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FIU/Florida Atlantic LIVE GAME BLOG

Fiuhelmet Welcome to the house that Joe, Don and Dan Built. Yeah, I know Robbie put up the Fauhelmet_2 money, but Shula and Marino did some nice work in this building too. It's the 7th Don Shula Bowl between your FIU Golden Panthers and the Florida Atlantic Owls where a bowl berth is at stake between the two teams.

Great weather for today's game. Blue skies, a couple of friendly clouds in the sky. The Golden Panthers are in their road white uniforms. The Owls in their home blue tops and white pants. Plenty of good seats still available.

There is NO live video feed of this game. There is a camera icon on the FAU sports website next to the FIU/FAU game, but been told here in the press box that Owl TV did not make the trip south.

If you can't make the drive up or down the Florida Turnpike, then join us all game long (yes, all game since deadline is 9 p.m.) on the GPP for this live blog....


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game is about to be tied at 50....or will FAU go for 2 and the win?

fau td!! oh no!

Would be fitting after we've missed two extra points.

they going for 2?

So how bad was that missed extra point for us on the second touchdown now???

50-50 with 18 seconds left.

T.Y. to the house?

has he been returning kicks?

this is a great game!!!! fiu has to WIN!!!

we are going OVERTIME!!!!!!!!!1

FIU missed 2 extra points! we could of won the game by now!

By the way, the FAU Broadcast guys are awesome. Makes me very jealous, good for them.


we are done :( 4th down

What a horrible loss tonight. Two 14-point advantages :( Oh well We can go bowling next year.....FAU just has our number :(

oh well....great game FIU played their hearts out!!!

I'm done.

I need a vacation from this team.

I'm still happy with our progress this season but what a joke of a defeat.

High school kids dont miss these chip shot extra points.

FIU didn't deserve to win this game.

If we can't take care of business up 14 with 9 ming to go and up 14 with 3 mins to go, we don't deserve to go bowling, and our defensive coordinator deserves to be disciplined.

This is b_ull_s$hit, how much does FIU expect its fans to swallow?! Losing to N. Texas after seven overtimes, losing to USF after blowing a 14 point lead late in the 4th quarter, going 1-80 during our previous two seasons.

Seriously, I am sick...like I just left the bathroom I thought I was about to throw up.

Can't blame TY for wanting to transfer to USF.

We need to stop missing extra points, this is ridiculous! This is the second time we lose a game like this this season! We were winning strong throughout the game until the last minute. Had we not missed those extra points, we would have won!!

thats what football games are all about. I have proud of the way FIU played..sure they messed up and so did FAU. FAU is just a more experienced team and have been around a lot longer...FIU will be a lot better next year!!! GO FIU keep your heads up!


I take it back! you were right

poor defensive play calling in the 4th quarter.

FAU's football team has only been around one year longer than FIU, how does that make them "more experienced and having been around a lot longer"?

just got back from the game and all I have to say is that this was a heck of a game ....
too bad we couldn't come out with awin........

What a heart breaking lost...Looks like inexperience was a factor...Regardless, im proud of FIU football and how much they improved this year...Next year we'll be a whole lot better & more experienced...GO FIU!

I seriously could have made the extra point........
just let me try out and rivest will spend the rest of his fiu career on the bench......


One year means a lot when both teams are relatively young...One year can be the difference between winning or not...FAU has had their coaching staff together longer & had a head start in recruiting...But its all good, cuz FIU will recruit better than FAU in the years to come (already are)...And by next year FIU will have a winning record & they'll beat FAU at our house...

Regardless tonight was a tough lost...I just got back from the game & I'm go eat a gallon of diet ice cream with extra M&M's...No arroz con pollo for me tonight...

Does T.Y really want to transfer out?

Just had a Wendy's burger.....Wow...what a freaking game!! Too bad we had to lose again...really...but, as others have pointed out, the improvement this team has achieved from last season to this one is very palpable...I know we had the win....twice.... and let it slip away, but you also have to give FAU props, and Rusty Smith in particular, for not quitting....

Quijote: What do u mean by, "I can't blame TY for wanting to transer to USF" ?? Are u starting a RUMOR or is this for real? If he leaves, that would be messed up. Pete can u find out? Now im worried, lol...

Yes, really...what's up with that comment? How do you know he is transferring to USF?

You did not have to swallow your words just like Quijote said. FIU almost gave me a heart attack, but FAU is FAU. Last week Crazy Cane made an observation about FIU's attendance and he was right. Some FIU fans used thanksgiving weekend as an excuse when they played ULM. Why do FIU fans always find an excuse for their low attendance. There were 300 hundred FIU fans and I am being generous. Did you see FAU's side? We filled the south sideline. We are only 27K and we showed up in numbers even during the REAL thanksgiving weekend. We are as young as you are with no football stadium on campus and we live in palm beach. The game was in Miami and free tickets were given to FIU.
Are you going to tell me that we are still a Western Kentucky or a North Texas for your program, or even better that FAU is a stepping stone for your program?
I wish you the best luck in your program and you WILL win next year, but admit your mistakes and your weaknesses!!
FAU is still your dad!!!!!!

he doesn't know-he says he overheard his mom say so in the stands at the game??

