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FIU/Middle Tennessee LIVE BLOG

Fiumt_2 Welcome to the 1st LIVE GPP blog at the new FIU Stadium and 2nd overall. Looking at less than 10 minutes before the Blue (Raiders) and the Gold (Panthers) kick it off.

FIU is in its home midnight blue tops and jerseys. MT is wearing all white with blue and silver trim. Cloudy skies, but no rain at FIU Stadium.

Let's go blogging....


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Tootsies, that word brings back a lot of good memories, I'll drive down from Bmore and pay extra to scalper to get seats near them

Man I will even be there on gringo time ;)

good win, i'll take it. the gaitor interception before the half when it looked like mt was going to score changed the game.

could've done without the fake punt. that wasn't a good move.

let's see what the stats are like tomorrow but for a couple of quarters it seemed that our most effective rusher was paul mccall.

yeah, i would have liked more attendance but remember we were competing with another college football game in town today. it's good to see some traditions building slowly but surely. the crowd was getting into it. it sure is nice walking through campus to get to the stadium.

Go to fiusm.com for the game story and commentary tommorow!!!!!!!

Good win. 4 wins in 7 games now dating back to last season.

I just saw the end of Arkansa State and LA Monroe and ESPN Game Plan said "Next week Troy and FIU two teams tie for the conference lead" I never thought I would hear that this season.

Official attendance: 15108

And that was with giveaway tickets. Come on guys, what does this team and athletic department need to do to get people to the stadium?!?!

Im happy with that attendance...

the canes game didnt have much better attendance especially if you condifer how many UCF fans where there.

If anyone watched the game on TV, when UCF scored it sounded like the game was in Orlando.

We are building slowly but solidly.

Guys, let's remember this is the first win on-campus in a LOOOONG time. I think 15k is a real good number considering we hven't won at home in forever and we're playing Middle Tennessee, which frankly very few down here have ever heard of or cares about. Miami is a big name town, bring in the big names and win consistently and then you'll be turning people away at the gates.

Great win, McCall looked very poised, what a strike to TY, he continues to impress and is looking like our first 1st round draft pick, but let's not jinx it.

Way to go FIU!

TNPanther I agree. Come on alumni and students!!! These kids and coaches are working hard. Let's support them!

Puma: that sounded more like an excuse to me. There could have been more games in town, but I don't expect anybody else other than FIU fans to show at the game. Free tickets were given away and students get in for free. Remember we are 37K students + over 130 K alumni. I hate to compare, but FAU put 17K students against Troy and they do not own a brand new stadium. Actually, I don't care about FAU, but I just used them as an example. We the Golden Panthers are doing better and now we sit on the 4th spot with a chance for the belt title. Troy is tough and it's on the road.


Just got back from the game! I personally think it was very full. Nearly identical to the USF game, and thats considering that we had FIU fans sitting in the visitors bleachers!

If there were 16K at USF, then this must have been 15K.

AND all 15K stayed for the entire game, while at the USF game half left at half time!


I wonder if they played the AOL goodbye sound? It was so loud in that stadium, I couldn't hear myself think, let alone hear the PA system.

BTW the PA system is still way too low, they either need to raise the volume or add more speakers throughout the stadium.

WE ARE. THE PRIDE. Go Panthers.

There's nothing like watching TY catch a deep pass, turn on the jets, leave his defender in the dust and dive into the endzone 15 feet from your face.


We need to have an official watch party!
We need to have the CORRECT information ahead of time, not on friday night.

i didnt hear the "aol goodbye for TY" but still great game.

To anyone in A/V or Video Production for FIU... post the "Welcome to the Jungle" video from the jumbotron on youtube or on fiusports.com that video was awesome!

No AOL Goodbye sound, with reason. The TY Hilton touchdown was actually McCall's touchdown, he's the one who made Hilton's run easy with an absolutely perfect pass. If they would've done the goodbye, it would've taken away the spotlight off McCall, who really made that touchdown possible.

