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Golden Panther Trap?

Lt MC is not going to go all Wannstedtian on the Golden Panthers and place lobster or mouse traps at each player's locker, but the FIU coach has said this week that his team's sole focus is on ULM (like several other Sun Belt teams this season, the former Louisiana-Monroe is now just going by ULM).

We've reached a point in the young 6-year history of FIU football, that the Golden Panthers are the team faced with a trap game and not the other way around where FIU has been the trap for other teams. With the Hooters on deck at Dolphin Stadium for the 7th Don Shula Bowl, sure it would be natural for FIU to take a peek at Florida Atlantic.

The Warhawks arrive at FIU Stadium on Saturday with ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose. They are 3-8 and going nowhere, but to their spring semester classes after Saturday's game. Plus, it could be the final game for ULM head coach Charlie Weatherbie, who might get fired after the FIU game so you know he'll pull out all the stops to go out a winner.

Timeout here: Paul Letlow, who covers ULM for the The Newsstar newspaper, has a pretty funny entry Jp_2 in  his blog about CW and his losses. Paul has entitled it: "Charlie Weatherbie's Greatest ULM losses Volume IV" Click here  Apparently, CW was more than a one-hit wonder? One of those losses was the 31-29 game to FIU in 2005 in which former FIU QB Josh Padrick (right) threw 3 TD passes for FIU's 1st Sun Belt win.

Back to the ULM/FIU game, FIU must get off to a fast start to stomp out any hope ULM may have of an upset (FIU is a 6.5 favorite). The longer ULM hangs around in this game, the more chance for an upset and ending FIU's bowl hopes.

FIU needs to convert red zone opportunities into TDs and not FGs. Dustin Rivest and a miraculous TD pass saved the Golden Panthers last time out.

Also, ULM QB Kinsmon Lancaster, who left last week's game at Ole Miss with an injury, will play and he's another of those mobile Sun Belt QBs that have given FIU defenses fits in the past.

ULM may be 3-8, but they are not slouches having beaten Troy and lost to MT by 3, FAU by 1 and Arkansas by 1. ULM is averaging 29.8 points in Sun Belt games this season. The good news for FIU is that ULM allows 31.1 points in SBC games.

Tj So you see the potential trap FIU could be walking into?

Still, for the most part FIU has been prepared this season and MC has made his team aware of the danger of ULM.

When asked after Tuesday's practice if there's a chance his team could be looking past ULM, MC said: "We're growing. We're doing some great things, but we're nowhere near that point where we can look past. We can't look past our 6:25 p.m. class. We have to take those baby steps and keep growing and growing -- and we are. We're focused.''

GPP thinks: FIU 27, ULM 23


Apaw The FIU volleyball ladies won their opening match of the Sun Belt tournament earlier thisVball  afternoon by defeating South Alabama 3-1. The Golden Panthers struggled early losing one set, but got it going in the 3rd and 4th sets.

FIU plays New Orleans in a semifinal on Friday at 5 p.m. at FIU Arena.

Apaw_2 We'll have a LIVE GPP BLOG from FIU Stadium on Saturday night for the ULM/FIU game.

Blog kickoff is at 6:45 p.m. Game kickoff is 7 p.m. WIN A GPP BLOG deadline for scores is 6:59 p.m. GPP Time.

Apaw_3 T.Y. ON TV....Two television features on T.Y. Hilton air this weekend on local TV. Channel 10 will say hello to "Goodbye" at 7:20 p.m. on their Saturday sports show.  Of course, most FIU fans will be at FIU Stadium during this time. If you miss Ch. 10's piece, then check out Channel 4 at 11:30 p.m. on Sunday Ty night for their hello to "Goodbye". That airs during Ch. 4's Sunday night sports show.Tv


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caymanFIU: By the way does anyone know where I can buy an official T.Y. jersey?

Was told by FIU that the new FIU on-line store is supposed to open or go on-line for business by the end of November or maybe sooner.

