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Golden Panther Pawse 11/25


Before we get to this latest post, happy to see the Golden Dazzlers back at FIU Arena Dazzlers (or El Banco) for Tuesday FIU hoops after missing Monday's hoops game.

Moving the Golden Panther Pawse back to the front of the blog since some of my answers to your questions are not getting picked up inside. Been busy the last couple of days with -- you name the sport -- (FIU football, FIU hoops, Heat hoops, Panthers hockey, high school football and local colleges), but as promised will have all 9, yes that's not a misprint 9 FIU bowl possibilities on the next post. And you can tell Grahm Watson that there are 9.

And before anyone begins to hyperventilate and says stop the bowl talk: we don't tackle, we don't run, throw or catch the football on Saturdays on the FIU Stadium field so we can talk about it. If the Golden Panthers are hanging on every word of the GPP, then that's great for the GPP rankings, but FIU probably Fiuhelmet_3 will get beat on the field, because they should be reading their playbooks. To your questions:

Fau_3   class09: At what time do the buses leave FIU for the FAU game?

GPP: They are scheduled to leave both the University Park campus and the Biscayne Bay campus at 2 p.m. For more information call 305-FIU-GAME.

NYCFIUFan: Pete any word on members of the FIU Alumni Assoc being able to get in? If not, then I will put up the dough (rather not though, have seen this economy??) Finally, what time is kickoff? I have a question, what area (OL, DE, DT, QB, WR, etc), is the toughest area for FIU to get recruits?

GPP: NYC, the free tickets are only for the current students. Did hear there might be something done for the alumni for the season finale against Western Kentucky, which if FIU wins this Saturday, we all know what that game will mean? Kickoff is at 4 p.m. on Saturday. You are correct if you said OL. Florida preps are not known for their OL that's why MC and O-line coach Greg Laferre spent so much time this season in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Pennsylvania and California looking for beef upfront.

FIUFloridaPower&Light: I think rivalry games usually favor the underdog. I wonder who is considered Ud the underdog. I would think FIU since its been like 5 years straight that we have lost.

GPP: FIU is a 5-point underdog against Florida Atlantic on Saturday.

UltimateFIUFan: I plan on STILL TAILGATING after Sat's FIU / FAU game. I've heard it's a 1pm kick-off. Pete is this true?

GPP: NO not true, Saturday's Don Shula Bowl begins at 4 p.m.

TheChampionUnderdog: Pete, any word on Mcduffie and Weatherspoon (left) status for saturday?

Jw_2 GPP: Both are probable to play was the word I got after Tuesday's practice.

FIUFan: PP, what about all the false-starts and off-sides? Talk about putting yourself in a hole. And as far as Ellingson (below, right) having the best hands on the team? I aint drinking that kool-aid!

GPP: Missed pointing that out. FIU had 10 more penalties on Saturday and the Golden Panthers are not going to win too many games with those kind of penalty numbers. FIU needs more discipline for sure. That's what MC was harping on in Tuesday's practice. I probably wasn't clear: besides T.Y., GE probably has the best hands on the team. Not serving up any kool-aid here, GE has got Spiderman web-Gecatch like hands.

SouthPaw: Pete, is there any chance that Javon Hill will be eligible to play next year?

GPP: JH was ineligible this year, because of grades. Once he gets his academics straightened out, we could see him on the field.


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I have been a TOTAL FIU sports fan for MANY years. I've supported coaches until the end, maybe too long because sometimes I get to meet the coaches and find them to be genuinely nice people and support them even when they aren't coaching very well.

This is my last straw with men's BBall coach Sergio Rouco! FIU JUST LOST TO A FRIKIN DIV-II SCHOOL!!!!!! I THINK THEY'RE CALLED WEST GEORGIA!!!!!! WE LOST TO THEM!!!! I have heard people on this blog support Rouco and even go after AD Garcia for ignoring the men's program. Where I don't support that, I NOW SUPPORT HIS FIRING!! THE PLAY OF THIS SQUAD IN TONIGHT'S GAME WAS PATHETIC!! I heard the announcers state something in the area of 25 turnovers. Twenty-five turnovers against a DIV-II school!!! Enough, I'm finished! I will support and cheer for the men's team, however I look forward to the ushering in of a new coach!

