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LAFAYETTE, La. -- About to kickoff from Cajun Field, clear skies and 74 degree temps in front of a Cajun Fiuul homecoming crowd that is still filing in. By the looks of the parking lot here, it appears to be a sell out for the 1,000th game in Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns history.

A little trouble with the wireless here in the press box, but let's start blogging....


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t.y. 90 yards on kickoff TD

Hi Pete. Once again, please send some good vibes onto the field for me. Very sorry to miss today's game!!! Great play for special teams!

The AOL freshman legend grows....1st time in FIU history, FIU has returned an opening kickoff for a TD

7-0, FIU

delay of game as the ref tells both teams to play clean after multiple personal fouls on both teams

Let's go FIU!

ul moving the ball to the FIU 40 now on runs and a pass

wow go TY.....GOOD BYE!!!

There's no stopping these guys!

We need to stop giving up first downs on third and long.

ul running at will to FIU 6

Is anyone's panther pass working?

Another third down converted, this time for a TD. Come on defense, step it up!

7-7 UL TD pass

*Knocks on wood* Mine is working.

Is this game on anything else besides Panther Pass?

what's wrong with T.Y. only a 25 yard return this time....cut the kid :)


FIU can't have these 3 and outs against UL and their offense

that was too quick 3 and out

Fenroy gets 4 yards and becomes the 7th player in NCAA history with 4 1,000 yard rushing seasons.

fenroy over 1000 again. congrats to him

Quentin Newman with a sack and FIU forces a UL punt

big sack by newman

need the o to atep up

That's a big accomplishment for Fenroy. You have to tip your hat to him for that.

Penalties are hurting us!

FIU with 2 silly false start penalties ball on FIU 38, 2nd and 13

congrats to fenroy .. come on FIU no more stupid mistakes

These redneck commentators are high annoying.

Reams 38 run and UL face mask....ball at UL 4

Is this game being broadcast on TV?

We have to score a TD here.

reams 1 yd TD

YES !!! GO FIU!!!!!!!!1

Ugh...anyone else hate those ads running during the game?!

Go Reams!!!! Go Panthers!!!!!!!!

TD baby!!


14-7 FIU

Nice job by the offense getting into the end zone. Our receivers need to hang onto the ball when it is in their hands.

FIU UP 14-7!! keep it up boys

max are the balls being over thrown or are they on the hands and being dropped?

end of 1st qtr, FIU 14-7

Well one or two have been high, but catchable. Another one the TE was covered pretty tight but the ball was in his hands.

if it touches his hands he can catch it

mitchell misses sack and UL QB escapes for a 1st down

ul driving to FIU 15 now

3rd downs are killing us!

FIU has got to stop 3rd downs

big 4th down

UL is 6 of 8 on 3rd down conevrsions and call time out to think about going for it on 4th and 3 from the FIU 8

4th and we have a penalty, I hate stupid plays! We are killing ourselves!!!!!11

FIU offsides on 4th down kills them....UL TD 14-14

Cannot believe we gave them a 1st down with an offside penalty there, absolutely horrible. We have to play mistake free football.

Once again, the penalties are killing us!

Pete, make sure you ask Coach how we can have a offside penalty coming out of a timeout and gift a TD to the opponent, please ask him that. That is sickening

Ned fumbles, UL TD.....21-14, UL

Also, a personal file on the extra point which is applied to the kickoff so we can't use TY Hilton. This sucks!

We don't deserve to win

wow... damn it ned!

will find out NYCFIUFAN

We get a week off to prepare and we look like we are totally lost, we are fighting for first place and a bowl, what is wrong with these guys today?

NYCFIU.. theres still plenty of time

Yeah it hurts NYCFIUfan and im with you but we can still win it.

Wow, turnovers deep in our territory continue from the Troy game. We have to stop turning the ball over.

PM INT to returned to FIU 4

o damn come on hold on to the ball!!!!
wtf.. slips threw the hads and a pick almost 6

Defense has to come up big here.

We are giving them this game.

FIU D needs to step up NOW

Fenroy TD.....UL 28-14

Holding to a field goal here is a win.

where can you watch the game?


Come on FIU! Stupid mistakes...we're a much better team than all this crap!

dammit! how much time left in the half?

Another personal foul?! What the hell!?

betancourt personal foul on kickoff return FIU starts at their 14

Betancourt is reverting to the Middle game in 2006 where he cost us that game

that 4th and 4 and we gave them the first down killed us. This is a nightmare.

Nice job, Reams.

5:17 left

If we settle down in this game, we can win it.

what did Reams do?

Broke a tackle and picked up a first down.

Thanks Pete!

Cajuns get the ball at the 6 after a Munera punt. Unfortunately they realize that our O-line is not good and are blitzing and it's working so far.

This team continues to have major discipline issues as far I am concerned. Too many penalties and too many mistakes

FIU has UL pinned at 6, but their RB goes off for 28 yards

We need some turnovers in the 2nd half.

49 seconds left in the half, UL at FIU 31

Down 21 at the half, wow. I know UL is pretty good but I didn't expect this.

gaitor tips ball in the end zone, but UL jason chery catches it....35-14 UL


Let's keep hope alive. We can make a comeback.

Lets deliver that ball to T.Y.

Another holding penalty on the ensuing kick off. The frustration is getting to this team.

Defense is our strength??? It is unacceptable that we had a week off and this team does not look ready to play at all!! This team looks horrible and unprepared. Coachs and players better get their stuff together quick.

halftime, ul 35-14

damn y arent they getting the ball more to TY

Let's hope Mario let's them have it at halftime and they come out with more discipline and start making some plays on defense in the second half.

6 consecutive games now with at least 8 penalties...not good.....


Pete says he will be back with you guys as soon as he can. He just got knocked off the wireless up in La La Land

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