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Fiuulm_2 The Golden Panthers look to even their record and continue the push for the first bowl game in FIU's 6-year history tonight against the Warhawks from FIU Stadium.

Nice, cool , breezy evening here at The Cage. Good night for the open-air press box.

FIU is in the home dark blue tops and dark blue pants. ULM is in its road white top and pants. We're about 10 minutes from kickoff......


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ULM gets kickoff, but Gaitor INT at ULM 46.

Lets go FIU!!

PM to Ellingson for 17; Reams 9 yd run

Hilton taken down for a loss of 4 on an end around....FIU has it 3rd and 4 at the ULM 23...FIU calls timeout

Pete, how does the crowd look? Are they mostly in their seats or are they still working on cuban time?

PM incomplete to T.Y....Rivest 40 FG...3-0 FIU

Hi everybody, just got home from work


lots of people on cuban time....and relax any PCers...my mom is cuban

so is my mom and dad all PCers

Gaitor nice tackle for loss of 4....ULM forced to punt from FIU 36.

FIU takes over at its 21

FIU 3 and out has to punt

ULM 3rd and 7 at FIU 37

ULM has to punt on 4th and 16....Gooodbye waiting

Dickens on the return...got to check on T.Y.

we need to stablish some sore of running game

T.Y. limping a little...will check

McCall looks way off on his throws

maybe WY should come and play tail back

PM to Ellingson 25 yards to ULM 32....T.Y. back in but not 100 percent

Ned injured on the field...timeout....might be time to see Darriet Perry

pete wat happened w ned?

4th and 1 for FIU at ULM 23....looks like going for it

ned right knee is out for the game...FIU gets stopped on 4th down

4th and inches and they go from SHOTGUN???????????!!!!!!

Did not like that call, would like to see a QB sneak

that was a aweful call

End of the 1st quarter.....FIU 3-0

yeah not a good call from shotgun on 4th and 1


..... leggs a good cordinator but come on.. 4th and 1 you go for a sneak, fullback dive.. hb right up the gut

they need to put a spy on this qb.. he's goin to tear us up w/ the holes hes getting in the middle

ULM at FIU 42....3rd and 12...timeout ULM

Golden Dazzlers are cold....they're wearing pants tonight

ULM gets 26 on pass play to FIU 16

ULM 16 yd TD run


is our defense getting tired already?

lol dont worry pete im on my way to warm them up

Damn, down 7 to 3. We need this win!!

defense feeds off the O... the O needs to get it going

FIU 3 and out on O again

We need to make offensive adjustments. I am nervous.

ULM big punt return and FIU personal foul....ULM takes over at FIU 29

flag on that return??? come on that was soft

Personal foul, come on guys, DON'T HELP THEM!!

the D needs a big play

I think the bye week took our momentum away, I am not watching the game just listening to it, but I got the feeling that our guys are not inspired to play

Why is the Panther Pass down? Anyone else?

offsides ... just keep giving thme yardage

FIUer... its workin for me..

my god.. the entire line shifted one way and the qb just took off the open feilds the other...

ULM TD....14-3

come on D hold em to 3

... this aint looking so good

think FIU and FAU got together and and had a party during the bye week

loudest ovation tonight has been for the Golden Dazzlers and well deserved

FIUer my panther pass is working, looking at the way this game is going I wish it wasn't

when are they goin to stretch the feild... the dink and dunk is only effective when you stretch the feild

FIU gets to its 45, but has to punt....FIU O has to figure it out

pete why do you thin the o has been struggling as of late?

ULM driving again to FIU 31

CJ, The O says they are just missing, but I just don't think they have enough talent on O right now

weneed to get some pressure on that qb

panther pass needs to work on not putting hte annimations that are for the stadium

you serious?! 3-19... and they get 21...

21-3 ULM....TD...23 seconds left before halftime

damn it!!!!


Panther Pass commentators are saying that FIU must of taken some tylenol PM before the game, they are sleep walking thru this game!! Come on guys, we need this win GO FIU

pete as for the O.. your prob right about the lack of talent.. but its just lookin as if they came out flater than plain

Randy K. and Mandich as announcers...you've got to be kidding me...they are an embarrassment!

excuse me, its the WIOD Commentators sorry

FIU better wake up or its goin to be game over

21-3 ULM at halftime

holy cow what a TD "great hands" elingson

21-10 PM to GE for 21 yards...FIU TD

Wasn't a great throw by Paul, but Ellingson went up and got it. Nice way to open the 2nd half.

way to go, go fiu

T.Y. fumble on punt return gives ULM ball at FIU 23.....ULM TD on pass under replay review

Gaitor tipped the ball, but couldn't knock it away. Bad break.

ULM 28-10...8 min. left in 3rd quarter

Pete, why would FIU think about putting Perry in at RB? Is Owens out?

PM to T.Y. for 55 yd TD...28-17

Still time for a comeback, but need D stop here.

The short slants to T.Y. aren't working tonight. Let's keep running him deep. T.Y. makes a "T" then "Y" with his arms as he's running after he scores.

SouthPaw: Owens is out for the season, FIU is down to Reams and Perry for RBs

He actually made a "T" then a "Y" then waved goodbye to the stands. Gotta love that.

ULM driving and FIU helping with a roughing the passer penalty

Pete, was that roughing the passer call a good call?

Another personal foul! daggg!

I agree with you guys, the bye week screwed everything up. We look like we are on vacation out there.

PAnther pass is better and by the way was great for Basketball thanks to the game announcers being hooked into the feed.

Gotta have a stop on 3rd down here.

SouthPaw: yes, Toronto hit the snot out of the ULM QB

Toronto Smith all over that pass play.

31-17 ULM with :47 seconds left in the 3rd quarter.

come on FIU make it 2 weeks in a row for a comeback

stop throwing those screen plays they are starting to jump the route... its time to fake the screen and go up top

31-17 end of the 3rd quarter....gotta start writing, will check in if a comeback happens.

Defense needs to force a turnover here.

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