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How FIU Can Make It Sweet Home Alabama

Fiuhelmet Less than 48 hours to kickoff for the most important game to date in your 6-year-oldTroy  FIU football program's history. Both the Golden Panthers and Troy sit atop the Sun Belt standings and only one team will be there come Sunday, along with the winner of the ULL/Arkansas State game this Saturday.

Of the last 3 games this season for FIU, this one will be the toughest -- it doesn't matter how many players are on the injured list for Troy. Injury lists are never accurate anyway, just ask Bill Belichick. The only Trojan out for sure is starting QB Jamie Hampton, who tore his knee vs. Florida Atlantic.

Regardless, the Golden Panthers will be hard pressed for a victory in Troy. The Trojans have a slew of talented players all around and that includes their backup QBs, of which one has not been named a Mgs_2 starter yet.

However, since they actually play these games on the field and not in cyberspace, FIU can leave Movie Gallery Stadium (left) in Troy with a happy ending and not have to wait for the sequel vs. Troy next year at FIU Stadium.

Here's what FIU has to do to turn Troy, Alabama into a sweet home.Ls_2

Gppaw A must on O is to start fast and score a touchdown or two early. The Golden Panthers cannot wait until the second quarter or second half to get the O going. Although, Movie Gallery Stadium only holds 30,000 it is a hostile environment when the home team has momentum and all the Alabamites get into it.

Gppaw_2 To get the O going, FIU needs an RB and not PM (left) to lead the running game. PM showed last week against Middle Tennessee that he can run when he has to, but FIU does not need PM to act like Tim Tebow-South to lead its O on the ground. FIU controls the clock, moves Pm_2 the chains and gets production from its run game, then watch PM and the FIU receivers have a field day.

Gppaw_3 Having seen a few Troy games this season, must say this is a very physical team. FIU O players be ready to hang onto the ball. The Trojans like to go for the strip and cause fumbles. Watch out for Troy LBs Boris Lee and Bear Woods -- No. 1 & 2 in tackles and Lee has 2 INTs. Even Troy has its own Oso in Woods. Guess, the first name Tiger was taken by some golfer.

Gppaw_4 FIU D has to stop the relentless Troy run game lead by DuJuan Harris and 224-pound bruiser Maurice Greer. And of course watch out for Troy's T.Y. in WR Jerrel Jernigan, who can line up at RB and QB. With whichever backup QB Troy uses, you can expect them to bring the run first and then hit FIU with play-action passes.

Gppaw_5 Special teams could decide this one if its close. Troy K Sam Glusman is 9 for 9 in FGs and 3 for 3 from 40 to 49 yards. FIU will need some kind of spark here from either a block, a TO or a T.Y.

Still not sure about the score or outcome on this one. So I will think about it on the plane ride to Montgomery, Ala. on Friday morning and post a predicted score and thoughts on the GPP tommorrow from Bama.


Gppaw_6 Don't forget we got a couple of LIVE GPP Blogs lined up in the next 6 days. Saturday, we'll be LIVE on the GPP around 6:45 p.m. Miami time from Movie Gallery Stadium as your Golden Panthers go for an unprecedented 4th straight win.

Next Wednesday, the GPP will be LIVE from University Park Stadium for a LIVE FIU baseball blog when your Golden Panthers take on Team Ontario in an exhibition game. Game time is 6 p.m. and admission is free to the game. We'll be on-line around 5:45 p.m.

Gppaw_7 Last chance to get in scores for FIU/Troy for the WIN A GPP BLOG is at 6:59 p.m. GPP Time on Saturday.

Let's get your thoughts on what is the most important thing FIU must do to beat Troy:


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panther viscosity: When will we know if Miami got selected for one of the two open slots for the expansion?

It could be as early as December of this year or by Jan./Feb. of 2009.

Just a heads up...

NOTICE: FIU vs Troy Game Watch, Saturday October 18, 2008

Due to a possible scheduling conflict, the Game Watch party may be moved to the FIU Football Stadium Club. Please check back after 4PM on Friday, October 17, 2008 for confirmation.

