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Midseason + 1 Musings: WRs, TEs & OL

As we wrap up our look at the FIU offense halfway through the season + 1 game, we'll find the strengthBf_3  of the offense, a couple of the most improved offensive players and a need for more beef.

By the way, is everyone having trouble posting comments on the GPP? I've tried to answer your questions in the comments section, but the system does not allow me to. I have contacted MH IT to get this straightened out.

If you are having trouble posting comments, drop me a quick e-mail at ppelegrin@miamiherald.com to let me know. Thanks.

Back to the Golden Panthers offense.

RECEIVERS & TIGHT ENDSApaw Apaw_3 Apaw_4 Apaw_5

Through the first 7 games of the season, the talk or sign-off and with good reason has been T.Y. Goodbye (below, left). I can't recall a freshmen making a bigger first impression in FIU's 6-year history. El Monstruo may come close, but he played most of his snaps on special teams his first season at FIU.

T.Y. -- who gets good natured ribbing chants of "Goodbye, Goodbye" from his teammates whenever they see him being interviewed -- has done it all in the first half of the season. The only concern thus far is Gety he needs more size to make it through the rigors of D-I football.

It may be a close call as to who has better hands: T.Y. or Greg Ellingson (left, lifting T.Y.)? GE has really come on thus far and made some terrific catches. Although not as fast as T.Y. (then again who is?), GE has become a dependable receiver for PM.

Freshman Junior Mertile (below, right) may not have the yards, but he's tied with T.Y. for the team lead in catches (17) and has the breakaway speed to take one all the way.

Jeremy Dickens and Marquis Rolle have made some catches, but the Golden Panthers need more out of them in the final 5 games.Jr_2

Along with GE, tight end Eric Kirchenberg might be one of the most improved players on O. EK has shown some good hands this season and run some nice routes. He's also been a steady blocker in the run game and on punt ST.

If not for the early season dropsies, this group of pass catchers would have received 5 paws, but their 4 paws is the most handed out thus far.


The play of the O-line thus far has been inconsistent. To be fair, there have been injuries and not having Mount Mack also hurts.

While there have been games such as Toledo, North Texas and Middle Tennessee when PM has been kept clean and the run game has gotten some openings, but then you also have last week's showing against Troy where the Trojans D-line overmatched the FIU O-line.

Yes, the Golden Panthers need to get more beef upfront and another season with all the regulars healthy will only help. Plus, you can bet MC is bringing in reinforcements through recruiting.

But for FIU to challenge for the Sun Belt title this season and/or try and land an SBC tie-in bowl invite, the O-line will need to have more Toledo/NT/MT showings.

We'll move on over to the defensive front 7 on the next post.


Apaw_8 Got plenty of time to get your scores in for the FIU/ULL game next Saturday. Deadline is 4:59 p.m. GPP Time next Saturday, Nov. 1.

Apaw_9 Will have a LIVE GPP Blog from Lafayette, Louisiana next Saturday beginning at 4:45 p.m. Miami time. Game time is 5 p.m.

We all know the obvious answer to FIU's offensive MVP in the first half of the season, but here's a more intriguing question up for debate and vote and why not since it's an election year:


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No problem posting Pete. Assuming the production continues, what are the chances of TY being a freshman All-American? Can you do a grading of this year's freshman class to see, outside of TY how the others are doing?


FIU 24 Lafayette 21

There definitely seems to be some problem with posting.

The TE position has produced one of the biggest surprises of the season - Jonathan Faucher. And also one of the biggest disappointments - Moses Hinton. I really hope Hinton can make a few big plays the last few games of his college career. He looked like he was going to be a big time player early on in his career.

Did you guys see FAU and ULM last night, ULM coach gave the game away, he made two mistakes that allowed FAU to score 10 points and 7 of them in the last minute to win the game. I think we have a good chance to win against both of those teams.

Will we be able to pull something off against ULL? that's the question. We have games against ULL, AS & FAU. FAU is right behind us and the play NT in 2 weeks.
Just like Lee Corso says, " Not so fast my friend"

great blog.....the only blog worth reading in the miami herald

I like Mertile, but he needs to get used to getting hit. He curls up at the point of contact every time he touches the ball.


I'll be out of country during the next two games so i'll put my predictions for both games here now:

FIU 35, UL - LAF 24

FIU 38, Ark State 35

FIU 22
ULL 20

FIU 22
ULL 20

I wouldn't care if Mertile whimpered like a baby everytime before getting hit as long as he holds onto the ball and doesn't fumble it. I'll take a guy who does that over a guy who always tries to make something out of nothing and ends up fumbling that ball half the time. The first guy wins and the second guy loses.

FIU 21
ULL 17

FIU 21
ULL 17


Is the game vs. ULL going to be televised ?

Go FIU!!!

This is a tough one to call, who will show up the FIU team that dominated NT, Toledo, and Middle, or the one that shot itself in the foot against Troy. I like our chances in this one and with the extra week to prepare I am very interested to see how Mario adjusted.

FIU 27 ULL 18

Pete question, what are the "experts" saying about our basketball team? Where do they expect them to place in the SunBelt?


This is a tough one to call, but I think Mario will have our team ready with the off week.

FIU 27
ULL 18

Also, Pete, what are the experts saying about our basketball team. Where do they think FIU will finish in the conference?


Ultimate FIU Fan: Assuming the production continues, what are the chances of TY being a freshman All-American? Can you do a grading of this year's freshman class to see, outside of TY how the others are doing?

Tough to say right now since we're only halfway through the season, but if T.Y. continues his productivity in the 2nd half of the season I don't see why he would not get freshman All-American consideration.

We'll have a FIU freshman blog during the next bye week after the Arkansas State game.

PLP Consulting: Pete, Is the game vs. ULL going to be televised ?

NO TV for this week's game, BUT you can watch the game LIVE on ULL's athletics website on their Ragin' Cajun Pass video.

Also, you can follow along here on the GPP where we will have a LIVE blog from Lafayette, La. starting around 4:45 p.m. on Saturday.

NYCFIUFan: Pete question, what are the "experts" saying about our basketball team? Where do they expect them to place in the SunBelt?

Most preseason publications have FIU hoops finishing in the middle of the pack in the Sun Belt.

Might be a bit lower with all the preseason injuries FIU has sustained: Galindo, Otero and Badara N'Diaye.

N'Diaye is lost for the season with knee surgery.

Galindo and Otero have an outside chance to return for Sun Belt play or could be lost for the season as well. There is no definite answer yet on both those injuries.

FIU 34

ULL 28

I think it'll be high scoring game this weekend. Hopefully our D can make some big plays or even score like they did against Middle Tennessee. The 2 week preparation for this game is huge.


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