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Fiutroy_2 TROY, ALABAMA -- Your Golden Panthers go for a program record 4th straight win tonight against Troy.

It won't be easy since the Trojans have won 2 of the last 3 Sun Belt titles and have the look of a team ready for title No. 3.

Nice evening here in Troy. Temps in the low 60's with clear skies. FIU is wearing its white tops and white pants. The smell of Alabama BarBQ is in the air and seeping into the Movie Gallery Stadium press box.

Got FIU student radio play-by-play man Andrew Julian sitting next to me in the press box and a wacky reason why AJ is in the press box. In place of the FIU/Troy game tonight, the FIU student radio station is broadcasting a 3-hour hip-hop show.

Are you kidding me?....FIU has won 3 in a row and going for a program record 4 straight and a share of the Sun Belt Conference lead and WRGP 88.1 is giving fans down in Miami -- Ludacris for 3 hours? What a joke....That's ludicrous !!

Let's get to the kickoff....


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Pete, Send some good vibes onto the field for me. I am sorry I could not be there tonight! TE Lady

Hi Pete

TE Lady,

Will do....maybe the TEs have a big game.

FIU radio has to get with the program

Anyone else having trouble with Panther Pass?

troy movin down the field with 3 different guys playing QB...FIU looks confused

FIU roughing kicker on FG attempt...Troy gets 1st down on 4th and 15

td pass Troy of 16 yards after FIU penalty

darn penalty, el Oso almost got the int. but almost is not good

FIU can't be sloppy on penalties if they plan on winning 2nite

The roughing the kicker call was very lenient for Troy...Oh well....

Blue 25

FIU 3 and out

Marquis Rolle need to catch passes, I don't know why he is starting, he drops everything he touches

Go Canes!

Troy's TY - Jerrel Jernigan long TD catch.

that guys is fast, our dbacks got to cheat on him a little more

The game is on ESPN 360

Another 3 and out for FIU

FIU safety....ball goes through Troy's end zone....Troy 13, FIU 2

owens 35 run...ellingson 22 catch FIU ready to score

Nice block Kirch!!! TE Lady

mccall to mertile TD



troy's O has FIU's D playing on their heels....Golden Panthers so far have no answer for the Trojans offense.

FIU holds to a FG at the Troy 3....16-9 Troy

end of the 1st quarter, Troy 16-9....FIU needs more O and D. Troy is doing whatever it wants on O right now.

this troy offense is good. too bad we had that bone-headed roughing the kicker penalty or we'd be tied.

good they have to punt

FIU D needs to show Troy they can stop them 3 and out. FIU is just missing getting to the QB

we need to establish a running game.

Has anyone got Pantherpass up?

Anybody getting the panther pass feed?

I had panther pass going for a little while but it just stopped out of no where. Now I see nothing.

Troy had a flea-flicker TD, but QB overthrew pass....FIU dodges a bullet and Troy has to punt

Where is Julian Reams? Dante Owens getting a majority of carries?

Yep I am getting nothing on pantherpass.

Any other place to see it online?

I don't have any of the channels

JR has a calf injury and doesn't like he will play

too many missed tackles tonight.

yep pantherpass is offline here in Cali

owens TD

Great catch Kirch!

seems like he is running well

Wow, it is close and I can't see anything!!!

Pissed off at the panther pass feed.

Anyone know if Troy has a different feed to pay for that one?

Too many penalties tonight!


Troy should have the game up on their website

the game is playing on espn 360

Has anyone confirmed the game is on in the Troy system?

Our special team is making too many mistakes, roughing the passer, TY catching that bad punt, we were lucky they didn't score on that series, PM is looking sharp and he is making good calls, for all the doubters, he is keeping us in the game, or defense looks slow tonight, and everybody is trying to go for the int rather than the tackle

Keys for FIU winning in the 2nd half: D has to get to the QB.

O needs to get the run game going and move the ball. Can't have the 3 and outs.

mccall stripped Troy ball at FIU 16

pantherpass is working now

troy TD pass

Panther pass blows

try the troy website's trojan pass

FIU needs something going on O right now....9:46 left in 3rd quarter, Troy 26, FIU 16

Owens is looking good, he might have taken the starting job

owens running hard gets 15 yards on 1st down.

PM fumble under review....doesn't look like a fumble on replay

PM fumbles, but might be down by contact

FIU keeps the ball and wins the review

FIU Ball

Paul McCall is taking a beating... say what you want that guy is tough

First Down TY!

FIU is killing themselves with penalties

O-line look horrible and McCall need to know where the pressure is coming from.

McCall sacked on 3rd and 3 , FIU Punts ....

Come on guys!

Defense needs to make a play

yeah we need the D or special teeams to score a TD

This is too easy for Troy.

Oh my G-d we are killing ourselves!

The fat lady is clearing her voice getting ready to sing.

