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FIU Hoops Good; Rosenberg 4 Prez; Name The T.Y./Jr. Play

The Golden Panthers hoops squad showed some resiliency in their season opener against Eastern Md_2 Kentucky.

After taking a brief lead 4 minutes into the game, FIU trailed for the next 35 minutes until that last minute comeback and this was done with 3/5ths of the starting lineup out with injuries.

However, good sign to see the newest players making an instant impact. Shooting guard Michael Dominguez (above, right) was sharp from 3-point land, especially in the 2nd half when he drained 4 3's to help FIU comeback. Also, you could tell MD has a pretty good basketball IQ with the way he moved around the court without the ball.

Freddy Asprilla was as advertised under the basket using his almost 300 pounds to push around the Colonels and drop in 13 points and grab 11 boards.

Nt_2 Point guard Nick Taylor (left), noticeably stronger thanks to an off-season strength program at FIU, fearlessly drove to the basket and had good control of the offense.

While FIU is not exactly opening the season with the likes of North Carolina or Duke, the Golden Panthers need to get as many wins as possible against teams like EK and Monday's opponent -- Monmouth. If the reserves make this kind of first impression, it will be interesting to see what FIU can do when everyone is healthy and on the court.


Apaw Hate to see President Maidique (right) step down. The man built FIU and is aMm  tremendous supporter of FIU athletics. FIU was lucky to have a guy like MM running the show for so long. Always very courteous and cooperative whether it was an informal conversation or an interview.

FIU needs the next president to have MM's same kind of vision for the university and the same kind of passion for FIU sports.

Mark Rosenberg (left) is that guy and FIU would be wise to select Mr. Rosenberg as the next FIU president.

Mr_2 Memo to FIU: No need for a zillion dollar national search, your next prez (Rosenberg) is in your backyard after moving down from Tallahassee. Bring him on board.

I'm Pete Pelegrin and I approve this message.

Apaw_5 Covered that Florida Atlantic/Louisiana game at Lockhart Stadium on Saturday for a Baton Rouge newspaper and must say the Hooters have a scary-good offense. And believe it or not, FAU is one of 4 teams that can still win the Sun Belt title OUTRIGHT and go to the New Orleans Bowl.

Because of losses to UL and Troy earlier this season, FIU cannot win the Sun Belt outright, but still has a slim chance to go to New Orleans. In a strange, but true scenario -- FIU can end up in the New Orleans Bowl, but not as the outright Sun Belt champ. Here's how: let's say Troy and FIU finished tied for 1st in the Sun Belt AND The Pizza Bowl in BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA cannot fill one of its spots, then Troy would most certainly go play there in their home state and leave the Sun Belt spot open in the New Orleans Bowl for the Golden Panthers.

The best FIU can be is a co-champion of the Sun Belt. Since UL and Troy still play each other, both those Confu_2 teams cannot lose all their remaining games. FIU can also still end up in the St. Pete Bowl, Independence Bowl or the Pizza Bowl. Confused yet????

Of course, all this depends on FIU finishing 7-5, because 6-6 won't do it.

FAU, UL, Troy and Arkansas State all can still win the SBC, because FAU (has a W vs. UL) and ASU still plays Troy. So if FAU ends in a tie with UL for 1st, then FAU repeats. If ASU ends in a tie with Troy, but beats the Trojans to finish the season then ASU is SBC champ. FAU plays at ASU this coming Saturday so either FAU or ASU will be eliminated from the contending for the Sun Belt title by Sunday.

Our newest GPP reader, px asked about the Sun Belt 3-way tiebreaking rule. Here's how it works now --No  regardless of head-to-head results: The new rule is if 3 Sun Belt teams finish tied for 1st place at the end of the regular season, then all 3 will be named co-Sun Belt champions and the New Orleans Bowl gets to choose which one of the 3 teams plays in the N.O. Bowl -- which most likely means the Ragin' Cajuns, Troy or Arkansas State, because those 3 teams would bring more fans to the game than an FAU or FIU.

