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Top 7 Wins In FIU Football History

Since FIU has a bye this week, thought about taking the opportunity to rank FIU's top 7 wins in program history. The Golden Panthers turn 7 years old after this season is complete, so 7 sounds like an appropriate number.

You can play along on-line at home or at work and tell us your rankings and then vote at the end of this post for what you think is the greatest win in FIU football history. Also, we're still taking suggestions for naming T.Y. & Junior's game-winning play on Saturday. Got some names in the last post, but will keep the suggestion box open until the end of the week.

Top 7 FIU WinsFiuhelmet_5 Oldfiuhelmet_3 

7. FIU 38, Western Kentucky 35 (2005) 

Hilltoppers tie the game 35-35 with 1:14 left in the fourth quarter. FIU QB Josh Padrick completes passes of 28 yards and 21 yards to Chandler Williams to get the Golden Panthers down to the WKU 18. With :02 left in the game, kicker Adam Moss (left) -- who received a scholarship from FIU after hitting former coach Don Strock's car with Moss_2 field goals at the parking lot of American Heritage High -- nails a 36-yard field goal to win it.   

6. FIU 52, Florida Atlantic 6 (2005)

They say a rivalry only becomes a rivalry when both teams win. After 3 tries, the Golden Panthers finally beat the Owls and in record-breaking fashion. FIU returns 4 interceptions for touchdowns to tie an NCAA record. Keyonvis Bouie, Lionell Singleton, Nick Turnbull and Marshall McDuffie all get pick 6s to wallop FAU.

5. FIU 38, North Texas 19 (2007)

The Golden Panthers were not going to let the grand Orange Bowl go out a loser in the final college football game played at the historic stadium. Behind an aggressive FIU D led by Audric Adger's 4 sacks and an opportunistic offense with Paul McCall's 3 touchdown passes, the Golden Panthers sent the Orange Bowl out a winner and ended what was then the nation's longest losing streak at 23 Ntwin games. FIU also gave new head coach Mario Cristobal (right) his first college win.

4. FIU 22, Youngstown State 16 (2004)

The first road win in program history saw FIU's backup QB do an impersonation of his head coach, a former Miami Dolphins backup QB. With the Golden Panthers struggling on offense and down 16-3 at halftime, former FIU coach Don Strock brings backup QB David Tabor -- FIU's 1st ever recruit -- into the game. Tabor completes 15 of 22 passes for 174 yards and 3 TDs in the second half to rally FIU to a season opening win.

3. FIU 31, Louisiana-Monroe 29 (2005)

The game that showed FIU could play Division I football by getting its first win against a Division I opponent. On the road against the Indians (ULM is now known as the Warhawks), the Golden Panthers Turnbull fell behind 6-0 in the first quarter, but never trailed after that and at one point built a 24-9 lead. Former FIU safety Nick Turnbull (left) returned a fumble 73 yards for a touchdown to extend the FIU lead to 14-6 in the 2nd quarter.

2. FIU 27, St. Peter's 3 (2002)

The game that started it all. For years, FIU students wanted a college football team and they finally got one on August 29, 2002. Before a Sun Sports TV audience and a sold out FIU Stadium, the Golden Panthers rolled by scoring 27 points in the first half. Former FB Jerrid Lundstedt caught a 5-yard TD pass from Jamie Burke (right)Burke_2  with 8:18 left in the 1st quarter for the first-ever FIU touchdown. Burke would score the 2nd FIU TD on this 6-yard touchdown run (right) later in the 1st quarter.

1. FIU 22, Arkansas State 21 (2008)

A little anti-climactic since this was the subject of the previous blog. But again, FIU's ability to overcome a 9-point 4th quarter deficit after going 8 times deep into ASU territory and not being able to score one touchdown. Especially, after falling apart when adversity struck the previous 2 weeks vs. Troy and Louisiana. Also, the win kept FIU's chances at its first-ever bowl game alive and produced probably the most memorable play in FIU history, which we have yet to give a proper name to. "The Hilton Heave", "The Goodbye Money Ball" or whatever name we vote on was just an amazing play by Jr probably the best freshman in FIU history.


Apaw So what did you think? You can re-rank these wins or add another by posting a comment. Vote on the greatest win in FIU history below the Pawse.

