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Greatest Win In FIU Football History & Name The Play

The FIU football program has only been around for 6 years going on 7 at the end of this season, but Ty Saturday's come from behind 22-21 win over Arkansas State is the greatest win in the history of the program for several reasons:

Apaw First time in FIU history in which the Golden Panthers were able to overcome a deficit of 9 points or more in the 4th quarter and win the game.

Apaw_2 FIU overcame adversity. Until the final TD, FIU was not able to score a TD the first 8 times it was deep in Red Wolves territory on Saturday. Thanks to Dustin Rivest's leg FIU got 15 points. FIU was not able to respond when challenged against Troy and Louisiana in the past 2 games. The Golden Panthers delivered the knockout punch against ASU.

Apaw_3 Like it has for most of the season, the FIU D was clutch coming up with 3 straight stops on ASU possessions in the 4th quarter after ASU built a 21-12 lead and then Franklin Brown intercepting Corey Leonard at the FIU 35. ASU kicker Josh Arauco is deadly and a few more yards and we might talking about a 24-22 loss.

Apaw_4 The win salvaged any chance FIU has at reaching its first bowl game. The Golden Panthers will likely not win the Sun Belt, because they are 2 games back of UL and do not have the tiebreaker since they lost to the Cajuns. FIU has to run the table and finish 7-5 to get into a bowl. Nothing against the SBC, but a 6-6 record for a SBC team will not get it into a bowl game. FIU is also 1 game back of Troy and does not hold the tiebreaker there since it lost to the Trojans.

Apaw_5 The final reason Saturday's win was the greatest in FIU history was the way the Golden Panthers pulled it out. On a botched trick play that will go down in FIU football lore. As of Sunday afternoon, FIU was trying to get the play on ESPN as one of Sportscenter's top 10 plays of the week.

If you have not seen the play do yourself a favor and go to fiusports.com and click on the game recap where there is a video of The Play....

T.Y. Hilton and Paul McCall fumbled the exchange on an end around. Goodbye went to scoop the ball about 5 yards backward while PM threw a block. Goodbye then goes left with the ball when he told me he Jr was supposed to go right. The entire ASU defense hones in on Goodbye while Junior Mertile (left) is wide open 30 yards downfield. The closest ASU defender was about 25 yards from Mertile. Goodbye lobbed the ball downfield, Mertile waited forever for it to come down, saying to himself "This is the money ball. This is the money ball." and snared it for the winning touchdown with 2:04 left in the game.

You've heard in NFL lore of Franco Harris's "The Immaculate Reception", Dwight Clark's "The Catch" (right) and the Tennessee Titans' "The Music City Miracle", well now it's your turn to name the T.Y./Junior TD play.Catch

Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started: "The Hilton Heave",  "The Goodbye Money Ball".

We'll keep this suggestion box open for naming the play for about 4 or 5 days and then we'll vote on the top selections. After giving T.Y. his "Goodbye" nickname, can TheChampionUnderdog name the play too or do you have a better name for the play?  Post it on here.

Will have the latest WIN A GPP BLOG leaderboard on here Monday.

Thanks to Sam Lewis for the FIU game photos.


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FIUFan: T.Y. is the REAL DEAL! PP can you give us a top-10 of the nation's leading all-purpose players in D-IA? I think it will be fun to track that for the balance of the season.

Will have the all-purpose leaders on the GPP for you on Monday.

blkpanther: FIU FAN I will do one better and give you the link to the stat page.


Never mind FIUFan, blkpanther has provided the link to all-purpose yards leaders.

Thanks, blkpanther.

Finally saw the video...amazing!

How about Hilton Bomb

FIUFloridaPower&Light: Pete,

1.)Do you know any details if plans for stadium construction have been sped up due to MLS possibly coming here?

2.)Also, can you explain again what the plans for that gap in the west end zone? Will the full stadium have a second level above the press boxes? If not, what sections of the stadium will have a second level?


