to able to go see my alma mater play some football. I love the stadium. It is going to be beautiful when it is completed. I have never been a big college football fan mainly because I never had a team to root for. That's not the case anymore. I'm even buying some season tix.

What can be done to get this team some air time? We need all the local channels to cover their games. They still treat them like second class citizens. All we get is the score with no highlights. I can understand no national coverage, but LOCAL? Come on! What can be done?

Keep up the good work.

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