Apaw_2 Me (no, not me personally, some GPP reader named Me) posted on the previous blog the link to voting for T.Y. Hilton for Freshman of the Year on CBSsportsline. CBS has narrowed down their choices for Freshman of the Year to 5 players. Click on Vote T.Y. for Freshman of the Year

WIN A GPP BLOG or (2nd place -- 2008 FIU football media guide) Leaderboard (through 9 games):

9-0 (points differential)

Baltimorepanther (164).


FIUChris (176); Gold (184); Ultimate FIU Fan (189).


FIUVoice (145); Puma (153); NYCFIUFan (173); FIU Fanatic (188).


Clawing Cancer (160), outofthecage88 (160); Fomenter (163); FIU0406 (180); FIUJM (181), Gazi (181); TheChampionUnderdog (187); SouthPaw (216); FIUBlueandGold (221).


fiufan751 (194); Max (204); MIA/NY Josh (219); U24/7 (226); gpantera (237); CrazyCane (287).

GPP 7-2, 180.


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I LOVE FIU!: Pete, a question, do you have any further information on the rest of the stadium expansion? When do they plan on building the north side stands and the second level? Thanks!

The north side is expected to start going up by 2010, but might happen earlier if MLS Miami gets involved with the stadium development.

The second level depends on the success of the FIU program and its fan base. There is no timetable yet to when and if the second level goes up.

esteban688: Pete, i know it might be really early to talk about this, but it has been bothering me for a while. Everytime i look at the roster i can help but notice that, with all the SR's on the D-line we are going to have a huge hole next year. All the starters will be gone. and 6/8 players on the D-line depth chart are seniors!

esteban, There will be plenty of depth next season on the FIU D-Line and size should not be a problem now that most of these players will have had 2 full offseasons in a college weight room.

Here are all the D-Linemen back for next season (with the year they will be next season): Jackson (So.), James Jones (So.),
K. Willis (So.), Nieves (So.), Reggie Jones (Sr.- will get a medical redshirt after playing in only 1 game this season), Kasey Smith (R-Fresh), Warthen (Sr.), Pellicer (So.), Donnell Wilson (R-Fresh), Pound (R-Fresh), Booker (So.), West (Sr.), C. Bryant (So.)....plus the freshmen MC signs in next year's class.

Plenty of depth and talent for next season on the D-Line.

Ultimate FIU Fan: Pete, I am also an avid Fins fans (21 year season ticket holder) and try to watch as many BIG-TIME NCAA football games on TV. One thing these games whether NFL or NCAA have in common is the playing of "Zombie-Nation" after either a score or very BIG play, can you get the word to the stadium music person to play that song instead of the continuous rap or reggeton played now?

Pete what is the chance of TY being a freshman All-American? Is there an award for best freshman in the country?

UFF, I'm with you on the stadium music. Too much rap and reggaeton. Will pass the word to FIU folks, but I'm sure they already know, because they read the GPP religously.

T.Y. has a very good chance to be a freshman All-American. Especially, if FIU ends up in a bowl game.

You can vote for T.Y. as the top freshman in the nation by clicking on the link below the Golden Panther Pawse on this post.

Good bye week topic, Pete. I like it!

I like your list... do disagree with some of the games and the order... don't have time to say now, but I will later.

This ought to be good conversation.

Quijote: Pete, I'm sure your readers would love a blog about bowl examination scenarios for FIU! Its kinda complicated as it stands as far as possible matchups and all the "what ifs" that are involved.

Quijote, First of all FIU has to win out and end up 7-5 to get into a bowl, because like I wrote on the previous post -- and this is nothing against the Sun Belt -- but right now an SBC team will not make a bowl at 6-6 unless it is the New Orleans Bowl.

The other 3 Sun Belt bowl-tie ins work like this:

If the St. Petersburg Bowl and the Pizza Bowl (papajohns) do not get qualified teams from the conferences (Big East, C-USA and SEC) they have tie-ins with, then they pick a Sun Belt team that is bowl eligible (at least 6 wins).

BUT and here's a BIG BUT: It will be easier to make the St. Pete Bowl, because the SPB's choices are the No. 6 team in the Big East (Louisville at 5-4 right now) and C-USA's No. 6 team (Marshall and UTEP are each 4-5).

In the Pizza Bowl, you have the Big East's No. 4 or 5 (West Virginia, UConn & South Florida are all 6-3) vs. SEC No. 9 (Auburn 5-5). Here the Pizza Bowl has 3 teams to choose from unlike the St. Pete Bowl which has 2 teams to pick.