300 people? Come on, Alex. There were a lot of FIU people, and your stands were hardly filled. You outnumbered us, but it wasn't a huge difference.

markus73 posted that about ty maybe transferring to USF

Come on Alex...that is ridiculous...FAU had better attendance, but not that much nor impressive....Take a chill pill and enjoy your victory. Your coming here and making those comments speak a lot about being gracious winner.....or not.

Oh ok i just realized it was markus73 who posted it & not a realiable source like quijote...Obviously Markus73 is full of it! TY chose FIU because he wanted to stay in Miami and help build FIU! He is a visionary & can see the potential in FIU future..For starting a false rumor, I say we lynch Markus73!!!

All you people make me sick.

Please man, were you at the game?
300? 400? you tell me your numbers!!!!
wasn't the south sideline of FAU full? yes the second deck was empty and I don't expect FAU to fill a stadium like that, but obviously FAU cares more especially when you have 12K more students and the game was in Miami. All year round FIU has been talking down on UM and FAU. The game could have the gone the other way around and TY is impressive, but unfortunately the result was different. FIU had a bowl eligibility on the line, but still showed some disrespect with their attendance. I cannot even imagine if the game would have been played at Lockhart. Good luck on your real rivalry with UM, at the end FAU's rivalry is fabricated right?

Alex...you are one lunatic classless fan. Who cares?


a picture is worth more than a thousand words!!!
something like that.

I think FAU students are sad because they see that most FIU students don't think this is a rivalry. It would be silly to say that FAU fans are loyal. Did you see your side when you were losing? Driving all the way from Boca Raton and leave because you don't trust your team? Come on, I think this was a great game. I'm proud of FIU, and will always be. Stop hating on FIU.

This was a horroble loss, we were up by 14 in the fourth quater TWICE and we lost this game. Also, I was at the game and both sides of the stadium were not very full which is pretty sad because that was a great game, even though the loss was a tough one to stomach. I am sick of losing to those guys. Maybe this will spark more attention to this rivalry because I felt like this was the first time it was really heated on the football field.

Lets face it FIU fans, we are not there yet but we are getting better. Last year we couldn't stay on the field with FAU and this year, I am sorry I don't care what the score was, we were better then FAU.

For the football players I hope we come out next week and end the season on a high note, you can judge the character of a football team when they are down, will we curl up in a little ball or will we get up like champions? I hope we get up.


Sick to my stomach, sounds like fighting words from obama. Here te regalo un tres Leche por hacer un gran Mari...Con...Son!

Great post NYCFIUFan.....It's not like FAU had their side even half full...Geez, some people are fixated with our attendance when they can't draw that well either....

16,781 fans at the game. Tell me how many fans from FIU were there.
I say 400 at the most, so you FIU fans are gonna keep saying that FAU fans did not show up?
What part of 400FIU vs 16,300FAU you don't understand? if that's the case.
Arroz con pollo:
Deja de comer tanto pollo que te esta poniendo a alucinar acerca de todos esos campeonatos que tu univeridad se ha ganado el buen ranking que tienen. Segun uds son elegibles para el campeonato nacional.

Lets not be blind. FAU outdrawed us at least 15 to 1. It was pathetic out there. As an FIU fan, today is probably the worst day of this program under MC's regime.

2. MC and his staff will have to explain their decision not to play Perry throughout the year. Horribly decision.
3. Enough praising the defense and the coaches. They embarrased us completely.
4. Lastly, we are the worst fans in the world, with the exception of the 300 plus of us that were there today. Where is the pride and the school spirit? I challenge all parties involved, (fans, school, marketing), to do a better job.

As for me, if this team loses to WK, the season was a dissapointment. Yes we are a little better than years before however we gotta do better than beating, Toledo, NT, MT and AKS on a Hail Mary.

OK, I just got back home--I had some personal business to take care of--and saw the final score. Here are my final thoughts on the game:

1. We couldn't have TRIED to give this game away and done a better job. Two missed extra points. Dropped interceptions. Giving up an on-sides kick. Throwing an interception for a touchdown late in the game when up by seven. Very disappointing considering we had a bowl possibility riding on these last two games.

2. The defense seemed to be very bad late in the game. Since the game wasn't televised, it's hard to know if it was playcalling or just poor defense or some combination. I know we had our two starting safeties out which definitely hurt and the ball took some funny bounces tonight, but wow, to give up that many points that late in the game. One thing I'm sure didn't help was our defensive line, which has struggled all season getting sustained pressure on the QB. That's something I know the Coach Cristobal will rectify next year.

3. Darriet Perry looks like he's ready to assume the starting tailback job next year. I think he earned it with tonights game alone. I just hated to see him give up his redshirt this late in the season, but what can you do about injuries?

4. Special teams need more work. How can we continue to make extra points an exiting part of the game year in and year out? They always come back to bite you, and they did once again tonight.

