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Time To Tip It Off

Hicks_2 FIU Stadium and your Golden Panthers football team gets a much deserved rest this weekend with the third and final bye of the college football season for FIU. MC and several assistants hit the recruiting trail Wednesday night after practice. Meanwhile, OC Bill Legg and DC Phil Galiano ran Thursday's walk-through practice.

Time for FIU hoops as the men and women Golden Panthers tip it off in a Mb doubleheader at FIU Arena on Friday beginning with the FIU ladies led by Monika Bosilj (right) vs. Wisconsin-Green Bay at 6 p.m. The FIU men with center Russell Hicks (left) take on Eastern Kentucky at 8 p.m.

No, it's not yet officially U.S. Century Bank Arena, but it soon will be.

Before they started shooting House, Grey's Anatomy or (other medical TV show/movie) at FIU Arena, the Golden Panthers men's team was entering this season with the most talented team on paper in SR's 5 years as head coach. FIU could get that entire talented roster back for January at the earliest.House_2

But until then the Golden Panthers will have to rely on their 2 big post players in Hicks and F/C Freddy Asprilla. New shooting guard Michael Dominguez (below, left) (not the FIU linebacker) will also help.

After talking with SR of the walking wounded last Thursday, Alex Galindo (ankle) is expected back first. The earliest for AG's return is mid-December, but likely for January and the meat of the Sun Belt sked.

J.C. Otero (knee) and Josue Soto (thumb) are not expected back until January. You can read more about Dom the FIU men in the season preview written by yours truly in the MH today, click here: FIU men hoops preview

If the Golden Panthers could get back their 3 injured starters by Sun Belt play, then FIU might make some noise in the Sun Belt.

The FIU women are in rebuilding mode after losing leading scorer LaQuetta Ferguson to graduation and point guard Iva Ciglar, who graduated, but had one year of eligibility left. IC decided to go back home and play for her father's team in Croatia. You can read more on the FIU women here: FIU women hoops preview


Apaw Nice responses to our last post about the Top 7 wins in FIU history. We even had a discussion break out over whether FIU or Florida Atlantic had better cafeteria food.

Speaking of FAU, was hired by the Baton Rouge Advocate newspaper to cover the FAU/Louisiana game on Saturday at Lockhart Stadium. Big game for both teams: if the Owls lose, their postseason hopes are over and go into the Shula Bowl vs. FIU playing for pride/role of spoiler. If the Ragin' Cajuns win, they punch their ticket to the Sun Belt championship game next week against Troy. Back to the question....

As of this post (and the poll is still open), FIU/Arkansas State led the pack with 57.8 % of the vote. FIU/North Texas (Orange Bowl finale) was 2nd with 13.8%. Keep voting, that poll question closes one month from now. Grif_2

Apaw_2 Our good buddies over in Arkansas joined the GPP and added another state to our GPP WORLDWIDE READERSHIP . Thanks to folks in Bentonville, Ark. -- (Home of Wal-Mart and Peter Griffin's former employer Superstore USA and the Wal-Mart Girls) and Jonesboro, Ark. for logging on Walmartgirls to the GPP. Here's your scorecard:



20 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

Apaw_4 Check out the sharp "I am FIU" video on fiusports.com by John O'Meara and the FIU marketing staff. Those people, who also came up with the "Thunderstruck" and "Welcome to the Jungle" FIU videos are doing a hell of a job promoting FIU.

Apaw_5 Will let FIU know about the lights situation for tailgating at FIU Stadium. Coincidentally, had lunch with some FIU staffers the other day and I proposed to them to create a link at fiusports.com that Tailgate_2 would be entitled something like: "FIU Fan Experience" so that all you good people could give them feedback about what you like or don't like at FIU sporting events. Will let you know more about this link when I know more.

Apaw_3 We're narrowing down our choices for the T.Y./Junior Play so that you good people can vote on a name for what is the most memorable play in 6+year history of FIU football. Will have the choices on the next blog. For now tell us what you think of how the FIU basketball seasons will turn out:


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Clawing Cancer: Hey, Pete... how about doing the worst 7 FIU losses of all-time?