McCall throw away the ballllllllllll

makes you wonder where this team would be with a half decent o-line

too many mistakes with the turnovers and penalties to win tonight. let's hope they can at least mount a comeback.

quick drive, like the score.

a troy turnover would be nice too.

O-line has not been good but too many turnovers.

bad mistakes but this a great measuring stick game versus last years team.

Troy is the most consistent team in the SBC and when u compare last year with this you can see all of FIU's growth in just one year. Even the ESPN commentators where saying its a totally different team. The D was great the offense showed great flashes (last year the O stayed on the bus)

we where competitive and if not for the 2 fumbles would have won this game.

This game is great for perspective. now lets go win the rest of them this season.

Bad mistakes cost us at least a couple of TD's....That "roughing" the kicker cost us 6 points, and the punt "fumble" mishap, cost us 7 quick points...that's the ball game....

Oh well...it was a good effort, and were there until the end....

Now, let's regroup for next game....

Go FIU!!!

Extremely tough loss, however WOW, have our Golden Panthers closed the GAP!!! Three penalties equal 14 pts for Troy. Erase those turnovers plus ridiculous penalties (subtract another TD if we don't rough the kicker in the opening drive!!!) and we win. I think FIU is in serious contention, if we stay healthy for the Sun Belt title!


BTW: Name another TRUE freshman MORE exciting in the NCAA than TY Hilton? I can’t think of anyone MORE exciting than TY!

Well said OC Panther, I agree, much improved from last year just made too many mistakes.

Even though Troy's offensive line didn't let us penetrate, FIU's lost was mostly caused by the fumbles. In my opinion the team is capable of beating any team in the Sun Belt Conference.

Tough loss to swallow... Stupid "roughing the kicker" call really hurt us.

Just hope the team doesn't get too down on themselves and lose focus against Louisiana.

Going to have a hard time going to sleep tonite... :/

Hey Guys,

We basically gave away the game, tough to swallow but happy to see so much improvement.

Go Gpanthers!

those penalties really had me disgusted...... we handed them the game.... too many bs mistakes..... tough loss

Troy was the better team tonight guys. Granted, we had three turnovers which resulted in 14 points (the game)...but they had zero. They made plays when they needed to, and when we made plays we got some stupid penalties. The refs were certainly biased towards Troy, I think I saw a total of five face masks that went uncalled.

Regardless, top teams find ways to win and we didn't do that tonight. McCall was constantly pressured, our offensive line has to get their act together. Paul was VERY impressive when he wasn't rushed.

I still think we can take the Belt though, we are 2-1 and still lots of playing left in the season.

Troy was a solis team, they didn't make mistakes, except for the safety, and made adjustments , they have more experience and they took care of business.
I know our guys were hungry and they played their hearts out, I think that was the best offensive game of the season:
349 total yards
266 passing yards
34 passing attempts
36 rushing attempts
29.49 time of posession
we held troy to 0-11 on third down, that was big for our defense.
Like everybody else is saying, our special team was maybe trying to do too much or it is too young, roughing the kicker gave them 6 points and the fumble on the punt return also gave them 7 points.
The ESPN guys made a good comment, about our receiver on punt and kickoff return not staying at the 10 yard, and trying to catch the ball inside the 10 yard line, it seems that TY is trying too hard to make the plays or is been asked to do so. Also if you are the last guy on return teams, you never run with your back to the kicker, that caused that "fumble" that eventually cost us the game.
I know Serini also cost us a drive and a great catch for TY, but those things happen and actually we were even on penalties and penalty yards with Troy.
Troys DE are sick, they were toying around with your OL, I hope the new recruites can compete against guys like that, and we need to recruite guys like that for our defense. 90 and 91 were on McCalls face all night yesterday, but PM showed that he is the man, he didn't back down and until the last two drives he took care of business and was our leader out there, and if our receiver weren't dropping too many good passes, maybe we could've score more and win the game even with the special team mistakes.
I think we are getting close to have a balance team, we are still young and inconsistant, but I think in the next two to three years we will dominate the belt.

Good points overall....FIU actually had as good a "statistical" game, minus the turnovers, as we've had all season long. I think, that even with the great pressure those Troy linemen applied on our offense, our offense is, little by little, getting to the point of excellence. Of course, we have to keep improving overall...perhaps our O-line could've played a bit better, but I was satisfied with their play, taking into account also the fact Dustin Gibson was injured and did not play.

Daunte Owens play was another positive. He's been constantly riddled with injuries throughout his career, but he is talented and he just showed that last night...plus getting some much needed experience that could be used later on this year...but for sure next season, when both A'med and Julian are gone.

Did you see that T.Y. catch...one handed one in the 4th quarter? That was absolutely an AMAZING catch...too bad one of our O-linemen drew an offsetting penalty with one of their guys, to negate this great play...but most importantly...a 1st down deep in their territory...the drive ended up, I believe, with no point and an inteception by Troy...

