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FIU Volleyball Sweeps

No, not just yet in the Sun Belt Tournament, which begins at noon on Thursday against South Alabama, but the Golden Panthers did sweep the highest honors of the Sun Belt Conference on Wednesday.Yrs

FIU took home the Sun Belt Player of the Year, Sun Belt Coach of the Year and Sun Belt Newcomer of the Year awards.

Two-time and soon to be 3-time All-American Yarimar Rosa won the SBC Player of the Year to go along with the 4 billion other awards she has already won this year. YR also made 1st team All-Sun Belt.

You can check out a story on YR in the Miami Herald on Thursday.

FIU coach Danijela Tomic earned the SBC Coach of the Year after leading the Golden Panthers to a 26-5 record and the Sun Belt championship. That's DT's 2nd Coach of the Year award in the last 3 years.

Isadora Rangel won the Sun Belt's Newcomer of the Year Award and made 2nd team along with Natalia Valentin.


Gppaw We'll get back to the gridiron on the next post. T.Y. Hilton will be featured in a Channel 10 story that will air either this Saturday at 7 p.m. or Sunday at 11:30 p.m. The Ch. 10 crew was at FIU on Wednesday interviewing Goodbye, MC and Paul McCall for the story and the Ch. 10 sports guy is supposed to e-mail me when the piece will air.

Gppaw_2 FIU hoops is off to a nice 2-0 start before they play at Washington on Thursday night. On Wednesday, center Russell Hicks was named a preseason All-American by collegeinsider.com

Gppaw_4 We could be looking at a trap game for your Golden Panthers this Saturday against ULM. It's the last game of the season for the Warhawks. Their coach is on the burning seat -- not hot seat -- and they have nothing to lose since they are 3-8 on the season and going nowhere. So what are your thoughts going into Saturday's crucial game:


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NYCFIUFan: Pete, is the game vs. ULM on Panther Pass?

Yes it is and it is also being blogged LIVE on the GPP.

alt7787: Pete, can write about FIU that hints at the fact that there are actually THREE, not just two, local team. thanks.

Yeah alt7787, I saw that. There are 3 local football teams and all 3 are having much better seasons than last. With the Dolphins and FIU both bouncing back from 1-win seasons in 2007.

Unfortunately, I'm not a columnist so I won't be given the space in the paper to write about that.

FIUJM: Pete did you hear anything about the lights for tailgaiting and safety purposed for Saturday?

I was told today when I was at FIU that the lights belong to Miami Dade County, but FIU is working on getting them left on for game nights.

Since FIU lost to both Louisiana and Troy and those 2 teams play each other on Saturday, then one of those teams will finish with just 2 conference losses thus eliminating FIU from Sun Belt title contention.

FIU can still go to a bowl and even land in the New Orleans Bowl if Troy is Sun Belt champ and the Pizza Bowl is open in Alabama -- where Troy would rather play than in N.O. since they would get more fans to go to the Pizza Bowl.

FIU is also still alive for the St. Pete Bowl, Independence and Pizza Bowl.

Ultimate FIU Fan: Pete, any west coast regional TV for the upcoming games with Washington or UCLA?

No TV for the Washington game. The UCLA game is being televised on FoxSportsNetPacific, which is the local Fox affiliate in Los Angeles. Depending on your type of satellite, you may be able to get that.

Pete Pelegrin: Unfortunately, I'm not a columnist so I won't be given the space in the paper to write about that.

Well we might have to do something about that. If Manny Navarro could write a story about some kid from UCG who had one good game out of about 10 this season, then Im sure you can have some nice space writing space as well. im getting tired of all the greg cote columns. one week miami sucks, then the next week they are on their way to being national champions. a few columns a week with your GPP picture would be much better. Although if you have to take a new picture, please try to get a good one put up. Those pictures that the Herald uses for their columnists are terrible. Linda robertson looks like a man and israel gutierrez looks like a chipmunk.

Haha a man and a chipmunk thats funny...Agree though that Greg Cote writes crap sometimes..Def think PP should be writing on the Herald instead of him...By the way does anyone know where I can buy an official T.Y. jersey?

I saw some at the bookstore the other day!

CaymanFIu = PP does write in The Herald - get a clue.

CC naw really? I meant he should be a columnist too...While the heck do u read FIU's blog reliously anyway...For a UCG fan u must have no life to be on here...Go read your lil UCG blog and get out of this one...

CaymanFIU - make me.

That is pretty silly of channel 10 to air their interview at a time when most FIU football fans will be at the game. I guess their motive for this is to attract new fans. They should just air it on both Saturday and Sunday.

As far as this Saturdays game is concerned I see nothing but a "W" coming out of this game. I think this may be the biggest crowd we get at the cage this year; giving credit to all the media coverage FIU football has been receiving lately. I am looking forward to a great game none the less.

I have done a bit of research on my own in regards to FIU football jerseys and its a shame that their are not easily purchased on the FIUsports page (That is ridiculous). The only location that seems to have jerseys is in fact the bookstore. If anyone has better luck than me and finds another local store selling the jerseys please post so here, it would be greatly appreciated.

In regards to the new FIU football fan section in the FIUsports.com website--I am a huge fan. I submitted my comments and within a few days I had a personal response from a member of the athletic staff. Thanks PP for making that happen.

My prediction for this weekend is:
FIU 28
ULM 21
It will be tough because it is their last game of the year and they are still sore from bama, I am sure they will bring everything but the kitchen sink, but I am sure our guys will prevail, they got to be hungry and have HEART.

FIU 24, ULM 14

How bout the Women's volleyball team...they won this afternoon and now will play in the conference semifinals on Friday at 5 p.m. probably against UNO.....

That Volleyball team is special, but they are still relatively young. I'm not sure they'll be able to take the pressure of playing MTSU or WKU in the finals. They tightened up today in the 2nd and 3rd games and almost let it get to a 5th game.
That said, they are great, and a lot of fun to watch. The energy in the Arena was great today.

PRediction for FIU-ULM:

FIU 31
ULM 24

ULM 35
FIU 24

I am going to make two predictions here one being an honest prediction and the other being a rebuttal to CC.

FIU 34

my other prediction is for the baseball game score that will occur tonight.

GT 3
UM 7

GT 55
UM 3

Go FIU Volleyball

ULM reminds me of UNT last year. They were having a difficult season and their coach was on the way out. We beat UNT and will repeat that sort of performance against ULM.

GT - 35
Candy Canes - 6

I really enjoyed the good ole' fashioned beatdown in Atlanta tonight. If Geogria Tech had kept their starters in there tonight, they might have rushed for over 700 yards. Goodbye top 25, candy Canes.

hi its trysten.I am the kid that saw you girls practicing @ florida state univerity and I just want to thank you for that speach you gave me never to give up no matter what anyone tells you whether its your short or bad keep trying.I will be watching you guys while you are in town @ the games and @ your practices.
thanks again

trysten thresher

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