I know they just have a pink #4 jersey right now, but all the new gear with the new FIU logo should be available by the end of November, which is just 9 days away.

Miami did not know how to the stop the triple option tonight and it showed. Georgia tech just manhandled them in the trenches...reminded me of the Iowa game earlier this year. That being said, I hope FIU doesn't crumble under the pressure like Miami did. BTW, just a thought here but is there any possibility of FIU playing UM in a bowl game if FIU wins out the rest of the season? Do any of those above mentioned bowls have any affiliations with the ACC? That would be one interesting match up. Will be at the cage saturday with my girlfriend and two other friends rooting for my panthers to beat ULM. Go Panthers!

FIUcanesfan: In regards to the new FIU football fan section in the FIUsports.com website--I am a huge fan. I submitted my comments and within a few days I had a personal response from a member of the athletic staff. Thanks PP for making that happen.

No need to thank me. You should be able to easily purchase official FIU jerseys once all the new gear hits the on-line store.

Eventually, all the new gear will branch out to the Sports Authority, Champs and other stores.

I know in the Champs (Pembroke Lakes Mall) by my home in Pembroke Pines they do have 4 new FIU shirts with the new logo.

cabin001: BTW, just a thought here but is there any possibility of FIU playing UM in a bowl game if FIU wins out the rest of the season? Do any of those above mentioned bowls have any affiliations with the ACC?

No chance of an FIU/UM bowl matchup, because the New Orleans Bowl, Pizza Bowl, Independence Bowl and St. Pete Bowl do not have ACC tie-ins.

Last FIU/UM sports matchup will be the men's hoops game in Coral Gables on December 12.

I am pretty sure there is absolutely no way we will play UCG in a bowl game. If we do manage to be invited to play in a bowl game we will probably play some rinky dink team like Rice or ECU. However, it is entirely possible that we could have a rematch againt USF.

41-23??? Have a great day CandyCane. LOL!

As for FIU, at the high school game tonight before kick off, they should bring out and announce Mario Cristobal and Anthony Gaitor as the honorary guest for each side.

It's the little things like putting a spotlight on alumni for each school that help recruiting. I hope FIU Athletics reads this in time.

6 posts so far, 4 of which discuss UM - yeah, and I am the problem.

Yes, Miami got WORKED last night. They looked like they never got off the team plane. Oh, wait a minute, I think GT just rattled off another 45 yard run. Okay, I am back, yes UM got embarrassed last night, but do not worry GPers, Miami may not win the ACC title this year, they may not even win their half of the ACC this year, but one thing is for sure, they will be in a Bowl game (hopefully against Notre Dame) and then I dont care who your affiliated with, UM or FIU, you HAVE to hate Notre Dame.

That GT/UM score doesn't reflect how bad UM was manhandled last night on national television. GT could have run for over 700 yards if Paul Johnson hadn't been merciful enough to pull the starters early in the game. Goodbye top 25, Candy Canes!

FIU 22
ULM 24

All of you FIU fans are the same, case in point SouthPaw. You whine and moan when anyone from UM is on the blog talking about UM doing well, and you say you just don't care about UM, but the second they lose, all you post is about UM losing and you are posting to the same GPP posters you want to leave so bad. So yes, I agree sometimes CC says some dumb stuff, but you FIU fans are truly the idiots. You beg him to leave, then post comments directed towrads him about a subject matter you claim to have no care for.

I knew it...........some of you FIUers just can't help yourself can you, with the UCG fixation. I realize that everyone is entitled to comment on whatever they choose, but SERIOUSLY !!! Let it go already this is a BLOG about F - I - U !!!

FIU 31 - ULM 17

FIU is nothing without UM. The blog is nothing without the UM posters. UM is the only story in town. If they are doing good, it is FIWho and if they are doing bad, this town only cares about why and when will they back. The sooner FIU understands this, the happier fans they will be. Until FIU gets into a conference which is not made up of some of the worst teams in all of College Football, noone is going to really take them seriously. Oh and SOuthPaw, what Bowl game is FIU currently eligible for? I may want to buy my tix in advance.

