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Greetings from FIU Stadium. If you're here, drop on by the open-air press box on the east side of the Gday stadium and say hello. Like Bob Uecker, I'm in the front row. Speaking about Uecker and baseball, congrats to Puma for being the first to get the Bull Durham reference in the previous FIU football post.

If you're somewhere else in the world, welcome to the LIVE GPP BLOG of FIU/Arkansas State as your Golden Panthers try to get back on the winning side with the first of 4 home games to close out the season and by possibly winning all 4 go bowling.

But 1 at a time as we're getting ready to kickoff to the LIVE BLOG and the game, which is about 15 minutes away....


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They have to score a TD here or the game is over!


This kid is UNREAL!!

D gotta make a stand here

C'mon defense!


Franklin Brown with a key 3rd down stop.

I can't believe the guy at WIOD keeps calling the refs umpires

WE WON!!!!!!!!!



THere is still time on the clock

we need a couple first downs

nevermind. gamecast had wrong time.

gotta write great win

All that needs to be said...

TY Hilton, WOW!

Great job boys.

score should've been 31-21, but I take this W even if it was just by 1 point

TY had 199 yds receiving?!?! GOOD GOD!! He is a beast! And he threw a TD!

Awesome win! Franklin Brown with the interception that wins the game!

Now lets win the next 3 and maybe get a bowl, si se puede

Gotta love the players on the field enjoying this one. We almost gave it away, but T.Y. wouldn't let us lose it.



What a week at FIU, the Volleyball team is destroying their competition, and the football team had this GREAT WIN.

Great win for the boys.......... always felt this was a team that was more physical than us every year. this is a win that shows some real progress!!

What a great win! The stadium was full and everyone was super excited, a great win! GO PANTHERS!

Wow!!!!! What a freaking, deaking, freaking....and I mean...whatever...eaking GAME!!! T.Y. was just all those eaking's.....sensational!!! I mean....that pass to win the game.....The Cage was ROCKING!!!

Congrats to everyone!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!


Great crowd tonight again! I love this.

No need for big name schools to draw huge crowds.

Having a stadium on campus is the s**t.

how big of a crowd was it? was it full ?

great win ..T.Y MVP,HEISMAN ,ALL AMERICAN.......
BUT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH EASIER ,DUSTIN MISSED FROM 33 AND 27 COME ON I want a chance when and where are they having try outs for kickers..
other than that great win....

wow incredible.. my only regret was that i wasnt able to post a score for the game.. at least i think i didnt.. but i dont care.. cause we got ourselves an All-American... (definately Frosh All american) great game.. i went crazy when the TD happen.. i was scared crazy cause i got a flashback.. cause it was so similar to last year against ASU... only one diff. this aint last year!!!!

Great post, CJ....talking about last year....TDAOS!!! TDAOS!!! TDAOS!!!

What a game guys, incredible win!

What a way to finish with a int.

The CAGE was loud, love it!

Can't wait for the time where tickets will be hard to come by.

Folks... after reading the game story, seeing the comments on here and hearing about the game from buds at the game, I've had an epiphany I'm going to share.

I now know how we can defeat cancer, cure AIDS, end world hunger and achieve world peace. Just put them on the football field. Let T.Y. handle it. :)

Seriously... freshman all-American. Can there be any doubt? Hell, he might be an all-American this year - freshman or otherwise - if he keeps this up. If there's such a thing as a freshman Heisman Trophy, he'd have to be in the running. My only regret right now is that I can't actually see any of this with my own eyes. Boy, did I pick a hell of a time to leave Miami or what?

On another note... glad to see we won a game we normally lose. Looks like we're starting to get some mental toughness. That'll serve well for the road ahead.

Good job, FIU. And to the volleyball team, too. Can't forget them.

Oh, one more thing... I'm glad to see that Rivest is starting to earn his scholly now. Props to the coaches for that. Where was that kind of performance in that 7-OT game against NT in 2006? Could've used it then, that's for sure.