5. If we beat Western Kentucky next week (and that's not a given by any stretch the way we're playing lately), a 5-win season won't be a success in my estimation. I said at the beginning of the season that anything less than 6-6 would be disappointing, and I still feel that way. Especially after these last two meltdown losses.

6. All was not a loss today, as UM went down to mighty N.C. State. Kind of funny that on rivalry week UM is playing N.C. State while Florida State is playing Florida, huh? Guess who you're real rival is, UM? You can only run scared for so long.

7. As Coach Cristobal has said more than once this season, we still have miles to go and tonight proved it. The bottom line is we are nowhere near where we need to be or will be in the near future. Our potential is far greater than SunBelt championships. At this stage in our program, the real season begins the week after next for the coaches -- recruiting season.

Bad play calling all the way. You RUN the ball when you have the lead and are trying to kill the clock.

The coaches lost both the ULM game and this EXTREMELY important game. McCall had a great game, as well as many other players. I can't remember the last time FIU put up 50 points.

I almost died when I saw the final score after being extremely confident we would not give up a 14 point lead.

Really sad, I'am still in disbelief over this one. I would have been OK had FIU been the worse team, but FIU is clearly a much better team than FAU and should have won.

But I'am happy for FAU and hope they make it to a bowl and win.

Sigh, it's tough to be this close....

Tonight, I’m violently ill, sick to my stomach, confused, cold and scared – anyone have the number to the suicide watch line? I’ve discarded my FIU v. WKU tickets and will now go into hibernation.

A Few Observations:

FIU’s season is on the line and we’re missing point after attempts?!

Throughout the season, McCall acknowledges he holds on to the ball too long yet ends the game on a freakin’ sack!

Anthony Gaitor missed at least 3 chances at turnovers tonight and FAU’s #7 (WR) took Gaitor to school

14 point leads TWICE in the 4th Quarter and the freakin’ Defense can’t hold?!?!

At this point, pile it on. All criticism is deserved. I would thank FIU for an entertaining game, but without the W, it’s meaningless. The Golden Panther Community is inconsolable this evening. Team, you broke our hearts tonight.

FIU WR # 2, Junior Mertile, coughed up the onside kick at the end of the game and missed multiple passes...STOP throwing to that guy!


What's up with this guy ArrozConPollo?. Tell him to stop using bad words. This is a classy blog.

When you don't agree with somebody's comment, you can fight back, but don't use profanaties.

ACP, nothing personal but take it easy.

gpantera, my friend....I have to tell you...you just made me laugh with your post...It's kind of the way we all feel, but the way you put it...(I loved the 'violently ill" "cold and scared") brought a smile on my sad face....

Don't worry, mi amigo...FIU will have brighter days.....

As for this young guy from FAU....hurry!!! get him some Prozac!!

First of all to GPP Nation:

Apologies for the incomplete LIVE Blog from the Shula Bowl, but I was getting knocked off the Dolphin Stadium wireless all game long.

For some reason, in the Marlins press box at
DS, the wireless works perfectly. But the media for the FIU/FAU game was sitting in the Dolphins press box and there the wireless is awful.

Kind of ironic since the Dolphins are the stadium's primary tenant.

Anyways, will have thoughts on this marathon offensive game later, but check out my next comment after this one for a message from T.Y. Hilton, Sr.

Heartbreaking loss but we have to bounce back.

Too many mistakes to discuss but PM getting sacked at the end hurt a lot, just throw the #$^$^% ball towards the endzone.

Hope we beat WK by 30 pts to lift the spirits.

FIU deserved to lose the game. How can a team lose a game after having not one, but TWO 14 point leads late in the game? Incredible.

Ona postive note, I think this game will go down as a important turning point in FIU's history. Good teams will be able to learn from this dissapointment and use it to their advantage. Time will tell if MC and the rest of the coaching staff has what it takes to do it.

Good luck next week.

Hey Golden Paws i didnt mean to offend anyone, but for the record i did not use a bad word...The word gay is not a bad word...Look, im just upset about the game ok...But damn bro ur a lil snitch girl going str8 to Pete...The last i knew this is america and i can express myself and vent a lil...So whatever about your classy bs...Coje te ganaste un flan de leche...

We had a college football "expert" on the live blog earlier tonight. This person was masquerading as an FIU fan since he/she posted 'We are going to win this game' before posting a FALSE rumor of T.Y. transferring.

Of course, as usual these brave "experts" hide behind a screen name on-line (with of course a fake e-mail address) with no courage to come forward with his/her's real name reporting this FALSE news or an actual real source.

Just sounds like another school's fan that wishes Goodbye would be playing at his/her school.

Get used to this FIU fans, because there are more T.Y.s headed to FIU in the seasons to come. And there are other Golden Panthers that will develop into special players: Darriet Perry, Greg Ellingson, etc.

This "brave" college insider's FALSE rumor has been deleted from the GPP.

I got a call from T.Y.'s father about 1 hour after the game wanting to clear up this non-sense about his son and this is what Mr. Hilton, Sr. said:

"Could you please tell all the FIU fans that T.Y. is not going anywhere. T.Y. will play all 4 years at FIU and will be a first round NFL draft choice after that. Coach Cristobal is building something special at FIU and T.Y. and our family want to be a part of it all 4 years."