FIU is eligible for the New Orleans Bowl, Papa Johns Bowl, Independence Bowl, and St. Petersburg Bowl. Most likely candidates will be the Papa Johns or Independence, so CrazyCane, you might want to go ahead and call Ticketmaster in order to avoid the rush later on.

Yeah CrazyCane now do i look biased and all that crap. I was right. They are not as good as their record/ranking might show. You stil look dumb for your rant on me a couple blogs back. Yeah say what you want... 4/6 make that 7/9 that discuss UM. Why? Try this one: People are responding to someone who talks a load of crap and looks stupid right now. You have the freedom to write on this blog all you like. We have the freedom to laugh when you get caught with your foot in your mouth and Georgia Tech's foot in your ass!

same to you TheU24/7...

YES!!! we would like for you to stop bringing UM into this blog. But you better believe that people are going to bring it up now. Not you, but C-Cane and others talk crap people will respond. That goes for anywhere. So don't act like we are fixated on anything. When people tal crap, they will get a response when they fail.

If you want to prove it! Don't write anymore and we'll see if anyone misses you. Or if this blogs rating will fall. Other than that stop trying to make yourselves feel good.

Okay cabin001, since I need to teach you a lesson, as of right now - you are not eligible for ANY bowl. To be eligible for a bowl - you need to win 6 games in a 12 game season or 7 games in a 13 game season. If I remember correctly, FIU is playing a 12 game season and only has 4 wins, so you would need 2 wins in the next 3 games to be bowl eligible. Another way would be to win the conference. However, as of right now, and again, correct me if I am wrong you have NOT won the conference, so you are NOT eligible yet that way either. So I guess, you are NOT eligible yet to go to the New Orleans Bowl, Papa Johns Bowl, Independence Bowl, and St. Petersburg Bowl. Call me when you are and Ill get in line for my tix. Until then, get a clue dude.

Thanks for stopping by 'canes; the reason there's comment here about ucg is because you had a game last night and we haven't played in 12 days. You know, there's more to say.

FIU is looking good and getting more and more attention (esp. with future Heisman candidate T.Y. hitting the field for us every Saturday). The media will catch-up, even are local media, who are being out-done by the CBS' and ESPN's of the world, will catch-up.

We've got a big game Saturday (there all BIG). We need all the fans who have been saying "oh, you went to the FIU game, how they doing?, I've been meaning to get out there to a game; when do they play next" to get out there this weekend and next for the FAU game.

It's time to lift these boys to the next level. Let's light the cage up on Saturday.

Go Panthers !!!

Whats your number?


T.Y. is slipping this week in the CBS Poll...

Spread the word to all within the FIU family to vote for him as Freshman of the Year. The poll resets every Sunday and is cumulative total votes after the regular season is over.


Hey BlueandGOld, TY is a future star for sure, but maybe it is slipping b/c people are realizing he is putting up big numbers against no talent teams. Yes, he IS a star, or is going to be, but unless he starts playing against some real teams, and doining well against them, noone is really going to notice. TY, if you read this blog, maybe you should think about transferring to a place like USF where you can still put up big numbers but you'll be in the Big East with more of a spotlight and still playing teams you can put up big numbers against like Rutgers, UConn, 'Cuse and the rest of those crappy BCS teams. Right now, TY, you are a racehorse playing with and against a bunch of donkeys.

I would say the ACC is yet another conference he can play in, except for the fact that he would have to play the joke that are the Miami Candycanes.

If USF is a racehorse and FIU is a donkey, then UCG is a pile of donkey sh1t!

And lord knows no one would respect your stats if you played against that kind of garbage.

The reason people even waste their time on UCG is to rub your face in the bull that you and your boyfriends spew on our blog everyday. I mean the fact that you spend all your time on FIU's blog says so much about how much FIU matters to the average candycane.