The new rule is awful, but the New Orleans Bowl is looking for who will bring the most $$$$ to the Big Easy. Good thing for the 3 other Sun Belt bowl tie-ins.

Apaw_3 The "GPP's Executive Committee for Name The T.Y./Junior Play" has narrowed down its choices for what is currently the most memorable play in FIU football's 6+year history. You vote, we decide and here are the choices:


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CJ: pete.. i know its 2 weeks ahead and i know im not lookin ahead but do you know the start time for the FAU game?


FIU vs. FAU on Nov. 29 is at 4 p.m. at Dolphin Stadium.

Baltimorepanther: Well maybe Maryland wins the ACC, if that is the case, please correct me if I am wrong but don't we play them next year?


FIU plays at Maryland in 2010. Next year's OOC sked is at Alabama, at South Florida, home vs. Toledo and at Florida.

FIU could go 2-2 there with wins vs. USF and Toledo.

fiupb: Hey Pete, Any insight on who the new president will be. There is alot of chatter that will be Mark Rosenberg.

That's the best choice for the job, but with all the bureaucracy FIU will conduct a national search.

FIUFloridaPower&Light: Can anyone provide the link for I Am FIU video?

You can check it out at fiusports.com's front page in the box on the right where all the FIU videos are played in a rotational basis.

I'm confused lol

FAU does have a potent offense, no doubt Rusty is probably the best QB in the belt.

Clawing Cancer: Here is my list for FIU's 7 worst losses in program history:

7) Louisiana 49, FIU 20 (2008): UL was not 29 points better than FIU. The Golden Panthers fell apart in the 2nd quarter and squander a chance to move back into 1st in Sun Belt.

6) Arkansas State 31, FIU 6 (2006): FIU plays Maryland to the last play the previous week and loses 14-10. The Golden Panthers take ASU lightly and get rolled. FIU players tell me after the game they thought they belonged in the ACC after almost winning at Maryland.

5) Troy 18, FIU 13 (2005): FIU driving for winning TD fumbles at Troy 20 with 3 minutes left in the game.

4) North Texas 13, FIU 10 (2005): FIU commits 8 turnovers and loses by only 3 points. Credit the FIU D for keeping the score so close.

3) South Florida 21, FIU 20 (2006): FIU ahead 20-14 with less than 3 minutes left and fumbles at their own 29. USF scores shortly thereafter to pull out a game that FIU led by El Monstruo dominated in Tampa.

2) Middle Tennessee 7, FIU 6 (2006): FIU easily goes 80 yards on opening possession of the game and scores TD. I turn to FIU media relations staff in press box and tell them I'll have this story written by halftime...The joke is on me. FIU doesn't score the rest of the game.

1) North Texas 25, FIU 22 - NCAA-record 7 overtimes (2006): Forget for a second about the field goal festival in OT. FIU has the ball 1st and goal at NT 1-yard line in OT and cannot score a TD. The beginning of the end for DS.

I have not been pleased with the music selection at our home games since it feels like I am at a club or a party rather than a college football game. So i decided to email the people in charge of stadium operations to give them a little input and here was the response I received:

Thank you for your input however the music that is played at the games are selected by the coach and the team. This is what they like. We will take care of the DJ playing when FIU is on offense. Thank you and hope to see you at the games.

So in other words we can expect more reaggeaton and rap music that puts people to sleep. Watching Miami play on Thursday I thought to myself how wonderful it would be if our stadium music sounded like theirs. A band that plays catchy tunes, music thats appropriate to the situation (Loud Sound Effects or Rock and roll to get the crowd pumped up during opposing teams' third downs, not Lil' Wayne or Reaggeaton that makes people start dancing), and an overall pumped up and excited atmosphere. Whatever, it doesnt really matter I guess as long as the team is winning.

I definitely thought that the "hilton heave" was the best name for the play...... it has a nice ring to it.

FIU 27 L-Monroe 13

Man Law!