In the Independence Bowl, it's the Big 12's No. 7 (Nebraska and Kansas are both 6-4) vs. SEC's No. 6, 7 or 8 team (Kentucky 5-4, Vanderbilt 5-4, Ole Miss 5-4). So here FIU would have to pass 5 teams to be considered.

You see how muddled the whole bowl picture is right now with 3 games left.

SouthPaw: Pete, you mentioned in one of your pre-season blogs when you introduced us to the new uniforms that the blue jersey / white pants combiniation was the main home uniform. What happened to that?

Guess, the Golden Panthers like blue on blue better. Blue top/white pants was the original plan for home unis, but not anymore.

FIUFlorida Power & Light: Pete, Can you convince your bosses to promote this blog on FIU's campus. I think it's a win-win.

Not sure the MH is going to break out ads for the GPP on campus.

But when the GPP launched back in March 2007 I was told by several FIU people and students that people were printing out the GPP and hanging it around campus on bulletin boards, etc.

Anybody know if FIU people are still doing this?

Pete, I don't post as often as I should on here, but I do read 'em. You're doing a fantastic job. I'm a student, was sitting in the second row right in front of T.Y. for the Hilton Heave.

Great game, and if someone wants to go to any games but doesn't wanna pony up, I can get you in to our games for free (students can get 1 person in with them).

We need to educate fans on when to shout and when NOT to [offense] and someone tell the scoreboard guy, if we have the ball he can't play music. Other than that just a class, class game. McCall struggled and I'm proud Coach stuck with him.

Loved the FIU players hanging around with us after the game.

By the way Pete, not sure if you've written about it but a couple weeks back, a student at FIU was PUMMELED by an FIU employee, not a cop or anything, for rushing unto the field. Any word from the university as to whether that guy has faced any action. It was way over the top, despite the safety concerns.

Anyways, keep up the good work, support the Panthers through thick and thin folks!

P.S. Pete, for the band's halftime shows, can we have mikes out on the field? We can't hear them, cause they're small. Surely FIU can borrow a mike or two from the Graham Center and give it to the Stadium for a couple of hours.

Clawing Cancer: Just curious, PP... how many times did you see that play being practiced? I can't recall you ever talking about it, but I can't imagine that FIU never practiced it.)

They worked on the play just a few times. Just like they work on the end of the game kneel down by PM.

This coaching staff's attention to detail is outstanding.

I called it the biggest win for several reasons. Check back on the previous post as to why I think so.

mra, yes, I agree the music folks at FIU Stadium need to learn that you DO NOT play music when FIU HAS THE BALL. I made a point of that during the live blog of Saturday's game.

After each home game this season, offensive players have said that the music sometimes makes it hard to hear Paul McCall bark out the signals.

They can get as loud as they want when the opponent has the ball.

I vote for last year's North Texas win in the last Orange Bowl game ever as the best game...not only because we did what scUM couldn't do but more importantly because that was the trigger game that got us rolling right through to where we are now. Greatest game to date because of its overall impact.

Pete, thanks for the recognition. i appreciated that.

I was thinking the play should be called
TY's "Welcome to the Hilton"

Because well.... All day, play after play, it kind of felt like he was looking over to the visitors bench while his stats were screaming:
"Oh Hi, yall folks are here from Arkansas?"
"Welcome to MY HOUSE."

I also feel like i should note that while TY was outstanding again, FIU had a lot of other great playmakers out there that deserve recognition.

- Robert Mitchell had another solid game with 11 tackles including a sack.

- Freshman Franklin Brown with the game clinching interception.

- Linebacker Toronto Smith looking like a baby Joey Porter with 2 1/2 sacks and 8 tackles.

- Dustin Rivest's leg was also good for sixteen points including the extra point.

Great overall effort. I can wait to see what we can cook up against L-Monroe. Hopefully its another W

Great list Pete, overall good choices for the list. I don't know if I would put them in the same order as you did there, but a lot of those games would definitely be on my list as well. Another couple that could be honorable mention should be @ Toledo for our first non Sun Belt Division I-A victory and @ Stephen F. Austin for our first win against a ranked I-AA opponent.