Oh, and please post your number. I'll be glad to call you about FIU tickets in a few weeks every day until I get tired of hearing myself speak.

lol i personally enjoy listening to the cane smack talk lol bringing color to this black and white print world lmao... CC.. TY didnt do it against big comp? really ? so that punt return against big 12 team ... they are a small fish...? against USF.. not sure the stat line (darn my friend passing out in the first qtr. and having to leave) but.. wasnt that a big team... face it he could do it against the big boys and the "lil guys" .. the reason he is slipping is b/c the other teams have at the moment a bigger fan following (not fan base... fan following)... once more fans here at FIU wake up they will go up.. but for now it is wat it is.. as for that tix when we become bowl eligible.. how many you goin to reserve.. ill save ya a seat lol

I must say that we are having a great season. I will be watching the game on Saturday online and I plan on going to Dolphin Stadium (no matter the outcome of this Saturdays game) next week to watch the FIU/FAU game. Think about this Golden Panther Nation, it is November 21 and we are still in CONTENTION to go to a bowl. Remember last year? Around this time we were riding one of the longest losing streaks in the country uncertain of our future, BUT NOW, we have one of the best defenses in the nation and exciting freshmen on our team (especially you know who). There is much to be proud of.


Did ucg play yesterday? I really don't care, they are not in our conference. lets focus on the ULM game, the volleyball tournament and our loss last night to Washington, I know we have 4 starters hurting and TY is not with the team yet, but this is about coaching.
Washington best player had a off game, and we were competitive in the first half and then the other coach made adjustments and Sergio didn't and we loss by 23 points. And to top it off he didn't want to give any comments or talk about the game. We really need a real coach.

Let's ignore the CandyCanes cuz the only reason they come to this blog is because UCG is longer dominant (barely even beat UCF haha), they have nothing else to talk about but mess with a team that has only been playing for six or seven years in the NCAA...They are scared cuz they know with time our new stadium will be finished, we'll have more fans at our games than they can bring into Dolphin Stadium haha, and after the bandwagon Miami fans see UCG losing 5 to 7 games every year, they'll jump to us when we are becoming SunBelt Champs, and then eventually if we move conference Big East Champs...Face reality boys, UCG aren't what they once were...It's the curse of the OB haha...Your dumb president Shalalalala only cares about $ and not what the fans want...So Your irevelant on this blog....Come here a few years from now and then we'll talk...

Rage-InThe-Cage - you do realize they did worse in the OB last year - right? Wow, a new uneducated FIU fan to the blog - welcome.

The BYE week is what hurt his vote count this past week.

I guess guys like T.O. and Jerry Rice should of transferred to bigger programs right Crazy Cane ???

I can't wait for Saturday's game against ULM. We have to stay strong a beat them. Without a win here, we can't go bowling. WE CAN DO IT! LET'S GO PANTHERS!


I bleed Gold and Blue!

Back to the task at hand--beating ULM tomorrow. This game is going to have a very big turn out and the outcome of the game may rest in the support of the fans, home field advantage is key in a game like this.
Hey CC and other cane supporters, come out to the game tomorrow, I will personally get you in to the game. BTW E-4 (W22 now) has nothing on these tailgates. I will prove it to you swing by tomorrow tailgate starts around 330-4pm; look for the UM ten with blue and gold fans under it. JRE you better wear blue to tomorrows game, lol, or go skin like you normally tailgate.

GPP Nation this COULD be a perfect weekend! UM got SMOKED!! FIU may win vs ULM and the lets hope the Fins repeat the Foxborough Massacre from earlier this season, except here @ home! As for Scum Cane, if um plays ND I will look to buy any Fighting Irish t-shirt or something and root for ND! Remember, when UM was nothing before the eighties, ND was the ONLY college football highlights we would get in S. Florida. Additionally, since ND has always had an element of class (except when Lou Holtz was coach!) and academic success, which um will NEVER know it’s easy to root for the Irish against The Convicts (um)!

