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Fiuulm_2 The Golden Panthers look to even their record and continue the push for the first bowl game in FIU's 6-year history tonight against the Warhawks from FIU Stadium.

Nice, cool , breezy evening here at The Cage. Good night for the open-air press box.

FIU is in the home dark blue tops and dark blue pants. ULM is in its road white top and pants. We're about 10 minutes from kickoff......


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hows an INT for ya southpaw?

TD REalms!!! 31-24...

plenty of time plenty of time!!!! come on FIU !!

Great job, defense. Great job offense (especially Reams who ran HARD on that drive) converting it quickly into a touchdown.

great job FIU we got to win this!!!!!

Terrible kickoff. At least we've got a kicker coming in next year who can put the ball out of the endzone.

we need to stop them here,

who had the pick?

Penterton with a big jump blows the play up.

Good stop, DEFENSE

Another great job, defense! T.Y., let's go.

come on McCall lets go O

Dez Johnson had the pick on the ULM last drive.

Troy is killing Luisiana 34-3

this will be the best come-back in fiu history

FIU, FIU, FIU let go FIU!

3rd and inches please no shot gun

FIU, FIU, FIU lets go FIU!

whats the count at how much time is left?

what a great job the o line is doing

come on FIU punch it in there!!


31-27.. 5:02 remaining!
come on FIU !!

Well we need a big STOP here. Huge STOP here

I can't believe that false start

It looks like it will be UF vs OK for the national championship

watch T.Y win it in a punt return ......
just wait......


huge stop by the defense way to go .......

fiu has the ball at their own 35 and 3:15 left

3:14 left! FIU ball at the 31... come on FIU you can do it!!!!!!!!!!

we can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

not a good time at all to tak a sack

updates ppl please!

come on guys you can do it we need this
whats goin on w/ the line!



time left?

1st down was a 4 yd sack, 2nd was a 1 yrd run by PM.. and 3rd was batted down

around 3 mins or w/e .. donno but thy need this 4th down

Hi Pete. Can I get the number of penalties at this point? It would be great to win this now.

PM just took a sack


on our own 35?

bad sack....

1st and 10 ULM roughly the 25

is over.......

keep them to a field goal
and get the ball back

that is our story, we don't have a good line, and it showed on that last drive, 3 SACKS

how much time?

last time out was spent.. does anyone know how much more time we have?

theres still a chance

espn says 1:59

dont know how much time we took off.. but if PM gets the ball back.. it wont be w/ more that a mins.. maybe 1 and 1/2 AT MOST

3rd down

kk...stop them!


man he carried that pile

4th and 3 .. and they are goin for it

now is over

.... down?

they got it

heart breaker.....

o well guys..

...game over....

tough loss.... looks like its just a bad week for S. FLorida football...

this suc......ssssssss

hope the dolphins at least.....

That was an ugly game, but it was good to see Reams stepping up.

OK Blue and Gold nation, bad loss BUT some good things came out of this. 1) We did not give up and we gave it our all 2) Even though we lost, our stock is going UP. We are a better team this year then last year.

We probably were over our heads with all of our Bowl talk BUT we were in contention for a bowl game in the middle of November, BIG improvement compared to last year.

Looking forward to next weeks game, go FIU!!!

Keep our heads up FIU Nation, we never gave up and still are having a great year!

Don't know why we didn't go for the touchdown to tie instead of the field goal.

Tough loss but we are getting better!

Nice second half comeback, but we fell a little short. Too many penalties once again, especially the one on the goal line when we had a chance to tie the game late but had to settle for a field goal. There were so many plays in this game that just didn't go our way. But we have no one to blame but ourselves, we didn't make enough stops. My game ball goes to Julian Reams who ran hard and really played well.

We lost because of coaching, TY, the defense and the O-line

He went for a 4th and 4 deep in ULM territory early in the game instead of taking the easy 3 point field goal – that risk was not necessary that early and we did not convert; therefore the risk provided no reward
MC did not go for it on 4th down deep in ULM territory with 5 minutes left in the game down by 7, instead settling for the field goal – if there was ever a time to go for it on 4th down, wouldn’t this be it, down by 4 late in the game deep in ULM territory?