Did you talk to MC?
I am wondering what goes on after a loss like this one. They have to end the season with a W!


Thank you for the comments, I think everyone that read that thought it was a fan from another university in town just posing and spreading rumors.

Anyways Perry and Ellingson sure look special. Can we settle Greg's nickname as "Velcro"??

That's good to know Pete. Lets hope its true...I would be very surprised if TY plays four entire years at FIU and foregoes his senior year for a draft possibility.

FWIW, I actually drank half a bottle of the pink stuff after the game. No bull.

Thanks for clearing the air with this impostor...presumably from a poster from a rival team...and his bs rumor on T.Y.

Tough game guys...but as PP says...we will have better players joining this team next year, plus the actual development of our young players....

FIU Fanatic, screw next season man that's nearly a year away! FIU BLEW IT! This season is an improvement, but a disappointment nonetheless considering how many opportunities they blew throughout the season. Winning the SunBelt would have been a stretch, but to leave this game empty handed and not go bowling this season when we were THIS close is very very disheartening.

2006: The year of the brawl
2007: The year of the rebuild
2008: The year of blown opportunities
2009: SUNBELT CHAMPS, anything less after this season would be unacceptable!!!

ACP, The variation of the word "gay" that you used is offensive as offensive could be. Yes, this is America, but unfortunately it doesn't give you a passport to use profanities. Pete Pelegrin has worked hard to have a first-class blog for somebody to come on it and riun it.

Don't take my word for it. Even anti-FIU bloggers do it with class because that's the way Pete has chosen to conduct it.

Just play it by the rules. There is a spanish saying that goes like this "No hay nada peor que un tipo pesado". I'm not calling you that, but think about it.

BTW, I leave it to the other bloggers. Let them be the judges.

Take care.

Hey...I hear you.....it's just that I'm kind of in the mode of turning the page tonight.....I don't know, I was also devastated, but hey...for some reason I'm thinking now putting things in perspective. Maybe I'm doing this to mask my pain...LOL!!

Thanks Pete for clearing that whole TY thing...Im not going to lie, i was a lil worried there for a few but kinda figured it had to be a lie...Love what MC is building here at FIU...Go FIU!

With all the FAU/FIU stuff, everyone seems to have forgotten about our basketball squad's misery against UCLA earlier tonight. I was surprised in being able to watch the entire second half on DirectTV.


We were down 57 - 15 at one point. That's right, 57 to friggin' 15. Eventually UCLA started putting in their 8th stringers and FIU eventually more than fifty but still got blown out.

I know its UCLA, but still to be down 57 to 15?! How embarassing, they showed Sergi a few times "drawing something" and trying to figure some kind of offense out. I mean, fundamental mistakes ALL NIGHT LONG. Like passing the ball all across the middle of the court through traffic, BAD circus shots, etc etc.

Is this game wasn't enough to earn him the slip, I don't know what it. Obviously UCLA is a much better team, but there was soooo much wrong with the way the team played its obvious we're making ZERO progress with our basketball program.

Hey Pete, just want to make sure you don't confuse me with the loser that posted the false rumor about T.Y. I posted "we're going to win this one" after FAU tied the game at 36. Obviously, I'm not a college football expert with that prediction! Anyway, I really felt like we were going to win the game even after that collapse (little did I know it was going to be only the "first" fourth quarter collapse). I think the team will learn alot from a game like last night (and last week's game for that matter). I think the pain of this loss will carry the young guys to greater heights over the remainder of their careers. So let's all remember how this feels and grow from it.

Guys first on SR and men's hoops, if we can't beat a Div-II school, what do you expect about going to Pauley Pavilion and playing UCLA? Not surprised by the slaughter! They were respectable against UCLA's "8th-String" as Quijote pointed out, however that "8th-String" would easily beat ANY Sun Belt team! A little perspective is needed. I was seated at the FIU / FAU game a couple of rows from Alex Galindo and Otero and when you add them along w / Souto, I would HOPE we could of beaten that Div-II team and Cleveland State so instead of 3-4 we would be a respectable 5-2.

Now to the game! What an emotional rollercoaster! With our two starting safeties out plus a depleted rb group, I actually thought a senior-led team like FAU would take-apart a young team like FIU, however FIU went punch for punch with them. I see it differently from all the naysayer posting about "out-coached this" etc. FIU did some major growing up tonight. WE SHOULD HAVE BEATEN THIS TEAM! Now these young FIU players will know that WE SHOULD OF BEATEN THIS TEAM, while all those FAU seniors go bye-bye and their young pup’s fill-in. Next year those young pups will be dealing with a much more mature and talent-deep Golden Panther team IN OUR HOUSE AND SPANKING to those Owls will commence! Mark my words.

First, Pete thanks for being on top of the reporting concerning TY Hilton, the Golden Panther Nation can breathe a collective shy of relief. Also, nice to hear that his dad has bought into the program and I wish more FIU fans could see that as well. Even though the loss totally sucked had a great time, I have a great time at every game even though more often then not the outcome is not to my liking. THE FIU NATION NEEDS TO SHOW UP AND SHOW THEIR APPRECIATION. Also, there is not THAT much to do in Miami that you can't go to these games, especially the students.