I'm going to agree with PP on Ellingson's hands. The guy is freaky good. He is also where McCall looks to on must have conversions. I must say that our receiving corps has been a huge surprise this year.

They are catching balls and turning for yards after the catch. If we ever get a solid run game going we going to light people up on offense.

Without consistent runs it is hard to complete long drives. Hopefully some beef on the O-Line and fresh blood at running back we will be able to wrap up those drives for 6.

FIU Fan For Life, just read your post and you have the right to be very upset. I just heard the game and could not believe we lost to West Georgia. My first question would be, who scheduled this game in the middle of a tourney, the night before playing a solid Cleveland State team for the championship? Wow, very bad move. The team seemed flatter than flat and had no emotions AT ALL!

This has been a rough season for SR, with key injuries and all, however WE should ALWAYS beat Div-II schools. I'm friends with Sergio, I think he has collected a very nice set of players (injured & non-injured) and he's always been a gentleman with me and my kids. He needs to turn this around PRONTO because he'll be getting his injured players back for SBC play and then there will be no excuses. I wish the team does turn it around because SR and the team deserve a shot. This loss hurts!!


The game tonight was pathetic, it was even worse to be there. The team needs to fix things quickly otherwise the Sun Belt schedule may get pretty ugly.

UFF, you've been one who supports SR blindly and NOW I see why. You're friends with Rouco. I've met him too and found him to be a GREAT guy and I even agree with you that he's collected a nice group of players, however that NICE GROUP OF PLAYERS should beat a DIV-II school. Sorry!

FIU Fan For Life, I'm not supporting SR blindly, if he doesn't get it done this year then OK, a change is warranted, however what IF and after tonight's performance it would be a HUGE IF, FIU stuns UCLA and then wins the SBC and gets an automatic bid to the Big Dance? Do we JUST FIRE SERGIO then? In the annals of college BBall history, there have been bigger upsets than tonight.

Look up in the NCAA history books when U. of Houston and Phi Slamma Jamma (included Hall of Famers Akeem "The Dream" and Clyde "The Glide" Drexler) came to Miami to play Biscayne College (I think their St. Thomas now) AND LOST!! Biscayne wasn't even Div-II; they were probably NAIA or something like that. U. of Houston came in flat, probably went to the beach too long and LOST! They (UH) still have their rings though, so does this lost STINK? Hell Yes! Is the season over? Not until we're eliminated from either SBC conference play or the Big Dance! Just have hope and wish that they turn it around!


Urghhh...what a disappointing loss after some decent wins for the hoops team. I second the motion, and agree in all terms with Ultimate FIU Fan in his post.

Now, on to football. Pete, any news if any of our injured running backs...Owens and/or Ned are coming back to play next week? If not...will Darriet Perry have to be there, just in case...thus probably losing his redshirt season?...or Shawn Bright...or any other Running Back there?

SR is a nice guy, but he can't coach. Enough with the injuries and the expectations please!!!. The 1st year it was Almonte taking us to the promised land only to finish the year with 7 players. The 2nd year it was the "Galindo Promise", we were sold a "True Superstar" unhappy with the treatment he got at Kansas. AG was not and is not Kansas material as proven by his two above mediocre years here. The 3rd year came around and one more time we lost 20 games and finished the year with less than 10 players. Last year, once again, we were sold on "2 seven footers" capable of dominating the league. Heck, Hicks was heralded as the new superstar. By that time we had Galindo, Hicks, another 7 footer and a monster transfer from Texas A&M who according to reports was a great coup. Final result at the end of the year? Another 20 losses in what is probably one of the worse conferences in the country. As of tonight 3 of FIU's opponents had a combined 0-12 record. Only Eastern Kentucky had won a game against a Division I and they are 1-2. Of course this year it is Soto and Otero's turn to be the future stars. Are you guys tired of losing or are you waiting for a miracle ?.