Just might do so with FIU off until Tuesday.

Quijote: Pete, can you talk with athletics to see what they have in store? I would certainly be willing to go to ALL of the out of conference games, but obviously need direction...and I KNOW I'm not alone on this one.

Will pass the word.

FIUBlueandGold: PETE: What happened to Marquis Rolle ?? I see him dress for every game, but how can Junior, Greg and TY start over this guy ? It seemed like he had the most potential at WR going into this season.

Rolle has a ton of potential, but asking MC about him the other day, MC says the other 3 receivers and Jeremy Dickens have outplayed him.

Rolle is just a sophomore so there is still time for him to get going.

Pantera Dorada: Can someone please clear up what TDAOS means?

A player was practicing like he was under the old coaching staff last season during spring practice and an FIU coach in MC's staff came sprinting over and yelled at him: "That is not the way we do things now at FIU, Those days are over son!"

FIUPantherFan: Hey Pete, will the Herald have an FIU Basketball Preview. Also, is it certain that Soto and Galindo (maybe) will not come back until December?


Click on the links above for the MH FIU hoops previews.

Asked SR about all the injury return dates and he said Galindo is hopeful to be back in mid-December.

Soto and Otero are looking at mid-January.

Of course, only Mother Nature knows for sure when these guys will be back.

FIUFloridaPower&Light: Pete, what's the next interview we can expect? I would love to read about Mario Cristobal's thoughts so far.


Spoke with OL Cedric Mack the other day and will have his latest on here in the next few days.

Will have MC on here soon enough.

Pete, nice article about the 3rd most improved defense in the country. The picture that accompanied the story was two of the biggest reasons--Jeremiah Weatherspoon and Marshall McDuffie, both who sat out last year. And Robert Mitchell, who only played in a handful of games last year has been great all year also. Having those guys back from a defense that was one of the top 30 defenses in the country two years ago when Mr. Barnes roamed the field for FIU has been huge. Those guys don't get enough credit in my opinion.


congrats crazycane....now Get The F Out of our blog.


I will be attending the game tonight, looking forward to seeing what the men's team has to offer. Good luck to those guys.

Now why would I want to do that? If it wasn't for me, TheU24/7, NY Josh, Fomentor and some other Cane fans, this blog would be nothing. It would be a bunch of uneducated fans giving eachother pats on the back for their crappy team beating other crappy teams in a crappy conference. Win an OOC game against a good team then come talk to me. Until then, why don't you get the F off the blog because you add nothing to it.

OK CC you first! UM's OCC schedule included a high school team Charleston Southern (a win), a legit power UF (a loss), a TERRIBLE Texas A&M team that loss to MTSU (a win) and a BAD UCF team (barely a win). So enjoy your success in a bad ACC and get a life!


If FIU is as horrible as you say it is and poses absolutely no threat to UCG, why do you still visit this blog? It has ABSOLUTELY no relation to what UCG is doing, go post on Manny's blog and stop trying to act like if you belong here.

Just read Mitch Maidique stepped down as FIU Prez. Maidique has long been a staple at FIU and, as much as I can't stand his political leanings, the man has built FIU basically from scratch. I wonder how the new prez will view FIU athletics and if the building of the second tier of the stadium will go on.

Here we go again with CANDY CANE having nothing better going on in his life but to come on to an FIU blog to boast about the CANEvicts who are yet to beat even 1 ranked team and have won their last 3 games by a grand total of 15 point...oh but they are soooo good, sooooo dominant. You and your scUMholes are a detriment to this blog, so get the hell out of here and take that paper tiger team of yours with you.

Maidique has done great things for FIU over his tenure. He was giving Athletics a lot of emphasis lately, so I too wonder how the new FIU President will play into this....

Thanks for a great job, Mitch!!!

It really is getting old ALWAYS having to correct you uneducated FIU fans on your facts.

