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Spring Time Pancakes With Cedric Mack

Before we get into Louisiana-Monroe week, let's take a little timeout to catch up with one of FIU's Cm big signees from the 2008 recruiting class: Cedric Mack.

As you well know, CM, who is currently enrolled at FIU and taking classes toward his criminal justice major, has not seen the field this season, because of some NCAA red tape. We'll let CM tell you more about that and why CM could be pitching IHOP when he is finished with college football.

GPP: You were a prized JUCO recruit out of El Camino JC that several major college programs were after. What made you decide to come play football at FIU?

CM: I wanted to come back home after being away in California for 2 years and obviously as you can tell by this season FIU is an up-and-coming program. I really like this place. My cousin [former FIU DB] Jermell Weaver played here. I know [El Monstruo] Antwan Barnes, [former FIU RB] Ben West all them boys. I'm a homeboy here. I wanted to come and be a part of starting a tradition here.

GPP: Besides FIU, what were some of the schools that pursued you the most?

CM: LSU, Kansas State, Arizona, Kentucky, South Florida. I had full offers and I could have signed, but I Fiuhelmet chose to come back home, because I wanted to give my parents an opportunity to see me play again. In high school they were at all of my games -- home or away. But we didn't really have the money for them to commute to California and back home again.

GPP: What has been holding you up from getting on the field with FIU?

CM: I have to get these 2 transcripts from these 2 schools that I went to in California and once I do the NCAA will clear me and I'll be ready for next season. I'm already an FIU student and I'm taking classes and everything. I should be ready to go for spring practice. The last I heard from the NCAA was that as long as I get the transcripts I'll be cleared. I'm working on that ASAP. I'm trying to get them in the next few weeks. Actually, they should be coming in next week. I definitely will be there for spring ball.

GPP: So will you have 1 or 2 years to play at FIU?

CM: I'll be a senior academically next year, but I'm working on making this year a redshirt year for me. So I could still be eligible for 2 years.

Fiufans_2 GPP: I've seen you at the 3 FIU home games this season at the new stadium. What do you think of the 2008 Golden Panthers and what do you think of FIU Stadium?

CM: There is so much improvement with the team. They are getting better as they go. They are a solid group. There is a little room for progress, but there's always room for progress. The stadium and the FIU fans are crazy. I love that energy. I picture myself being on that field and looking up at the crowd and seeing my homeboys cheering for me.

GPP: What are you at right now weight-wise and where do you want to be come spring practice?

CM: I'm 6-4 and 340 pounds right now, but I plan on getting to 300 by March, because I've been training even though I'm not playing. I run a 4.9, 40. I play left guard, but I can play left tackle, right guard, right tackle. I just want to play.

GPP: Out of the blue I've been calling you Mount Mack on my blog. What other names have you heard Pancakes Ihop people call you?

CM: Mount Mack is just another nickname added on to all the other nicknames that people have given me like Big Mac and Yum-Yum IHOP, because they say I eat up defensive linemen like pancakes.


Apaw In case you missed it when it was posted in the comments section of the last blog, FIU took up the GPP's suggestion to start an FIU fan experience site for all your accolades, comments or concerns regarding FIU sporting events. You can click: FIU Fan Experience Site and let the FIU athletic department know how they are doing.

Apaw_2 If you're a current FIU student you can get into the Don Shula Bowl FIU/FAU game for FREE. FIU is providing free tickets and bus rides to Dolphin Stadium to current FIU students.

Call 305-FIU-GAME for tickets and more information. The deadline is next Wednesday, Nov. 26 at 12 p.m.  NYCFIUFan: still waiting to hear about FIU alumni.

Apaw_3 We'll go LIVE BLOGGING again from FIU Stadium this Saturday for the FIU/ULM game. For our GPP out-of-towners and those in-towners with internet capabilities at the stadium or at home, we'll be on-line around 6:45 p.m.  Deadline for scores for the FIU/ULM game for the WIN A GPP BLOG or FIU football media guide contest is at 6:59 p.m. GPP Time this Saturday.

Apaw_4 The Hilton Heave has the lead in our name "The T.Y./Jr. Play" poll with 38% percent of the vote. The Money Ball is second with 29%. The voting continues as the poll is still open on the previous blog.


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