I voted for The Money Ball, and not just because I suggested it. It's simple. No need to overdo it with a lot of extra words.

FIU 31
ULM 23

I agree with the money ball, that's what Mertile called it, and he is the man who scored the td.

Pete I totally agree with that list of worst losses. For me it is a toss-up between that USF game and the NT game, they were both heart breakers for sure. Here is my prediction:

FIU 28 ULM 7

Go FIU!!!

Pete, very good list. For me, the USF one would have to be at the top. Mostly because we were in attendance and had our hopes way too high during that last quarter. The North Texas one was pretty bad too, I remember there was a watch party at Mr. Moes in the Grove for that game and it would just not end. I still remember just how horrible the play calling was during that North Texas game, they must've run that wide receiver screen like 10 times.

IMO, the South Florida loss was the worst. We had that game and just blew it with less than 5 minutes.

Pete, you made a great point about FAU. At the beginning of the year, everything seemed to be going wrong but now they're clicking offensively.

My Prediction for game this Saturday:

FIU 31

ULM 14


FIU 24, ULM 17

I find it odd that no-1 is citing the Miami/FIU brawl game as one of the worst losses. That loss alone set the FIU program back several years. They lost the majority of their team for a large part of the season causing them to go winless which killed their recruiting. On top of that, b/c of the behavior, it caused UM to realize there was nothing to gain from playing FIU, thus dropping them from the schedule causing FIU to lose that Nat'l exposure.

Finally, anyone see the latest BCS rankings? It seems the team that was on "decline" in back in the National top 25. Now I know Miami may get beat next week by a gimmick offense running the triple option every play, but even the most diehard FIU fans after to acknowledge that there team is not the only team in South Florida on the rise.

Pete how could you not list the MTSU game last year? It was a BAD loss where we got absolutely steamrolled and where down my quite a few touchdowns by halftime. It was a very demoralizing loss...

FIU 30 ULM 7

FIU 32
ULM 21

CC i will tell you congrats on the ranking.. and never said FIU was the only team in S. fla.. very few of the "diehards" have.. i would love to see UM in the ACC title game to justify their move from the Big East.. finally lay to rest those demons. but in that last statment im glad you realized and you aknowledge taht there is another football team in miami.. that in itself says something..

as for setting us back "years"... we were set back years by poor recruiting by DS... the brawl was just iceing on the cake.. after that game. DS became a lame duck coach and really didnt do a damn thing for the program.. MC got into the recruiting game late and still came away w/ rolle (although he needs to step up), gaitor, Ellingson, probably our best possession reciever, Pellicer (great potential but has been injured this year), and perrish.. another corner, not to mention colt anderson who i think could take the starting job next year if he shows better improvement.. so it wasnt an all lost class that year.. now after a full year on the recruiting trail you can see the Frosh that have come in are just getting better.. so im not so sure about setting us back years..

The U has shown some flashes of what it's going to be in the next couple of years. I still don't think Randy Shannon is the man to take them all the way, but I'm glad that they have made last year seem forever ago. I think they will go 9-3, beat the ACC title game but lose to Pitt in the Orange Bowl.

FAU has been quietly making their comeback and that will be the toughest game out of the last 3. I think FIU will beat UL Monroe but stumble at FAU.

FIU 24
ULM 21

The "big, bad canes" are EXCITED to be ranked #23?!?!??!! HAHAHHAHAHAHA!
Thank you for providing all the laughs on our blog here. I never knew Hurricane
fans could get excited about getting beat by all the ranked teams they played and barely
beating sorry teams AT HOME! My how the mighty have fallen.

As far as FIU, the BEST loss in our history was the loss to UM. Not only did it embarrass
Miami because the fight was blamed on them in the national media,it also led to the
best coach we have ever had, it led to our best players/recruiting class to date, and it also led to UM cowering in fear from FIU not just in football but in all sports!

Now, we have games set against Louisville, UCF, Duke, Texas A&M, Kansas, UF and more.
But best of all, it led to CrazyCane coming to FIU blogs to desperately seek our approval for one of the worst teams UM has ever put up. Begging for us to tell him his team is on the rise.

