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No Place Like Home

Logo Most of the new FIU non-conference football schedule is out and it's all BCS and Central Florida. Of the 20 OOC Ucf_2 games FIU plays between 2010-2014, 12 have been scheduled and all the matchups are an equal number of home-and-home games.

Am PG said that FIU will only schedule home-and-home games from now on to give the Golden Panthers an average of 6 homers per year and in some seasons it could be 8 home games, if we count the Florida Atlantic game as a home game since its either at FIU or at Dolphin Stadium.

FIU is in talks with teams from the SEC, Pac-10 and other ACC and Big East teams to fill out the Ul_3 remaining 8 games. Again with the deal being that the Golden Panthers will play an equal number of times at that team's stadium and an equal Duke number of times at FIU Stadium.

Here's the sked, let's hear what you think:

2010 - at Texas A&M; at UCF (2 games left to fill).

2011 - home vs. UCF; at Louisville; home vs. Duke (1 game to fill).

2012 - at Duke; home vs. Louisville (2 games to fill).

2013 - home vs. Texas A&M; home vs. UCF (those are the 1st 2 games of the season); at Louisville (1 game to fill).

2014 - at UCF (season opener); home vs. Louisville (2 games to fill).

When FIU agrees to new OOC games, they will be posted on here.

Vote on the new OOC sked and tells us in the comments section which college football team, not listed, would you most like to see come play at FIU Stadium.


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