So, here we go again. scUM, you posted:

"Here we go again with CANDY CANE having nothing better going on in his life but to come on to an FIU blog to boast about the CANEvicts who are yet to beat even 1 ranked team"

HOWEVER, at last check of the BCS poll, Wake Forest IS ranked, and correct me if I am wrong, the University of Miami DID beat them. SO I guess scUM, YOU are wrong AGAIN.


Why? He was sooooooooooo good at expanding FIU into what it is right now.

I hope has the same mindset... making FIU into one of the top national universities.

The only thing you added to this blog was the win-losses for team whose only claim to fame was beating the #24 team in the nation....which will probably drop from the polls altogether by the end of the season...making your total wins against ranked opponents ZERO.

Once again, thanks for "contributing" so much to the FIU blog. Only god knows what we could possibly discuss if it weren't for the sorry a$s canes.

God speed.

CANDY CANE - BCS #24 and hanging on by the skin of their teeth. NO AP ranking. NO USA Today ranking.


Is that the best you can do - one team ranked #24 in 1 out 3 national polls? Is that worth all the chest pounding. LOSER.

Very sad to see President Maidique stepping down. He did so much for the university that whoever takes over has big shoes to fill. Best wishes to him and his family!!!

As for the Canes, the ACC is very weak. Props for their 7-3 record, but CC you must admit the ACC is bad this year. As for that Wake Forest win, give me a break, they only threw the ball 9 times.


and the sunbelt is a powerhouse conference...dummies

Oh and youll prob say the Big East sucks and the Pac10 sucks etc etc...

Yes, there are 2 conferences better than everyone else ...actually 1.5

The SEC (which isnt as good as everyone thought it would be - see Auburn) and the Big 12 South

After that, the ACC compete with the rest of em. The ACC has 9 of 12 teams at or above .500...and since they all play each other, they must fare well against OCC. So there are your facts. (((6 of 8 teams in the Sunbelt are under .500)))

BooYaa!!!!!!! How you like them apples? There's my contribution to the blog for the day.

come on guys.... you can't rate FIU and UM with the same standards, lets be reasonable. UM is ancient and developed and FIU is developing. I think i've been levelminded for the most part with my posts here. I can be objective. Im all down to talk sense.

I think it is fair to say that UM is not as good as its record looks. What i mean by that is I have yet to see UM dominant. I almost get the feeling that the other teams don't want to win.

With that said... no doubt they are talented, and i think even these kind of wins are just speeding the process of their accent. They will be sick in a couple of years. Right now, you guys need to relax.

Just because we when you bring your UM crap here and FIU fans criticize them dosn't mean we are claiming FIU to be better. So shut up with the " talk to me when FIU wins...." garbage. FIU is getting there the sameway UM and anyother school has done before them. But you UM guys have yet to admit the you guys where WRONG about FIU never getting better... it dosn't matter in what conference. Today UM wouldn't destroy FIU face it, your not as badass as you think. They didn't last year, and even less this year.

Guys...there is great 4-page article on everything the president has done so far at FIU....


Make sure to scroll through all 4 pages...

Funny thing: it mentions how we almost had our name changed to "University of Florida in Miami."

Hey Pete, any news on why FIU presdent is leaving? Can u find out the inside scoop or what is happening behind closed doors that we don't know about? I kind it weird that he is retiring right now while FIU is doing great things. Also, just heard US Century Bank got naming rights to FIU arena. Do u know what the deal involved? Thanks! Go FIU~! And thanks to Mitch for an excellent job at our University!

Hey esteban688 - who do you think you are kidding? You claim to be objective, and then you go on to make dumba** comments like the teams Miami is beating don't want to win. I would rather read scUM's crap than read your garbage. You are the worst kind of college football fan there is - someone who thinks they know a lot, pretend to be objective, yet are not smart enough to express their views without showing their obvious bias. Say what you want about me, scUM, Blue and gold, MIA JOSH, at least we know who and what we are. You are a poser, a joke.

Get off your high horse and go back where you belong, in a drive through window asking me if I would like fries with that.

The President will very much be missed, he was an unbelievable leader for our great university. Like the President said, I hope we find someone just as good as he was but just younger and we prosper for the next 20 years as we have for the last 20 years under our President.

