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Did The Party Poopers From Miami Make The Trip?

Fiuhelmet LAFAYETTE, La. -- There's a party-like atmosphere brewing here in Lafayette, home Ul of the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns (they dropped Lafayette from the Cajuns athletic team names earlier this summer). And the party is not just because the LIVE GPP BLOG starts in about 14 hours at 4:45 p.m. Miami time.

When FIU takes on UL on Saturday it will mark the 1,000th game in the history of the Cajuns football program which started in 1901. Also UL RB Tyrell Fenroy (right) is 30 yards shy from becoming just the 7th rusher in the history of the NCAA to run for 1,000 or more yards in four consecutive seasons, it's homecoming and the fans at Cajun Field will let you know about it in case you didn't know. Tf

And most importantly, the Cajuns -- which have the No. 1 rushing offense in the NCAA -- are trying to stay in the first place party in the Sun Belt with Troy and not invite 2nd place FIU to the top.

Took a tour of the UL football facilities and Cajun Field on Friday afternoon with former FIU and current Cajuns defensive coordinator Kevin Fouquier. Former FIU DBs coach Hurlie Brown is also here as the Cajuns DBs coach. Heck, even FIU Fanatic is here too, whom I met with his wife in the hotel lobby on Friday.

As I entered UL there were already about 40 RVs with UL fans cooking and having adult beverages and that was more than 24 hours before Saturday's kickoff.

Was told by KF that those folks will sleep at Cajun Field tonight and continue tailgating late Friday into Tail_2 Saturday morning. "Well, that there's an RV, Clark. A recreational vehicle".Ce_2

Cajun Field got a new field turf installed this year and the field itself is 2 feet  below sea level. When you enter the field from the tunnel through which both FIU and UL will enter on Saturday afternoon you are literally walking 2 feet below sea level. Cajun Field sits in sort of like a pit and the stands are up on hills all around the stadium -- a different stadium indeed.

So with all the festivities going on around the UL campus and Cajun Field, time to wonder if the "party poopers from Miami" made the trip here?

Talking about your Golden Panthers. Can they crash this Cajun party on Saturday?

In years past, we would have easily said FIU has no shot at winning this game, against this type of team in a hostile environment on what is slated to be a special day for the Cajuns football program with the 1,000th game and Fenroy setting records.

Md Like Clawing Cancer pointed out, UL has always given FIU fits with its spread option offense. QB Michael Desormeaux (left) and his predecessor Jerry Babb are masters of running this test-your-heart-rate, hurry-up-all-game offense. Along with the No. 1 rush O, the Cajuns have the No. 7 total O in the NCAA.

One key is how well the UL QB hides the football on plays. We've seen teams this season going to tackle TF and then out of a pile of blockers MD emerges with the ball and breaks one for 50+ yards. That's why MD is the top rushing QB in the NCAA with 118 yards per game.

If teams focus too much on the run, then MD hits Jason Chery with a play-action pass and JC from SFLA has the classic FLA speed to not be caught. An interesting foot race: T.Y. vs. JC?

Jeremiah Weatherspoon (right) and the rest of the FIU secondary will need to come up big time, not only helping to stop the run, but staying alert to the play-action pass.Jw

So even with all that I can tell you that FIU CAN WIN THIS GAME. Stay disciplined on D and fulfill your assignments. Make a handful of stops of UL's O and play ball control with the FIU O. Get a big play or two on special teams and make no silly mistakes or penalties and FIU is going home 4-4 and 3-1 in the SBC.

The Cajuns have the best O in the Sun Belt and one of the best in the NCAA. Their D can be scored on judging by the 33 points they allow per game. However, would not surprise me to see UL as the SBC Champs playing in the New Orleans Bowl in December. Troy is not as good as FIU made them look.

My thought here about this game and the rest of the season....and you can write it in permanent black marker wherever you'd like -- if FIU beats UL, the Golden Panthers will run the table the rest of the season and either end up in the Big Easy or a Sun Belt tie-in bowl game.

