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FIU/Middle Tennessee LIVE BLOG

Fiumt_2 Welcome to the 1st LIVE GPP blog at the new FIU Stadium and 2nd overall. Looking at less than 10 minutes before the Blue (Raiders) and the Gold (Panthers) kick it off.

FIU is in its home midnight blue tops and jerseys. MT is wearing all white with blue and silver trim. Cloudy skies, but no rain at FIU Stadium.

Let's go blogging....


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Just met Quijote, who came up to the first row of the open-air press box.

trying to watch Panther pass and it SUCKS!!!

Pete what is the crowd like?

FIU O is running into a tough MT D here.

crowd still filing in but doesn't look like USF-type crowd

PM somersaults a MT player and runs for 12 yards and a 1st down.

yeah just signed up for Panther Pass and its like watching a tv through a window fan. :-)

BUt still happy to see the game. the offense is on a nice drive.

FIU shoots itself in the foot with 2 false start penalties and has to punt.

Go Canes!

Our D is really starting to get going

FIU D looks to be too fast for MT O-line

TY fumble on punt return MT recovers on FIU 46

what is the score?

MT 3, FIU 0 - 2nd qtr

defensive game, both Os having a tough time moving the ball. 11:39 left in 2nd, MT 3-0

Our offense looks like the one that we saw the first 3 weeks

Our running game has not done anything.

MT tough D......Mertile 18 yards from PM (1st down at MT 38)

Why is there no commentary on Panther pass?

PM INT at MT 7, MT at FIU 35 after return

Gaitor INT returns to MT 17

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW that should have been PICK6

pm 9 yd td RUN

7-3 FIU


great run by McCall and he held onto it as he got flying into the endzone!!

MT avoiding punting to Goodbye

Kick a field goal Mario!

FIU driving to MT 4....pass to mertile fumble at 1, but FIU recovers...rivest going for FG

Rivest 20-yd FG good......FIU 10-3...10 seconds left in half.

10-3 at halftime, I will take it.


Panther Pass sucks, why isn't there any commentary?? and any play by play live stats and they keep on playing too much music!!!
Oh well, i guess i am just happy to see the game at all, LOL GO FIU!!

i gotta be switching back and forth to foxsports to check scores and time. I repeat PP SUCKS.......

Not you Pete!

yeah panther pass is like a live feed from the stadium jumbotron cams.

At least they threw in the Dazzlers

I will also take this 10-3 lead and be thankful.

Hope u guys saw that Toledo beat MIchigan in Ann Arbor

I am watching on PP and listening to 940 on line. The radio guys ae like a play ahead of the PP coverage...not fun.

OC Panther, that Toledo win looks more legit now for sure.

gaitor INT return for a TD

14-3 FIU early 3rd

GAITOR!!!! I CAN GET USED TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot get the 940 feed it is not available outside the US

sorry thats 17-3 FIU

Oh boy Dasher in the game. THey gotta assign a spy to him

Yeah that Toledo win will help our RPI

Im rooting for North Texas at this point too.

This back up qb for MTSU scares me.

dasher new qb for MT....he's the one that killed FIU last year

See if coach MC can adjust to this qb.

I am here now, and it looks like we are doing well

mt moving down the field without one pass....at FIU 16 now

Quijote and gpantera came by the press box at halftime.....good to meet both of you.

Damnit! I saw this guy destroy FIU last year, at Murfreesboro! This can't be good!

Cristobal, PLEASE figure out how to stop him!

17-6, our offense needs to step up, at least get 3 out of this drive. GO FIU!!!

PP, any idea on the amount of people at the stadium? 12,000?

guessing btwn 12-14k.....fiu driving to mt 27....

Nice Drive COACH LEGG!!!

mt reviewing a FIU fumble at 1...tough to tell

Ned TD FIU 24-6


This is awesome!!! We gave up 3 points and our offense comes back right down the field, this is awesome!! Pete, my question last week on how to buy NO Bowl tickets is not that far fetched it looks like.



I can get used to this winning thing!

BTW, I know that Jim Mandich has the radio rights to FIU Football but, good God, he's got to know that his son is BRUTAL to listen too! When he talks, he says words but really doesn't say anything!

DAMN!! We gave up a TD, need to respond.

MT comes right back and scores TD....24-13 FIU

look like the Dfensive players really getting on McDuffie.

start of the 4th quarter, FIU 24-13

FIU missed FG....12:14 left in game, FIU still 24-13

Hope that missed field goal doesn't come to bite us in the "you know what".

mcduffie INT.....FIU ball at their 36

INT!!! YEAH!! McDuffie is the MAN!

is that McDuffie's 2nd pic? NIce pressure by the D-line

ty goodbye 63 yards TD FIU 31-13

TY Goodbye


wow the legend grows

sick TD by TY

gotta start writing....be checking back in a bit

Hope we hang a 40 burger on em for all the Crap their fans posting on their message board. I hope FAU watching!

WOW, way to go FIU! Look out Troy!

Hate to dig up the past, but what a difference from the 2006 game where we did not capitalize or adjust in our game plan on our 6-0 lead and lost 7-6. I know it is still a long way away but way we are playing, need to lock up Mario long-term.

who know how much time is left?

u got to be kidding me? trick play?

Y not, they don't have anything to lose now?

Scratching my head on that trick play, trying to be too cute.

how much time left on this game?

they beginning to unravel

Kick interference, we need to think out there!! We are keeping them in this game!

someone needs to knock the happy feet off of Dasher

3:03 left

OMG Panther pass is killing me with all this graphics during the game


Damn it feels good!

Good job boys!

blkpanther...I was thinking the same thing, JUST SHOW THE GAME!!

We Won!! I can get used to this! This is how winning feels like, it FEELS GOOD!!



Now lets get ready for Troy, anything can happen and maybe we will win. We got to believe look at Toledo, we are not better than Michigan, but we did what they couldn't do, anything can happen and we are the HOT team on the Belt right now, if we keep the intensity and take care of business then maybe we can win next week.

feels great to win.. im starting to get used to this ;)

I had to leave with about 7 minutes left cause my son was sick but what a game...AWESOME WIN...

but seriously, we were practically giving tickets away and we didnt fill up the cage...and as much as i hate calling out people who actually came to the game, can we stop running on cuban time and actually get to the game by kickoff.

other than those frustrations...AWESOME...bring on Michigan...I mean Troy

watching that TY TD made the price of Panther pass completely worth it. Not to mention the Gaitor interceptions.

Also look forward to watching B-ball and V-ball on it.


Nice win, Golden Panthers!

I could have done without the fake punt though. That kind of playcalling will kill us in a close game. I'll give the coaches a pass on that one since we were up 31-13.

Congratulations to the coaches and players. This team is really showing maturity and leadership. The hard work is starting to really pay off. We just need to keep doing the right things and working even harder now.

To get that stadium filled we need to pay people to come sit in the stands and hire some dazzlers from tootsies to come dance at half time.

Can anyone who went to the game estimate how many people showed to up watch?

blkpanther, if they do that, I'll drive down from Tennessee to see that!

what is the story with the kids getting on the field, it was a good win but we didn't beat USC or clinch the New Orleans Bowl

blkpanther, I'll drive from California if they do that

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