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Greed Is Good...But A Little Perspective

Ul_4 Not a good weekend in the Louisiana bayou for your Golden Panthers and for the GPP, for that matter.

For the second consecutive game, FIU beat itself, but unfortunately in the standings the 2 opponents (Troy, UL) get credit for the wins. We'll get to the Ragin' Cajuns game review in a second, but first, apologies for going off cyberspace during halftime of Saturday's LIVE GPP blog.

Nicest people you'll ever meet in a press box are the UL folks, but the worst wireless service also resides in the UL press box. Wasn't even able to file my FIU notes or game story until after the game and that was from inside the Golden Panthers locker room where the wireless works perfectly.

Had plenty of time to reflect on last Saturday's game driving 2 hours through the bayou on Sunday morning from Lafayette to New Orleans. And had to keep the mind active, because forgot about the daylight savings time change and woke up at 3 a.m. thinking it was 4 to catch a 7 a.m. flight out of N.O. Didn't realize I was 2 hours early for the flight until I saw the clock inside Hertz. So you see your Golden Panthers weren't the only ones from Miami that were lost in Louisiana.Aol_2

Saturday's game actually had a nice start with T.Y. taking the opening kickoff 90 yards for 6 ("1st time that happened in FIU history" -- think we'll be writing the previous phrase often when it comes to T.Y.). Tried to get the UL people to play "Goodbye" after the TD, but they told me to have some more Popeye's gourmet fried chicken and jambalaya (1st time trying either one -- good stuff on both).

FIU kept Tyrell Fenroy underwraps, but again the lack of QB pressure hurt the Golden Panthers and with a mobile QB like Michael Desormeaux you have to take him down when you get the chance. Saw too many times when FIU looked to have a sack and then MD escaped for a 6 or 7-yard run. Lots of missed tackles and on O, too many dropped passes.

Flag Of course, those were just some of FIU's troubles on Sat. The Golden Panthers fell 4 penalties shy of the team record of 17 set against Maine in 2003. Then you have the 2 crucial turnovers in that can-we-hit-the-game-reset-button-2nd quarter.

Although this FIU team is much improved from 2007, the Golden Panthers are not good enough to overcome those self-inflicted mistakes. They are not (insert name of 2008 National Champ here) that can screw up some and still come back and win. FIU doesn't have all the playmakers yet on either side of the ball to mess around and snare a win at the end of the game.

Unlike some that have posted that FIU quit in the second quarter, I don't find that to be the case. The Golden Panthers were playing hard until the end of the game. They are just an inexperienced and not talented enough bunch to know what to do when things go like a snowball into hell like they did in the Snow 2nd quarter.

As for all the penalties, there is no excuse for that. That's a matter of discipline and I think we can all agree that one thing the new coaching staff has brought is discipline. Except for this game in which discipline did not have a seat aboard the FIU plane.

Here's a breakdown of the 13 penalties: 3 false starts, 3 offsides, 3 personal fouls, 2 holding, 1 unsportsmanlike, 1 illegal block. All this needs to be cleaned up.

There are 4 games left (3 Sun Belt games, with Western Kentucky being in transition to the SBC that game does not count toward conference standings). All are at home, Dolphin Stadium is close enough to FIU.

Some FIU fans are antsy with the 2 straight losses, but remember this was a 1-23 team the last 2 years. We've seen FIU triple its win output from last year. It's understandable where you good people are coming from: win 3 games and it's time to get greedy. And in this case: greed is good. Gg_2

However, you only need one hand to count the number of people who honestly believed FIU would be in contention for the SBC title this season.

On the remaining sked, first up, is a tough Arkansas State this Saturday. I thought in the preseason the Red Wolves would be among the favorites in the SBC and they have not disappointed. FIU showed signs of a breakout last year at ASU taking the game until the final kickoff.

The Golden Panthers need to find that identity they had in their 3-game win streak. The last 4 games are all winnable and a 7-5 finish is possible, but like the old saying: 1 at a time. This is only year 2 of re-building the Golden Panthers.

In the wacky Sun Belt anything can happen. Look at Louisiana-Monroe stunning Troy on Saturday and giving the Cajuns sole possession of 1st place in the Sun Belt. Heck, FIU was a total of 2 quarters (3rd qtr at Troy and 2nd qtr at UL) away from being in UL's position right now....The thought of FIU at 4-0 in SBC in November, but really 2-2. I think if I told you either of those records would be the case just 2 months ago all of FIU Nation would take that.