It's great to know that FIU could preoccupy UM fans so much.


With the change in Presidents occurring how does this effect Mario's coaching situation if any? Similar to when a profootball team changes owners sometime the head coach wants to leave as it changes the flow of the organization.

Let me know what you think.

We are about as excited to be ranked #23 in the country as FIU is for almost beating the teams on their schedule that are not made up of half retards and half girls.

I doubt that with the recent success of the football program and the progression that the other athletics programs have shown that the new President would remove Pete Garcia from his position as AD. That being said, I don't think MC is going anywhere if PG is still around. The new President will most likely just trust the judgement of PG.

That newfound commitment to Athletics from Maidique down to PG...and MC.....is something that sort of concerns me. Will Athletics still be a "priority" point for the new President? The growth experienced in this department should not be put down, but continued.

As for the remaining games...it is evident FAU is now playing their best football...the type of football expected at the beginning of the season of them....so they might be the hottest team in the SBC right now....We'll see what happnes this weekend with FIU against ULM...and FAU at Arkansas State..who after their loss to us, are reeling as well....

FIU 34 ULM 10

Quijote: Pete how could you not list the MTSU game last year? It was a BAD loss where we got absolutely steamrolled and where down my quite a few touchdowns by halftime. It was a very demoralizing loss...

I was between that game and the UL game this season for No. 7 and just because FIU is in contention for postseason this year I chose the UL loss.

The MT loss last year was horrible. FIU didn't show up for that game, but FIU was nowhere near contention last season so it was just 1 of 11 losses for me.

NYCFIUFan: Pete, With the change in Presidents occurring how does this effect Mario's coaching situation if any? Similar to when a pro football team changes owners sometime the head coach wants to leave as it changes the flow of the organization.

As long as the new Prez continues to support and stay committed to FIU athletics there should not be any issues with MC.

And MC -- who will win Sun Belt Coach of the Year this season -- has given the new Prez every reason to continue to support FIU athletics.

FIU Athletics once again has listened to the GPP and created an FIU Fan Experience site where you good people can tell them what they are doing right and what needs some tweaking.

Here is the link and enjoy: http://www.fiusports.com//quest/Questionaire.dbml?QID=3849&DB_OEM_ID=11700&KEY=&DB_OEM_ID=11700&DB_LANG=&IN_SUBSCRIBER_CONTENT=

I agree with you Fanatic. I don't know how long it took MM to realise that Athletics should be a priority of the university, but once he understood that the only way to compete with the Big Boys was to be one of the Big Boy's this place took off. The next pres' we bring in here should be committed to getting us to the next level.

Don't know why PP is advocating for MR (must be drinking a bit too much of the kool-aid over at the MH) but I've been hearing some BIG name bandied about. Hope we get someone with some real gravitas.

On to FAU, (yes, I know UL-M is this weekend and I plan to be there), those boys are starting to put it together and if I heard PP correctly they have a chance to win the Belt? who'd-a-thunk-it. Another reason to get geeked for that one.

Anywho, got a game this weekend. Let's get that home winning streak up to 3.

Go Panthers !!!

I have to give CrazyCane props for a pretty objective and insightful post. However, I disagree that the brawl was one of the worst losses in FIU history.

That game in an odd kind of way inspired a lot of FIU pride in the student body. It was almost a sort of coming out party where people realized that not everyone in this city has to bow down to the UM gods. A declaration of independence if you will....

Besides we had a pretty good turnout in addition to playing admirably close up until all of the ejections.

The ChampionUnderdog I like the reference to declaration of independence BUT, the fight only hurt our program not helped us. WE DO NOT WANT THE REPUTATION THAT UM HAS. Living outside the state UM has a horrible reputation which also spills into their academic program (fairly or unfairly that is true). Also, FYI, just had a coworker who did go to the game against VT and surprise surprise she said the fans were obnoxious. I know I can't control our fans but we need to be above all that and take the high road.