TDAOS, right?

clawing cancer TDAOS .. DEFINATELY OVER. now.. FIU needs to take in this win today.. put in it the bank and start looking at ULM... one game scedule.. ULM... get us back to 5-5 i cant wait

I just watched the press conference, I like the attitude in our team, TY he knows he is the man and he is very confident, but he is very humble at the same time, it reminds me of D Wade during his first 3 years. I am sure he will grow into a leadership role in the team in the next 3 years, I am also sure he will play on sundays.
PM is more mature with his comments, but also carries the same humbleness and team work praising his line, receivers and the character of the team, without loosing perspective of the mistakes and the things that they all have to work to improve, I think he will make a good coach one day too, he shows good leadership and a good team work ethic and on the field he is tough, he can take the beating, and make the plays when he has the time to do so.
This was a great win for FIU and it shows a glamce of what MC and staff are building here, I hope, and I am sure we will get better and better with time and better recruits. Now it feels that 1-23 was a million years ago.

Was the Stadium full?

Hey everybody, long time reader of the GPP here but this is my first time posting. What a great win for our program last night!!! I heard that the attendance for the game was 15,106, although I think that might be a little too low...seemed more like around 16,000 to me. After Mertile caught the touchdown pass late in the fourth, I started to think about last year's heart-breaking loss at ASU's house. When FIU intercepted the ball to end all chances for ASU, it showed how much we have improved since last year. Last year, they would have scored and won the game...but this time around, FIU was mentally and physically prepared to handle the intense pressure. Like Pete said in his blog, FIU has a good chance to win out the remaining games against ULM, FAU, and WKU and go 7-5! Today is a great day for the FIU team and its fan base! Oh and btw, way to go FIU for proving ASU fan's wrong in their predictions that we were going to lose big in front of only 3,000 - 5,000 fans on homecoming (not to mention the plethora of RACIST comments many ASU bloggers were making about hispanics on their message boards)

Student section was packed from their end-zone around the SE corner of Stadium. South side stands were 80% full to the SW goal line. Crowd was sparse in West end-zone and North (visiting) stands. My estimate would be 10 - 12k.

People will start coming to see T.Y. and the Golden Panther offense but the defense was the real heroes last night. ASU was HUGE up front; their QB and RB's were large and athletic and when they got free, they made it look sooo easy. But the defense fought and fought all night long, with sacks and t.f.l's that kept the ASU offense in some long coversion situations.

T.Y. is the REAL DEAL! PP can you give us a top-10 of the nation's leading all-purpose players in D-IA? I think it will be fun to track that for the balance of the season.

Go Panthers !!!

The stadium was mostly full. The official attendance numbers were 15,106.

The student section was packed, the visitor's section was 90% empty, the west endzone was about 60% full and the south side was mostly packed with a few patches in the club seating area. It was a really great atmosphere and you could feel the panther passion in everyone!


Great win last night! We had to really fight for this one. I would like to see more improvement in our running game. Also, I hate to acknowledge their presence BUT I remember when Fiumom made predictions that the um fans felt were a reach. Well those same fans (yes like u MIA/NY Josh) made just as riduculous predictions for this game and your ignorance is starting to show. So before you make a criticism of fiu fans like fiumom for their lack of "football knowledge" look in the mirror.

It is morning again in America and at FIU. Go Blue & Gold!!!!!


This team has exceeded all my expectations for 2008. Anyone who questioned Mario Cristobal's hiring and preparedness to be a head coach needs to only look at our current record and the roster he and his staff have put together in the short time they have been at FIU. This Hilton kid has lived up to all the hype. McCall has played like the leader we all hoped he would be. Our defense and special teams are much improved. We are on the right track.

Congratulations on a fantastic win. I guess a 6 or 7-win season isn't out of the question anymore.


Yes NYC FUYfan, give Hilton the Heisman for running all over SUNBELT teams...maybe if he went to a real school in a real conference, we could see how good he was....yeah nycfiufan, you all are real smart....and as for leading the country in all-purpose yds (atleast thats the stat i think pete gave), maybe it is because he has had to receive 600 kickoffs in games where FIU opponents scored as often as Texas Tech.