That's how much I think the game against the Cajuns means to the Golden Panthers and their confidence level. There is no team left on FIU's schedule this season that is as dangerous as the Cajuns Gum and that's not the gumbo I ate here on Friday talking.

However, still think there is TOO much for FIU to overcome on Saturday (Fenroy and his 1,000 yards, Desormeaux, Chery, 1,000th Cajuns game and an amped up, sold out Cajun homecoming crowd).Bd

If FIU perseveres, then as they say at the Blue Dog Cafe off Pinhook Road in Lafayette: "Y'all be fixin' to come on back here and tell me so".



Apaw The GPP WORLDWIDE READERSHIP gained some new members with our last two poll questions regarding the FIU volleyball team -- which won again on Friday to make it 9 straight wins and 11 wins in their last 12 games. And FIU's most improved defensive player.

GPP readers in Seattle, Washington and Japan think FIU volleyball is a model for all other FIU teams.

Japan GPP readers in Carson City, Nevada and Reno, Nevada think Tyler Clawson (right) is the most improved FIUTc  defender. But our GPP Japan reader thinks it's Quentin Newman.

Thus far 88 percent (that's a GPP poll agreement record) of you good people think FIU volleyball's season is a model for all other FIU teams. And more than 50 percent of you think Tyler Clawson is the most improved FIU D-er.



19 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

Apaw_2 Last chance to get scores for FIU/UL for our WIN A GPP BLOG contest is at 4:59 p.m. GPP Time on Saturday.


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Max: Are you having a basketball blog anytime soon? What's your opinion of the team this season? Do they have any chance with all the injuries?

Will have FIU hoops blog before the opening tip-off on Nov. 14.

If the Golden Panthers hoopsters can get healthy, they can make some noise in the SBC. Until then it will be tough sledding with the OOC sked and could continue to be tough if Alex Galindo and J.C. Otero do not return.

There is more depth and talent at guard and that was the team's weakness last season.

Clawing Cancer:Just curious, Pete... why would Nsangou leave? And to Barry, of all places? I remember Sergio raving about him when I was there. Did something happen there? Or was it grades? Or what?

what's new about UL's logo, Pete? That looks like the same one they've had for some time now.)

Heard the new guards FIU has coming in are better and EN was not going to play much this season.

Cajuns logo is the same, the difference is they dropped "Lafayette" from the logo and ALL their athletic team names are now just going by Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns or UL.

esteban688: Pete, i was talking to Cedrick Mack today and he told me that he wants you to write a story on him. He says that he has heard many rumors on why he chose to attend FIU that are false. He wants to clear the air. He told me to let you know.

Sure, no problem. Don't know if the MH will clear space on the print edition for a rumors story, but the GPP would be happy to have Mount Mack on here to talk and clear the air.

Crazy Panther: Hi Pete,

Wondering if you can help with the horrible YELLOW tshirts they are giving at the CAGE. I think most of us agree we are BLUE & GOLD. I would love to see a BLUE stadium with some hints of GOLD. BLUE tshirts with gold NUMBERS or gold FIU Football. The yellow makes us look like a bad high school program.

Maybe you can make a poll or something? Or hint something to PG?

Already passed on your ideas to the FIU people that need to hear this.

Although I think blue shirts will just get lost in the blue chairbacks at the stadium.

Gold or even the yellow (IMHO, yellow tees that were handed out are not that bad and give the stadium some color) would work for fans.

FIU 20
UL 28

This game I think is going to be long for FIU. UL has always klled us. I hope im wrong but I predict FIU 20 UL 38

We win this game if we win the turnover ratio battle and play disciplined penalty-free football but as they say seeing is believing.

UL 37
FIU 24

I hope I'm wrong.

Great write up on this game, Pete, you really set the stage. I don't agree with you that if FIU wins today we run the table though. There are too many things in football that can go wrong that can cost you games and we're still a young team.