Go Blue and Gold

Hey PP im a long time reader, but first time writer...Im an FIU alumni who now lives in the Cayman Islands...Just want to say thanks for giving us FIU fans some excellent blogs & post to read...I'm proud to say that ill be in the MIA this Sat to watch my first game at FIU stadium! FIU has come a long way, & this is the beginning of something special...

Btw ive been hearing rumors that Jeb Bush is seriously interested in being FIU's next President...If there is any truth to this, do u think the students would accept him? The Bush name doesn't seem to be to popular right now...

FIU 35, ULM 20

FIU/FPL , Dont be *THAT* guy.

Regarding the worst game.

I was at the Brawl Game and I would have to say that it is outright one of worse losses as a program. I know that we as FIU fans see ourselves for what we are; a program on the rise with some strong stars and the right guy at the helm but to many people nationally we are known as roughnecks and punks due to that fight.

Until we win the conference or other wise cover ourselves in glory we will always be known as school that tossed the crutches and slammed our helmet at the OB. As far as losses, no other loss reflected as badly on us as that one. In a few years when were trying to make a case for a # next to our name and playing on ESPN, a blurb about that game is going to get put in every pregame video montage and article. Hopefully it will be followed by a equally cool montage of how MC and his recruits have turned the ship around.

Jeb Bush!!!! I think that would be awesome on name recognition alone, plus he has pull.

As long as he makes athletics on of his top priority.

Hey found a website that Jeb Bush says its a 90 to 95 percent chance MLS comes to FIU Stadium: http://fiusm.com/articles/slug-bot-meeting-2

On lighter notes, Athletic Director Pete Garcia spoke about additional revenue streams that include a possible Major League Soccer and Futbol Club Barcelona partnership with Athletics to use the new stadium.

“I will predict two cities, Miami and Montreal will get MLS partnerships,” Maidique said. “I will further predict that [Barcelona] will be with us. I was told by insiders – one of the insiders is Gov. Jeb Bush – that there’s a 90 to 95 percent chance.”

At the Nov. 14 meeting, the BOT unanimously voted in favor of changing the FIU Arena’s name to the U.S. Century Bank Arena.

If you're a current FIU student you can get into the Don Shula Bowl FIU/FAU game for free.

FIU is providing free tickets and bus rides to Dolphin Stadium to current FIU students.

Call 305-FIU-GAME for tickets and information.

The deadline is next Wednesday, Nov. 26 at 12 p.m.

FIU is killing....just killing Monmouth in basketball 68-46...Dominguez has a nice, all around game...nice baskeball IQ he is showing tonight as well....

fiu 80 Monmouth 61 great win .......

Man, I just KNEW that "worst losses" post would draw a lot of fire! I think you should've made it an actual post and not just put it in the "response" part, Pete, but that's just being nit-picky. Lord knows, I'm good at that.

Now, here's my list.

1) Miami 35, FIU 0 (2006)

Pete... seriously... this one HAS to be #1. How could it be any other game? I can't believe I'm agreeing with the UM lurkers on here, but I have to. This game totally defined FIU football for at least the next couple of years, and maybe longer if MC becomes an institution at FIU. Granted, PG was already coming here before that game, but that loss crystallized to all (especially within FIU) that the GP's needed serious changes if they wanted to be a winner. Everyone loved to hate on Strock, but the problems were a lot deeper than that, and this game exposed a lot of those problems (especially the institutional ones). It also gave PG a hell of a chance to make the right first impression, which he did.

2) North Texas 25, FIU 22 (2006)

There are a few games where you will always remember where you were at when it happens. I was in Memphis for my nephew's bris, listening to this one via the Internet. I went around for the next week thinking "how the HELL did FIU lose this game?" All the missed FG's. That 1st and Goal from the 1, where, if I remember correctly, the refs had ruled we scored and then reversed the call. I doubt there's another game from the Strock era which so clearly showed how inept FIU could be. I don't think this one spelled the beginning of the end for DS, though; I think that had been decided well before-hand.