And it may be too early but here is my prediction for the next game 2 weeks from now against 3-7 UL-Monroe...
(and yes Pete, this is my official prediction)

UL-Monroe 50
FIU - 7

FIU FAN I will do one better and give you the link to the stat page.


I thought MIA/NY Josh's post was wrong, I thought FIU played better competition throughout the year but I researched it and I'd hate to say it, he does have a valid point regarding strength of schedule. Here's the link:


That said, congrats to FIU on the win, they deserve to be where they are with their results.


Thank you Fomenter but in case the FIU readership cant figure out how to click on links or read charts and tables, ill translated what it says...

FIU plays the 114th worse schedule in the nation (out of 119)....exactly

Congratz TY...i am sure you make games enjoyable to watch but if you want some real exposure....enough said

Seriously, MIA/NY Josh:

What's the point, man? Worry about your team and let us worry about ours.

Our OOC schedule was tough, but yeah we play in the Sun Belt, so our SOS isn't that great. But you have to be able to beat the teams on your schedule, and that's what this team is doing right now. If and when they keep improving, they'll move up and start playing tougher opponents in another conference.

That said, TY can play with anyone. There is no doubt in my mind about this. He might not be doing this as a freshman at UF or WVU (The two places he turned down to come here), but before he was done, he'd have made a name for himself there two.

He's 18 years old and he might be the most electrifying return man in the entire nation. And it's not just Sun Belt teams.

Stop hating. Seriously, it's counterproductive.

great win for the golden showers! maybe now they move to a real divison one conference.

I love FIU, win or lose. I BLEED BLUE AND GOLD!!

MIA/NY Josh, I didn't mention FIU's schedule, nice way to change the subject. You have no retort to the fact that your predictions are wrong which leads me to conclude one of two things. One, you don't know football as well as you think or two you are in denial that FIU has a competitive football program (I don't care what our strength of schedule is, last year we would have lost all of those games, also ask USF if we are a good football team). Also, since we are on strength of schedule, since you brought up the subject, has um beaten a top 25 team this year?

Go FIU!!!!

The haters from UM come out in full force.

That can only mean one thing...FIU must have won last night huh.


1.)Do you know any details if plans for stadium construction have been sped up due to MLS possibly coming here?

2.)Also, can you explain again what the plans for that gap in the west end zone? Will the full stadium have a second level above the press boxes? If not, what sections of the stadium will have a second level?

HAHAHA....the mutual attorneys of the evil are trying to come up with whatever they can come up....so much written for nothing of substance....LOL!!!


It was great to see the energy and passion on our brand spanking new state-of-the-art ON CAMPUS stadium!!!

Damn that was quite a game I missed last night, my friends have to stop getting married in Oct/Nov!!! When I updated the ESPN Mobile and say FIU score, I punched another best man in the gut from the excitement!

Is there any way I can watch a repeat of the game online somewhere? Also, an links where I can see the "WE ARE FIU" and pouncing panther video that was played on the videotron?

Roar baby

Wow, you UM fans are bigger LOSERS than I even imagined before. At least you now see why your coaches and athletics director ran away from playing FIU.

All of you need to man up and spend your time trying to convince your own frightened Hurricane leadership to put FIU back on your schedule. Until then, stop wasting your time posting here. Let's see who has the best football team in Miami by playing on the field, not by arguing about it in messageboards and blogs. Novel concept, huh? Amazing how it seems to be lost on UM leadership.

In the meantime, get lost. And good luck with the Charleston Southern's of the world.

Funny how UCG fans have to come on our board to hate on us everytime FIU wins. How about you guys stay on your blog and let us feel good about our wins? The letters FIU should come out of your mouth up until December 12th, after that, unless UCG has the guts to schedule FIU again, you should stay off our blog and worry about your next game.

Dear nycfiufan... Unlike you,us smart guys check facts before we Make stupid claims and look like morons, Because we like to be right All of the time....
So, to your statement, you are wrong again. No Suprise there.
Miami has beaten a top 25 team..Wake Forest is currently #24 in the BCS and was previously AP&coaches poll ranked.