Second, I really appreciate this blog especially with the loss last night. It is like group therapy. Last night, if I was in Jonestown I would have drunk the Kool-Aid and ended it right there I was so distraught. BUT misery loves company and I appreciate that I have this forum to vent out my frustrations.

Bottom line keep, our heads up Golden Panther nation I don't give a damn what that score was we are the better team. 2 missed extra points, a tip to the FAU receiver in the endzone for a TD (lucky SOB), an onside kick, we can go on and on. We are learning how to win, 2 years ago zero wins, last year 1 win this year 4 wins maybe 5. You see the pattern, but we need to help Mario, we need to help the kids. How can we sell recruits on the belief that we are building a winning and proud tradition if we don't believe it through our participation and support. I plead to the Gold and Blue Nation, show up next week, I know how sick we feel, how do you think the players feel? Think how they will feel if we show up strong in the stands next week? We will be telling the players through our actions "No matter the outcome, we are behind you, your effort and your commitment is an inspiration to us and we want to inspire you."


Well GPP Nation we just witnessed a classic rivalry football game where we came up short. FFFL said it correctly that FAU was BY FAR the more experienced team with fewer injuries. I initially sat down at the FAU side with my kids to stay in the shade a cheer loudly for FIU. Got plenty of ugly looks and a couple of comments from the Owl faithful, however tough for them! At half, I “came home” to the FIU side. Attendance in general was abysmal for both teams; however for our side it was embarrassing! I guess our fans forgot that this game meant something. This ISN'T meant for those who attend regularly and for whatever reason weren't able to go last night, stuff happens, this is meant for those who had no reason for NOT attending. As NYCFIUFan states, our team needs our support, they feed off our energy. We need to fill OUR ON CAMPUS STADIUM next week for a great send-off to a team that has shown much improvement and given us soo many memories this season.

We have a team of a budding All-American superstar (TY Hilton), a very cerebral, solid quarterback (Paul McCall), freakishly talented freshman players (Perry, K. Willis, etc.) with more to COME and other quickly developing soph & juniors players! GPP Nation, the foundation is quickly being set and now we need to SHOW OUR APPROVAL! I submit to all the FIU die-hards on this blog to commit to bring 10 people to Sat.'s game. If your a student, bring 20 students EACH and tailgate! We need to show MC and OUR players that WE SUPPORT THEM! Start spreading the word today. The city of Miami is an event town; just ask ALL of our other sports teams! Create the rumor that this last game is an event and they will come!


Hey, Pete... maybe both of us should re-do our "worst losses in FIU history" list. This one's gotta be on there somewhere. But then again, that was for football. I didn't know they played basketball over at Dolphin Stadium. :)

Who wants to lay down money that the FIU-FAU basketball games will have less scoring that this ball-game? I'm not sure I'd take that bet, but man, I wouldn't be shocked if that actually happened.

OK, seriously... I didn't see the game, so I can't comment on what happened. I will say some things about the comments on here, though.

Whoever said "the coaching staff should be blamed for not playing Perry sooner" is being a moron. There's no other way to put it. Do you know how rare it is for a true freshman RB to come in and be a success? Especially at a school like FIU and with the OL problems this team's had historically? We've never been a run-first kind of school. The OL last season was totally putrid, and this year's has been better, but still in need of lots of work. You can say that Ned and Reams weren't hitting holes, but you can't hit holes if they aren't there.

MC was right to try to red-shirt him. RB's a position that needs strength along with skill, and very few RB's have that combo coming out of high school. That redshirt year's critical for development for any freshman RB not named Adrian Peterson. I sort of wish MC didn't pull the redshirt, but you can't do much when you've got a lot of injuries. I understand the move.

This isn't like last year when the coaches stuck with Younger instead of McCall. THAT was a bad call. Keeping Perry sidelined until now was not. (By the way, those cricket noises you're hearing in the background are all the McCall haters keeping their mouths shut. FIU, we finally have a QB! Hallelujah!)

As for the TY rumor... some of you people seriously need to stop giving these boards THAT much credence. No one in his right mind would transfer and sit out a year unless he was going nowhere at the school he was in, and that's clearly not the case with TY. Stop with the nonsense. Thanks for squelching that, Pete.

Clearly, we shouldn't have lost this game. Not like this, anyway. I can't believe the D gave up 57. Hell, I'm flat-out shocked, especially since they've been the main reason FIU's won games all year long. I know FAU's good, but THAT good? No. MC should've made the entire D, coaches included, run back to FIU from Dolphin Stadium after that joke of a performance.

With that said... and I know lots of people are understandably upset right now... folks, this kind of loss should be a good thing. We are in position to dominate this rivalry, and that means dominating the Sun Belt. I see NO reason now we don't win a conference title within 2 years, latest. Sure, losing like this sucks, but with a young team, it's losses like these that serve as springboards to greater things. It's how you react after losses that really determines your character, not winning games. A cliche, but it's true. We're about to see if this team's got championship character, and we'll see it next season, hopefully.