Just received an e-mail from FC Barcelona/Miami.... They need 5,000 season ticket holder deposit. Reaching this goal would greatly improve their chances of being one of seven cities currently bidding for a franchise and bringing professional soccer to Miami and FIU Stadium. Let's not underestimate the value this brings to our university!!!

If you are a soccer fan, and plan on eventually becomming a "socio" (member), why not do it now? Its only $20 and if we aren't awarded the franchise, they will reimburse the deposit.





Can you spead the word to PLEASE have someone turn on the Tamiami lights for the tailgaters. Now with day light savings in full affect, us fans can't see anything once the sun sets. This seems like a liability waiting to happen for FIU. Please speak with someone about this. Thanks

lol Pete darn these interenet woe's ive been having.. i would have been in contention for the blog curse's now i have to wait till the win a blog in basketball lol o well great win and great list of games.. i also chose the NT game.. b/c it kept us outta the record booksi think the NCAA record for losing streaks is 27... that would have made 24.. now plus the 3 at the beginin of this season.. would have put us at a Tie.. and if that was the case i donno if the boys could have been so confident in Toledo.. thats y NT should be the # 1.. w/ the ASU game coming a close second


Thanks for the blog, great stuff here.

I was going to post exactly what Gold did, we need the parking lot lights on! Not so fun tailgating before and after in complete darkness.

The Bowl talk is great and all but for any of those scenarios to play out would be highly unlikely, esp. if UL wins the Belt and Troy finishes 7-5 as well.

Our Bowl Games comes Sat. Nov. 29th at Joe Robbie against FAU. Two evenly matched teams fighting for the same thing; S. Fla bragging rights. This is the game that will make or break this season.

Let's get pumped by rocking the Cage for the UL-M game in two weeks and then get ready to take back the Shula Trophy!

Go Panthers !!!

Gold i agree w/ you 100% cleaning up was a mission and a half.. my friend had to move his car to focus the headlights on a spot.. i would like to see the lights on to help us out you know. and quijote the 20$ will be in the mail as soon as i get paid

FIU fan you yourself are getting ahead of yourself.. thats not the game right now.. the game is in 2 weeks vs. ULM with out that game we have no right to talk.. 1 game at a time.. the more you talk about bowls and FAU the quicker you fall for the trap games! keep focus.. things work themselves out.. thats my belief.. just do your job and things will work out.. and our job right now is taking care of ULM .. not the bowl game picture, not FAU (their time will come), its strictly ULM!

lol sorry FIUFAN.. missed that last line.. but still my words hold true for everyone.. lets not worry about FAU.. the time for that will come later.. right now its all about winning vs. ULM

Why does it seem like FIU has a bye week every other week? Correct me if I am wrong - but is this FIU 3rd bye week?

Good points by all....We NEED to take care first of ULM in two weeks....For some reason, we have not played particularly well after a bye week, at least last time we didn't at Lafayette....Hopefully, coaches keep our players ready...

Then, if we beat ULM....the Shula Bowl could FINALLY have a HUGE meaning to both teams and the seasons for both of us.....

Excellent post by all! First ULM, underestimate! Guys we're 4-5, we can't underestimate ANYONE! I hope the boys get pumped up and take care of business. Secondly, Pete this issue of the Tamiami parking lights is HUGE! We get to campus about 2-3 hours early to tailgate and the kids in our group first have to worry about parking cars. Secondly, when the parking dies down, then we lose sunlight which hampers all running around while playing catch. After the game, it downright dangerous out there with cars (some with inebriated drivers!) leaving QUICKLY! It is a perfect set-up for a terrible accident. Can you please pass the word to PG or whom ever handles the parking lights? Thank you.


Pete great write up, very interesting analysis. However I have to rank the North Texas victory at the Orange Bowl much higher than 5th. I didn't have the chance to go to last Saturday's game, so can't really evaluate it too well, but I would place the North Texas / Orange Bowl game as #2. Why? Well, aside from giving the bowl the outing she deserved (something UCG couldn't disgraced her with a 47-0 blowout), I think it marked the turning point of the program. Sure, we started the season with a very tough out of conference schedule, but that conference victory against a decent North Texas team last year I think gave the team the inspiration that carried them into this year's conference play.

I couldn't agree with you more on the rankings, Pete. I remember that first game against St. Peters. The view from the press box was awesome. The victory was very sweet too.