1) Nothing is concrete yet since Miami MLS has not officially received the team yet, but don't be surprised if FIU Stadium's development gets kicked up a notch if MLS comes to Miami. Will keep you posted when I got something.

2) West end zone will have the FIU coaches offices and team meeting rooms which will also double as suites on game days to host donors and recruits. These suites have a patio area where you can watch the game from while sipping the beverage of your choice.

The second level is contingent on the success of the FIU program. The press box will move from the south stands to the north stands when the north side is built.

SouthPaw: Hey, Pete, a couple of questions: What is the status of Marshall McDuffie? I noticed he didn't play on Saturday. Will he be available next week?

Also, the participation report shows that Darriet Perry played for the first time. Is that true? If so, why are the coaches giving up his redshirt at this point in the season?

McDuffie has a shoulder injury and is hoping to be back for next game vs. Louisiana-Monroe on Nov. 22. There is a bye this coming Saturday.

The Perry tackle was a mistake in the box score. Perry did not even dress for the game.

He has not played this season, but with Daunte Owens banged up with a foot injury, DP could be called into action if FIU is playing for a bowl or Sun Belt title and the need for a 3rd RB arises.

FIUJM: Question for you Pete, noticed that Franklin Brown made interception at end of the game. Was this his first college football game he played in? I thought he was going to be redshirted. Thanks in advance.

Brown has played in 8 of FIU's 9 games this season, mostly on special teams and some defense.

Brown will be an All-Sun Belt player before he leaves FIU and watch him next season when he gets another offseason in the weight room. The kid has a motor and is a playmaker.

He is one of the Booker T. 4 defenders MC signed this past February.

GPanther: Pete,

I don't know if this has been discussed, but I would love to see Gold helmets.

The almost black helmets don't suit a Blue and Gold team IMO.

GPanther, you are preaching to SouthPaw's choir. SouthPaw is a long-time GPP reader who loves gold all over the FIU unis.

I personally don't like the gold helmets, but the current blue helmets could use a gold stripe down the middle of the helmet. IMHO

Quijote: How about Hilton Bomb

Quijote, that has a nice ring to it, but I don't know if a 38-yard pass qualifies as a bomb.

How about "The GRAB"

What about if we name the play "The Comeback"

Mertile's Money?

Hilton's Heave?

I'm thinking that play has to be a nominee at least for Pontiac Game Changer...

"The Money Ball"

Let's not over complicate this thing. Mertile named it already for us.

Very good SouthPaw, you noticed i capitalized letters. Now follow what they all spell out

obviously not directed at you, mostly at nycfiufan

Great game on Sat. However, once again FIU was snubbed by channel 6, 7, and 10. Channel 4 had a 45 second spot on their sports sunday show.

When are these guys going to get some coverage from the South Florida Media?

Great win man.... im telling you, watching FIU games is not good for my health. I almost have a heart attack each and every game. Yeah only channel 4 shows us love... Kim Bokamper seems to always give FIU some time. It was nice to see him at the game doing a live Sports Zone broadcast. I got to share an elevator ride with him. We had a nice conversation (considering those elevators are slow as hell.) Very nice man.

Pete, i know it might be really early to talk about this, but it has been bothering me for a while. Everytime i look at the roster i can help but notice that, with all the SR's on the D-line we are going to have a huge hole next year. All the starters will be gone. and 6/8 players on the D-line depth chart are seniors!

Except for maybe J. Jackson & J. Jones no one has steped up on the line to replace anyone. Plus i hope size dosn't become an issue.

I have always liked the gold helmets idea. Is it just a few of us?

Absolutely an incredible evening for all of us FIU fans that witnessed that game. Clawing Cancer, I know you've been a die-hard fan; I only wish you would have been there in person! Wow! GPP we all need to get behind the boys for these last THREE games in South Florida. This could truly be a historic season if we make even a minor bowl game. However, we would need to win ALL three.