How about those FIU volleyball ladies making it 11 straight with 3 more SBC wins this weekend. The Golden Panthers are now 23-4 and 13-1 leading the Sun Belt.Vb

WIN A GPP BLOG or (2nd place -- 2008 FIU football media guide) Leaderboard (through 8 games):

8-0 (points differential)

Baltimorepanther (162).


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Max (200); gpantera (207); Quijote (242).

GPP: 7-1 (169).

Time to get the UL loss out of your system and let us know what you think of FIU two-thirds through this season:


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It's good to see the expectations raised among the FIU faithful. I was one of those few at the beginning of the season who was expecting more than 3 wins this year. I said then, and I still believe it, that anything less than a 6-6 season will be a disappointment for this team.

Most teams are never as good as fans think they are when they're winning and never as bad as fans think they are when they're loosing. That statement is almost always true.

The key in the remainder of the season for FIU is execution. We didn't do it the last two games and lost. If we can limit our turnovers and penalties in each of the next four games and execute like the coaches drill into the players in practice, we'll win. We have the talent to win out, we just have to play smarter.

Pete, I told Cedric Mack that you agreed to talk to him. He was watching the game @ my house. He was very dissapointed with the play and he is starting to sound more anxious to play. he wants to "lead the o-line."

You have my e-mail... so just let me know how you wanna go by seting up the interview or whatever, so i can pass it on to Ced.


WE lost that game! And what's worse is that its the second one WE lose.

It's time to get our heads back in the game and stomp on Arkansas State. We don't just want to beat them, we need to embarrass them. Get a shutout, make a statement! We are WITHOUT A DOUBT better than them!

See you fans this Sat at the Jungle.
We Are. The Pride. F.I.U.

FIUFloridaPower&Light - that was possibly the g*yest post I have ever read.


Mario fixes FIU's mental mistakes and the panthers win this weekend 34 - 17.


You gotta love it when douche scUM fans are on here reading and posting about FIU at 7AM.

The obsession with FIU by these scUMbags is ridiculous.

lol true that scUMsanitizer


What's the deal with Cedric Mack ?

Was he ever cleared by the NCAA ? Is he enrolled in classes ? At this point, I would tell him to work his tail off in the gym and gear up for BAMA and UF next year.

From what I've seen of him on film, he's impressive - even if it is JUCO competition. I am hopeful that Coach Moore can turn Ula, Andy, Brad, Joe and Cedric into MONSTERS this off season. They'll have 9 months to lean or beef up and get stronger. I'd like to see the day when the FIU O-LINE can toss defenders around...

hows fiu recruiting going? any new commits? whos the one recruit that can make a big impact, ala TY HILTON?




CrazyCane, the things you write are leaps and bounds more h0m0 than anything I've ever even thought of.

I mean, you can't even get off our nuts. How g*y is that?? :/


Cedric is and has been enrolled in classes this semester but he has not been cleared to play. At one point he was down and pessimistic because he was worried about his status. But the Cedric i saw while we where listening to the game (yes, the panther pass worked like crap, kept freezing)was very different, he looked like he wanted to gear up and play at that moment.

I always tell him to never become conformed, to try to keep geting better. I motivated him so much that i challanged him to a trench fight and he accepted LOL. It wasn't pretty. He held me with one hand and didn't even try. (not surprising... im 5'5' 130 lbs... he's 6'4 and about 360 lbs right now lol!)

But one thing i have to give him is that he is really smart. After the game we where watching videos on Rivals.com of some recruits and he is very presice and can find all the mistakes in balance, stance, weight shifting, use of hands. I know i might be bias... but IMO Ced is the best lineman we have. He is solid, quick feet, and just massive, bigger than any we have now.

Having a year off may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Cedrick Mack. We all know how long it takes for an offensive lineman to develop, and he's had another year to mature and get stronger. He can get the bulk of his academics behind him this year and then really focus hard on football in his last two years with a lighter academic load.

This might give him a better shot at the next level. I can't wait to see the improvement in our OL next year with Cedrick leading the way.

The mistakes are frustrating as hell but they have to be expected with a team that is older than last year's but overall still young and learning.In any event, a loss is a loss but the fact that the Golden Panthers are overachieving leaves hope in the remaining SBC games, seriously.

The most important thing for the team will be avoiding a snowball effect from a bad 49-20 loss. Meaning,if they are not mentally in check and stagnant offensively, several losses could be in the cards excluding an awful WKU team.

If the team has moved on from the past two debacles and takes things like you had mentioned: one game at a time, then 7 wins is not asking too much.

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