While he dropped one pass late in the game, Ellingson made some really great, tough catches under pressure. If he would have had that last one, he would have had almost a perfect game catching that ball. I would say he is our most dependable pass catcher...a possession type receiver. Great game for him also.

Also, I thought we missed way too many "first opportunity tackles"...so that Troy got some extra yardage before they were finally tackled. Finally, I thought Troy did the opposite, as they had some excellent open field tackles...one on one...that it not done, could've resulted in long gains, perhaps even quick TD's, for FIU.

Paul McCall also has to be commended. Althouh I would have prefereed late in the game for him to "get rid" of the ball a bit earlier, the fact is that he was under constant pressure, and he handled it very well, for the most part. Not perfect, but very well.....

Penalties really killed us last night. Like Baltimorepanther said, that penalty by Serini was huge. T.Y. made a great catch and it went back because of a personal foul.

In my opinion, the play of the game that really hurt was the punt that accidentally touched Jonathan Jackson and Troy recovered. That was pure luck!!! Overall, I'm happy we played tough and it was competitive game. We just need to eliminate mistakes and we'll win games like this in future.

As for the O-line, I'm sure Cristobal is working on it. He wants to recruit the heck out of that position.


We played hard, but made too many mistakes. This game was won in the trenches. We put no pressure on them all game, and they were constantly in our backfield. We have to get bigger on both the offensive and defensive lines. It always shows against the better teams--look at the Kansas and Iowa games and this one tonight. Not having Gibson certainly hurt, and Mack not playing all year has been painful. On the D-Line, once Jackson and Willis add stength and weight to their speed, they'll be different players. Overall not a bad showing despite the negative three turnover margin.

FYI, there were about 100+ ppl at Stadium Club.

Just wondering who ended up going from this blog.

I was there FIU FPL. Nice gesture by FIU to have Papa John's there.

Even though we lost I really like the direction of the program. During the Troy game I got some flash backs from the previous administration when we were not a very disciplined football team but I think Mario will really harp on the fundamentals during this bye week. With this off week and coming off a loss, we will see how Mario adjusts and how the team responds, I am curious to see what team shows up in the next game.

GO FIU!! It is great to be a Golden Panther!!!

I was at the Stadium Club. Pretty good atmosphere there.

Currently in Myrtle Beach, SC right now... romantic weekend scheduled with the girlfriend... didn't see the game, so nothing to add there. I thought we'd win this one, but oh well. Troy is who they are for a reason. ULL won't be easy, either. I can see us falling there.

As for WRGP... wow. That's unacceptable. I'll be the first to defend them, but that's flat-out unacceptable. I'm not surprised, though. God knows, when I was there (especially at the beginning), just getting games on the air was hell. That station's always been run by the music geeks (mostly), and many of them simply do not care about FIU athletics and think running games is stupid and a waste of time. Plus, they want to air their music.

I won't go too inside baseball here, but when I first took over their sports side in 2002, I wanted to increase sports broadcasts by three times the normal amount. Many in WRGP freaked at the thought because too many of the station DJ's complained about having their shows affected. And I had to deal with that BS every year except the year I was the general manager. People knew better then, I guess, and having numbers that proved we had big audiences during games helped. I guess someone over there's forgotten that.

I feel for you, Andrew... I'm sure this wasn't your fault... I just hope everyone over there gets their head in the right spot and realizes there's more important things to broadcast than their favorite indie jams. Especially since they're heard on campus now. I would've killed for that chance. It's one thing when WRGP couldn't do it, but now that they can, it's called
"responsibilities". You need to provide services like that. Especially when it's student money that runs the station.

Well, in WRGP's defense, Athletics only provides student media with one spot on their flights, and we can't afford to fly reporters up independently. So it would be asking an awful lot of Andrew to set up the whole radio thing, do the game by himself, go downstairs to talk to players and coaches after the game, get all of his radio stuff packed and onto the bus before it leaves, and then write a good story for the beacon.

It's also the reason the Beacon struggles to get photos for road games. We have to choose between sending a photographer or a writer. It'd be nice if we could get more than one person up there, but the way things are, it's pretty difficult. I think if they could have, WRGP would've been glad to have the game.

I know Andrew reads and sometimes comments here, so maybe he can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I've painted a pretty accurate description of the situation. I covered a few road games for the Beacon last season, and I know there isn't much room on the team flight for extra spots.

The beacon needs to change their name. I proposed this last year, but to no avail. I always questioned the name of the paper, i never understood why our paper had such a stupid name. Mr. Charlie Grau informed me that it means that the FIU paper shines a beacon of light on the truth or some crap like that. I know the paper is student run, so thus the students should change the name.

give the paper a more appropriate name. Something like "THE FIU GOLDEN PANTHER" or "THE GOLDEN PANTHER" or "THE GOLDEN PANTHERS PROWL". A variety of names could be proposed, the point is that any one of them would be better than the beacon. although i do have to say that the sports coverage is much better this year than previous years. Last year sports columns were a joke. Too many WY cheerleaders.

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