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Off The Field With: Scott Bryant

Let's take a little break from the regular blog news-type postings to try something different. Would like to start up a new feature on the GPP where occasionally we'll take some time out to talk off the field/court/diamond with a Golden Panther. First up: linebacker Scott Bryant. Sb

GPP: When coach Cristobal took over at FIU he installed a dress code for when you guys travel. So who is the best dressed player on the team?

SB: It's a three-way tie between James Jones, Jarvis Wilson and Artis Warthen. They come with their gator shoes on. Real sharp dressers all three of them. I just put on my shirt and tie and get on the plane.

Shoes GPP: What was the game day atmosphere like for the first game at the new FIU Stadium?

SB: It was crazy. It was intense. It was surprising not to be able to hear football calls on the field and hear players say "What was the call?" We were like "It's so loud out here".

GPP: You went to Lakeland High, home of the Dreadnaughts. When you first heard of the mascot's name did you have to go on-line and find out what a Dreadnaught was?

SB: I had to go on-line and find out what exactly is a Dreadnaught. I thought about dreads. I thought about it being naughty. No, was wrong on both. A dreadnaught is a battleship.Battleship_00001_2

GPP: Since you arrived at FIU you have been real good doing interviews and public speaking. But I'm sure you've had a slip up at some point during an interview. What was it?

SB: Forgetting the question. I try to pull things out of my head to answer the question that sometimes I tend to think too hard and I forget the question. I'll stop and ask "What was the question again?"

GPP: If you were to try another sport at FIU what would it be?

SB: Baseball. I played outfield and first base in high school. I don't remember my average, but I was a pretty solid hitter.

GPP: Speaking of solid hitters, who is the greatest linebacker ever?

SB: Ray Lewis. He's a leader and he's non-stop about what he does. The intensity and hard work is just obvious. The team follows him and looks up to him and he's confident in what he does.

Sb_2 Bt GPP: Which famous person have people told you that you resemble?

SB: I get jumped about Booker T (near right), the wrestler from the WWE. He has dreads. People are always like "Booker T, Booker T".

GPP: There is a lot of wrestling interest on this current FIU team? You have Andy Leavine, who came up with the name "The Divine Leavine" for when he pursues a wrestling career. Michael Dominguez is a wrestling fan and when they were younger Coach Cristobal and his brother had two tag team names: The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Flying Plantain Brothers. Which one of those two names would you pick if you were coach's wrestling manager?

SB: I like the Burritos. It's just hot down here and that's what Burritos are.

GPP: Here is the million dollar question FIU fans on the GPP have wanted to know for a long time: Which nickname do you prefer Scott "Buzzsaw" Bryant or Scott "El Oso" Bryant?

SB: I'm going to go with "El Oso", because a bear is unstoppable and once he has you in contain you're Bear going down.

GPP: So what would your wrestling name be?

SB: The Outstanding Oso.

**On the next "Off The Court": FIU's two-time All-American Yarimar Rosa


**Reminder, the WIN A GPP BLOG scores for FIU/North Texas have to be in by 6:59 p.m. GPP Time on Saturday.

Still going to do the question/answer session of the Pawse in the comments section inside the post, but wanted to keep the Pawse here to separate other blog stuff from the main post.

The GPP Worldwide Readership keeps rolling with a new state and a new country joining the Prowl. In our last couple of polls, readers have chimed in from Honolulu, Hawaii and Venezuela. Someone in Venezuela did not like any of our choices for T.Y. Hilton nicknames. Over in the 50th state of union and 34th state of the GPP, someone thinks overconfidence could be the biggest hurdle FIU must overcomeHaw_2 against North Texas.

On to the scorecard: The GPP is read in 34 STATES: ALA, ARI, CA, COL, FLA, GA, HI, IDAHO, IL, IND, IOWA, KAN, KY, LA, MASS, MD, MICH, MIN, MISS, MO, NEB, NC, NJ, NY, OH, ORE, PA, RI, SC, TEN, TEX, VA, VER, WIS.

15 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Brazil, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

So let's poll it up and see what you good people think and also vote on the new GPP feature.

Be blogging to you from Denton, Texas at some point Friday with the FIU/NT game preview and predicted score. And don't forget we'll try a LIVE GPP BLOG from Saturday's game.


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I came up with "TD Hilton" nickname but to be honest, I would prefer it be "T.D. Hilton". The periods would seem cool and consistant with his real name.

Anyways, thanks as always and I like the idea of the AOL sigh off tone when "T.D. Hilton scores a TD. lol


FIU 24
NT 17

See pete, you and i are on the same page....

T.Y!!! "good-bye!"

