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FIU's 9 Bowl Possibilities

Rooney That's right 9 times. 9 times. Your Golden Panthers have a chance to possibly land in 1 of 9 bowl games. Of course, all of this depends on FIU WINNING ITS LAST 2 GAMES of the season to finish 6-6. One more loss and it's time to focus on just Western Kentucky for the season finale.

Been speaking with Sun Belt commissioner Wright Waters and PG the last few days and because of the parity this season in college football the Sun Belt could have 4 bowl teams. Troy is already bowl eligible with 7 wins. Arkansas State has 5 wins and plays North Texas (a win for ASU) and Troy to finish the season.

The last 2 Sun Belt bowl teams will come from elimination games to be played in the next 7 days. Louisiana and Middle Tennessee are both 5-6 and play each other to finish the season, thus 1 of those will have the minimum 6 wins to be bowl eligible. As you know, FIU and Florida Atlantic also play each other in an elimination game this Saturday. FAU is 5-6 and with a win become bowl eligible. FIU needs to win its final 2 to get to 6 wins.

So you see the Sun Belt should have 4 teams with at least 6 wins, counting that ASU doesn't choke against NT and FIU wins out or FAU beats FIU. With 4 SBC teams bowl eligible here are the 9 bowls that could have a Sun Belt team and we'll use FIU as an example since this is the FIU Golden Panthers Prowl. 

Ready to figure out the 9 bowl scenarios, take out your calculator and protractor and let's get to work.Prot Calc

Listed next to each bowl are the original conference teams with tie-ins:

Independence Bowl (Shreveport, La.): Big 12 #7 vs. SEC # 8 (Kansas vs. Auburn)....KU could move up to Big 12 #6 or 7 if the BCS takes 2 Big 12 teams. BCS will at least take one Big 12 team....Auburn (5-6) has to beat Alabama to be BE (bowl eligible). Sun Belt team would be first alternate here and there could be 2 Sun Belt teams playing each other which would then cause a shift in the St. Pete Bowl.

St. Pete Bowl (St. Petersburg): Big East #6 (Rutgers) vs. C-USA (East Carolina), but since the Independence Bowl would not want an all Sun Belt matchup you could see either Rutgers or ECU shifted to Independence vs. Sun Belt and then the other Sun Belt team playing in the St. Pete Bowl vs. either Rutgers or ECU.Ss_2

Emerald Bowl (San Francisco): ACC #7 vs. PAC 10 #4/5....Clemson is 6-5, but since 2 of their wins (Citadel and South Carolina State) are vs. Division I-AA teams they need 7 wins to become BE. The Tigers finish the season vs. the Ol' Ball Coach's South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday. The Sun Belt could replace Clemson.

Texas Bowl (Houston): Big 12 #8 vs. C-USA #3/4....There is no Big 12 #8 team BE right now. Colorado has to beat Nebraska to become BE.

Alamo Bowl (San Antonio): Big 12 #4/5 vs. Big 10 #4/5....FIU would need the BCS to take 2 Big 12 teams here and Colorado to lose to Nebraska, if that happens all the other BE Big 12 teams move up in bowl stature and there is no Big 12 team available for the Alamo.

Motor City Bowl (Detroit): Big 10 #7 vs. MAC Champ....There will be no Big 10 #7, because the Rose Bowl will take a Big 10 team leaving just 6 Big 10 teams available for bowls and this bowl open for a Sun Belt team.

Hi Hawaii Bowl (Honolulu): Pac 10 #7 vs. WAC #2/Hawaii....This is where I would like to go. The Pac-10's #7 is currently UCLA (4-6) and Arizona State (4-6) both needing to win out with UCLA still to play USC. ASU plays Arizona. UCLA and ASU play each other on Saturday.

Pizza Bowl (Birmingham, Ala.): Big East #4/5 vs. SEC #9....UConn or South Florida are both set here vs. an Auburn team that has to beat Alabama. FIU a fan of Nick Saban?

Eagle Bank Bowl (Washington D.C.): ACC #9 vs. Army or Navy....Clemson, Virginia (5-6) and N.C. State (5-6) are facing elimination from bowl contention. UVA plays Virginia Tech. Ns N.C. State has UM. Who would have thought the Golden Panthers rooting for the Hurricanes?

You pick the bowl for FIU:


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Great explanation Pete, VERY exciting stuff...now we just have to win out!!!


I hope we win the next two games and can go to the Eagle Bank Bowl, that way I can just drive 45 minutes down to DC. Not that I am been selfish or anythingn like that, but with the current economy $30 on gas and parking beats airfare and hotel for 4 anywhere else.

Great explanation, Pete...Thanks a lot...This Bowl stuff is pretty complicated, especially at this point two weeks away from every team playing their schedule up. Exciting to know, there are so many possibilities for the SBC to snare up to 4 Bowl bids, regardless of what FIU (in particular) does. Of course, we all want FIU to win out!!!!

Does location play a role for a bowl invitation? especially when FAU or FIU do not draw big crowds?

GO OWLS!!!!!

