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FIU/Florida Atlantic LIVE GAME BLOG

Fiuhelmet Welcome to the house that Joe, Don and Dan Built. Yeah, I know Robbie put up the Fauhelmet_2 money, but Shula and Marino did some nice work in this building too. It's the 7th Don Shula Bowl between your FIU Golden Panthers and the Florida Atlantic Owls where a bowl berth is at stake between the two teams.

Great weather for today's game. Blue skies, a couple of friendly clouds in the sky. The Golden Panthers are in their road white uniforms. The Owls in their home blue tops and white pants. Plenty of good seats still available.

There is NO live video feed of this game. There is a camera icon on the FAU sports website next to the FIU/FAU game, but been told here in the press box that Owl TV did not make the trip south.

If you can't make the drive up or down the Florida Turnpike, then join us all game long (yes, all game since deadline is 9 p.m.) on the GPP for this live blog....


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Unfortunately, now that homecoming passed most of the students will not attend the last game. That's what happens every year, HC passes and most of the students stop caring.


Can you comment on FIUDad's input?

I plead with those students, alumni, and faculty to please show up and support this team. Can you imagine seeing a football player on campus this week and telling them "We would love to go to the game but it is finals week" Imagine how that player, who not only has the same academic workload but on top of that has to prepare for the game against WKU, is feeling or his reaction? These kids are trying their best to show the the very best of the University and we can't stand behind them? There should be no waivering to crack between the football players and the student body. Remember they stand for us so we must stand by them. Go to the game and after that game, no matter the score, say thank you and we appreciate you.


STOP THIS BOWL TALK ALREADY.... we're improving but we're no where near dominating the sun belt and that should be our main priority. It seems every week we escape the fact that we lost by hoping to go to a bowl. I really dont care if we dont get invited, this season has already been a success in my eyes, well thats if we win against WKU.

I refuse to comment on our performance this saturday as it has been difficult to deal with a nail biter of a game. I will say despite the loss there was a bit of sunshine that can be taken from how our team performed this saturday; new talent was allowed to shine.

In regards to the attendance to this saturdays game; simple--it wont be an issue. The student body along with some FIU organizations has set to make this saturday the start of a new FIU tradition. I believe the formal name for the event will be the "12 hour prowl." That being said, we should all be looking forward to a rewarding saturday afternoon-evening full of events leading to a win. As the flyer to the event states: "This is FIU Football, this is tradition, you in?" Here is a link to the flyer (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/photo.php?pid=35529818&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=37013688996&aid=-1&id=18700250&oid=37013688996) I understand it may not be visible by all. Until I find a direct link, try the one posted here.
Look forward to see all of you at the game.

Hey guys. Good game on Saturday. That is the way a rivalry game should be played. I look forward to my trip to your place next season.

As for the talk of a Bowl invite, kyou cannot be invited to a Bowl if you don't have at least 6 wins. The most FIU can get now is 5. Besides, there are more then enough Bowl eligible teams to fill all the games. In fact, even at 6-6, FAU will likely be left out. Unless something changes, the Sun Belt will have 3 teams invited, but because of the location of the bowl games with SBC ties, Ark. State and the winner of the ULL/MTSU game will probably get the invites. It's a good and bad situation. Good in that the Belt will have it's most Bowl teams ever, but bad in that the conference is sending 2 not very good teams to bowls and will likely get killed.

Anyway, kudos to the improvement of your team this season.

Look - I have become a TY fan as you all know, but for his dad to say that TY is going to be a first round pick in the NFL draft is a little premature - no? He is great, but he still has a long way to go before he is a 1st round pick in the NFL draft. It sounbds like TY's dad has decided that TY has nothing lefdt to prove during his college career.

Speaking of "Goodbye". Man...T.Y.'s 34 yard TD reception was just spectacular....I mean, how many FAU players did he break tackles and/or juked off in order to reach the endzone? Of course, his first 60 yard TD was when he got behind his defender and outran him, which we have kind of come to expect...but that other one shows other qualities, besides speed, for success...wow!!!

...and he wasn't 100% physically for the game.

Agree on one instance with you CrazyCane. Yep. premature talk, but he is his dad and is allowed to dream with his son, don't you think? Now, your last comment...on the contrary, his dad expressed the desire to stay 4 years at FIU, so as to make his stay at FIU a 4-year journey, rather than a 1-year wonder.

He clearly says that MC is building "something special at FIU, and T.Y and our family want to be a part of this ALL 4 years"...hardly someone who thinks his son has nothing else to prove, and achieved all there is.

Ohh...btw, a new poll of cbsportsline on freshmen of the year is up, along with the last game write up of the 6 freshmen being looked on. He currently has only 4%. Go and vote for "Goodbye"!


Every point counts in every game. you better hope this new superstar punter/kicker/kickoff specialist shows up because you will be in big trouble next year if he don't.Hope he wasn't at the last game,he probably has played in front of bigger crowds at his high school games.

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