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Fiuulm_2 The Golden Panthers look to even their record and continue the push for the first bowl game in FIU's 6-year history tonight against the Warhawks from FIU Stadium.

Nice, cool , breezy evening here at The Cage. Good night for the open-air press box.

FIU is in the home dark blue tops and dark blue pants. ULM is in its road white top and pants. We're about 10 minutes from kickoff......


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Fairly objective posting, by someone that usually rants emotionally, not factually. While I disagree with his obvious low attendance estimate of 6k (I estimate it in between 8-10k), most of his points are well taken. I still haven't met anyone who has told me that our stadium is not nice...I don't know if he was taken to our Stadium Club...but it is also state of the art meeting room for FIU fans that have Club Seats and Sky Boxes...

The game...and the attendance (even the atmosphere was toned down last Saturday night..).... was disappointing....I did see T.Y. hurt at times and limping, which makes his TD all that more impressive (I'm not taking away from ULM defenders).

As for Heisman talk and others..it's just that, early talk with no real substance...yet......however, remember these very same canes fans were trying to dismiss T.Y. as nothing important...some of them are now beginning to admit how good a player we got in T.Y, when they see him live, and when they read about him in the National Media....so who knows?

did anyone happen to catch the TY media stuff on sat or sun?

I saw Channel 4 wrap...It was cool, bringing in even his parents doing the T.Y..."goodbye" routine....

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