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From North To Middle

Before we get to the challenge of Middle Tennessee that awaits your Golden Panthers on Saturday, let's wrap up the 42-10 win over North Texas.Ty_2

The tone of that game was set from the opening FIU drive. Yes, I know the Golden Panthers were stopped on 4th down at the NT 10, but we saw that FIU was more than capable of moving the ball downfield 70 yards on the Mean Green. From there it was all downhill for the FIU O.

Something we had not seen from FIU most of this season was the deep passing game, but Paul McCall and the WRs showed that FIU can hit the home run. The 65-yard TD to T.Y. Hilton was precise as PM dropped the ball just in front of Good-Bye who caught it in stride and never looked back.

The TD pass in the corner of the end zone to Greg Ellingson was a nifty one too. And once FIU showed it could hit the deep pass, the running lanes opened.

Speaking of running, Daunte Owens had a nice debut averaging 5 yards a carry and gaining 25 total. The O-line kept PM clean with the exception of one sack.

The D-line benefited from the return of Reggie Jones (1 sack), who made like Reggie Bush on his INT return hurdling an NT player. Quentin Newman and Jonathan Betancourt had nice games. The Golden Rb Panthers put more pressure on the QB in this game than in any of the first 4 and they'll need more of that against MT.

The FIU D again was suffocating against NT. You could tell from watching the game how much faster FIU was compared to NT. El Oso was his usual stellar self and Matt Garris, now healthy, had a solid game.

The secondary did not allow anything deep, but like someone mentioned on the live blog sometimes they went for the kill shot instead of wrapping up and it cost them yardage. In this game it didn't matter, but in what should be a dogfight with the Blue Raiders this Saturday those extra 10-15 yards given up could be back breakers, especially when it appears they have the opposing O stopped.

Special teams -- which you can read a story about in Tuesday's MH that's why this Monday blog is a little late -- have been outstanding all season and that continued vs. NT. O' Darris D' Haiti and Blue25 teamed up on the punt block/TD return.

Punter Carlos Munera has had a quiet solid season placing several punts inside the 10. The dude does have a heck of a leg.Ups

The only thing FIU did not accomplish was the shutout -- which had not happened since FIU shut out Butler 42-0 in the inaugural season. MC went nuts and got an unsportsmanlike penalty when NT kicked a FG to ruin the shutout. Afterward, MC said he will do up-downs in Tuesday's practice as punishment for getting flagged.


More shakeups in the WIN A GPP BLOG leaderboard after another FIU win (reminder: FIU/Middle Tennessee scores have to be in by 6:59 p.m. GPP Time on Saturday):

5-0 (pts. differential)

FIU Chris (93); Baltimorepanther (106); CJ (111); Ultimate FIU Fan (125).


Clawing Cancer (94), FIUVoice (94); outofthecage88 (96); FIU Love (100); FIUJM (102); FIUBlue82 (105), Gold (105); TheChampionUnderdog (106); NYCFIUFan (110); Puma (111); Fomenter (112), FIU0406 (112); FIUPantherFan (113); Gazi (114); The OC Panther (115); esteban688 (117); FIU Fanatic (121); FIUBlueandGold (127); TNGoldenPanther (129); alt7787 (134).


Max (128); fiufan751 (132), FIUrulez (132); U24/7 (133); gpantera (136), Quijote (136); FIUfantastic (158), MIA/NY Josh (158); CrazyCane (166).


SouthPaw (158).

GPP 4-1, 133.


If your screen name is not listed above, then I did not receive a score from you.

Plenty of positives from Saturday's win against the Mean Green, but which one stood out for you:


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Yea FIU has 150K+ alumni, has been in Div 1A for 3 years and is working on filling up the stadium.

UM has 16K+ students and 2 millions+ fans from just about anyone that can buy a UM car sticker, has been in the college football scene since 1927, and STILL can't fill up a stadium! HAHAHHAHA

I've had friends call me to ask me if I want free Wake Forest tickets cuz they were giving them away. The first home game they had to GIVE away tickets just to get people to consider going.

Look, i never ever get into these UM-FIU debates on this blog, but after reading all these comments i decided to stick my two cents of reason.

Lets go way back when a UM fan started this by congratulating us on beating bad teams. By your own words FIU being "the worst" are cleary beating "better" teams, no matter how good/bad they are we are improving.

On the other hand. UM was once on the highest level of compitition, and have clearly dropped. No one can ever take away the history of UM's legendary football program. But that in no way is helping those boys on the field right now.

