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Greetings from FIU Stadium. If you're here, drop on by the open-air press box on the east side of the Gday stadium and say hello. Like Bob Uecker, I'm in the front row. Speaking about Uecker and baseball, congrats to Puma for being the first to get the Bull Durham reference in the previous FIU football post.

If you're somewhere else in the world, welcome to the LIVE GPP BLOG of FIU/Arkansas State as your Golden Panthers try to get back on the winning side with the first of 4 home games to close out the season and by possibly winning all 4 go bowling.

But 1 at a time as we're getting ready to kickoff to the LIVE BLOG and the game, which is about 15 minutes away....


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Fans still filing in, not too many from ASU on the north side....kickoff is 2 minutes away

ASU driving down to the FIU 26 with 6 runs and only 1 pass so far

How many fans do you think are at the game Pete?

ASU 4th and 13 on FIU 29 and they're going for it....FIU calls time out.

Hard to tell crowd so far, because plenty of people still looking for seats

ASU does not convert on 4th down....FIU ball 1st down on their 17

ASU pass interference....15 yards for FIU and 1st down at FIU 32

FIU Stadium DJ still has not gotten the message not to play music when FIU has the ball.

FIU has to punt after 3 quick plays after the penalty....Blue25 nice tackle on return

ASU goes 3 and out has to punt

Another ASU 15-yard penalty, this time interference with AOL on punt return catch

Nice, slick "I AM FIU" commercial on jumbotron

FIU having trouble moving the ball, with the exception of the help of ASU penalties

with the exception of the west end zone and north bleachers....FIU Stadium pretty full

Hi Pete, and everybody else in here

ASU is backed up at their own 13 to start their series

Balt panther welcome along NYCFIUFan

FIU offsides gives ASU first down on 3rd down

dams penalties, they are only good when the other team commits them

reggie arnold killing FIU with runs of 11 and 27 yards

Could not get them off teh field again..penalties again

4th and 8 on FIU 34 and ASU going for it

Little Canada sack on 4th down....FIU ball

Toronto is back, didn't he had a good game against ASU last year?

End of the 1st Qtr 0-0

Is anyone's panther pass working?

Yes. Little Canada had like 7 or 8 tackles for loss last season vs. ASU

Mine is working pretty well blkpanther.

I hope we can move the ball now

Rivest 43 FG....3-0 FIU

I put it in the last blog but not sure if anyone saw it..on ESPN college gameday this morning, Lee Corso picked FIU as his upset pick of the week...he belittled us somewhat by saying, i dont know their nickname, but they are going to win...

...a mention on the premier college football program....its only a matter of time before gameday is held at the Cage..

Corso is an seminole idiot, they should hire someone else soon.

saw it OOC88....will be in the MH 2moro

sounds like both defense are playing good, I hope they get tire quicker.
Way to go Dustin, I guess the kicker try outs motivated him tonight

little canada gets his 3rd sack of the game and forces ASU to punt

FIU starts drive at their own 11 with 10:14 left in 2nd quarter

Little Canada SBC Defensive Player of the week?


PM 84 yd pass to TY to ASU 5

FIU fake FG does not work

wasted opportunity, damn!


Couldnt see well on Panther pass why did TY run it back inside on that long pass???? it looked like he had everyone beat

ASU has to punt from their 14

TY had guys closing in on him that's why he cut it back.

Fake FG play always work in practice

FIU starts drive with ball at ASU 40

can someone please tell me if I can listen to the game on any internet radio feeds?

would like to see an end around

Rivest 32 FG.....6-0 FIU with 4:33 left before halftime

6-0 FIU, nice but need to score TDs.

yeah our RBs cant make anyone miss. Its killing our drives.

shoul've been 9-0

ASU moving down to the FIU 30

ASU to the 1 on 29yd run

ASU TD 1 yd run...7-6 ASU with 0:59 left in half

I hope that missed extra point wont hurt us later. We need Owens in the game

PM 43 pass to Ellingson to ASU 32 with 20 sec left

McCall runs 9 yds to ASU 23 with 17 seconds left...FIU time out

FIU never missed a PAT....2 FGs today

FIU 33-yd FG try coming with 6 seconds left in half....ASU calls time out

ASU calls time out again to try and ice Rivest

My bad, I meant the fake field goal.

Rivest misses 33 FG....2 seconds left in half

ASU 7, FIU 6....Halftime

2 missed field goals, uuggh. The defense can't save us all night.

start of 3rd quarter...FIU ball at their 29

When we give McCall time, he is very impressive.

PM 32 yd pass to TY to ASU 24

43 Rivest FG.....9-7 FIU with 12:51 left in 3rd

FIU with the lead 9-7

ASU at the 50 with Little Canada shaken up

too many missed tackles for FIU...ASU TD

Damn, that was too easy.

PM 21 yards to TY

FIU driving at ASU 24

FIU FG again.....ASU 14, Dustin Rivest 12...with 6:22 left in 3rd qtr

ASU 3 and out

FIU 3 and out....punt

ASU driving again to the FIU 38

end of the 3rd qtr...ASU 14, FIU 12...ASU has 3rd and 1 from FIU 29 to start the 4th quarter

Our defense looks like they are giving up. They need a kick in the butt.

ASU TD...21-12 ASU 13:31 left in game

Oh well good night

too many penalties

FIU at ASU 20 thanks to long passes to TY and Ellingson catch

Another Rivest FG that's 5 for an FIU single-game record....ASU 21, the Dustin Rivests 15 with 11:28 left in the game.

This game is not over. Defense needs to force a turnover or two down the stretch now.

I like the way Mitchell is playing. Senior leadership is what we needed.

How's the score?

Damn another penalty

Kreg Brown's had a tough night.

how's the score

21-15 ASU with 8:25 left....3rd and 1 for ASU at their 47...time out ASU

Pete, where's McDuffie tonight?

we need an int or fumble

Kambriel made the play! Nice stop, FIU.

FIU drives to ASU 10 and cannot punch it in and miss FG....21-15 ASU with 4:34 left

3 field goals, is equal 9 points, we are giving them a Christmas present.

The defense needs to score and put an end to this game.


TY for the Heisman...38 yd TD pass with 2 minutes left FIU 22, ASU 21

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