I'm looking forward to an early tailgate time on Saturday @ FIU with Fall type weather. Throw the football around with my kids, their friends and my friends, eat some wings, have some refreshments then sit down and watch my Golden Panthers play inspired ball against ULM. Hopefully leave with a victory; if those parking lights are on, tailgate some more, go home and watch the last part of Texas Tech defeating Oklahoma! WOW! COLLEGE FOOTBALL, YOU GOTTA LOVE IT!!!


honestly as much as we cry about UM people on this blog, it is fun to talk about it. I think the problem with that program is that those KIDS are too full of themselves. they think that just because they are wearing UM uniforms they are the greatest. Watching Marve and others last night during pregame, they looked like idiots. They were walking around like they were the greatest. and god i want to punch matt bosher.

the point is that these KIDS need to understand that just because they play for "the U", it doesnt mean that they themselves are great. their predecessors made the program great because they won championships and played hard. For the last 4 seasons or so Miami has horribly underachieved. One major reason is the move to the ACC. Miami cannot handle playing in the ACC. I feel confident saying that they would not have won a national championship had they played in the ACC. The Big East was not a tough conference and thanks to the BCS every year we see overrated teams make it to the national championship game.

The coaches need to get these kids back to earth. All these recruiting rankings, espn 100 athletes and all this "he's a better player than he is" nonsense needs to stop. These kids come into college believing that they are already great before having played any college football. why? because some idiot from ESPN says that so and so is the #1 RB or #QB in the country. Mario Cristobal is doing a nice job of keeping our athletes grounded in reality. Of course i dont think that any of our players were "ESPN 100 athletes" but they are playing just as well if not better than some of those atheletes.

ccane, T.Y. is going to bring the national attention and young recruits to FIU because he understood that there was great oppotunity for him right in his own back yard. Do you really think he'd be leading the nation in all-purpose yards at any other university? He would probably been mis-managed at a bigger school and all the heart and imagination wold have been sucked out of his game.

He's thriving here (garnering national attention, etc.)....the grass is not greener someplace else!

Go Panthers !!!

Ive been lookin at the #... if FIU wins out.. and UM loses next week to NCST.. that would put us both at 7-5 dont think UM will lose to NCST... but just thought id throw that # out there... FIU would have to win out.. so let it start tom! GO FIU BEAT ULM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings and best regards to you Pete and the entire GO-lden PA-nther family !!!
It has been a long time since my last posting, but I've always tried to keep-up with your writtings and this "OUR BLOG".

#### FIU- 34 ULM- 21 ####

GO GOlden PAnther GO !!!


Rage, I get what u mean by the OB curse..."Thug U" instead of spending money and making a new OB stadium at the OB site, they decided to go to Dolphins Stadium...Never caring about what the fans wanted...They also did the same when they moved to the ACC from The Big East....They looked at $$ instead of what the Big East or even what the OB had done for their team. Thug U has been disloyal to Miami, not they are paying for it...Meanwhile at FIU, u have people like T.Y. who get the big picture at FIU...He stayed here in Miami instead of going elsewhere, cause he wanted to be part of somthing special...FIU will continue to get players like this...Thug U will only get top prospects who are arrogant & have no heart...Unlike ScUM, FIU is putting the right ingredients together...New stadium, Better coaching staff, and bringing in players who have heart and want to be part of something special...FIU will soon be what ScUM once was....

ULM 17
FIU 10

South Florida is the new "U". The Hurricanes are just the UM. They aren't even the best school in Miami. We've always known that, and now the rest of the country is starting to realize that too.

I can not wait for the game tomorrow night. Also, I can't wait to go to the FIU/FAU game even though the FAU game is not played in our ON CAMPUS football stadium but played at the home of the Dolphins/Marlins/FAU/UM/Maroone Car Show. Hopefully that game will be against two 5-5 teams fighting for bowl contention.

Another thing, someone brought up (I think it was alt7787) how people put too much credence on the rating system when judging prospective athletes, I could not agree with you more. In a similar scenario, in the financial markets, people depended on the credit rating agencies to determine the financial viability of many companies and their debt...look where we are now with that. Bottom line, I will take the kid who is coachable, has drive, and has upside potential then just any kid with a bunch of stars next to his name.