TY’s muff of that punt deep in FIU territory was not excusable this late in the season with soo much riding on this game (potential winning record + potential bowl invite) – as soon as the ball took that funky bounce everyone in my section screamed “don’t touch it” – if we civilians knew to leave the ball alone, where the heck was TY’s head at? Don’t they practice this stuff?!

The defense had its good moments, but were baffled most of the night by ULM’s option play calling – again, doesn’t FIU study film? The bottom line is that the FIU defense gave up 21 first half points that dug a whole the turned out to be too deep for FIU to climb out of.

And finally, the O-line that was OK most of the night BUT allowed 3 sacks in the games most critical offensive possession, the last FIU possession – the O-line bent and finally broke

The season still has the opportunity to be a success IF they win AT LEAST one of the final two games (preferably winning both of course), but tonight was a systems failure, a step backwards and an utter disappointment.

Let’s hope our Dolphins do better on Sunday.

I had a feeling with this one we'd lose it somehow. I hope, one day, FIU will figure out how to stop a mobile QB in the spread. They'll need to if they ever expect to be better than a .500 team. My guess is, you'll see a lot more of that formation against FIU from now on. I would if I was any of their opponents. They clearly are out-of-sorts when it comes to defending it.

I gotta agree about T.Y.'s error... but considering how that kid's made such an impact this season, I can let that one slide. They didn't lose because of a muffed punt. I would say that slow start was what did them in. FIU just doesn't have the guns to fall behind and win consistently against SBC teams. Maybe one day, but not yesterday, today or until 2010 at least.

Chalk this one up to a ULM team that's better than their record showed (seriously... look at some of their losses) and to an FIU team that just didn't show until the 2nd half. Young teams do that kind of stuff. Especially with young coaches.

We should do better against FAU. Going 1-5 the last 6 years against them has to be great bulletin board material, if nothing else. That, along with this last game, should prevent a slow start. I dunno if that one will be a W, though. FAU's struggled, but they're still the same team that won the SBC last year. That's not a gimme game by any stretch. Not that it ever is. They are THE rival in the SBC, after all. Even if some of the FIU'ers on here don't think they are a rival.

Extremely disappointing! I felt the ENTIRE squad was FLAT in the first half. I sit on the 50 yd line, 7 rows behind the team. They were NOT jacked up at all. My kids kept on screaming WAKE-UP all first half! Much to FIU's credit they did wake-up and made it a game, however as Clawing stated, the hole was too deep. However, I do believe TY's fumble was CRUSHING. We'd stopped them defensively after scoring and had built momentum. Then the fumbled punt, you felt the stadium and side-line deflate. The momentum had to completely be RESTARTED and that takes time, something we did not have.

If we close out with wins in the last two games, then many milestones will have been achieved and the majority of us in the GPP Nation will see what a successful season, with an incredible future FIU Football has in store.


With TY, you live by the gun, die by the gun.

He is going to screw up big every once in a while, but then again he is going to make big plays most of the time. So that is expected.

The first half, McCall was throwing horrendously. Everything was too high. Too late. Or off target.

hey pete, any word on when were going to get Marshall Mcduffie back? i thought i remembered you saying he might play against ULM..... i could be wrong.
It seems are secondary is missing him sorely.

also, any word on how serious the injury to J. weatherspoon is...? are these guys going to play against FAU?

Completely agree with many of you. Team just came out FLAT, McCall wasn't sharp in the first half and defense couldn't make a play. The start was reason they loss the game. I'm sure MC ripped them during halftime.

Let me talk about the O-Line. They were doing well in the second half but when it counted most they got destroyed with a 4 man rush.

Ultimately, the biggest play was on 3rd and Goal from the 1 yard line and there was a false start by Reams. We needed to tie the score and I agree with MC's decision to kick the field goal from the 6 yard line on 4th down.