On to football, we need to stop measuring ourselves to UM, I hate to admit this BUT, 1) they don't want to play and will never want to play us 2) They play in a different conference then us and 3) we need to take care of our own business and not worry about them.

If anything FAU, and I know some fans don't want to admit this, is more relevant to us, they do recruit in the same area and play in our conference. UM will be viable again, how can they not when they recruit from such a rich base, BUT, this is not a zero sum game that if they win then we lose. They recruit from the same base we do, so if they can turn it around in a hurry why can't we? (which we are doing..just look at the product Mario has developed and if he can get one more good recruiting class then I think we will be solid)

GO Blue and Gold !!!!

Do anybody read the stuff these mutual attorneys for each other, that come from other universities here? So much space wasted.....



Until UM plays us again (they will never do, can't risk a loss and fans leaving the bandwagon) lets forget about them. Why do people respond to this guys anyways?

On the note of the Pres., I would really like to find out more.

Anyone know any whisper about the possible replacement?

One more thing, looking forward to watching Troy play LSU.

That should give us a bit of a clue as where the SBC stands. IMO we gave TROY the game, so it will be interesting to watch.

If you fall for the UCG banter, they'd have you beleive they've won 6 championships in the last 3 years. Impossible you say? Not to a Canes fan. They are legends in their own minds. They don't allow recent poor performance get in they way.

Mitch is going bye-bye? Wow. I thought for sure he'd die in his office. :)

Seriously... I know he was a polarizing type of guy, but you have to admire what he's done at FIU. That place has grown tremendously since he's been there in nearly every respect. My only real critiques of his work (if you want to call it that) is two things.

1) He took way too long to give Athletics the priority it needs to be a real success. I always thought that was the case until PG arrived. Granted, there probably were bigger priorities, but I'm glad to see that Mitch got the message, even if it was at the end.

2) He didn't do enough to make FIU a more student-friendly school. Dealing with FIU personnel for almost anything was usually a real pain in the butt when I was there. Maybe that's changed since I left, but I kind of doubt it. Bureaucracies are inherently soulless, self-serving and petty. I hope the new president will do something about that.

But otherwise, MM did a hell of a job there. He certainly needs to be commended. I'm sure he'll get something named after him there soon. He deserves it.

Anyway... do that post, PP! I've already cooked up a partial list of the losses I think should be on there. Some obvious, some not so obvious. I'll do it after you've done yours.

Hey guys, word to the wise:

Conquer the angry man by love. Conquer the ill-natured man by goodness. Conquer the miser with generosity. Conquer the liar with truth.

The more attention you give to those who hate and try to put you down (CrazyCane), the greater you feed their intentions.

crazy cane buddy. I said i "almost get the feeling" just to make my point. I was hoping you were smart enough to notice that. OBVIOUSLY the teams want to win! But it isn't just me. The ESPN announcer yesterday said that "V-Tec SEEMS to be playing without passion." I think you care more about finding errors in peoples post that you are willing to comprimize to the point of sounding like an idiot.

Talk about high horse. The ONLY person who has ever written on this blog that thinks he has the god givin gift to point out who is a real fan, poser, bias, rich, poor, smart or dumb is YOU!!! YOU are a hypocrite! I admit that UM is a good team (i said that they are not as good as thier record shows IMO), I said that they will "sick" in a couple of years. ALL things someone who is "obviously bias" would NEVER SAY! You on the otherhand come in here talking a load of crap you never say anything positive... all signs of bias.

So before you start thinking that you are the second coming of Jesus, you should not that the only things you have confirmed on all your posts on this blog are....

1. You are Bias
2. You are Arrogant (the way you talk you obviously think you are better that others)
3. You are ignorant (you assume that people are of a certain class with no reason. I can assure you that i have more money than you.)
4. You don't have a life. (for God's sake if i was in you position, i wouldn't waste my time)
5. Your a momma's boy (some had to have told you that you are special, cuz you act like you are, and i doubt anyone one else would.)

I really do think you are a smart guy, and i like to hear imput from outside sources and have a good discusion. Your arrogance won't allow that. You my hypocritical friend, are the high horse rider. Try reading my last post again maybe you'll understand it better.