Paul had an excellent game, played with balls and read the field very well.

Great win...great atmosphere at The Cage....Way to go FIU!!! The days of automatically losing are over.... As every good fan of the GPP knows....TDAOS!!!LOL!!!

It sure looked nice to see so many people in our state of the art ON CAMPUS stadium tonight....It was a good day to be a Golden Panther..

Overall it was a team effort...

McCall was solid at QB.
Gaitor KILLED MTSU's momentum
Respectable runs from Reams and Ned
O-Line held...
D played well against the Pass
Munera's punts were on target.

I think all the attention on TY is great , not only because he deserves but it probably motivates the other guys to step up their game and at least opens up the field for other guys since the opposing D is focusing on TY.

Gaitor is definitely playing like a 1st team All SBC....

Does the stadium have an official name? I dont care what it is, just call it something.

The Cage. Panther Bowl. The Everglades. The Pollo Tropical Stadium.

Whatever. Just come up with something official.

I'm 99.9% sure the name of our stadium is FIU STADIUM. Congrats to the team and a great win! The more wins we get, the more the word gets out and the more the panther pride spreads throughout the country. GO PANTHERS!

Official attendance: 15,108

Capacity: 18,000

That's 84% of capacity - not bad for a team that hasn't won much in recent years - the atmosphere was nice and better days are ahead in terms of attendance, especially if the winning continues.

Pete, it was nice to meet you in person. You are a key cog in the Golden Panther marketing machine. Thank you for all you do.

Quijote, it was nice catching the game with you. Your analysis is right on. When it comes to being a Panther fan, you're the real deal.

Now does anyone know what the official viewing party plans are for the next game?

Hey Guys just got back from the Cage.

Incredible game, would have liked to see more people but it will come!

Nice plays all over the place, Troy will be a good one. If we win over there we can start dreaming for a 9-3 season, why not?

One more thing, I was really surprised the student section was not packed, kind of sad.

Anyways, I will keep trying to get more fellow alumni to the rest of the games.

great game.

What a great performance by FIU!!! Did any of you hear Cristobal on NBC 6 as he was leaving the field? Gave me goosebumps, he's saying they're starting to cook something big at FIU and still more work to do. Our coaches are working hard and teaching this kid how to win games.

Personally, I thought it was a good crowd. The more you win the more exposure our program will get. Next game we should have a better attendance. I know the students show up for homecoming!!!

FIUFanatic, I was thinking the same thing about Anthony Gaitor...he's playing like 1st team All SBC. I think he might be defensive player of the week for the conference with his performance tonight. McCall was awesome tonight, he's confidence keeps growing and he even spread the ball to many different receivers. I know T.Y. deservingly gets most of the attention but freshmen Junior Mertile made some key plays tonight. I'm just filled with joy.

Next weeks game against Troy is the biggest in our school history. Let's see what Mario and coaches are cooking for that game.


Absolutely, we need to get information in regards to where the viewing party/gathering will be for the Troy game!

Pete, pleasure meeting you...however its time you update your bio picture! You can't be 25 forever ;) Thanks again for all your efforts, we look forward to your coverage from Troy.

Stadium certainly didn't seem to be 15k, obviously that's a numbers game. Student section was surprisingly empty, I'm guessing its hard to convince college kids to stay on campus on a Saturday night in Miami.

Pete, is there an e-mail address of a FIU top dog where we can send kind suggestions (as some constructive criticism) to? I myself have some feedback, and does GPantera.

We should ALL (GPP NATION) get together at the next home game, like all sit together or something of that sort!

I continue to bury myself in a deeper hole in the score prediction contest. I have yet to give FIU a victorious outcome, so obviously don't want to think otherwise now and jinx it!!! With that said, Troy 50 FIU 10

Everyone is stepping up big time... cant wait for next week.

I have a photo stream up on flickr of today's game if anyone is interested...


cobracommandr- your photos are incredible!

Im so sad I missed the game but having this website makes up for it!