This team is heading in the right direction, we still can have a 6-6 season. Let's just take care of business against FAU this Saturday. Looking forward to seeing blue and gold at the stadium!!!


Disappointing. Couldn't make it out, but have read all the recaps. I think its safe to say that Mario has trouble getting his kids ready after extended breaks. The team apparently lacks consistent energy and motivation.

Regardless, we have to win our last two to render the season a success. True, even if we don't win any more games this season, we'll finish with a much better record than last year. But considering the fact we blew more opportunities this year than last year as far a team growth is concerned (bowl bids for example), if we don't run the table I would label the season as an "upbeat disaapointment" lol whatever that means.

Right now we need to focus on FAU and come out PUMPED UP. THIS is our rivalry game, and while FAU as an institution sucks compared to FIU, their football program has enjoyed plenty more success than we have. Right now, although they play and shameful lockart and have incomplete stadium plans, they have the recruiting advantage over us just based on coach prestige, rivalry advantage, and overall record and a conference ring. If we plan on overtaking FAU as South Florida's dominant SunBelt program, it must start next weekend at Dolpins/Marlins/scUM stadium.

FIU fans:
I think you should wear white.
FAU wears blue at home games.

The injuries and the fact they cam out flat points out that these guy may have been doing TOO MUCH during the bye.... go to a practice and you know what I am talking about

don't even get me started on Reams getting caught from behind on his 40+ yard dash towards the endzone in the second half. Reams got caught by some tall, slow kid. Yes, Reams run was nice but you've gotta get the extra 3-yards and into the darn endzone - THEN Reams goes on to a false start and moves the team backwards.

in short, the team (including coaches) came up short. yes, they made it entertaining in the second half but the bottom line is that they should have beaten ULM, especially at home.

Now shake it off, get angry, get focused and beat FAU!!!

At what time do the buses leave FIU for the FAU game

I will be the first one to say that I did not have a problem with the way the team performed on Saturday. Last year's FIU team would have crumbled and lost 40-3. The thing I was really upset about was the attendance. How do you expect a team to get pumped up for a game when the stadium is empty? There is no doubt in my mind that if 15,000-16,000 fans had shown up, the team would have played differently from the start. This team feeds off of the energy from the crowd, and sadly that energy was not at FIU stadium on Saturday. That is really sad considering we were in contention for our first bowl game. This team will never be really good unless a lot of people (outside this message board) start to show them the support they deserve.

I disagree with the TY comments...He IS our team this year. Ask yourselves who is Paul Mccall without TY Hilton? What is FIU without TY Hilton? The kid is our entire offense. Without him, we are the laughing stock of Div I football once again...possibly a one win team (victory over north texas). Not only that, he is one of the humblest guys you will ever talk to. The muffed punt by TY did not cost FIU the game, it was silly penalties and missed opportunities to extend drives on third down.


That was an EXCELLENT article you wrote about our new bowl chances. It was VERY clear, and now we finally know what we must do to sneak into a bowl: WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

WOW, ESPN has RUTGERS as the BIG EAST representative in the Papa Johns bowl. How wild would that be to have Mario play against his former team?

On the flip side, ESPN also has KANSAS as the BIG 12 representative for the Indie bowl. That would suck.

And while its still too soon to make travel arrangements, here's the bowl info:

Papa John's Dec 29th in Birmingham, AL

Indie Bowl in Louisiana, Dec 28th

Well, I think the week off after the big win v. ASU did not help; in the first half we were just expecting to show-up, throw T.Y. the ball and good things would happen. Well, as expected, UL-M double-covered, T.Y. all over the field in the first half, and T.Y. got dinged up a bit as well.

Th defense got run over in the first half, but to their credit, they made adjustments and the game changed in the 2nd half (I think we out-scored them 24-10).

