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Hello, Goodbye

Ty_2 With his 295 all-purpose yards against Louisiana last Saturday, FIU freshman receiver/kick return sensation T.Y. Hilton now leads the nation in all-purpose yards with 1,536 all-purpose yards -- an average of 192 all-purpose yards per game.

T.Y. Goodbye took the opening kickoff 90 yards for a TD last week and had 192 yards in kick returns to go with 96 yards receiving. He also leads the Golden Panthers with 6 TDs.

Asked Hilton if he knew he lead the country in all-purpose yards and the freshman said: "Some times I go on ESPN.com. When I saw it the other night, I was like, 'Oh'. I was kind of surprised."


Gppaw Will have the FIU/Arkansas State preview and GPP prediction on here on Friday.

Gppaw_3 Will have a LIVE GPP BLOG from Saturday's game and FIU may not be better than Louisiana in football this season, but the FIU wireless beats the UL wireless every day of the week and twice on Sunday. So the GPP should be logged on around 6:45 p.m. on Saturday from FIU Stadium.

Gppaw_2 Last chance to get FIU/ASU scores in for the WIN A GPP BLOG contest is Saturday at 6:59 p.m. GPP time.

Time for another GPP Poll Question:


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Congrats Goodbye, keep up the good work!


I think PG evaluates on SR's entire time as FIU coach, not just this injury-plagued season.

fiufan751: PP - please treat us to a baseball blog now that the Fall season is over. Thanks

Will talk to TT soon and his thoughts on fall ball and the coming season and have it on here.

Ultimate FIU Fan: Pete, I heard they got a new sponsor for the Arena. Is this true? I heard it was a local bank.

FIU Arena is now known as U.S. Century Bank Arena. We'll just call it the Bank here on the GPP.

My prediction for Saturday is
ASU 21
FIU 24

Last year game was the biggest teaser in FIU history so close to get our first win in two seasons, and the best game in WY career. I hope I am wrong with the score and we can give them hell, but they seem to have a good defense. So this might come down to our defense and our special team scoring 17 points and I hope our defense could blank them, but that could be just wishful thinking


The quality of this blog decreases every time scUMbags talk smack nobody really cares about. Can't you blacklist their referring IP so that we can have a nice clean blog and not have this turn into a Greg Cote type of redundant crap blog?

There were folks from Coral Gables on the GPP? Really, didn't notice it.

A win against ASU should come this time around. Im sure Cristobal and Co. have been riding the players about not making mistakes and scoring early. If FIU can score on its first three posessions (hopefully TD's) then that should give them momentum for the rest of the game. In any case it should be a good game.

Way to go T.Y!! Good info there Pete....BTW, nice meeting you in Louisiana.

Pete don't know if you saw my last post so i write it again. Let me know how you would like to set up an eventual interview with Cedric Mack. When i told him know that you where willing to talk with him, he thought i was lying. LOL! Im not saying this to hurry you, i just would like to keep him informed. let me know anything i can pass on to him, (since i am the intermidiate). I think it'll be good for him and the FIU community. He'll be at the game watching from the stands.

Tell Cedric we can't wait for him to get out there.

We Are. The Pride. FIU.

I tell him all the time, that the fans that read the herald are always mentioning him... how they would like to see him play... i try to motivate him. Specially now that he started to workout. I want him to be in top play level. He has his eyes set on the NFL, that is his goal, so he wants to work hard.

T.Y. should be called Bulls Eye from here on out because every team has got him in the center of their radar. Others need to step up, they should be finding a lot more space out there as T.Y. garners so much attention.

Looking forward to a great performance from the Defense come Saturday night.

Go Panthers !!!

Ark St 28
FIU 24

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What time is kick off on Saturday?

ASU - 27
FIU - 24

ASU 55
FIU 24

FIU - 34

ASU - 24

Kickoff is at 7 PM.

ASU 42
FIU 14

T.Y. stands for Total Yards Hilton. Way to go, T.Y., keep it up!


I hope we get back to playing some sound, fundamental, football. I hope our OL plays a decent game, and our Defense shows up to play....

FIU 28 ASU 20

fiu 21
ASU 12

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