3) South Florida 21, FIU 20 (2006)

I suppose it's only natural that this list will be dominated by the '06 games. I think we would've had a winning season in 2006 had we won this game. Seriously. The '06 team was WAY BETTER than 0-12, even with an inept head coach at the controls. We just had a perfect storm of close losses and that soul-sucker of a Miami game/brawl. If this one was a W, it could've changed the Maryland result and the NT result. Not to mention the rest of the SBC sked.

4) Maryland 14, FIU 10 (2006)

What always burned my butt with this one is that FIU had 1st and Goal with, like, 12 seconds left and 10 seconds were burned off the clock because of some idiocy. I can't remember what, exactly, but I think it was that the refs took too long to spot the ball and the clock kept running or something like that. Anyway, the freakin' referees messed up the clock, giving FIU only 2 seconds instead of 10. A world of difference there. My other major memory of this game was Sam Smith's TD. I think it went 90 yards or something like that. God, that kid had talent. Too bad he never maximized it.

5) McNeese State 30, FIU 27 (2004)

I suppose every FIU fan has "that" game where they knew Strock's goose was cooked. For me, it was this game. The GP's came out totally gang-busters early on, using a Turnbull pick-6 and a solid offensive start to go up big early. Lance Preston made a pick late in the 1st half as McNeese was in the red zone trying to make a comeback, nearly running it back for a TD. I think the score was 24-3 at the half. And then FIU fell completely apart. There was no offensive or defensive spark. Special teams let out one big play, if I remember correctly, which led to a TD. There were 4 personal foul penalties on FIU in a 5-minute stretch, of which 2 were back-to-back. There was a wide receiver who false-started on a play. McNeese just took it to FIU after that, winning on a FG late. I know it came 2 years after Strock left, but this game, to me, cemented his demise. Any good coach would've never let that one get away.

6) Arkansas State 66, FIU 24 (2005)

I know we've had some surprising losses at FIU, but this one still shocks me. ASU was not nearly as good as FIU made them look that day. Any SBC team putting up 66 on any school should be grounds for immediate dismissal of the entire coaching staff. This was a completely unforgivable beating. Strock should've been canned after that one, in my opinion. Or he should've resigned, at least.

7) All 5 FAU losses

OK, so I copped out here. But damn, we've had a lot of awful experiences in this particular series. I couldn't pick just one. :)

My prediction for a VERY important game against ULM is:

FIU 27
ULM 21

GPP Nation, IF we win Sat, the game vs. FAU becomes monumental. We've always played FAU for the Shula Trophy and that's it! Either FAU has been bad or lately FIU has been bad so the game has had no meaning conference-wise. However bowl eligibility is up for grabs in this game between these two young rivals.

The FAU game will mean NOTHING if we don't defeat ULM, so lets fill up our stadium and keep the momentum going!


I agree with Crazy Cane, in my opinion the UM-FIU loss was by far the worst in our history. Sure things happen to turn out ok so far. But that game was the catalyst of our 23 game losing streak. I wasn't the loss in of itself. It was the reprocussions of the brawl. Like it or no that was the lowest point of our football history.

Clawing Cancer I really enjoyed your list and very descriptive. I agree with a lot of your analysis and excuse me to vet but looking at that list one has to wonder how DS lasted as long as he did. So many awful coaching calls and discipline issues. One realizes how incompetent the old regime was.

I wanted to post separately on FIU President Mitch Maidique's retirement. I've known Mitch for 20+ years. I knew him as a student in the 80's when he was hired, as a young alumnus-booster in the early 90's, as an employee of FIU in my nearly nine-years as an administrator and now as a 40 something year old alumnus-booster w / kids. Mitch has been a Godsend to FIU. His dedication, commitment and ACCOMPLISHMENTS in his tenure are truly inspiring. FIU is the benchmark for how to grow a young university in the modern era. This is possible because of Dr. Maidique. I've not always agreed with him on things, however he's earned ALL our respect and admiration for his work @ FIU! Good Luck Mitch you will be missed!