And our 3 losses came to top 20 teams...and if you check strength of schedule, we have the 36th toughest (again, FIU has 114 out of 119)...plus we have 2 more games coming up against teams that have been in and out of the rankings all year.

Ohhhhh, Weakforest, congrats on that one. Congrats on losing to top 20 teams also, ok so you lost them, what is your point? Also, again, my point has not been addressed, your predictions are off.

MIA/NY Josh, what's up with capitalizing letters in the middle of your sentences? Is that what UM teaches you?

Hey, Pete, a couple of questions: What is the status of Marshall McDuffie? I noticed he didn't play on Saturday. Will he be available next week?

Also, the participation report shows that Darriet Perry played for the first time. Is that true? If so, why are the coaches giving up his redshirt at this point in the season?

First of all, Pete thanks for the great blog. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend game because I had sales meeting the whole weekend. I tried following the game as much as possible from phone but it was not the same thing as being at THE CAGE.

T.Y. Hilton is the man!!! Prop has to go to Mario Cristobal and staff finding this talented kid and having him chose FIU over major college football programs.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the year, team has to take it one game at a time.

Question for you Pete, noticed that Franklin Brown made interception at end of the game. Was this his first college football game he played in? I thought he was going to be redshirted. Thanks in advance.

As for UCG fans, get lost!!! No one really cares what you think. Talking about conferences, you very well know that the ACC is not that good this year. Team FIU beat yesterday defeated Maryland this year.



What is up with this um dude? Does he really hang out here just hating?

I can understand rivalries, but this is like 12 year old kid stuff. I went to the game with 6 friends that went to FIU and a couple to UM. If I have 20 close friends almost 40% must be UM alumni. I can't wait for the day that we beat UM, that is if they are not afraid to play us due to the fear of losing fan base. Especially when about 60% of people at UM games didn't go to school there.

Anyways, FIU nation is happy with the win. We have to keep it up and finish 7-5.


I don't know if this has been discussed, but I would love to see Gold helmets.

The almost black helmets don't suit a Blue and Gold team IMO.

Pete, a question, do you have any further information on the rest of the stadium expansion? When do they plan on building the north side stands and the second level? Thanks!


Didn't UCG struggle against UCF and Duke?

If FIU looses in the Sun Belt, the haters claim we need to compete in the Sun Belt

If FIU competes in teh Sun Belt, the haters claim, "yeah, but it's the Sun Belt"

If UCG beats up on Charlsten Southern, they make no mention of scheduling cup cakes out of conference while FIU schedules BSC conference schools

UCG looses to BSC schools yet somehow that's excusable?

I guess haters don't yield to reason.

Go Panthers - let the haters hate because that's just what they do.

The stadium construction is on an accelerated rate because of the division 1a regulations. They require us to have a stadium that seats atleast 45k within 5 years of acceptance into div. 1a (The numbers may be a little off but i am sure they are pretty close to accurate).

You are just a hater because Randy Shannon passed up on T. Y. Hilton because he "does not have sufficient size to compete with championship schools [When he gets 100+ yds at the swamp next year the whole nation will know who T. Y. "Goodbye" Hilton is] and declined M. Cristobals request to play the U for 3 more years. This was in fear that M. Cristobal would do what he did in Rutgers at FIU. For your information, before you come up with an uneducational rebutal read the following: I personally asked Randy Shannon what his opinion was on the great recruiting class that M. Cristobal had gotten this year not only with students but also with coaches on a thursday night at the Rat; His answer was short--replying that Cristobal is doing an increadible job with a hurting football program. I then went on to ask him why he did not agree to play against FIU this year and he quickly answered that the decision was not his; which I am sure if it were his decision he would still negate to play us because of fear to loosing to the current HOT football program in miami. Stop hating, other people are allowed to steal the spotlight every now and then, get used to it because by the look of things its only gonna get worse for the U in miami. I saw more fans at the cage this saturday than I did at dolphin stadium vs. WF.

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