MC made a bunch of blantent errors out there. 1.) 4th and inches up 3-0 he stays shot-gun and runs one of those sweeps to Julian. Should have just snuck the ball as he did later in the game with success
2.) I don't know what happened here but we had them stopped on 3rd and 9 but they were called for holding, which we did not decline, they picked up 22 on 3rd and 19. So instead of holding them to a 40 yard field goal attempt, they go on to score 6.
3.) 2 1/2 minutes left in the game, FIU has two time-outs and 4th and 14 deep at the 25 yd line. Instead of punting and using are two time-outs, we GO FOR IT, but not only that,we burn a time-out setting up a play that we end up getting sacked on; GAME OVER! A punt and a hold would have probably given us the ball back with about a minute to play, not great odds but I'm sure much better than 4th and 14, which has about a 5% chance of success.

MC did not have the team ready to play after the bye week and made some critical mistakes in game-management. This was a game we could have and should have won but there were just too many mistakes (did I mention all the false starts and off-sides?). We just weren't prepared for the game.

Hope we learned some things. T.Y needs help, you can't give your opponent extra chances and 1st and 5's, you've got to play the percentages.

FAU next!

Go Panthers !!!

Ok yall, I went to my first game at the Cage this weekend and there were definelty some things that were impressive, but others that we just have to disocuss on the blog. As for verification of my attendance, Pete, please verify to everyone that I was there. Yes, I went up to Pete and introduced myself as CrazyCane.

First, the stadium is (will be) great, when completed. Having the North side (I think it is the Northside) not finished makes the stadium look like it was done half ass and it looks like a glorified HS stadium. Although, once the gym and lockerrooms are completed, and the stadium adds the 2nd level, it will be top notch nice.

Second, I got there early and watched FIU warm up - sick uniforms, i love the all blue, but after warm ups something weird happened. The team left the stadium and took like 5 or 6 mini bus (dont want to call it the short bus) to somewhere away from the stadium. I dont understand why the school can get 1 or 2 big buses for the entire team, they looked like clowns climbing into theese little buses, and the ULM fans watching this were laughing at them.

Third, TY is the real deal, no doubt, but it was obvious that he was hurt and a step slow (which made it even crazier that he was able to run by everyone on the TD) so why was he in the game. You are risking the health of a freshman and your franchise player - the kid should not have been in the game until he was able to have full strength in that hammy.

Fourth, there were def rookie moments that unless you see it live, you cannot appreciate it. First, at the end of the first half, why try a 50+ yard FG, the fg doesnt have that kind of lege - there are 4 seconds left, throw it up there and maybe something good happens. By the way, the fg barely made it to the endzone. Second, why is TY and where near that punt, especially, hurt TY is expected to do much with this offense. MC needs to find other ways to get other playmakers.

Finally, the crowd. I do not want to see any-1 on this blog EVER say anything about attendance at UM games ever again. FIU has 30,000+ student, god knows how many local alumni, and on Saturday night there were maybe 6,000 fans there, and that is being generous. I know the official attendance was much higher b/c of ticket sales, but if you were there, that place was empty, and if you think there were more than 6,000 people there, you are lying to yourself.

I have a new respect for FIU and what they are doing over there in west miami, but it is you the fans, with talk about sun belt championships, bowl berths, highsman candidiates, etc etc and etc that are ruining it for potential new FIU fans b/c you sound like Gator fans, without the stats, history and awards to back it up.

I agree, cool it on the heisman and future heisman talk for TY. There is no way a heisman trophy is coming out of the SunBelt.

I never thought this day would come. I actually respect and welcome a posting by CRAZYCANE. His observations about the FIU/ULM game were astute and based on actual first hand observation versus the usual emotion-based nonsense we’re all guilty of at times.

All your points I agree with CRAZYCANE (I cannot believe I just wrote that). The only exception is attendance. Here’s why:

TIMING - school is out for Thanksgiving and kids are gone – you don’t have the benefit of the casual student fan that would otherwise walk over to the game, if nothing else, to party with fellow students – that removes a large segment of the would-be attendance

NOVELTY – that’s gone- the stadium and team novelty have disappeared so the lore is not as strong as it was for the first few games – as you know, in this town, you need to either have novelty (any new arena), superstars (Shaquille O’Neil), be in contention for a title (’97 and ’03 Marlins) or a legacy that spans multiple generations (the Dolphins …and Canes to a lesser degree).