I'm not disappointed in this season at all. Some of you thinking .500 or better were going too far. Just being honest. Next year's the year we kick ass and take names. I'm certain of it. This coaching staff still has work to do, but I really do think MC's doing a good job.

As for the fan attendance... when will some of you people get it? No one in South Florida's going to attend games until you win, win, win and then win against teams like Miami. Stop with this attendance squabbling. There's no magic potion, no marketing campaign and no other way to get butts in seats. That's a fact for FIU AND FAU (more so for FIU, though). Deal with it.

This loss hurts more than the USF loss 4 years ago. Just seems like FAU would never die or everything that could go wrong went wrong for us when it mattered. As for attendance, it seemed empty on the FAU sideline also. On top of it half their fans were gone after we led 50-36 because they felt the game was over.

Seems like Cristobal has got a gem in Darriet Perry. This was the RB from Georgia that if you saw his workout videos during recruiting, you wondered why he wasn't offered by the bigger schools. I think it was his height that kept some schools away. Perry was running hard yesterday and he even carried defenders on his back when they were trying to bring him down. I'm looking forward to see him play the next 3 years at FIU.

Gotta show love to the receiving corps. Ellingson, Frierson, Dix, Hilton, and Rolle played great games. Wait till you see other recruits Cristobal is adding at this position. I also believe TE will be a position FIU will be good for coming years.

Someone made a comment about Junior Mertile(#2). This is a freshmen who will be good for many years at FIU. There's a reason they were throwing at him, he's been consistent the whole year. I'm sure he wishes he can redo the onside kick again and he wouldn't cough the ball up. He'll just learn from it and try to not make it happen again. As for the throws to him during the OT, those throws weren't accurate. He really didn't have a chance to make a play, so please try to lay off him.

Anyways, seemed like we were playing prevent defense with 3 minutes left. We just gave Rusty Smith too much time and he killed us. Next year, our pass rush should be much improved. Kambriel Willis, Jonathan Jackson, and James Jones are learning their first year. They will only get better.

I'm crushed after last night, but what heals me is the promise of this team in the upcoming years. I know our Golden Panthers won't forget this loss and will grow from it. Be Proud Golden Panthers and lets end the season with a W against WKU.

Question for Pete, What's the deal with kickoff/punt returns? I know MC let Hilton do kickoff returns at end of the game but what about punt returns? He might not want him to get hurt....that's all i can assume.


Funny how things have changed; defense used to be our strong point. Now we put 50 points and still couldnt hold on.

After making sense of all this heartbreak, I am so much more excited for next year seeing the kind of production these young kids can give us.

Lets go panthers!

I want to say another thing. Some people at FIU don't want to recognize the FAU game as a rivalry game, I can't think of a bigger mistake. First of all, after last night’s game, how can you not hate them? Second of all, they recruit the same kids in the same area we do so for recruiting this has meaning. Third, we play each other every year and they play in the same conference, also, with the exception of Troy, they are the top tier team in the conference. The comparisons between our two young programs are deep which makes the game that much more important.

Having a rivalry is imperative for college football, and this is the start of a rivalry as both teams are on the same plane now. I can’t think of a better way to build up both programs but to really emphasis the importance of the match up. I know some of you want to consider UM a rival, let’s face it, THEY DON'T PLAY US, you can't have a rivalry with yourself just like you can't say you are a duet when you are dancing by yourself. Also, to be honest, even though my distaste for the FAU program has grown because of last nights game, I find their fans respectable and classy, I think we can party together wish each other luck, watch our teams play great football for 60 minutes hoping that our teams devastate the other, and when the game is over, shake hands and see each other next year. Great time by all. For the UM games I remember them being just animals and people you really don’t want to be associated with, taking out their frustrations for their useless lives through college football players thinking that if the local school wins football games (never mind they probably did not go to the school) their shortcomings would some how go away and they have purpose in this world.

Bottom line, I think FIU/FAU can be built up, at least within the communities as a game both parties can look forward to and make it a party. And who does not like a party?


One more thing I forgot. Heard the postgame show on 610 and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. JMP has done a phenomenal job during his first year but come on...saying game was over with 3 minutes left was a hugggee mistake. As for Randy and Mandich son, I can't stand to hear those guys.

What I was impressed most during the postgame show was what MC said. They asked him how this game affects recruiting for FIU/FAU...his confident respond....FIU WILL NOT LOSE RECRUITS TO FAU.


I’m taking a momentary break from popping pain killers and vomiting to write this post.

I’m soo God-awfully sick and tired of being fed this idea that bone-crushing losses are a good thing. We lost 23 straight games for the love of Budha, Jesus and Allah!. If losing is a good thing, I want to stop learning these “great” lessons and start shifting some of these losses to our opponents. I can’t imagine walking into the office of a head coach at a premier college football program and suggesting they lose because it’ll serve them well at some ill-defined future point.
Here’s a thought – JUST FREAKIN’ WIN – especially at home against inferior foes (ULM) and conference foes that you’re beating by TWO TD’s with less than 3 minutes to play (FAU). I’m not asking that we slay the Alabama’s and Florida’s of the world, just win the games you’re supposed to win. If that would have happened this year, we’d be bowling.