GPP is awesome! I'm glad I finally got a username after all these weeks so now I can make a contribution too :)


I just read a comment in Manny Navarro's blog, and a ucg fan was saying, what we already know, that they should've had hired Mario to be the head coach instead of Randy.
I am ready to enjoy the game next week. By the way how is our Volley ball team doing? it would be really cool if this semester the football team could go to a bowl and the volleyball team to NCAA

Hey everyone, unfortunately i did not get a chance to watch the game, but i was very happy when i woke up this morning and saw the score. I wont miss any more home games from here on out.

It sure is sweet to be a Golden Panther!!

I guess it's a good thing I didn't get Panther Pass after all. Hate to harp on it, but I wasn't too impressed with the camera work, or the camera, when I bought it last season. And, from what some of you are saying, it sounds like they're just plugging in the video feed from the jumbotron. Oh, well. Hopefully that'll improve as time comes along. Or they'll just show more games on TV. In the meantime... I'm a radio guy at heart anyway. :)

Does anyone else on here still want to hate on Paul McCall? No? Anyone here still think Younger ought to be the starting QB? No? Well, about freakin' time. If McCall putting up a solid performance against one of the SBC's best defenses doesn't convince some of you WY lovers that #12 is the right man to run this offense, then nothing will.

Anyway... great W, obviously. D did what I thought they'd do, mostly. I thought 21 points was too much against their O, but I will give MT credit for putting in Dasher when Craddock clearly wasn't working out. I also have to give FIU credit for not letting Dasher go nuts on them. The coaching staff is clearly learning.

With that said... let's not get too nuts, people. No rushing the field for a win like this. If FIU's serious about being big-time, fans can't be rushing the field after beating MT. I understand the reaction... we haven't been good ever and we've got a legit chance at finishing over .500... but let's save that for other occasions. Like winning the conference title.

Speaking of... next week's the big test against Troy. It's nice to see what FIU's done so far, really. But if the NO Bowl is to be reality in 2008, this game will be vital. A W here and the SBC title dreams are legit. An L and we're probably still one year away. Which is fine by me, either way. We're clearly going in the right direction, regardless.

We really need to go out and support this team, as far as I am concerned it is a great bargain in these trying times. You can take your family to watch some really good kids work their butts off for your school for a cheap price. Also, as far as the kids not showing up b/c they live in Miami, I have heard that excuse before, there is not THAT much to do that you can't spend 3 hours to watch this team.

As far as the game, unbelievable, the feed from PP is not great, but at least I can watch the game even though I am in the North East.

Also, we need to lock Mario up for an extension in his contract, we need stability at the top and other schools will use his youth and his aggressiveness against him "You don't want to go to FIU Coach Cristobal is just using it as a springboard to go some place else" I can see other schools saying that.

Finally, for all of those UM fans writing comments on Pete's article about how FIU will be second fiddle to the ucg, guys get a life, those comments show me that you are desperate, like a presidential candidate that can't bring anything new to the table so the only thing you have to offer is to demean the other candidate, sounds like fear in your voice.



Great pics cobracommadr!!! Thanks for sharing.

Troy has new starting QB next week since Hampton is out for the year with leg injury. QB Tanner Jones just played one quarter against FAU, so I wonder how coaches will gameplan for that QB. I think we always play Troy tough, so next week should be a physical game.

PS. The Haters of FIU are coming out, let's ignore them because you know they will say ridiculous things.


I think people were trying to rush the field because this is the first win ever in the new stadium.

Nice memory to have and it would have been nice to celebrate there.

hey i was in that student section. it didnt look empty from where i was sitting.. although they do need to get louder.. FIU Homecoming on nov. 11 should be great!


Why is FIU is not considered on the web vote "Which Florida team will have the better season?" Towards the bottom of this page.

Pete, thanks for the great coverage. You might want to let AD Garcia know to cool some of his security people down, what happened to that student was not necessary (that was a beat down). I hope they don't think they can treat the very people they are trying to get to go to games that way. Also, they better hope no one captured it on Camera or that thing is going to be on youtube and it could get pretty embarrasing. Otherwise another great win. Go F I U!