I can't say it enough - our kids have exceeded all my expectations and I think we're seeing something special develop. Mario and his staff have done an excellent job. There's no reason that we shouldn't recruit another solid class this year and be in contention for a Sun Belt crown next year.

Pete, keep up the great work with the blogs and game stories.


Does anyone know if there are specific tikets to be purschased for the FIU-FAU game? What section of Dolphin stadium should we target to sit with the FIU fans?

I agree CJ, I was just trying to reign in the Bowl talk. UL-M is a good team as proven by their upset of Troy. We do need to focus on them and figure out how they beat Troy so it doesn't happen to us.

We also need a packe house to show that we do support this team and should the day ever come that we are Bowl eligilbe, we will be high on the list of potential invitees.

like everyone has said the more wins the more fans.. and thus is the way w/ miami fans... i would love to continue to see the stadium to be filled up. i continue to suggest that we but some students in the west endzone.. then we could start the tradition of a cross stadium chant lol..

FIU encourages all Golden Panther fans to visit http://www.sportsline.com/collegefootball/freshmanwatch and vote for T.Y. Hilton as freshman of the year.

TY was listed in 2nd place in votes last time I checked. Noticed he didn't get any love from Feldman on ESPN, Bruce had a blog about high impact freshman this season.

Fine with me though, T.Y. keep flying under the radar and let's make a statement against ULM. A win against ULM get us to .500 in front of a home crowd. Every win, here on out is a hitoric win. The playing calling in the Redzone needs to improve, those draw plays are too predictable ? Where's the toss to the TEs when we're inside the 10 ???

I've got to love ASU fans...They come into that game knowing that their team is going to destroy FIU, make predictions that 3,000-7,000 people (many on rafts) are going to to show up to the game, rant on about how they think that FIU fans are rude, hispanic alcoholics, and they ridicule our PA guy and DJ like there is no tommorow (saying that they wanted to take it up with the NCAA). Not only that, but they will NOT believe me when I say that there were 15,106 people at the game. IT WAS REPORTED BY THE NCAA for god sakes!!! One of their fans that was there said that there was no way there were more than 7,000 people at the game! But you know what really counts in the end? WE BEAT ASU!

cabin, its funny cause i just posted a similar rant in our message board. Those ASU fans sure did not gain my admiration with their comments.

yes sir cabin.... chalk another one up for the good guys!

I don't know what's wrong with those guys.....and one guys keeps bringing in statistics from the season to make his "points", but failing to express the more important Sun Belt statistics, which are, of course, a lot better for FIU in terms of offense and defense...

OK... now that I've had a chance to think about it, I'll drop down my top 7 W's of all-time, too. What the hell... sounds like fun.

1) FIU 27, St. Peter's 3 (2002)
- Gotta go with the first game and first ever W ever as the #1. The energy that night was incredible. And it started it all.

2) FIU 31, Louisiana-Monroe 29 (2005)
- First ever W against a D-IA team. Enough said.

3) FIU 31, Stephen F. Austin 24 (2004)
- Max mentioned this one earlier... I'm very surprised Pelegrin didn't. A solid win over a team that, at the time, was ranked #5 in I-AA. And the game wasn't as close as the score indicated. I think this is the only ranked team at any level that FIU has beaten in football. That HAS to be on the list.

4) FIU 38, North Texas 19 (2007)
- It closed out the OB. And it snapped a 23-game losing streak. And it was MC's first win.

5) FIU 22, Youngstown State 16 (2004)
- This game exorcised a lot of demons, besides it being the first ever road W. It was a stunning comeback... we were down double-digits going into the 4th Q before winning in OT. I also think it gave those guys a lot of confidence that they could beat good teams (which they used against SFA, the #3 pick).

6) FIU 52, Florida Atlantic 6 (2005)
- Obvious call here, but I gotta admit that this game only belongs here because it's the first and only W against FAU. Otherwise, it doesn't. Getting 4 pick-6's is cool, but the game would've been 24-6 otherwise because Strock basically shut the offense down in the 2nd half. And FIU whipped a horrible Owl team that year. It was an expected W.

7) FIU 35, Albany 26 (2002)
- Most of you probably don't know this one, but the hard-cores will. It was during the inaugural season. The GP's were down 20-0 at the half after the Great Danes just punched them in the mouth. Then the 2nd half came. FIU scored 35 points in a row, with 28 coming in the 3rd quarter alone. A very forgotten comeback, mostly because it was near the end of the season and attendance was horrible. But that was the biggest comeback in FIU football history. It's gotta be on there.