However, I agree that we can win this game. The keys will be stopping the big plays and turnovers. I think the FIU rush defense is much improved this year, and I like our chances against a running team better than against a passing team since we have very little pass rush this year. And of course, most importantly, limiting our turnovers is key. If we value the ball, we'll win.

FIU 31
UL 34

FIU 24,
UL 31


Our defense is too damn good for them to pass, which we'll let us stuff the run.

NOT TO MENTION, their defense stinks and we will be able to move the ball allllll day long.

And of course, you know special teams is gonna get a TD or 2.


FIU 35
UL 42

UL: 35
FIU: 28

pete just checkin in on som eover time hours im puttin here in the office.. did you get my post earlier about the score... i dont remember if i sent it or not.. i think it was 31-24 ULL wins.. if not.. thats is my score

I'm pretty sure we can make this happen.

Go Panthers!

Quijote and FIUblue&gold:
You are delusional.!!! yeah right significantly ahead of everybody?
when I say cocky, I mean the fans, not the football team or the coaching staff. You guys have won nothing and still believe you are part of the SEC conference or something like it.

yeah right! significantly ahead when FAU #100, UCF#99, FIU#98 and USF#23.
I am sorry for using this example but significantly means when your team is 40 or 50 spots ahead of the rest, yeah like last year when FIU was 120, FAU#47, UCF#33, USF was in the top 25.
I know last year does not mean anything but I used that as an example to explain what significantly means!!
Stop being sooo cocky because you are a nobody YET!!!!!!

alex... alex... alex..... at the beginning of the season your coach called the texas longhorns "soft"

Now THAT was a lesson in humility......

'See you at the Shula Bowl. Winner keeps all bragging rights. Until then, were going to keep talking.


I never made any statements that FIU was significantly ahead of anyone...

Stop living in the past like the UCGers that come on here. All of us are looking ahead, and so should you. Congrats on the SBC title last year, but frankly nobody gives a damn about it anymore. If we are priviliged enough to win out and bring an SBC title home, I know this team and coaching staff will relish the moment, but focus on winning consistently and get us into another conference within the next 5 years.

We hit rock bottom, and it might have it's advantages and lessons to learn from. I would be more concerned about short lived success. FAU bloggers and pundits made it seem like 2008 was a formality and just crown the OWLs. Not so fast (Troy, UL, MTSU and FIU) made this conference a toss up. You have to earn it.

If we listened to analysts a year ago Hillary and Rudy would be on the ballott this tuesday. Good luck to a FAU on the rest of season, but we want PAY back for last year...

hey does anyone know if there is goin to be a watch party at the stadium this weekend?

Pete, how's the crowd? Packed?

no watch party today. only panther pass

TOUCHDOWN T.Y. Hilton! 90 yard return for a touchdown!!!

Starting Cajuns QB may be hurt, according to 610 WIOD.

No, no Touchdown.

Scratch that.


Bragging! yes you all are really good at it!
Hopefully we'll see some FIU fans on the stands this year.
Wrong wrong weekend to play a football game!!!

FIU 7 ULL 14


does anyone know what is wrong with panther pass? it wont work for me?

Pete, did ur laptop die? where u at?

wow....FIU penalty...gives them a first and goal!



FIU 14 ULL 14

panther pass is working finally

FIU fumbles...

FIU 14 ULL 21.


can't wait to end this half and get into the locker room.

FIU 14 ULL 28

in 5 minutes we went from FIU14-ULL 7 to losing by 2 TD.....IN FIVE MINUTES.

We need to get our heads back in this game!!! come on FIU!!!!!!

Coach Cristabal needs to get this team straighten in the locker room.....they can
WIN this game! i got faith! GO FIU!

FIU 14 ULL 35

We just gave the game away tonight...with all those penalties!!! hopefully we can come back next week and win homecoming game!

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