Anyone notice that 610 WIOD is carrying the rest of the games ?? Will they be keeping Randy and Jeremy ??

What's up with that ?

I spoke to a FIU staff member last night at the game they said they would be posting some of the videos from the jumbotron on the web today. Hopefully the Welcome to the Jungle clip will be online!


Can you please handle this poll situation?

This is the most disrespectful thing I have seen. Every other Div 1A school listed but us.

Pete yes please come through, that is truly messed up. Must be Manny's poll.

What a win.

I think we can go 7-5 this season, following tonight. I really think we can beat everyone but Troy and ULL, and we may be able to sneak one out if of those if the defense keeps this up.

I might be travelling up to the Troy game with the Beacon to cover it, but if not, a watch party needs to happen. I don't think it's a stretch to say this is the biggest game in school history.

i think FIU has been playing with a BIG chip on thier shoulders.. they been hearing the noise saying how we are the worst team in the D-1A. even to this day after winnin our 3rd strait... they need to keep that chip on their shoulder. show the world we are bettter than they think.. i love hearing opposing teams fans saying that we are the worst team in D-1.. just means they are underestimating FIU.. it is that much sweeter to prove em wrong

The Good News
FIU is winning
Winning solves a multitude of ills
Go Panthers!
Now here’s some constructive observation from yesterday’s victorious game v. MTSU
The west-end scoreboard looks incomplete
If there are no intentions (or funds) to add a full blown video screen on the west-end scoreboard, then fill in the space underneath that small scoreboard and cover up those two metal beams – it’s an eyesore
Suggested solutions:
1) Fill in the space with advertising (new revenue stream)

2) Fill the space with FIU branding – either our new logo or a sign that states “Welcome to The Den” or “Welcome to The Cage”

3) Fill the space with a sign that reads, “Welcome to Miami” now with the OB gone, we’re the only college stadium in town that can lay claim to that moniker

1) Those speakers are not enough – we need surround sound

2) There are two FIU Athletics signs - one at the bottom left and the other on the bottom right corner of the video scoreboard – the objective of the sight is to promote FIU’s athletic website – PROBLEM: the font is such that the audience cannot make out the URL – what’s the point of advertising a URL that no one can see?

How do we get this info over to FIU Athletics?

The Good News
FIU is winning
Winning solves a multitude of ills
Go Panthers!
Now here’s some constructive observation from yesterday’s victorious game v. MTSU
The west-end scoreboard looks incomplete
If there are no intentions (or funds) to add a full blown video screen on the west-end scoreboard, then fill in the space underneath that small scoreboard and cover up those two metal beams – it’s an eyesore
Suggested solutions:
1) Fill in the space with advertising (new revenue stream)

2) Fill the space with FIU branding – either our new logo or a sign that states “Welcome to The Den” or “Welcome to The Cage”

3) Fill the space with a sign that reads, “Welcome to Miami” now with the OB gone, we’re the only college stadium in town that can lay claim to that moniker

1) Those speakers are not enough – we need surround sound

2) There are two FIU Athletics signs - one at the bottom left and the other on the bottom right corner of the video scoreboard – the objective of the sight is to promote FIU’s athletic website – PROBLEM: the font is such that the audience cannot make out the URL – what’s the point of advertising a URL that no one can see?

How do we get this info over to FIU Athletics?


John O'Meara, Assistant Athletic Director / Marketing



John Eckart, Assistant Athletic Director / Facilities and Operations


Would be likely candidates.

lol gpantera, LOL


so last night i was one of the 4 kids that tried to rush onto the field after the game. before i even stepped onto the field two state troopers slammed me down and shoved my face in the pavement. (i certainly was not going to try and resist)

i saw in your article you mentioned something of the incident. i was wondering if you saw exactly what happened?

eitherway, what you probably didnt see was the punch to the face that the trooper delivered after i was handcuffed and taken away. i took some pictures because i was banged up pretty nice, bloody and bruised. however, i am not trying to publicize them because i believe it would be an embaressment to the university and to the overall curtious security of our new stadium

I love fiu football and have been to every home game since the end of the 04' season.
Im mostly hurt and ashamed because I probably will not be allowed to attend the home games for the rest of the season... and i could be slanted, but i think thats wrong.