Hey CandyCane the only one that is uneducated is u...I bet u didnt even go to school at UCG...Your prob one of these dumb kids that cant even get into a college...Here is some education for u: You're right UCG couldn't even when their last couple of games at the OB, totally disrespecting the legacy there...The old school players always understood how important it was to win there and honor the stadium...Now the new kids, they are all arrogant, thinking they are already NFL Players (guess this is why they like Dolphin Stadium) Bunch of lil disloyal arrogant punks with no character...The sad thing was that it had to be FIU to win the last game at the OB and honor it! But its all good, cuz now there is a OB curse on UCG!!Haha...MC & Pete Garcia understood the OB and what it stood for in Miami...Since SkUM has dishonored the city they are no longer part of it...UCG the curse of OB has begun!!!!

Jesus, some things on this blog never change I guess. Alt, UM only won 1 national championship while in the Big East. I'm happy to have them in our conference and for those who think FIU could play in the ACC... I guess ignorance is bliss.

You guys have to get over your inferiority complex to them, just let them go and worry about winning your own conference one day.

I'm taking 12 people with me to the game tomorrow...now that's the spirit. My challenge to the FIU community is to beat that.

Let's get butts in seats and cheer our boys on to victory!

ULM 28, FIU 24

For those that need a baseball fix - here is the field for the Baseball Bash @ Coastal Carolina on Feb. 27,28, and March 1 at BB&T Coastal Field.

Brown Bears, Florida International Golden Panthers, Tennessee Volunteers, West Virginia Mountaineers, and Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

Hey gpantera, I'm taking 10-12 people with me as well. We have a new song that we want to try as well...

Go Panthers!!!

Bringing a group of about fifteen to the game tomorrow! Let's be loud!!!

Yeah, I am also bringing a big group. Unfortunately most are cane alumni, but they still cheer for FIU.

Dunno why, but I smell a loss tomorrow. ULM might be just going through the motions, but they usually give FIU problems. Hope I'm wrong. It would be nice for the Shula Bowl to mean something other than bragging rights.

ULM 31, FIU 21

FIU 30
ULM 21

ULM 55

We will crush u!

LOL at the ULMfanatic...... you will not "crush" anybody.... your team is not built to do any such thing. ESPECIALLY in the cage. it will be close though i believe.

good luck tomorrow. GO PANTHERS!

I think FIU gets it done this week:

FIU 31
ULM 17

ULM is a good team, so this one can go the other way as well. If we turn the ball over more than once, we're likely to lose it. Crisp execution the rest of the way is the key. We can't beat ourselves.

FIU 24
ULM 21

Big props to those that are going to the game and bringing lots of people with them!!!

Another wedding, another missed game for me, but with that kind of support FIU will mos def have home field advantage!

I'm there! At least 18 people will comprise my group......maybe some more....I have a group of 4-6 friends that are becoming more and more FIU fans...They ask me NOW for game tickets a week or more in advance, whereas before I had to, shyly, ask them if the wanted to use those tickets......and more than likely those tickets would not be used.......


I hope our team comes prepared to play, and our defense cause some turnovers on their part. Last game we came off a bye week, we weren't particularly hot at Louisiana-Lafayette....

Let's Go FIU!!!


A solid contribution to the blog by our newest fan, HM ("Hemrrhoids Massager"). Thanks for following FIU football 'Rhoids and be sure to wash those hands before looking into that crystal ball of yours, oh wise one.

I don't see FIU being represented on the Sunbelt conf. commercial

FIU: 28
ULM: 21

I love all the haters coming onto our board..... what they dont realize is that their hating on us makes us relevant.

HM has confirmed the old truth--anyone that types in all caps is CRAZY!

Looks like Arkansas State took care of FAWhooo!

is anyone else having issues w/ panther pass.. i cant see the game

never mind

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