Here is my prediction
Troy 21
FIU 20

Funny how everybody is jumping in the soccer bandwagon. Toros, Gatos, Strikers, Fusion (They did play 2 years at the OB), FC whatever playing at Tropical. What do they have in common ?. Bankruptcies, relocation, disbanded.

Guys stop dreaming, Soccer is BORING. Besides who's going to pay to go those games. The OB was NEVER SOLD OUT when the international teams came to play. The local leagues couldn't give the tickets away.

Spaniards are known as "very tight" when it comes to money. I'll love to see who pays the $40M fee to MLS. Is it the Bolivian Guy or the Spanish Club ?.

The Real Madrid(who's the signature club in Spain)have a developmental team working out at Tamiami why didn't they jump at FIU?.

I just hope that FIU didn't get taken for a ride.

FIU 17
Troy 10

Train kept a'rollin.

I'll be there. Riding up with the SGA bus. Should be fun.

Here we go again with the Watch Party...

It's either at Football Stadium or Basketball gym. What FIU needs to do is have staff standing outside both and directing fans to the right one.

Don't just hope people find the right place!

There's no doubt in my mind that FIU is going to win!


I hope to see a good crowd wherever the watch party is at.

Troy 31, FIU 21

Ok ladies and gentlemen,

I have found myself brainstorming lately on a new tradition that FIU can begin. Something similar to the Gator chomp, UM’s U or FSU’s spear throw.

Considering how panthers pounce on their prey and in addition, considering that our stadium is constructed of metal bleachers, I have finally thought of our signature panther call. Hear me out…

Everyone screams F (then stomps with their left foot) I (then stomps with their right foot) U (then jumps up and stomps with both feet) F.I.U!!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!!!

Please feel free to add to this but the reason that I like this is because it is unique in the sense that we are not using our hands like every other school and we are combining both how a panther pounces on their prey and our metal bleachers.

Seriously, if we get 18K people to do this at the same time, that can be both loud and intimidating. Thoughts?

Also, I could picture Roary leading us in this chant...

Again, I would like to read some thoughts on this or some possible add on's?

These chants and traditions will take care of themselves, never you worry....

gold i like the idea.. that makes it original.. but.. i hope the new med school is ready to repair a bunch of knees after football games lol thats alot of wear and tear on the joint lmao but really i like hte idea

o and pete.. ive been ahving a hard time with my prediction.. FIU is riding high on that three game win streak but have never beaten troy... Troy is down a starting qb, and possibly C and DE.. yet the game is in bama.. its a tough call.. but i will take what i know bout football it is hard as hell to come on and win w/ a backup QB... its even harder to win w/o your starting center/qb exchange.. im goin to say its goin to be a very close game.. and go FIU 24-21... troy will find some running room which will scare me to death agaisnt ULL .. but this week its troy.. and i think FIU pulls off the upset

I'am hoping Arkansas State loses. If we win at Troy, that would put us in 1st place, overall and in conference play with ULL.

When and Where is the Shula Bowl going to be played?

Hey guys,

Here is my prediction

FIU 20
Troy 15

Go panthers

When is FIU going to get respect from the media?

Do you see FIU make an eventual move to a bigger name conference like the Big East one day?


National media doesn't respect SunBelt...honestly they have no need to. We've already received some mention on ESPN and others, which is a lot considering we are indeed in the SunBelt. Local media seems to be giving us more attention lately, and as the wins pile on that will only increase.

As far as your Big East talk, we need to take baby steps. Let's win a few Sun Belt conference titles first and complete our facilities and then we'll revisit.

In order to compete in a higher conference, our other athletic departments need to have upgrades both on and off the field. The ACC would've never accepted UM had they not approached them with their on campus basketball arena concepts, which have been finalized and is quite nice.

Before Big East, I'm thinking C-USA by 2015.