TY Beanie Baby

Let's got FIU 27 NT 13

What happened to South Florida - man those guys suck. They lost to Pitt. I guess now that team is on the decline, and it is time to fire their coach and it is all b/c they are scared of what FIU is becoming. Or maybe it is because they play in an off campus stadium and cant get the recruits FIU can. So many questions about these top teams who lose to unranked opponants (USF,UF,USC, etc...) I guess they are all just fearing the sleeping giant FIU.

Crazy cane maybe they are not fearing FIU but for sure they are not fearing the mighty tropical depression, because one of those teams shut you team down and made your coach cry like a little girl.
Anyway anything can happen in football, and I think USF is a little over rated, they are a good team, but like someone said here before they play at the level of their opponent rather than to set their style and tempo.
About your team, I hope you guys have a great game agains the Seminoles and that yo'all end with a tie 0-0 or 100-100 I really don't like or care about either team.

Pete can we have an update about the volleyball team this weekend please? I heard they are doing well, but they don't get much coverage.

Congrats to our guys on the win !!!!

I am overseas right now and can't wait to get back in town on sunday night...

FIU 24 UNT 13

Scott Bryant is a beast. During the USF game FIU was pinned at their own 2 yard line and he shut down two runs with some hard hits to force a field goal.

Very tough guy, that hit he laid on the Kansas receiver is still a great youtube clip.

Love the new interviews on the blog but think it would be better placed mid-week, not the day before the game.

We should be getting jacked on what is going to happen tomorrow and running through game day scenarios. What's happening with tomorrow's opponent and what we should be looking for and what we need to stop.

Does UNT have a bunch of the same starters as last year? or has the team turned-over (like FAU seems to have done; sorry couldn't help getting that jab in)

Are they running the same offense? who's leading the team in rushing, receiving.

Is their defense a menace? any watch list players?

What about our guys? is the injury report up to date?

Is T.Y. our Dante Culpepper?

Like I said, I love hearing about our guys but I'm getting jacked for the game and want to know everything I can about the upcoming battle. Maybe that's just me ;), but I doubt it.

Go Panthers !!!

Oh Crazy, you so Crazy!!

5-1 is still better than 2-2. No?

FIUfantastic - huh? Who is 5-1?


South Florida is 5-1 bobo

Someone is desperately senseless in his arguments...LOL....

Let's go FIU!!!! With this first victory on the road against a FBS team, we can say, once again.....TDAOS!!!!

Go FIU!!


I understand your point about USF, yes, one loss does not mean the program is on the decline. Or that the coach should be fired.

I dont think UM is on the decline; I think it already hit rock bottom. Anybody can have a bad game (see #1 USC vs Oregon). But coming off a 5-7 season, not making it to a bowl game, winning only 2 ACC games (one against Dook and a lucky escape from FSU, trust me, I was there...) means that this program needs to be restructured completely.

They have SO much talent, but the play calling, on both Offense and Defense has been horrible. I dont think RS is the problem, or the players, but the guys calling the plays need to open up the books and go all out - nothing to lose.

FIU, we can say is not on the decline, because they've only been in existence since 2005. They're going to have horrible seasons and make tons of mistake (see UMs first 50 years).

I'am a big Canes fan and hate to see The U in this state, hoping and nervous before each and every game. But I'am also a huge Panthers fan because it's my Alma Mater.

What I'am trying to say is, dont generalize FIU fans and make us seem like we think FIU is greatest team around.

I do beleive we're sleeping giants and we will be extremly relavant in 10 years. Why? Because FIU is in Miami, plain and simple. And FIU is an excellent program that keeps learning and growing.

Trust me, I would not mind it one bit if we had 2 programs competing for National Championships.

Pete, campeon! Could you please share viewing plans for the GPP nation (bars, streaming options, stadium?)


My predition is
FIU 26
NT 14

TheChampionUnderdog: See pete, you and i are on the same page....T.Y!!! "good-bye!"

Sure looks like it. Just arrived in Texas, will have a new blog up soon.

Baltimorepanther: Pete can we have an update about the volleyball team this weekend please? I heard they are doing well, but they don't get much coverage.

Glad you asked. I wrote a story on the FIU girls that is scheduled to run in Saturday's paper. So check the MH website tommorrow for it. FIU plays 2 of the Sun Belt's best v-ball teams (Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky) this weekend on the road. The girls are 12-3. Will have Yarimar Rosa's interview on here early next week.


Good suggestion to keep the new GPP feature early to mid-week. Will have all the particulars on tommorrow's game on here soon.

Quijote: Pete, campeon! Could you please share viewing plans for the GPP nation (bars, streaming options, stadium?)

Bars that get ESPN regional will carry the game. You can also catch the game at North Texas's website via live video. And there will be a watch party at the Stadium Club at FIU Stadium.


I'm a alum, student, alumni association lifetime member and panther clube member. do i need any other credential to gain access to the Stadium Club on Saturday to attend the watch party?

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