Pete, I am also an avid Fins fans (21 year season ticket holder) and try to watch as many BIG-TIME NCAA football games on TV. One thing these games whether NFL or NCAA have in common is the playing of "Zombie-Nation" after either a score or very BIG play, can you get the word to the stadium music person to play that song instead of the continuous rap or reggeton played now? That particular song mentioned drives the fans into a frenzy whenever or where ever it’s played. Just a thought.

Pete what is the chance of TY being a freshman All-American? Is there an award for best freshman in the country?


MIA/NY Josh, I can't comment on the other UMers that are fixated on this blog, however dude you're one bitter, envious moron! Weak Forrest! That your claim to UM legitimacy! Weak Forrest! The ONLY real teams you've played is UF and FSU and while UM performed admirably, you still loss! Your non-conference schedule includes Charleston Southern (a high school team!), UF (legit), Texas A&M (Great record of 4-6 & btw loss to Arkansas State you loser!), UCF (2-7 & UM could of EASILY lost this game also!) and the rest of a WEAK ACC schedule.

On the other hand, TY "Good-Bye" Hilton, for your information took it to the house on Kansas ranked in the top 15 at the time and caused havoc on USF, also highly ranked @ the time. I agree with you, the SBC isn't the ACC (and ACC sucks this year!), however for a two-bit idiot like you to diminish TY's accomplishments this season shows your lack of grey matter!

Get a life!

where is this video? i found the play in the highlights/post conference but i didn't see one called "THE PLAY" anywhere.

I bet the other one shows the crowd reaction.

I couldn't find the play also. I couldn't make game, so want to see it. It would be appreciated if someone would be able to post it on this blog.

You make a great point FIU Fan for Life, MTSU beat Maryland from ACC.

GO FIU!!!!


I'm sure your readers would love a blog about bowl examination scenarios for FIU! Its kinda complicated as it stands as far as possible matchups and all the "what ifs" that are involved.

Loving the blog as always great job!!!

How about the Hail Hilton?

How about the Hilton Haymaker?

Don't get me started on the gold helmets again. My ONLY criticism of Coach Cristobal and Pete Garcia up to this point has been with our uniforms. One of these days, they're going to come to thier senses on that one and give the Golden Panthers gold helmets (with white FIU letters bordered in blue to really stand out).

And how about letting us wear white pants at home at least once this season? Pete, you mentioned in one of your pre-season blogs when you introduced us to the new uniforms that the blue jersey / white pants combiniation was the main home uniform. What happened to that?

Link to the video: http://tinyurl.com/6me58s The highlights are at the end of the press conference video.

The game on Saturday had to be the most exciting game in our young history, I would think a close second is the game a few years ago (I believe it was 2005) against Youngstown. Does anyone remember that game?

For anyone who wants to see the video, FIU Student Media has our highlight video up on our website, Fiusm.com.


TY Hilton has been named on CBSSportsline.com's freshman watchlist. Go on and vote for him!


South Paw:

My friends and I agree that gold helmets would look great, especially since we are the Golden Panthers. Maybe if we come up with some designs, they would consider them.

I doubt they'll consider changing helmets now. I would have liked gold ones also, but that's over and done with.

Thanks to everyone sharing video on game. What a play!!! Glad Hilton and Mertile have more years to make special plays at FIU.


come on guys get over the gold helmets already.. lets concern ourselves w/ trying to fill the stadium up every game. thats how we are goin to win these next 3 game. getting the fans out there... i think that would be my only issue w/ this season.. fan support.. we rarely cheer unless asked to by the PA.. (great job on that by him) and when he stops.. the crowd basically stops.. getting quiet when the D is on the field and getting loud when the O is on the field.. think we got it backwards lol

lol...yea i have noticed this also CJ.

FIU Voice, who posts here and reads this blogs, has been doing a good job of leading the chants. As you mentioned, soon as he stops though we stop.