FIU4ever.. FIU isnt going to move to a bigger conference.. at least not till it CONTINUALLY domniates the Sun Belt.. in at least the big 3 sports.. football, basketball, baseball. i could see that day coming in football and if turtle is as good as he's being sold to be.. i can see it in baseball as well.. but basketball is the question mark.. personaly i would love to see the belt become one of the Mid-majors in the future

I see what you mean. Is there any plans as far as upgrading the Basketball arena? I see basketball being the one area that is going to be tough to improve.


Not sure if we really need to be at our peak in all three sport segments in the 'Belt in order ot upgrade. The Canes have always been basketball bottom dwellers in the Big East yet were able to jump to ACC on their arena plans and football and baseball strength.

I see the Big East as a great option for the future.

* Excellent football programs.

* Strong connection with all the northerners that live that here.

* Basketball conference is one of the elite.
(Louisville, Uconn, Syracuse, GT etc.

FIU - 21
Troy - 17

talkin bout changing conferences is thinkin WAY to far ahead .. the entire program/school/supporters should only be thinking about one thing.. and thats BEAT TROY

Fine. We will leave it for another day.

I would hate to see us jump to Conf-USA. We need to make one jump and that's to the Big East, whether it's next year or next decade but just 1 jump. The Big East will need to add teams to eventually qualify to play a conference championship game, I think they are waiting patiently for the other Florida teams to mature and then extend the invite to us all. If they were not waiting for us, UCF and FAU then why not make a move already, there's more money to be made if they were a conference championship league? The Big East would then own the biggest piece of Florida college football, and what better state to own in college footbal than Florida!

Plus you have to think they want the Orlando and South Florida market pretty bad after losing Miami and Boston, they need bigger markets but the teams must be competitive before that move happens....we're getting there.

I agree, one correct jump, to the Big East.

No Conference USA. Only jump to BCS conferences.

Even Canes fans would come to the Panther Bowl to see big teams like West Virgina, Pitt and Louisville...and of course Syracuse...

The Big East should be the only conference FIU should leave the SBC for.

Nobody would fill the Canes's Big East spot better than FIU!

Ok, here's my prediction:

FIU 24
Troy 20


That's what I say. And along with that, they will benefit greatly in basketball.

Talk about recruiting! You get to go to FIU and play in the Big East! There would have to be a huge benefit!


Our BOYS go to Troy and lay the wood on their QBs !!!

FIU 31 - TROY 13

Panthers ROAR !!!

FIU 24, Troy 21

Why have we all forgotten the GPP coined phrase....time to bring it back...


FIU 21



Troy 23 FIU 21

Im going to agree with CJ... and a couple others.

FIU 24

I just gotta believe we will win this.

GPP Nation, before we blog about another conference like Big East, etc., we need to DOMINATE the conference that we're in! Make a few bowl appearances as Sun Belts champs, go dancing in March a few times with b-ball and make a few College World Series in baseball and THEN bring on those conference discussions.

Lets just focus on the NOW, which is our HUGE test @ Troy.


FIU 21
Troy 17

Why is it so hard to find any info on the Watch Party? I found nothing on FIU's website. No FIU emails have been sent out.

The staff really needs to get their ISH together!

Ultimate I agree with you. Let's just focus on the task at hand.

Pete, glad the Miami Herald is sending you to Alabama. The more we win, the more they'll decide to cover FIU sports.

Question for anyone or you Pete, are there High School Football games being played at FIU this year? Thanks in advance.

GO FIU!!! We can win biggest game in our football history.

FIU P&L, I totally agree it is ABSOLUTELY pathetic that we are trying to rely on non fiu communication methods to get info about this FIU sponsored and hosted event.

FIU Atheltics has to get their $hit together.

The info was posted on Facebook. They seriously need to get it together and advertise these things better.


The FIU vs TROY Game Watch party location has been changed to the FIU Stadium Club. Entrance to the Stadium Club is through gate 3 on the south side of the FIU Football Stadiuml. Kickoff is at 7:00 PM. There will be free Pizza, snacks and sodas for FIU students and fans on a first come first served basis. Come support your team and show that Golden Panther Pride!

Please note, no face or body paint will be allowed entrance to the Stadium Club.

thanks miri

what is the facebook site name?

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