When are FIU and FAU going to stop playing their games at Dolphin Stadium? Is it because FAU still does not have a stadium? Don't they play at Lockhart? Does the game that big of a crowd that Dolphin Stadium is needed?

Have a good turkey day!

Once again Pete youve done it, best expert on Golden Panther Football. I though we only had a chance to go to 3 bowl games, well in my defense I never could have figured that out lol. Well lets go we beat FAU this weekend cuz if not this post will only make us realize how close we came.

FIU 28 FAU 17

Man Law!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! See you Saturday!

One question Pete I just saw that Clemson beat Virginia. Does that mean that we can no longer go to the Eagle Bank Bowl?.

Wowee... that was one hella-complicated explanation from PP. I bet he must've felt like he was back at FIU as a student after completing those mental gymnastics. Hell, I felt like that just reading it.

Anyway... back to the Shakey convo from last post... I wasn't defending FIU firing Shakey. I was just pointing out why he was fired. You can read more about it from here... and by the way, the link below is is the article FIU Fanatic was talking about.


With that said... like Fanatic, I agree that all that is now in the past. There's no real point in bringing it up anymore. Time to move on. Way past time, really.

Will the FAU vs FIU game be on panther pass?

Im tired of people asking if a game is on panther pass...Get your butt to the game, class09 & stop asking stupid questions...

Te ganaste un tres leche por aser un bobo...

Injustice_Done welcome to the blog, NOW LET ME STRAIGHTEN YOU OUT! I've been a supporter through most of the FIU coaches including Shakey. He did have huge victories over Michigan, Penn State and our rival back-then College of Charleston (Way Back In The TACC!), however if Arroyo was the only incident then you would be right, however let me give just a couple of other jems:

1) Star player (not Arroyo!) caught stealing @ dorms.
2) Other Star Player (Not Arroyo!) caught with drugs in dorm AND STILL PLAYED!!!
3) Assistant Coach getting into a FIST-FIGHT with a Flight Attendant (tough guy that assistant coach!!!) on a team flight!
4) Other Assistant (not the brawler of Flight Attendants!) owning a strip bar, where drugs were sold!!
5) Need I go on!!!!

Shakey was fired because he had NO CONTROL OVER HIS PROGRAM, which includes coaches and players!!!! He brought in some great basketball talent like Arroyo and Bell, however others (I won't mention their names!) were thugs with no social skills and limited intelligence. That is why Shakey IS NOT COACHING @ College!

You guys have read my recent rant aginst Rouco (BTW we lost again tonight! However we did look like a Div-I school against a good Cleveland State team tonight!), so I'm not taking ANY sides. I want a coach that will break this tradition of either losing or mediocrity.

With all that, Happy Thanksgiving to all GPP Nation, PP, Cane Scum and all FIU teams (men & women)!

FAU - 28
FIU - 24

When are FIU and FAU going to stop playing their games at Dolphin Stadium? Is it because FAU still does not have a stadium? Don't they play at Lockhart? Does the game that big of a crowd that Dolphin Stadium is needed?

Have a good turkey day!

Posted by: fiu4ever

FAU started playing at DS, but they realized it was too expensive to continue at DS. In order to break the contract FAU has to play at least one game at DS until FAU gets its own stadium. Last year we played Minesotta at DS, so we fulfilled the requirement. It is pretty stupid to play the game there because not too many fans show up, besides the DS is huge and FIU fans have not shown any interest in the past games. I think it would be better to play the Shula bowl at lockhart when FAU is hosting. I know Lockhart sucks, but FAU has no other choice for now. It's going to be pretty cool next year when FAU visits FIU because by next year FIU stadium will be completely remodeled.
I don't know who is going to win, but I hope the OWLS beat your butt!!!

Nice meeting with you tonight Pete. Another loss for the basketball team unfortunately, hope the football team can bring us some good news this weekend.


Thanks for contributing Hemrhoids Massager.

Happy Thanksgiving folks.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on this blog!!!

lol scUMsanitizer....Horny Midget would've also worked.


Happy Thanksgiving! Just started reading the blog; I'm a freshman at FIU and let me tell ya it's been pretty exciting rooting for FIU this year! Can't wait for the game on saturday! We have got to take care of business this weekend. This is easily the biggest game of the season for us!

Thats great Joel i was in your shoes last year. Im a sophmore. I had to suffer a little last year but it is definetly exciting to be an FIU fan. You came in at the right time. Happy Thanksgiving!

My prediction for Saturday is
FIU 24
FAU 21

im thinkin FIU will win... they will fell into the pitfall.. now its time to bring ourselves back out of it.. i have a feeling they will be bringin themselves out in this game.. Pete thanks for the whole bowl breakdown! Happy Thanksgiving to all


Since some of the other FIU bowl implication games has broken the G-Panthers way, do we still have to root for the Univ. of Coral Gables? It'd rather root for the Gamecocks over Clemson and call it a day.

Heard there was 2 extra points MISSED at FAU game, how does that happen.

Heard there was 2 extra points missed at FAU game, how does that happen?

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