BTW, did we miss a few PAT’s yesterday?! The next time we miss a PAT, I’m leaving the game. It’s a guaranteed indicator that that single point will bite FIU in the backside (see at USF 2006, FAU 2008)

My pain killers are wearing off. I’ve gotta go…gpantera

Hey guys, had a rough night yesterday. Reminded me of the Troy game versus LSU two weeks ago when someone on the Troy blog said "That was the highest high and the lowest low that I have ever experienced in my life". That is what I was feeling last night listening to the radio broadcast on 610. Although FIU has given up a lot of points this season, I dont think this game alone should warrant the firing of Galiano as defensive coordinator. We were without our two starting safeties and you have to remember that our team is really young. We were playing an FAU team that won the conference last year, led by Rusty Smith, who was projected to be a pretty high draft pick had he lived up to the expectations for this season. Given that, we will destroy FAU next year at OUR house (and thats a guarantee).

This team needs us for the last game against WKU. A win would leave us at 5-7, after going 1-11 last year. MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!!! I am confident that we will take it to WKU big time. Even more, I am pumped about next season. This team has the potential to contend for the SBC title next year. BIG things are in store for FIU in the near future. So lets stop mulling over this loss and concentrate our energy on dismantling WKU next game and any other team that gets on the field with us!

The Walgreens on 137th and 88th is all out of Pepto Bismol.


Did somebody say they were surprised at how poorly the defense played? Come on, guys. Weatherspoon and McDuffie were what made that secondary so great, losing them is what killed us in the 4th.

Quijote, you're brilliant. Pepto Bismol should be the FIU Stadium corporate sponsor. We'll call next year's FIU v. FAU game The Indigestion Bowl.

Other possible sponsors:

Icy Hot
Preporation H

lol don't know about PrepH, I'm not getting hemroids over this lol.

I'm not going to lie, this was one of the toughest losses I have ever had to endure as a fan for a team of any sport... it is difficult to look at the bright side of anything after this one. I was there, front row, around the 50 yard line. I was having the most fun at a football game I've had in my life until that last sack... Let's face it, we should have one this one. There is no excuse. None. It was ours, the game was ours and we let it go. Attendance was abysmal, but I could definetly feel the electricity buzzing throughout the game. WE NEED TO GET MORE PEOPLE OUT THERE TO SUPPORT THIS TEAM!

But there was a tremendous brightside to all of this. It looks like we finally found an RB in Perry, the WRs looked terrific, and this rivalry just got kicked up a notch. It;s going to be a very very long offseason, but we have so much to look forward to and no matter what happens we have to remember that. The fact that we were able to keep up with this team says a lot.

This one is going to hurt for a long, long time... but we will make things right in our house next year. We are rising up, and the strides we've made this year say a lot about where we're going. We can win. We will win. We just need to keep moving forward, as hard as it might seem right now.

GO FIU!!!!

Lost in all of this was Greg Ellingson's performance last night. Man, oh man. This offense could be really fun next season if Perry's as good as he looked last night.

NYCFIUFan, if we're recruiting the same kids as FAU, our program is heading in the wrong direction. That's what MC was saying last night. Our program is headed to a different stratosphere than FAU, and if you can't see that, you're going to get left behind.


First SouthPaw, you did not catch MC opening comments how it is a rivalry since they recruit the same kids, his words not mine.

Pete, have a question, do you expect or have you heard of any voluntary turnover in the coaching staff this upcoming year? It sees like we need to keep the coaches to keep continuity, let me know.

Nobody is getting behind...the only thing we have to be behind, is behind our team, players, and coaches.

Regardless of the tough loss to FAU, this season...in my humble estimation....has been already a success in terms of wins and losses...and overall improvement.

1. 4 wins...maybe 5...vs 1 win in 2007 and 0 in 2006. I expected 2...maybe 3 wins this year.

2. T.Y. Hilton: a kid like this enegizes a team, gives us a true star and go-to guy...plus only help in attracting other similar type players to come and play for FIU in future.

3. Overall Offense is a lot better than last year...and the year before that as well. Every important piece of the offense is returning...and add the new recruits coming in...wow..

4. Defense is also young, except for the starters on DL, but we are playing a lot of freshmen and sophomores there as well. I think our D is a bit better than last year.

I was not at the game, but according to the boxscore, there was only one missed extra point for FIU. The first one came after the officials waved off a made PAT by Rivest. I'm not sure why, but I'm pretty sure it was the fault of the zebras, as opposed to an FIU penalty. Without that mistake by the crew, the Rivest PAT would have counted. In the 3rd Quarter, according to the boxscore, the "run failed." If that is true, it doesn't sound like Rivest blew it.

IF the boxscore is incorrect, then all these haters can keep whining about missed PAT's. OTHERWISE, try to learn about the game and stop looking for one player to blame for a team loss.

The loss is a tough one and the last thing this team needs is for weak fans to try to pull them apart, as opposed to building them up. Let's take down our opponents, not our Panthers.

