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Tackling Troy

TROY, ALABAMA -- Football weather has arrived in Troy and just in time for Saturday's big Sun Belt 1st place tussle between your Golden Panthers and Troy.

A rainy, cold day on Friday in Troy with temps around the low 60's. Down in Miami, that would qualify as cold. Might have been a turnover-fest if this kind of weather holds for Saturday's game, but a check of the forecast has FIU and Troy playing in perfect high 50's, low 60's clear weather conditions on Saturday.Lee_2   

Driving to the hotel from the airport on Friday morning had me thinking I was in the middle of Hazzard County (Yes, I know that's in Georgia) with all the country scenery around Alabama. The nice, long drive also had me thinking about the game.

You can read my thoughts on what FIU has to do to win this game in the previous blog. Still can't bring myself to picking FIU in this one. The way I see it (borrowing that phrase from the Starbucks green tea cup sitting to my left) Troy is like the New England Patriots of the Sun Belt -- just a good overall team year in, year out. But no, not, this season's Pats with Matt Cassel flubbing it Pats_2 for Tom Brady.

The Trojans are more like the Pats in that they have enough playmakers to rise to the occasion despite missing their starting QB. And granted Troy injured QB Jamie Hampton is no Brady. But having watched Troy in a couple of games this season, must say they have the talent on both sides of the ball and in special teams to overcome the Golden Panthers.

Of course, if FIU and QB Paul McCall go out and pull a N.Y. Giants/Eli Manning "Super" impression, then as they say in these neck of the woods "Y'all, can come on back here and tell me so".Eli

GPP THINKS: Troy 27, FIU 20


Apaw LIVE GPP BLOG begins Saturday around 6:45 p.m. Miami time. We're one hour back here in Bama.

Apaw_2The FIU volleyball ladies keep on rolling defeating South Alabama on Friday night and take on Troy at 1 p.m. on Saturday. Planning to head on down to Troy early Saturday to check out the Golden Panthers v-ballers.


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Hope you're wrong Pete and that we pull of a win on this one.

troy 20 fiu 21

I know FIU wins this and we shall see a cover story on Miami Herald Sports page.

I'll post this from the last blog entry...

The FIU vs TROY Game Watch party location has been changed to the FIU Stadium Club. Entrance to the Stadium Club is through gate 3 on the south side of the FIU Football Stadiuml. Kickoff is at 7:00 PM. There will be free Pizza, snacks and sodas for FIU students and fans on a first come first served basis. Come support your team and show that Golden Panther Pride!

Please note, no face or body paint will be allowed entrance to the Stadium Club.

Posted by: Miri

This game will come down to turnovers and field position. I see:

Troy 24
FIU 21

Let's go FIU!

I really hope we pull this one off.

I'll be rooting for them at the Stadium or Kendall Ale House. Let's get it done.

Can't wait for game time tonight! Good luck Panthers, give em hell!

FIUfantastic: When and Where is the Shula Bowl going to be played?

November 29 at Dolphin Stadium...game time has not been decided yet, but likely at 4 p.m.

FIUJM: Question for anyone or you Pete, are there High School Football games being played at FIU this year?

Yes, they started playing at FIU 2 weeks ago.


As Pete said there are HS games at FIU Stadium. The other night I was running near housing and caught the tail end of Felix Varela vs Palmetto.

Great recruiting tool if you ask me...

FIU 13 - Troy 27

Lets go panthers! lets get it done today!

Was wondering if someone could answer a couple questions for me, What Bowl game could FIU qualify for if they happen to go to one this year? and what does it take to qualifiy to go to a bowl game? thanks for the info....


I believe you need a minimum of 6 wins to be invited to a bowl. Last year, the SunBelt Conference only had one bowl they qualified for. So even though we had teams with more than 6 wins, only the Champion went to the R&L New Orleans Bowl.

This year, we SunBelt announced we could get invited to an additional 3 more bowls. So if FIU, or any other SunBelt teams has a better overall record than the teams that usually get invited to those 3 specific bowls, we could see a SunBelt team going bowling.

I believe the 3 bowls are the Independence Bowl, The Papa Johns Bowl and the St. Petersburg Bowl.

Hope that helps...

FIUfantastic thanks for the info! GO FIU!


As Pete said there are HS games at FIU Stadium. The other night I was running near housing and caught the tail end of Felix Varela vs Palmetto.

Great recruiting tool if you ask me...

Posted by: cobracommandr | October 18, 2008 at 11:52 AM

I know it could help for recruiting. Other night I drove around stadium and lights were on, that's why I was curious.

Strange how FIU is now the underdog by +10pts. It initially started at 7pts. Wonder if weather might play a factor today.

GO FIU!!! Keep on playing with your confidence.

I'm not a football expert since I started to follow college football and FIU this year because I'm a freshman. I think FIU can make this happen.

I'll leave the score prediction to the experts.

GO F-I-U!!!

I have a son on the FIU football team, he's Joey Harris #86 TE - he is redshirtting this season, but look out next year!!!! I can't wait to go watch him play next season!!! GO FIU


I like your Eli Manning and Paul McCall parallel because I think PM is just honestly getting it done. It may not be in a glamorous fashion but he is somehow finding a way to lead this team and most importantly, he has squashed the beliefs of those who felt Wayne Younger should be named the new starter. I guess winning is the end-all cure.

Enjoy the game and lets go Golden Panthers even though I still cant get myself to pick a winner.

-Luca Messina

hey where is the watch party finally ?

Troy 24 FIU 20

at the Football stadium...gate 3...in the stadium's club

tahnk you

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