As for his replacement, Mark Rosenberg is the IDEAl candidate. He knows Miami and knows FIU even better. He would be my FIRST pick. If for whatever reason he is not selected (mistake by FIU), then selected someone global. In the 90's, UM was stuck in quicksand academically, until they hired President Shalala. Even though I diametrically oppose ALL her political views, she has brought money and vision to UM. UM was truly the University of Mediocre, academically until DS came. Now she brought tons of research dollars and made academics matter for once at UM.

I believe, Mark Rosenberg would continue to push and make FIU eventually the UCLA of the South!


Great post, Ultimate about Mitch and what he has done and means to FIU!!!

Jeb Bush? Too political, that would not be my first choice.

Mark Rosenberg should be the next President of FIU. I agree...there's no need for a search committee. Give the man the job and save the university millions in fees to hire a firm to conduct the national search.


The basketball team looked much better tongiht than the first game. Gacesa looks like a real nice player, with his ability to play in or out, and Dominguez is just a solid player all around. He looked great defensively. I think a lineup with Hicks, Asprilla, Gacesa, Dominguez and Taylor could play in the Sun Belt from what I've seen.

Pete, you stated that students get in free at the FIU/FAU game. What about members of the alumni assoc?

Search firms are utilized in many capacities other than just identifying viable candidates.
It doesn't cost millions either, just a negotiated percentage of the initial contract. There are many local folks qualified for the post, but the executive search firms ask the tough questions that the BOT would not ask to a Rosenberg, Padron, JEB etc.... The popular choice is not always the wisest play.

Ultimate FIU Fan, I agree with you that Mark Rosenberg would be a "solid" pick, however your point on a "Global" prospect is even better. I COMPLETELY agree with you that academics HAD NEVER been a priority @ UM. They were always known as "Sun-Tan U" in the old days. A place where rich North Eastern kids with bad grades and no hope for Ivy League acceptance, would be welcomed at The "U". Then the eighties came and The "U" went low-rent with their "Thug-Life" routine that brought FIVE national championships and a horrendous reputation that they still some what suffer from. D. Shalala has done a kick-butt job in improving the rep of UM and actually instilling some level of academic standards, even though there still is a residue of that "thug-rep" lingering around. She has done it by bringing in MAJOR COIN into the school from her tremendous contacts from her days in (scum-bag) Clinton's cabinet. UM has really done well by hiring DS and her fundraising abilities. FIU NEEDS that stature of hire and I do not think Dr. Rosenberg is that level. He's good; however he does not have her "Global" network.

Just a thought!

BTW, GREAT job SR and the boys! Let's upset Washington Thursday NIGHT! Pete, is the Washington game on Panther Pass? Let us know.

The game will not be on Panther Pass. Washington is a CSTV school. Only schools that are on JumpTV will have their games on Panther Pass.

CSTV and JumpTV are the hosting/site manager services that most schools use. So if you ever want to know if a game is on PP, just go to the other team's site and if it has "CSTV" on the url, then it won't be.

You might be able to purchase some sort of package on their site if they do a webcast.

Millions in search fees??? Wow, talk about hyperbole! You're drinking the kool-aid...

I agree with Fan for Life, you can stagnate with this choice or you can rocket to the next level. It's an important choice and I'm just not sure what Rosenberg brings to the table other than a solid resume.

It doesn't cost millions to conduct the search. It was hyperbole, FIUFan.

My opinion is that Rosenberg is the best candidate. Besides his extensive experience, he is the current Chanellor of the Florida State University System and the former Provost at FIU. I'm biased in that I have known him for several years. However, there's no denying that his ties to FIU along with his knowledge of the SUS makes him an obvious candidate for the post.

FIU Men's Basketball puts together 2 solid wins to open up 2008-09. Congrats to the team and SR. I ran into SR in an airport earlier this year. He was on his way to recruit and he seemed very excited with what we had coming into the season (hopefully the injured kids will return soon).

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