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This Time It Counts

Hsmc Ok, really the Don Shula Bowl counts every season with the winner between FIU and Florida Atlantic taking home the Shula Trophy and bragging rights until next November. No need for MC and HS (left) to pose in a boxing ring to ratchet up the FIU/FAU rivalry like HS and Bobby Bowden (right) jokingly did in 1983 for the UM/FSU rivalry.Hsbb

Saturday's game will have so much more on the line besides bragging rights with both teams playing for a bowl game. With a win, FIU would still need to beat Western Kentucky next week to get to the 6-win mark. FAU with a win becomes bowl eligible and likely plays in the postseason, especially after two more bowls opened up Friday with Colorado's loss to Nebraska. The Independence Bowl and The Texas Bowl are now looking for teams.

However, don't have a good feeling about the Golden Panthers for the 7th Shula Bowl. Being such a young and inexperienced team, we don't really know which FIU team will show up at Dolphin Stadium.

Are we going to see the inspired FIU that took Toledo, NT and Middle Tennessee to the woodshed or the flat-lined FIU that stumbled against UL and ULM?

Fpl If the Golden Panthers learned their lesson from the ULM loss -- that the game does not start in the 3rd quarter -- and play with an FPL-type of energy, score touchdowns early and make life miserable for Owls QB Rusty Smith, then we could see a season finale next week at FIU Stadium with bowl implications.

Until last week's loss at Arkansas State, the Owls were rolling, winners of 4 straight. I saw firsthand two weeks ago what the FAU offense is capable of vs. Louisiana at Lockhart Stadium. FAU destroyed UL. This is a scary-good offense when it gets rolling. And it can do that against FIU, because of the Golden Panthers lack of pressure on the opposing QB all season long.

FIU, ranked No. 14 in the nation in tackles for loss, has done a good job getting tackles behind the line of scrimmage all season, but it just has not been able to finish off opposing QBs with just 15 sacks. Maybe another offseason in the weight room for the young FIU defenders will do the trick.

I think hitting and sacking Smith several times on Saturday could turn this game in FIU's favor, but I  Fau_2 just don't see it. I see the Owls walking off with the Shula Trophy for the 6th time in 7 games.

Regardless, it has been a solid turnaround this season for an FIU team that was still looking for its first win at this point last season. Nothing to hang your heads about Golden Panthers, but bowling will have to wait until next season.

GPP thinks: FAU 42, FIU 28


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You wil eat your words Mr. Pelegrin. FIU VICTORY!

I hope our defense reads the blog and they can get fired up and kill any FAU qb they send our way.

Pete, or anyone else that may know,

I've been out of the country for some time and do not know if the game today is going to be televised. Maybe on a local channel or DirecTV gameplan ? Could someone please advise. Thank you.

Go Panthers!

I don't think game is on TV but you might be able to watch it on FAU's website.

I'll be at the game, I hope you're wrong Pete. It will be a tough game, but this is different FIU team and they want to beat FAU.

FIU 31
FAU 24

Defense has to make plays.

GO FIU!!!!

Its so strange that a week ago FIU had the possibility of going to rinky dink bowl games, but now we're talking about the Texas bowl and possibly even the emerald bowl where we would *potentially* meet up with miami. but the most important thing is to not get excited by all this. we get laughed at on this blog because we talk about going to bowl games and we are not yet bowl eligible. I really hope we get these next 2 wins. The team needs to come out and play tough. im sure Coach cristobal has given them every motivational speech known to man so I hope they come out fired up and ready to play a 4pm today.

on a lighter note is it me or is howard schnellenberger ageless. He looks exactly the same 30 years ago as he does now. except that without the pipe in his mouth he looks so docile.

Four hours till kickoff!! This is gonna be a great one I can feel it! If FIU comes out strong early we have a chance. We need to set the pace, and establish ourselves as a force to be reckoned with. Never back down! I think we're going to come out with a win, possibly the biggest win in our school's history.


Since some of the other FIU bowl implication games has broken the G-Panthers way, do we still have to root for the Univ. of Coral Gables? It'd rather root for the Gamecocks over Clemson and call it a day.

Hi everyone, again I won't be able to make the game stuck at the office. Pelegrin mentioned it would be streamed on FAUSPORTS.com, but I can't seem to locate the link...

Anyone have any info on where I can watch the stream? Pete?


Have to study for an exam on Monday, but Go Panthers!

"Hi everyone, again I won't be able to make the game stuck at the office. Pelegrin mentioned it would be streamed on FAUSPORTS.com, but I can't seem to locate the link...

Anyone have any info on where I can watch the stream? Pete?


Posted by: Quijote | November 29, 2008 at 02:42 PM"

I have the same question.....Where is the link to this? I would like to watch the game and I no longer live in Florida.

I'm guessing it's here but i'm not sure:


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