So its a day later and I must say that I feel like I did the morning after I downed a bottle of Cuervo...

gpantera your not alone in your psychosomatic response to yesterday game. I took about 2 memory cards worth of pictures that I don't even want to look at for fear of launching myself into a coma.

The only reason I am able to post this is because the Dolphins grabbed a W and I came out of my cave long enough to catch a ray of sunshine in what could have been a second consecutive failure of a football weekend.

After a day of consternation and mental replay I have come away with one conclusion to cope with yesterdays events... notice I said cope not explain away or excuse the game.

In order to cope I came to the understanding that this was my first game as a Golden Panther Fan where there were real consequences.

This was not a game to "save face" or regain pride... This was what none of us expected in July; a game with real consequences.

Just like our guys are out there learning their game we as fans are also learning.

I hope the future brings more games like this... of course with better endings.

I still can't look at the pictures but at least I can look forward to what I hope will be a good showing against WKU, a strong recruiting season and drowning the Owls next year at home.

I also want to commend Ellingson , Frierson and the offense for some inspired play last night. Ellingson should be nicked named "Stick-Um" or something cause not only does he make some SICK catches but he also turns up field for some yards after the catch and dishes out some punishment for DBs.


I love your heart for FIU but I must disagree. Here's an idea - how about the team help build up the fans versus the other way around. some of us hard core G-Panthers have stuck it out through some of the ugliest football every played since 2002 (remember 0-23). I'm encouraged by FIU's future but the hardcore fans have a right to blow off steam every now and then, especially when their team blows a two TD lead with 3 FREAKIN' minutes to play.

OK, ya, I can't keep defending this anymore.

gpantera to Mrs. gpantera, "Honey, the folks on the FIU blog are still defending last night's defeat. Please get me my bucket of Prozac, turn off the lights and shut the door on your way out."

If Weatherspoon and McDuffie play last night, we win.


We will have to agree to disagree.

If you think that blaming a single player for a team loss (the point of my post) is the way to move FIU to the next level, then we just have extremely different perspectives.

Tough game last night, I wasn't at the game as it's the week where many of us have papers (me, tomorrow 15 pager) and finals are coming the week after so we're all with family and working our butts off. Sorry, I've gone to every FIU home game this year and went to all OB games last year but the second one.

Does that make me a bad fan? I don't know who got free tix, but I sure didn't. Come on now.

And also, I know this sounds like dicey information but one of my friends has TY Hilton for a Chemistry class and has two things to report.
1) He's sticking around and said whoever said the opposite was "lying and an idiot"
2) The kid is good at chemistry.

So there you go, great football player, and a good student to boot.

Technically, you are right Panther4life. The kid only missed one PAT, and that was after he made the first try on that TD. So, it wasn't a penalty the reason the referees made FIU "re-kick" that PAT? I was on my way out to get some refreshments when we missed the second try....Wow...that makes this game even more bizarre....

I was not available to listen to the game or blog with my fello Golden Panther fans, but I was able to read the score on my blackberry once in a while.
I know it was a loss and all the losses suck, we had to endure 23 in a row and they all suck every single one of them. It is true we choked we had the game and we loss, I remember another young team that choked like that, and the following two years they played for the national championship and they one once.
I am not saying that we will win a national chapionship, but I think next year we are going to be the team to beat in the belt. Our O will comeback plus the new faces that will improve our unit. Our D will be sick and much improved. Our coaches will be more experienced and wiser too. The only thing they have to do is give game experience to next QB. Next year is PM last year, and he is the leader of the Offense, the coaching staff has to identify the next guy up and give him playing time next year, lets not forget last year having qb's with no experience.
Lets support our football team and lets challenge them to go undefeated in conference play next year. Like someone say before last night everybody got older and wiser, players, coaches and fans.
GO FIU let keep improving and raising the bar.
Pete how many records were broken or stablished yesterday by FIU?

Definitely a tough loss this weekend. I was hoping to see my all three of my teams (UF, GT, and FIU) win their rivalries this weekend, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Unfourtunately I doubt too many people will go to the game this weekend. Finals are next week for us FIU students and I know a lot of people won't be able to take the time to go to this game. It's been a good season overall and I can't wait to see the Golden Panthers take it to another level next season!


What is the story with kids not showing up next week due to finals? That is no excuse, if anything that should bring out more fans! On Saturday go to the library on campus, study, and go to the game for 3 hours, once the game is done go back to the library. Anyway you also still have Sunday. Not going to the game due to finals is no excuse. Do you think UF students will not go to the UF-Alabama game due to finals? And that game is played in Atlanta, the WKU game is played on campus. That is weak, also, what about the football players who have to 1) go to class, 2) practice all week, 3) find time to study and 4) have to actually go to the game? Enough with the BS excuses, if you are a fan, you will find a way to go and shift your study schedule around.


What is with all the negativity? With a win next week maybe we could still get invited to a bowl game. It was reported on ESPN last week that there may not be enough teams with bowl eligible records so some bowls might have to take teams with sub par records. We should not give up FIU, we can still go bowling.

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