I'll give honorable mention to the FIU win over WKU in '05. I can't give last week's the #1 or any ranking because I think we have to wait and see how that game affect the team the rest of this season. Maybe it'll be a catalyst to a 7-5 record. If so, it'll definitely belong. Until then...

Hey, Pete... how about doing the worst 7 FIU losses of all-time? Seriously. I know TDAOS, but it is a bye week and I think that could be a potentially fun, if occasionally painful, retrospective. And it'd be a list that's a lot harder to do. Besides, what better way to compare the new days than examining some of the old losses?

Just a thought...

The BEST -

UNT at the OB last year - that is the game that stopped the unbearable pain of 0-23

Our first game ever against St. Pete

Beating Down FAU 52 - 6 in 2005

ULM - our first D1 victory

Our first road win at Youngstown St.


UNT 7 overtime loss - the teasing was unbearable

the remainin 22 losses that were part of the 0 - 23 streak are one big blended memories of pain

Guys I know we don't travel well, but that has to change come next year. I understand that folks can't get to Penn State or Iowa with ease (myself included), but I just realized that next year's out of conference schedule should allow us to at least travel to a few out of conference games:

Sept 12 @ Alabama
Sept 19 @ South Florida
Nov 21 @ Florida

...we play Toledo at home...

To make this happen, FIU has to start offering packages NOW! If they expect their fans to make it out to these games, the athletics office must facilitate this for us a little bit by creating an official FIU itinerary that us fans can refer too and enjoy as a group!

Pete, can you talk with athletics to see what they have in store? I would certainly be willing to go to ALL of the out of conference games, but obviously need direction...and I KNOW I'm not alone on this one.

First of all, Great Win this week for FIU football! But I have a couple of thins to say: People please stop with the gold helmet thing, we don't want to be just like PITT. They are also the panthers and have gold helmets. And our #1 priority should be to fill the stadium these last games. We have to bring family, friends, and more students & alumni to the games. And about FCB Miami, that will be huge for our University! We have to support it! Exciting times for FIU!

Talking about worst losses that USF game in 2006 has to be up there and that damn NT game in 2006. Basically every damn game in 2006! That was they worst year!!!

Oh & one last thing. I want to be the first on here to make a prediction that FIU in a few years will be a whole lot better than UM. I grew up as a UM fan, obviously cuz i saw them become champions & back then FIU did not have a football team. But with the OB gone, UM is nothing. They erased all there history with demolitioning that stadium. Has anyone been to a UM game at DOLPHINS Stadium? The stadium is dead, no life. Soon our new stadium will have the magic that the OB had. And since it's on campus, FIU will feel like college. FIU is on its way up!

Pete I was looking at the recruits from UF and I saw they got a verbal from a 5 start OG name Nick Alajajian from Naples, Joe is from Naples too, are these guys related? and if so how come we let this guy get away? we need help up front and maybe we should try to bring this guy in.

yeah thats his little bro. I hate saying this but he's a little over our heads right now. It would take a miracle to get him o come here. He is the type that can potentially start on a National Champ team like the gators. don't think he'd trade anything in for that.

Hey - FIU-Letsthe cage, in addition to have the dumbest name on this blog, you have now made one of the dumbest comments. "But with the OB gone, UM is nothing" In case you have not noticed, Mimai has already done better than last year,their recruits have been nothing short of unbelievable, they are in the hunt for the ACC title, and they are predicted to go to a bowl. Correct me if I am wrong, but none of that was happening last year while they were at the OB. Yes the OB was special, but the teams that played there made it special, not the other way around.

Hey, BaltimorePanther, if UF is going after him it is not a case of you letting him get away, it is a case of FIU never having a shot at him, so what is the difference.


I have to disagree with you that scUM is nothing, amazingly they are a better team than last season's version.

However, they are not relevant on this BLOG. See what happens when you post comments like you did ?? I realize it is natural to measure our program with the success that UCG has experienced in the last 25 years, but everyone needs to leave it alone. Yes we are in the same community, I get it and many of us grew up cheering for the CANEs, but for the love of GOD....stop comparing FIU to UM.

Frankly, until they meet us on the field in a bowl game or "Cowboy Up" and schedule us again...they are just not relevant anymore.