I always bring lots of friends to the game and sell the program. I buy a lot of whatever fiu gear is being sold, and ive always supported my team through two really tough seasons.

I am not a fighter, nor a trouble maker, I guess i just got carried away in the excitement and made a foolish decision. I think the swelling and scrapes on the side of my face should be enough punishment...

Im just trying to bounce this off the public because maybe my point of view is biased...

what do you guys think?


I wrote about the post game shenanigans in my commentary for the Beacon, it's up online already.


I was really sort of troubled by the whole thing. My roommate has been calling FIU the "No Fun University" for the 3 years he's been here, and I'm having trouble disagreeing with him. Let the kids go on the field!

Oh that was u champion?

I do not want to blame this on FIU because I can guarantee you that no one gave a directive to punch FIU students! I would hate to see the SCHOOL in general get a bad rap for the moron that hit you.

Something needs to be done about that security guard. They need to hire him, how dare they punch FIU fans that want to celebrate with the team. It's done in every damn other university. AND IF THEY REALLY want to stop it, just detain him.

1) I certainly demand an apology from Security Managers.
2) I want President Maidique to personally acknowledge and give a directive that security is not to HIT ANYONE!
3) I want the security guard fired.
4) I think Champion should be given free FIU gear and his citation should be dismissed immediately.

fire* him i what i meant of course

fire* him i what i meant of course

i appreciate the support FIUFPL...... the last thing i would want to do is play a role in putting a black eye (no pun intended) on the university. I just want my right to be able to attend games restored.

thinking about it, the irony of it was my buddy who also was detained after running on the field was wearing his yellow "gold rush" shirt from the 05' homecoming.... i guess we took it too literally. lol


Good for you. You are being really mature and classy.

Thought you guys would enjoy this article about FIU in ESPN's blogs... http://myespn.go.com/blogs/others

We also have some pictures from the game. I posted some along with the link to the album here...


That is disgraceful that some douche trooper would strike a student simply for trying to run onto the field of HIS own univesity's football team, the very team is dollars and tuition supports. That cop should be severly disciplined and Pete Garcia should apologize to this student and restore his rights to go to games. Disgraceful.

I bet that douche trooper was a fan of the CANEvicts.

That's terrible what happened. Our fans have to be the HUNGRIEST fans in all of college football, and when we finally have a home win to celebrate, you have to let them enjoy it a little bit.

Alot of things that can be improved upon from this win, but because of that, I think it makes it even a better win. I've been afraid to say it all season because I didn't want to jinx us, but I've been afraid of the young freshmen phenoms T.Y. Hilton and Junior Mertile being susceptible to fumbling. These guys have slight builds and are going against much older and bigger opponents than ever before, so they have to realize that protecting the ball is job one. All of the good things they can do with their feet can be taken away so easily and erased if they can't hold onto the ball.

Speaking of protecting the ball, Paul McCall was great once again. His decision making seems to be getting better every week (thanks in part to the time the offensive line is giving him). Valuing the ball is one of a quarterback's greatest assets.

Why are FIU fans so whiny? god! When someone writes something mean about FIU, everybody cries. Now when security and peace are trying to be kept people start crying. First of all I was so excited that FIU won its 3rd game in a row, but to storm the field? We didnt win the national championship or the conference or even a ranked opponent. We had a win against MTSU. I am so happy FIU won and Im so excited about the future. but its retarded to want to storm the field just because we beat MTSU. No wonder some people see FIU fans as idiots. and can we please stop the OLE OLE chant. it continues to promote the negative sterotype of FIU being a lower class university, which it is definitely not.