We still need an upgrade at QB.... Hope Nico chooses FIU

Can someone please tell me where did Sergio play college ball, or high school ball? where did he get his experience coaching?
Everybody is saying that SR is a great guy, nice guys, etc, maybe a decent recruiter, but I am yet to hear that he is a good coach. This is not a popularity contest or a give the nice guy a chance. We need to develop a decent basketball program, basketball and baseball have been around FIU for a while and to be at the bottom of the bottom is unacceptable in my book. I know maybe we don't be ranked top 25 or anything like that because we play on the Belt, but like BB Panther said, the Belt is a soft conference and we should be playing for the conference championship every year and a chance to go the the dance, we've been there before contrary to football that is not uncharted territory for FIU, after all we have two players in the NBA with every team only having 15 players and only 1 player in the NFL where teams have more than 60 players in the roster.
Football is the flagship of athletic in all the colleges in the South, but we have to remember that 10 years ago Basketball was our main sport and we were a decent team back then.
We need a real basketball coach, someone who can recruit and coach. It is time to resend the message and fire SR and the soccer coach, we need to improve in those two sports.

There's no excuse for losing to West Georgia, I expected us to lose to Cleveland State, but this was a really disappointing performance. He better hope the guys get back ASAP. Pete, I heard someone speaking behind me at the basketball game mentioning that Galindo might not be eligible (besides being injured), is that true?

I would say PM is doing a good job game managing but last week he was a bit off. His accuracy was a bit suspect in the first half. Ellingson, TY and JR do a good job of picking up some iffy tosses.

But all things being what they are he has been a good game manager outside of the last drive last week where I would put a few of those sacks on him for holding on too long.

His ability to run has saved a few drives for us this season and Overall I'm happy with how he has played. I believe a reliable back would have strengthened PM's play.

I can't recall right now but is PM a Junior or a Senior I think he graduated already but what does he have left as far as eligibility?

Bring back "Shakey" Rodriguez. He was on the verge of building a good program down here. I remember our team being competitive against top BB programs like UNC & Michigan (I think we even beat Michigan in the late 90's).

PP, why did Shakey resign? Or was he forced out for some other reason?

Now that we are on the verge of Thanksgiving, here are somethings to be Thankful for:

- Exciting and improving football team

- New Stadium and growing

- TY Hilton

- Possible Bowl Appearance this late in the season

- Coaches who have vision

- This blog

Also, just wanted to wish the entire Blue and Gold Nation, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


FIUGP: Guess you're not that into FIU if you're asking why Shakey left. Let's just say there were issues. At least, that's what I would call it when your best player punches out a trainer and you can't control your assistant coaches.

Anyway... I didn't see the WG game, obviously, and like many, I know SR and I like him a lot. Plus, he knows talent. No small feat considering the last coach here was Donnie Marsh.

Losing to a West Georgia is clearly not acceptable. Period. With that said... I think we were overachieving to start the season. Yeah, we played U-Dub close and have had a good start, but no Sun Belt team's going to be very good when you lose 3/5ths of your starting 5 to begin the season.

The reality is, FIU has to play well every night in order to give itself any chance at a W. Hell, they're going to have to overachieve to even stay close to .500. I agree that we shouldn't be losing to D-II schools, but this team just isn't talented enough to play like crap against anyone and expect to win. Maybe when Soto and Galindo come back, that'll be different.

My position's the same as most others on here... I'm just waiting for conference play. That's where we'll make our bones. If we make them.

Exciting and improving football team?? Did you see the game this week, they were neither. And as far as improvement, its not hard when youre the worst team in Div. 1 football and possible in the bottom half of D2. So if you want to be thankful for that...

New Stadium and growing?? Yeah, from what I have heard, it was empty this week. So what is growing? the fan base? Nope. Possibly the actual structure will grow if the admin doesnt realize that the whole project was/is a waste. So if you want to be thankful for that...

TY Hilton?? He did real well this week. And he plays against high schoolers week in and week out....guys who couldnt play on the top middle school teams in dade-county. So if you want to be thankful for that...

Bowl appearence?? No chance, no way, keep dreaming, are you drunk? So if you want to be thankful for that...

Coaches who have vision?? Vision of what, a scoreboard where their team has less points when the clock reads 0:00. A vision to not lose every single game. So if you want to be thankful for that...

