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FIU/North Texas LIVE Blog

DENTON, TEXAS -- About 15 minutes from kickoff between FIU and North Texas, hopefully they play this Fiunt_2 game in 4 quarters and not 7 overtimes like the last time these 2 teams played here in Texas.

FIU is in its road white tops and pants and looking for its first 2-game winning streak since finishing the 2005 season by winning 3 in a row.

They got a track around the football field here at Fouts Field similar to old FIU Stadium. Also there are renderings of NT's new on-campus stadium on the floors of the stadium. The smell of Texas Bar-BQ engulfs Fouts Field and we got clear blue skies with low 70 temps. Let's get this live blog going....


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Let get going!

Can I watch the game on-line? Panther Pass is not showing it.

Alright, let's do this.

FIU will receive the opening kickoff

NYCFIUFan: Go to the North Texas website I think its like 10 bucks to see the game there.

FIU starts at their 20

ESPN 360 is playing it live....

McCall 12 yards to Rolle 1st down

PM QB sneak 1st down

Thanks Pete, looks like I am watching a tape that has been dubbed over like 10 times.

JR runs for 1st down


what are you watching? espn360?


how does the OL look?

PM to Dickens 1st down pass

blkpanther: OL looking good....FIU O about to punch it in for TD

Ned stopped on 4th and 2....downs ball to NT

Mario should have played action on that 4th and 1

I understand that MC goes for 4th downs to show confidence in his O, but what it says about his kicker?

NT 3 and out....Quentin Newman sack

I think MC was trying to send a message about FIU taking control early. Play call was not the best (straight handoff to Ned)

Good defense....A bit of a waste such a nice first drive for no points, though...

PM to TY 65 yard TD


TY "GOODBYE" Hilton !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TY Good-bye

6 + mins of pos and nothing to show for it....

1st qtr!!!! Kick a field goal dude!!!!!

That kid is going to play on Sundays




TY Goodbye is the best nickname for that kid.

He's just unbelievable. Best player this team has ever had on offense. Already.

Thanks for doing the live blog, Pete.

No prob SouthPaw

I'm thinking we'll see Kambriel Willis and Johnathan Jackson making an impact in this game.

I agree. I really like T.Y. Goodbye for him.


Go Panthers

Oh Snap FIU X thanks for that link!




Blue 25 blocked punt and TD


I know it is early, but it is GOOD to be GOLDEN PANTHER

My bad O'Darris Haiti blocked the punt and Blue25 returned for TD

What does every think of starting a tradition?

Half the stadium says "WE ARE."
The other half says "THE PRIDE."

no prob blkpanther! just don't ask how i got it! :)

Blocked punt returned for a TD!! Yes!

That's O'Darris D'Haiti, but lets go by OD easier to say and write

I know it is early BUT if we win this game I want to see the CAGE packed. Pete, the school advertise the game as the "recession Special" cheapest show in town.

Another TD!!!!

McDuffie INT stops NT drive


Nieves once again getting minutes on the DL. Amazing. Pete, is this guy a redshirt freshman or a true freshman?

Interception by McDuffie!!

14-0 ...FIU. for those who want to now the score. First Q over.

End of 1st qtr: FIU 14, NT 0

14-0 FIU in front after 1 quarter of play...

SouthPaw: Nieves is a true frosh, who walked-on from Braddock High

think we are blitzing to much

I will take a break from blog at halftime to go on 670 AM FIU's Spanish broadcast.

Thanks. Wow, is it only me that finds that amazing. We've got Jackson, Jones, and Willis, and Nieves is right there in the mix.

guess not.. that was a great interception by FIU :)

The OC Panther: NT O-line is not showing much

Pete hows crowd there look? hard to tell from the angles on TV? I see a few FIU fans..

Not too many people here both end zones are empty...sidelines are 3/4 full

NT able to move the ball at FIU 33 right now

Pete, who is #13 for FIU?

NT 4th and 1....FIU stops it

We stopped them on 4th down...yes!

Defense stopped them!

Did strock come out of retirement to coach NT?

No. 13 is Little Canada: Toronto Smith



TY Goodbye again 73 yd TD


So whats the deal...they are having a watch party at FIU. U would think they would email ppl about it or something.

TD Hilton!!!! Wow!!! SBC Player of the Week?

Hilton, Sunbelt player of the week....again!

sick, sick, sick speed, just a whole other level of speed no wonder West Virginia and teh Florida Gators wanted this guy

IM starting to think i dont want this guy playing basketball.. dont want this guy getting injured

lock him up in the FIU gun-cabinet till next year. He is explosive

EL OSO is hungry tonight, it is almost 3 years ago, when our defense was this good

LOL Don Strock coaching UNT!!!

Good one NYCFIUfan!

OC I was thinking the same thing, Sergio wont utilize him the right way anyway

Strock can come out of retirement whenever he wants, as long as he doesn't come back to FIU

NT looks TOTALLY defeated, I almost feel sorry for them

Not looking like 7 OTs this time around

Keep it up, Defense!

They missed a FG....they moved the ball pretty good....only to miss that FG....Go Offense!

NT misses FG

Gaitor INT

I hope Little Canada is OK,

FIU at NT 35

INT Gaitor!

TD!!!! FIU!!!!!!!!!

FIU 28-0 at halftime -- largest halftime lead in program history....surpassed 24-0 over FAU in 2005 in that 5 INT game that FIU won.

Pete, does the team return today to Miami and at what time?

I know ppl are going to want to welcome them back!

FIU is on a roll! keep up the good work.

No radio for me at the half, Pres. Maidique is the Spanish halftime guest...just fine here got to start writing for tommorrow's paper.

FIUFPL: Pete, does the team return today to Miami and at what time?

I know ppl are going to want to welcome them back!

Yes they come back tonight around 4:30 or 5 a.m. at FIU Arena.

Just heard Maidique talk...was about to comment that Pete...he sounds pretty pumped up...

FIU Fanatic: Fill in everyone else, because I am 2 floors below radio booth and I'm writing

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