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FIU/Florida Atlantic LIVE GAME BLOG

Fiuhelmet Welcome to the house that Joe, Don and Dan Built. Yeah, I know Robbie put up the Fauhelmet_2 money, but Shula and Marino did some nice work in this building too. It's the 7th Don Shula Bowl between your FIU Golden Panthers and the Florida Atlantic Owls where a bowl berth is at stake between the two teams.

Great weather for today's game. Blue skies, a couple of friendly clouds in the sky. The Golden Panthers are in their road white uniforms. The Owls in their home blue tops and white pants. Plenty of good seats still available.

There is NO live video feed of this game. There is a camera icon on the FAU sports website next to the FIU/FAU game, but been told here in the press box that Owl TV did not make the trip south.

If you can't make the drive up or down the Florida Turnpike, then join us all game long (yes, all game since deadline is 9 p.m.) on the GPP for this live blog....


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touchdown FIU, flag in the backfield
TY hilton 45 yards he, broke like 5 tackles, and it's a pen on the D, touchdown FIU.

The Detroit Lions, with the first pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, select from FIU TY HILTON!

McCall took a blow to the head...lets see how 12 is doing...FAU personal foul enforced on kickoff

Pete was it a nasty blow?

I guess it's true about FAU being dirty players.

fau 3 and out....FIU gets ball at their own 15 after the punt....11:43 left in the game

PM back in the game

Perry breaking tackles another 13 run....FIU 1st down

PM takes big loss on sack....FAU fumbles punt...FIU recovers at FAU 30

FUMBLE, 28 yard line, end this game.


PM to Frierson 28 TD

TD!!!! GO FIU!

9:16 left FIU 36, FAU 22


hey Pete, when FIU wins todays game, which bowl game do they qualify for??? or do they have to win their last game??

kj FIU must win their last game to become bowl eligible.

Another FAU personal foul pins the Owls at their own 5 yard line to start drive

need to beat WK next week for a bowl

huh? who did you hear that from?

C'mon defense, turn it up a notch!

thanks pete

Y would TY want to transfer to USF?? doesn't make sense, he chose to come to FIU over a lot of other colleges!


You been talking to Crazy Cane huh?

Nice job by Dez Johnson and Kreg Brown tonight, with McDuffie and Weatherspoon out tonight.

off the hands of one of our players, and touchdown for FAU.


Wow, we can't catch a break tonight.

A good team wins despite adversity and bad breaks. C'mon offense, let's get another score.

how much time is left

how much time left

Key here is NO turnovers. Execute and be crisp.

intercepted for a touchdown by fau 36-36

lol wow

oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FAU ties with an INT TD....36-36

We're going to win this one.

we are losing it! come on FIU!!!! we got to win this game

I would Transfer after that

Players make plays at times like this.

Perry is the MAN!

Eat clock, score, and go home.

Let's go Panthers!!

Threee state championships for D Perry. That guys is a WINNER!

If this game teaches our young guys how to win and overcome adversity, it will be worth it.

They should have been running perry more with the night he is having



Way to go, Golden Panthers!!

TD!!!!!!! way to go!

Hey Pete, how much time is left?

3:49 left

Time for the defense to make some plays. We've been so close all night in delivering the final nail.



I'm glad to see that FIU came out to this game ready to PLAY!!!! Interception!!!!

Paul Mccall 400+ passing yards!

Nice interception, finally. Take care of the ball here, guys.

Way to go Perry!!!! TD!


Darriet of fire! Give that freshman the game ball.

this is a great game, wish i would of made the trip to the game!!


Once again like in the Toledo game FIU made u eat Crow.

hey Pete, how excited are the players on FIU sideline!!! i bet they are going crazy!

did we just score

ya 50-36

come on FIU.....stop them OWLS 2:11 left in the game ball on FIU 8 yd line.....

This game is great, go G Panthers!

where's PETE????

fau td

FAU scores

As coach Cristobal likes to say, we have "miles to go before we're through." Our team is just learning how to win. Still very young.

we need to run out this clock!!!!!!!!!!



fau just scored

oh know!!!! come on FIU don't lose it now!! stop them!!!

qb sacked!!!! way to go FIU

They better hold out. We need this win!

1:30 seconds left

how much time left

how much time

what happened to PETE???

is it over


He must be in the bathroom.

1:17 left

how do u not cover that onside kick..... man... do we show our age sometimes.

Pete just sent me a text that the wireless is acting weird again at Dolphin Stadium. He has been up and down

It's winning time, boys.

We have to shut this down now, I don't like our chances in OT especially with that cr@p kicker we have and Schnelly being such a crafty old coach.

Pete is down on the field already. So he won't be talking on here til after the game

C'mon defense, let's make a play!

arrrrghhh holding on Bryant a new set of downs for FAU with 1:08

1:08 left


come on FIU

FAU at the fIU 11 w/ :24


touchdown fau

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