TRAINING – the FIU fan base, particularly alums, need to learn how to support THEIR college football team – in a town, where UM, a 5-time national champ, can’t draw 40K+ plus consistently, it will take a while to train FIU alums to cheer for football (a new behavior) or support FIU instead of UM, UF, FSU, etc. (a shift in behavior for FIU fans who historically supported other teams) or cheer for both (an rationalized identity crisis). The hurdles are many and the only path to success in the attendance department is consistent improvements that result in benchmarks victories that grab headlines in this, our transient, cluttered and Laissez-faire sports market. Rome was not built in a day.

CRAZY CANE, please stop with this new rational line of postings because I may find myself hating on UM less and I’m sure nobody wants that level of harmonious coexistence.

Maybe u guys should stop all that 'top-25', 'on your way up' talk as well.

Oh wait, Ga Tech did that for you.

Guys, you have to absolutely LOVE Crazy Cane because he resembles EXACTLY what we predicted will happen the moment the new stadium plans were put on paper.

We know that many UM fans are actually FIU haters. We knew that, slowly but surely, UM fan's disgust for their own team would eventually increase their interest in the other cross town program. We know that with time, UM fans would start arriving to our games and take off their orange and green at the gate and exchange it for blue and gold.

We also KNOW that, even after attending a FIU game, they would continue to talk smack about our program...but inside they are well aware that their emotions are confirming what we all knew long ago. UM is no longer the only college football program in town and that yes, the monster has awaken.

Gotta love it, another UM fan who will soon become an FIU season ticket holder! Surely he's not the first, and mos def won't be the last!!!

CrazyCane, welcome to FIU Football!!! I'll tell Roary to hide his ballsack... haha!

I hate to admit it but Crazy has a point. WE NEED TO SUPPORT OUR KIDS. WE HAVE TO SHOW UP! To have as little fans as we did on Saturday on a beautiful night is inexcusable. For us to be viable we need to show up. These kids are working their butts off and we need to support these kids. If they win, let's be there; if they lose lets be there. We are fans but we are vested in FIU, that is our program our football program, not mercenaries as some people look at their football programs.



I just want to let you know that you attended the lowest attendance game this year and even so there were 10K not 6K ppl.

I originally was going to stay home to watch Texas Tech v. Oklahoma and because it was cold anyways. But I decided to go anyways. Got there and I wasn't surprised to see the stadium 50% empty... it was cold and it was the thanksgiving holidays.

I ended up leaving at halftime as two of my friends were freezing.

You were probably that guy wearing an Orange UM sweater that they showed on the Jumbotron. Where did you sit?

NOW, on to your points. Yes FIU has 38,000 students...but UM has 16,000 students AND 3,000,000 fans in Miami Dade and Broward. So consider that when you are talking about attendance per fan ratios.

Welcome back to the world of rational human life CRAZY CANE. There will be some catching up to do, a lot has happened since you were 5 years old.

you are right, Crazy Cane point and challenge to us is to go to the stadium and support our team. There should be no excuses for students, most of the student body lives in Miami. In most of the big programs students to go home for Thanksgiving on Tuesday or Wednesday, but they are back at the stadium on Saturday. Why do you think UF and FSU, Michiga and Ohio like to schedule their game on Thanksgiving weekend. Those are big rivalry games and they sell out. FIU still needs to instill love and pride for the Alma Mater to all the student, I know things are getting better but they are not there yet, not even close. We alumni need to play an important part and lead the way. I hope we get more than 6,000 on saturday.

I cant believe that I am saying this, but you have gained my utmost respect CrazyCane. I could not agree more with all of your points. While I am happy that you enjoyed your visit to our game, its too bad that it had to be on a night that FIU not only lost but the crowd that showed up was embarassing. Now we need to do something about your name...

I have a hard time believing the real CrazyCane went to an FIU game. I'am sure once he reads that he will have a whole lot to say about the fake posting. Unless PP can prove otherwise???

Yea...i REALLY doubt he went....but we'll see in time.

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