This Blog?? I cant say anything bad about Pete (just most of the people who post) so we can be thankful for the blog.

Happy Thanksgiving

Clawing Cancer: I know a little about FIU athletics. I was a scholarship athlete there a few years ago.

I know about the incident with Arroyo. You say there were "issues" that led his to Shakey's resignation.

If that is the answer, my question now is: Was his resignation based solely on him not being to control one player?

I find that hard to believe, in light of the success he did have during his tenure. I am more inclined to think there were other factors playing into that decision.

Where there recruiting violations? I know Miami High had some problems with that around the time he was there and after he left.

Just curious?


*Where there recruiting violations?


Were there recruiting violations?

MIA/NY Josh, FIU is improving AND rising get over it. With that said i'm THANKFUL that i am not as ignorant as you.

Clawing Cancer, I think FIUGP is right. Everybody chastises Shakey because of the Arroyo incident however nobody dares to mention (maybe they forgot), that during DM tenure (the worst one in NCAA history as he lost 20 games every year that he was here), there was a player that when recruited had an ankle brace because of a felony appeal. I'm not going to mention the player's name.

On the other hand if Arroyo's incident was that horrendous as to fire the only WINNING COACH in this program how come FIU welcomes him with open arms and retires his number?.

We fired an individual who's won at every level he has ever coached. 81% of his HS games have resulted in wins. Top 10 HS program in the nation for 10 years in a row. 12 ALL-Americans, more than 40 players have played division I. Top programs courted him, (Kentucky, Louisville, FSU, UF, Cincinatti etc. etc). 4 NBA players and dozens of players have been in practice squad in the NBA. Dozens of players in Europe.

On top of that two of the brightest coaches in the NCAA today coached under him, Anthony Grant and Frank Martin.

The only time the arena has been packed is when he coached there. The schedule was always strong and he brought them from being ranked in the 300's to the 70's. All this was accomplished while his program kept being undermined by the administration (Gallagher who himself was a crook and the AD that was also fired afterward) as well as outside individuals who were jealous because they couldn't beat him.

I never post here, but I read all the time. The basketball community in Miami continues to question FIU.

MIA/NY Josh, it is the season of giving and forgiveness so I will forgive you for your ignorance. But even YOU have to admit, and I believe you can do the math, that 4 wins is more then 1 win. We won the games that we would have lost last year, so we are improving and next year we will be better.


The most talented team that the GP had in 99/2000, when they had Lucas Barnes & Jabari Brown, and a few other heralded recruits and that team went 15-14 or something right about .500 when they just enter the Sun Belt.

During that year there were numerous black eyes on the program under Shakey's watch including ineligible players allowed to play and a long list of other infraction which were published in the New Times and i would not go into. Thats why Shakey was FIRED (Stepped down is the P.C. phases they gave).

Lets just say he lost control of that program.

Wow...it seems Josh did not take his Prozac today....Relax boy...it's Thanksgiving!! LOL!

BTW, I disagree with the most talented team...The prior 2 years, we had Arroyo, Fairweather, and Raja Bell. Two NBA'ers (although Carlos is not in the NBA right now, he played for 5-6 seasons there) on that team. Neither Barnes nor Jabari did enough in their only year at FIU to be as good as Raja Bell was during his two years at FIU.

Shakey was a great coach, a lot of things converged so that he "step down" from FIU's post, and I didn't agree with a lot of what that Miami News article say as damning of Shakey. If anything, it was really, really bad of his assistants, which Shakey was way too loyal too, except for the one trying to undermine him. Regarless of that, it is water under the bridge now. Let's turn the page, as this happened what?...9 years ago?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Hope to see some of you at the FIU vs FAU game.

Arhhhh Fanatic,

The Carlos & Fairweather (who was not all that great) was also on the 99-2000 team the only persons that was not on the 99-2000 team was Raja and one other player.

Yes...but Jabahri was a very good freshman, but not nearly as good as he would become...and Lucas Barnes wasn't even close to what Raja Bell gave to FIU during his very brief stint as an FIU basketball player....

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