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Golden Panther Pawse 11/25


Before we get to this latest post, happy to see the Golden Dazzlers back at FIU Arena Dazzlers (or El Banco) for Tuesday FIU hoops after missing Monday's hoops game.

Moving the Golden Panther Pawse back to the front of the blog since some of my answers to your questions are not getting picked up inside. Been busy the last couple of days with -- you name the sport -- (FIU football, FIU hoops, Heat hoops, Panthers hockey, high school football and local colleges), but as promised will have all 9, yes that's not a misprint 9 FIU bowl possibilities on the next post. And you can tell Grahm Watson that there are 9.

And before anyone begins to hyperventilate and says stop the bowl talk: we don't tackle, we don't run, throw or catch the football on Saturdays on the FIU Stadium field so we can talk about it. If the Golden Panthers are hanging on every word of the GPP, then that's great for the GPP rankings, but FIU probably Fiuhelmet_3 will get beat on the field, because they should be reading their playbooks. To your questions:

Fau_3   class09: At what time do the buses leave FIU for the FAU game?

GPP: They are scheduled to leave both the University Park campus and the Biscayne Bay campus at 2 p.m. For more information call 305-FIU-GAME.

NYCFIUFan: Pete any word on members of the FIU Alumni Assoc being able to get in? If not, then I will put up the dough (rather not though, have seen this economy??) Finally, what time is kickoff? I have a question, what area (OL, DE, DT, QB, WR, etc), is the toughest area for FIU to get recruits?

GPP: NYC, the free tickets are only for the current students. Did hear there might be something done for the alumni for the season finale against Western Kentucky, which if FIU wins this Saturday, we all know what that game will mean? Kickoff is at 4 p.m. on Saturday. You are correct if you said OL. Florida preps are not known for their OL that's why MC and O-line coach Greg Laferre spent so much time this season in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Pennsylvania and California looking for beef upfront.

FIUFloridaPower&Light: I think rivalry games usually favor the underdog. I wonder who is considered Ud the underdog. I would think FIU since its been like 5 years straight that we have lost.

GPP: FIU is a 5-point underdog against Florida Atlantic on Saturday.

UltimateFIUFan: I plan on STILL TAILGATING after Sat's FIU / FAU game. I've heard it's a 1pm kick-off. Pete is this true?

GPP: NO not true, Saturday's Don Shula Bowl begins at 4 p.m.

TheChampionUnderdog: Pete, any word on Mcduffie and Weatherspoon (left) status for saturday?

Jw_2 GPP: Both are probable to play was the word I got after Tuesday's practice.

FIUFan: PP, what about all the false-starts and off-sides? Talk about putting yourself in a hole. And as far as Ellingson (below, right) having the best hands on the team? I aint drinking that kool-aid!

GPP: Missed pointing that out. FIU had 10 more penalties on Saturday and the Golden Panthers are not going to win too many games with those kind of penalty numbers. FIU needs more discipline for sure. That's what MC was harping on in Tuesday's practice. I probably wasn't clear: besides T.Y., GE probably has the best hands on the team. Not serving up any kool-aid here, GE has got Spiderman web-Gecatch like hands.

SouthPaw: Pete, is there any chance that Javon Hill will be eligible to play next year?

GPP: JH was ineligible this year, because of grades. Once he gets his academics straightened out, we could see him on the field.


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