P.s. This isn't about my team against yours. And i never would take anything as trivial as this personally. I have no animosity toward you. you can say anything you like about FIU i can respect a respectful opinion. But please lets leave all the personal stuff out. Lets make this blog even better my not adding in our personality issues also. You CHOOSE to come to a place where most people are not in accordance with you. So please, everytime some disagrees with you don't start acting like a baby who dosn't get everything his way. If you don't like what one says, so what?? live with it. life goes on. I say all this to try and enhance our blog. Your opinions are all welcomed.

Esteban - that was too nice. These dbags only understand aggression and thuggery, remember they are scUM fans. Next time, at least end your post something like this...CANDY CANE, now get off this blog and go suck the toe jam out of your girlfriend's feet, if you can bend over that far!

FIU's Maidique will be missed...where do we go from here??

As far as bball season, I have to assume this year is do or die for Sergi, regardless of injuries.

FAU is beating LLU 12-0 onthe first quarter. I hope they win

Seems Wake Forest lost.

I guess that makes the total number of ranked opponents that Miami beat this year...ZERO!


Is anyone watching the Troy-LSU game? I am on the road and dont get it on TV...I am just watching score updates on my computer. Troy was winning like 31-3 and now LSU is winning 33-31...what happened???

What a choke job by Troy!!! Allowed 30 pts. in the 4th quarter, incredible.

Hope our boys are ready for ULM, they will be fired up after getting destroyed by Mississippi today.




Umm, FIUPowerandLight,

You do know, by your logic, you haven't played any ranked teams, period, much less lost to any? I mean, only if you are considering the current standings. Look for Miami to be ranked this week,I was hoping to play them again in the ACC championship game but my team was busy throwing to the wrong team again.


We have played ranked teams this seasons. USF and Kansas were both ranked when we played them.

lol fomenter...i was actually looking foward to that rematch..it would have made all those ACC conference moves legit for happening the way it was suppose to.

as for Troy... damn man i was at outback eating and i saw the highlight that troy was up 31-3 and i almost choked on my food. then i saw them choke like that... i almost threw what was left at the TV.. that would have been a great i mean GREAT win for the conf.

pete.. i know its 2 weeks ahead and i know im not lookin ahead but do you know the start time for the FAU game? ESPN says its at 4 pm.. i ask cause if it is at 4 i can make it to that game and my cousins birthday lol.

Finally i know im not in the ranks anymore pete but my prediction for the ULM game.. 31-17 FIU

FIU fantastic he was goin by the theory who will be ranked at the end of the year not the begining... based on what FIUFPL said.. ill throw him a bone for that one lol

I hope FSU and ucg win the ACC because that means that the best teams in the acc couldn't score a touch down against the Gators the best team in the SEC.
Well maybe Maryland wins the ACC, if that is the case, please correct me if I am wrong but don't we play them next year? It will be interested if we beat them next year.

Hey Pete,

Any insight on who the new president will be. There is alot of chatter that will be Mark Rosenberg.

I think Mark Rosenberh will be a great president, however he might stay where he is right now, and he will help find the right president for FIU. I wouldn't be too worry about the athletic department because that is a money maker for the university and great marketing too.

Hey Pete, I always read this page even though I rarely comment, keep up the good work!

I have a question regarding tie-breaking rules. I know that if teams have the same record at the end, then the one that won the game between the two teams gets the first place. I guess the same rule applies for a triple tie.

However, if there is a triple tie where no team beat the other two (each team having a 1-1 record against the other two, that is), what is the next tie breaker-rule taken into consideration to decide the teams' placement?

Might not have beat anyone in the current top 25 (again, you havent played anyone in the current top 25) but the AP is out and the Canes are back in...#23

the sleeping giant is awake

The best you got is that you PLAYED and got your a$ses beat by top 25 teams. Sleeping giant indeed...

Can anyone provide the link for I Am FIU video?

The UM crap is getting real old. You guys have your own blog, you know?

Childish kids from ucg...

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