Like it or not, FIU's resent woes are expected. No team just wakes up one morning and finds out that they are good. To disagree with that is to degrade all the historical UM players that worked hard on getting your program to where it is. To step on FIU now is like steping on a baby learning to walk. Is there anything tough about that?

The clear reason why UM is pathetic AT THIS POINT is that: THEY HAVE NO EXCUSE TO BE SO BAD. For all the reasons why you argue in UM's defense (5 natl titles... ect) are all the reasons that CONDEMN you!! Someone must have done something extremely wrong to have allowed your drop.

And please spare us the excuse that you guys like to ruffle our feathers... thats the dumbest thing considering you guys are JUST NOT A GOOD TEAM.

i repect UM and i know that they are not a team to take lightly, but all you guys need to realize that NO ONE is "scared" of mighty UM anymore. At one time you guys would have intimidated me... but sorry to break it you guys, at this point you guys are like a loud chihuahua.

Would UM beat FIU right now ... im almost sure of it. But ask yourselves whay are you sizing up 7 year old FIU? Shouldn't you be worried about big-time teams?? Or maybe you guys are starting to realize certain things?

Please guys, im not tying to be condesending or anything like that. I think it is stupid to say that UM is on it's way down. With the same effort that it takes for FIU uses to improve, UM can turn this around and go back to being a top team, and i think they will eventually. But if you guys applied your own mentality of FIU to yourself or any other team then you'll never be able to improve.

So put your blind pride behind you and just realize that if things are not done right even UM will fall. And they are on thier knees right about now, lets see if they get up.

and just a side note real quick:

Because of it's history UM will be evaluated differntly on many things like

Wins/loses,Attendance,recruiting... ect.

> yeah your overall schedule is tougher, on paper. But compare it to the play level of your team (or where it is supposed to be) and of the level that we are at right now and you noticed that your schedule is just as hard to UM as ours is to us.... thus the 2-3 records!! So please !! Don't brag when you should be at least 9-3 every year and are 5-7 or 2-3. We have right to celebrate because we are never supposed to win ... right? (according to you guys)

> considering UM's past shouldn't you guy's sell out almost anygame anywhere?? It dosn't matter the size of the school in Miami, what matters is the reputation of the team. You guys should know that by now!! any where across the country a team that barley wins would be lucky to have a stadium and much less fill it with almost 17,000 people. I garantee that if UM was FIU they would'nt muster 5,000 to a stadium openning, Considering your school size. All the other non-student fan would have never noticed UM had we switched histories. What im trying to get across is that: a 90% full stadium at FIU of 17,000 is much better than a 55% full Dolfin Stadium of 35,000 for UM, again... CONSIDERING OUR HISTORIES.

So in summary. !!!>>>>POUND FOR POUND<<<

wow... it actually cut me off...

POUND FOR POUND... Things at FIU are looking alot better that than at UM right about now... to put it in boxing terms. And that is a FACT!


Go Panthers!


You can only do that one game at a time. No one is screaming National Championship. All they can do is play ONE GAME AT A TIME. All FIU can do is PAINT THE PICTURE - ONE GAME AT A TIME.

Rome wasn't built overnight!!!!!

Man, I really hate when this place devolves into an FIU-UM pissing match.

Why can't UM fans just leave this place be?

Because they obviously feel threatened!
They know we are coming up so they want to try to keep us down!

I agree with the calls for tempered enthusiasm. Let's put things in perspective, we did just pound 2 teams in the Bottom 10 (and wait list), so no huge upsets just yet.


Let these scUM guzzling IDIOTS go about their business, the downward spiral. We'll go about ours.

SO MLS? what happenes to MIA FC? Pete had a "no comment?" Barcelona would be very big !!

FIU 24

UM does not leave the blog alone because people insist on giving them the time....

Let’s do an exercise. For the next two weeks let’s ignore the UM folks and lets see what happens...

Also, the UM fans on this blog enjoy going at it with some of you because it is so easy. Some of you sound ridiculous talking about a Sunbelt championship... I am a huge FIU supporter and I am very excited about our success... But please at the risk of sounding cliché... One Game At a Time....

Go FIU... I am bringing six people with me… PACK THE HOUSE!!

Agree with you totaly WhosHouse.

We need to alwasys keep things in perspective. The whole "for what it is worth" mentality.

For what its worth we have beaten two teams that are not good. So far we have only shown that we can win 2 games. Improvement? Definetly. But nothing deserving any sunbelt championship. Lets not get delusional, we are still bottom feeders and cannot afford to look past what is in our face.

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