Excessive force may have been used, but students should use enough common sense to know not to storm the field. Security was hired to do just that, protect the security of the players and the coaches. plus what I cant stress enough is the fact that people had no business storming the field. we beat MTSU. If we had beat USF a few weeks ago then it would have been very appropriate to storm the field, but against MTSU, comeon!

I don't agree with fans storming the field either. And the ole ole chant is for soccer not football. No one sings ole ole during a dolphins game even though miami has alot of hispanics. It does hurt the perception of FIU. Lets keep ole ole in soccer. And instead come up with something unique but in tune with college football.

I might not agree with fans storming the field but I don't agree with the excessive force either.


Alt - no one here is justifying rushing the field, probably not the best timing on the part of these young men. The point is the no one, state troopers included,have the right to use physical force on a person AFTER that person has been restrained. Much less a fan from the winning team who obviously does not have ill intentions. This is shows poorly on the administration for not setting proper rules and standards for security to follow, because yes even cops haveto follow rules and law.

Mario was blah on Sports Wrap...nothing exciting really you didn't miss anything.

So, looking at college football ratings and FIU is between 77 and 89, depending on the survey. TROY is as low as 74 and as high as #51, even ranked higher than UM.

Guys, we have a tough one coming up AT Troy. Mario & Co. better not take this team lightly, hopefully the coaches take them off our cloud and bring them back to reality and get our boys ready for what will easily be our most important and significant game of the year.

While most of us won't be able to go to Troy, it would be great if Pete can get us information as to where we should go to congratulate our team in the early AM following our win!!!

Absolutely FIUer...guys lets try to end all this talk about the incident, otherwise the fire will spread onto the news outlets and obviously we DON'T need that. I'm sure the administration will not let that happen again so lets put it behind us before it gets blown way out of proportion.

Props to you Champion for taking it in stride.

Panther viscosity, the Ole ole chant is a good chant.. doenst just have to be for soccer... and i would have to agree w/ alt. everyone by now should know storming the field is illegal to do .. not to mention the hefty fine the school would incure for the fans rushin the field.. thats y i dont think fans should rush the field for just conf. games.. if some1 in our conf. was ranked/ or we played a ranked opponent i would agree to rush but not for teams in our conf. uless we win the conf.

"FIU fans as idiots. and can we please stop the OLE OLE chant."

Are you kidding? That's the only legitimately original thing FIU football fans do. Everything else is a hodgepodge of chants and songs taken from Virginia Tech, Florida, and all of the other schools that have real tradition.

And my problem with the way the students were handled is covered in my commentary that I posted: It wasn't the FIU employee's place to attack the student. He did not look like security, he wasn't wearing a police uniform or the yellow shirt with "security" on it. He was wearing the same FIU polo that all other athletic department employees wear. That is absolutely unnacceptable, and he should be fired.

Alt, with all due respect, the OLE OLE chant is one of the few original traditions we have at FIU. Please enlighten me as to how it "continues to promote the negative sterotype of FIU being a lower class university." I hope you're not implying this because it's a hispanic in origin chant.

That's what it implies to me...

And I can't agree with those saying that this incident needs to be swept under the rug so the university can save face. It was an ugly incident and the university's employees and security need to learn a lesson from it.

A few things,

1) the Ole Ole chant does make us distinctive, and for those of you who don't appreciate it, come to basketball opening night, and you'll understand.

2) There is a photo of the individual, in the FIU Athletics polo, who slugged the student. As soon as I can get my hands on it, i'll post it some place.

3) I'm thrilled to have made it to .500 and winning on the road this weekend would be among the most important in school history, but would, in my opinion, with Troy starting its #2 Quarterback, pale in comparison to beating Lafayette the following week

It was not a cop, it was a random athletic personnel that punched Champion repeatedly after he was already detained.

It does not need to be swept under the rug, but it does need to be address. It would be best to write an email to President Maidique directly and handle this through FIU not through the Miami Herald.