BUT I did notice that once we were scoring and stopping them, we got loud.

I think its just a matter of ppl cheering when we are NOT doing so well. And this will get better with time.

In terms of fans that show up, I've been VERY impressed. The stadium has been 80% full or more every game. As tradition builds, more and more will come.


I love walking around Publix on game day and you see people with FIU shirts everywhere getting ready for the tailgate.

I would love to see a "special occasion" All-Gold uniform in similar concept to Georgia's all black uniform.


Can you convince your bosses to promote this blog on FIU's campus. I think it's a win-win. You get more readers and us fans increase our fanbase interactions.

Put a large portable billboards near GC at FIU! And at all the entrances/exits of campus!

Trust me when I say this blog really keeps me motivated when I see how passionate other fans are!

I don't want to look at head, I know it's one game at a time and the remaining games aren't exactly cake walks, BUT if we do get into the St. Pete bowl....



I think we should focus our efforts in getting coverage from the Media. It is just outrageous we don't get any coverage on the LOCAL channels expect for Cbs 4.

After all FIU is the real University of Miami.

The other night I was at Sports Authority at Aventura and asked one of the guys if they had new FIU gear, he said "what?"

We need to get this on the mainstream, then the community will take notice of the efforts behind this program!

UFF: I wished I was there to see it. I had a friend call me after the game just to tell me about the Hilton play. Just saw it right now (thanks, FIUChris) and wow, that was quite a play.

In a weird way, his fumble probably helped the play turn into a TD. I'm sure seeing Hilton reverse field caused the secondary to forget about Mertile. Plus, Hilton hadn't attemped a pass before, so no one outside the team and maybe Pelegrin knew that was in his arsenal. I can't blame ASU for how they played it. Who knew Hilton has a pretty good arm, especially throwing across his body on the run?

(Just curious, PP... how many times did you see that play being practiced? I can't recall you ever talking about it, but I can't imagine that FIU never practiced it.)

Three other things to mention from the coldness of Winston Salem, NC:

- I think some of you need to dial down the enthusiasm. I understand it's a big win, especially in light of FIU's history, but I think many of us feel FIU ought to be a top 25 school at some point. I certainly do. If you believe that's the case, then getting excited over this game's a bit exaggerated. ASU's a good SBC team, but that's about it. Feel free to be happy, but calling this the biggest win in FIU history is a stretch. It's a landmark win for the MC tenure, no doubt, but that's as far as I'm willing to go.

(For the record... I would argue the Youngstown State win was biggest because it was our first-ever road W. I was there for that one. David Tabor had the quarter of his life that night. Or the St. Peter's game because it was the inaugural game.)

On a similar vein, this play does NOT need a name. Save such things for plays that really matter. And with the way Hilton's playing, you may not have to wait so long to see one. :)

- Don't worry about the TV stations and the local media. If FIU keeps winning, they'll bring the fans. Once the fans come, the media will follow. Besides, it's hard to get excited about FIU beating teams that 95% of most people know nothing about. Wait until FIU beats a school like Miami. Then you'll see fireworks.

- As for the chants... nothing against Roman doing them... hell, I wish I could've done that when I was the PA... but I don't think it should be just on the PA to lead chants. Plenty of places get by with the stadium voice doing diddly squat. What's wrong with starting chants from the stands as fans? I get trying to organize things, and Roman could certainly help with that, but the best chants always come from the crowd. Always.

For that matter, why can't the cheerleaders start chants? Or the band? Hell, what about the Greeks? Other student groups? It's a lot to ask one guy to keep a stadium that big riled up for 3 hours. You don't want him to lose his voice, do ya? Take some of the initiative into your own hands. Don't wait for "cues". Just make sure not to do it when we got the ball and it's all good. ;)

Clawing Cancer, the Greeks start almost all FIU chants that are started in the student section without the help of the PA guy.

Sometimes it takes off and other times it doesn't, but we try.

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