And I agree, I do not like the Ole Ole Chant - eventhough it is unique, save it for FIU soccer games.

We Are. The Pride. Go Panthers!

i cant agree w/ you FIUFPL about the ole ole ole chant.. i love it and will start it every chance i get.. but i agree that some sort of diciplinary action should be taken to the guy that used excessive force. but from now on lets only rush the feild agaisnt ranked opponents.. or really REALLY GOOD OOC games

o pete question for you .. last week we were 12th in the Turnover Ratio in the Nation... AFter those 3 picks.. (minus the one from mcall) what does that put us at?

We might be the only school in college football that does the Ole Ole chant, personally I like it. Like AxlRose said, it makes us dinstictive.

TheChampionUnderdog should still be allowed to attend football games the remainder of the season. He learned from his mistake, let's move on. Get on the field when we beat ranked team.


Defensive Player of the Week

Anthony Gaitor (FIU, So., DB)

Gaitor intercepted two passes during FIU’s 31-21 win over Middle Tennessee. With Middle Tennessee holding a 3-0 lead and driving, Gaitor returned his first interception of the night 71 yards to the MT 12, setting up FIU’s first touchdown of the evening. Later, with FIU holding a 10-3 lead, Gaitor picked off the SBC’s leading passer, Joe Craddock, a second time, this time with a 27-yard return for a touchdown. The last time an FIU player made two interceptions in one game happened more than two years ago, by Lionell Singleton against Bowling Green on September 16, 2006. Gaitor also had a pass breakup in the victory.

he now has 3 INT's on the year.. that puts him in a tie for the lead in the Belt along w/ Mcduffie and 2 others.. def deserving of big time props

The Welcome to the Jungle video is up on FIUsports.com

Associate Athletic Director Julie Berg will be at the Panther Rage meeting today to discuss the incidents of this weekend at the game.

Students should show up. It's at 4pm, in GC 140.

Maybe we should have a vote about the chant. To me it just seems like having a marching band at a soccer game it might make your team look unique but out of place at the same time. Certain traditions belong to certain sports. Besides ole ole its not an original chant its just used in an original manner. Anyways, at the end of the day the people that like it will chant it and those who don't won't.

I will be at work...Miri can you please give us any information or represent for us?

FIUFloridaPower&Light, Which site do you work at? I work at the JB.

FIUFPL, I wasn't able to make it to the meeting, but I'll try to find out.

FIUPB, I work in Broward out of multiple locations.

Miri, yea if you can find out that would be great!

Spread the word, by telling your friends, message boards, or your residents...

Showdown Saturday will be the theme this upcoming week with all four 2-0 Sun Belt Conference teams competing against one another. Your FIU Golden Panthers face the Trojans as they travel to Troy Alabama. A Game Watch will be held in the FIU Arena on Saturday, October 18, 2008. Kickoff time is 7:00 PM. There will be free Pizza and sodas for FIU fans on a first come first served basis. Wear your colors and show your pride!
Showdown Saturday will be the theme this upcoming week with all four 2-0 Sun Belt Conference teams competing against one another.

Thanks for the info Miri. I might have to go there to watch game. This game is HUGE!!!!

Pete, what's your take on Gaitor being on 1st team All SBC? From the practices, I gathered he's the biggest talker on that defense and he has that swagger. He might want do do interview for GPP. Thanks for all your hard work.


The only way to settle this is for Pete to create a poll. Do you like the OLE OLE chant?
Yes___ No____.
Maybe we should come up with other traditions, even though I agree that this chant has been part of FIU sports all around; not just soccer. If we could come up with some sort of three dimensional paw and give it to everyone and start some sort of chant,(does not have to be words, a wild call would make it), while moving the paw back and forth. Plus who says we need THE ONE chant, we can have plenty, its FIU. I just feel this simple thing is dividing the FIU faithful, we can't afford to be divided when the program is starting to flourish.

If you are THE PRIDE, be proud.

Give some ideas.

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