What happened to Marquis Rolle ?? I see him dress for every game, but how can Junior, Greg and TY start over this guy ? It seemed like he had the most potential at WR going into this season.


Nick is Joe's younger brother.

Can someone please clear up what TDAOS means?


A coaches saying to a player last year in practice and then caught fire on this blog when Pete brought it up. In hindsight that saying was ahead of its time last year.

For TheU24/7: Thanks for the insults, real childish. Anyway, I am also a UM fan & i wish them the best. Hopefully they do win the ACC title but my point was that DOLPHIN Stadium sucks for college football. I've been to the games this year & it's dead. Now FIU stadium feels like college football & reminds me a lot of the OB's glorious days, soon we will get there. The place has the magic that will put us over the top. Don't ever forget that UM is was it is, cuz it was Miami's only college football team. Us the fans supported them & put them over the top. But things are different now, DOLPHIN stadium is not going to bring in all the fans. Now FIU football is here & with all the right coaches/new stadium, we are on our way up. Laugh all u want now, but in a few years FIU will be what UM use to be.

7 wins is your career total right?

Hey Pete, will the Herald have an FIU Basketball Preview. Also, is it certain that Soto and Galindo (maybe) will not come back until December?


Nice post. I plan to attend those games with some friends and totally agree that FIU Athletics should offer a package that includes everything, then maybe we can take a few people. I expect a lot of people at USF and UF next year.

Sept 12 @ Alabama
Sept 19 @ South Florida
Nov 21 @ Florida

depending on the school schedule (gotta love sat. morning class.. right... ) im at least goin to make it out to the USF game and the UF game.. alabama.. well imma try to make that one

I'm planning to go to some away games next year!!! Hopefully FIU facilitates the trip for many fans that would love to attend.

Another thing, let's travel get a strong FIU crowd at Lockhardt Stadium this year against FAU. That game will be huge.


FAU game is not at Lockhardt (thank God). That place is a dump. The game against FAU is at Dolphin Stadium.

Yes! Lockhart is horrible, but FAU got its first Football equipment 18 wheeler!!!!
Why are you so interested on playing FAU this year? didn't you say that the rivalry was fabricated?
Let's get a strong FIU crowd? you mean like 78 fans?
Yeah yeah! I know you might win this year, but show up in numbers if you really care about your program.


Thank you for correcting me pikedanny, even better that FIU fans will travel to Dolphin Stadium instead of Lockhardt.

Pete, I have to agree with many post on this board. Something has to be done about lighting for tailgaiting.


Why are you so interested on playing FAU this year?

Posted by: AlexFAU06

If you read the post, the game will be huge because it might mean a bowl game for one of the programs. As for your dumb comment about 78 fans, what is FAU drawing in attendance? I'm pretty sure it's similar to what FIU is drawing.

FAU's average attendance is 16,503 while FIU's is 15,644...a difference of only 1,000. That is a big drop off for FAU, which was averaging 25,146 for home games last year.

I hope North Texas and FAU get their new stadium's built soon because it will help the Sun Belt's image nationally. Those track-and-field high school stadiums have to go!

We have 10K students less than you have and we do not have a stadium on campus. Now, that is a difference and still you come short with 1,000 fans average. I am not exaggerating when I say 78 fans when in 2005 FAU played at FIU and your stands were practically empty.
In 2004, I remember playing at DS and they had FAU on the south and FIU on the north. I swear to God there were probably 10 fans and the marching band. In 2006, I went with my mom, but I don't remember.
In 2007 at the OB, FAU and FIU sat on the same side, but there were not too many of you either. Yes, there was an improvement in attendance on your side, but still some work to do.
You have a good team this year and might win the bowl, so drag your butts to the stadium and make it exciting.

We really need to stop playing these games at Dolphin Stadium.

FIU has it's own stadium and therefore why pay for parking at Dolphin. And I'm sure we can park for free at FAU's high school field.

The only way there will be more FIU fans at the FAU game is if we win the ULM game and Bowl eligibility is at stake. Not many FIU fans are especially excited about playing FAU (as has been shown in years past by the attendance of FIU fans in football, basketbal and baseball games against FAU), I remember 2006 when we traveled to USF and FAU and we had more fans at the USF game in Tampa. I totally agree that its a fabricated rivalry, and not even that, it's an ATTEMPT at a fabricated rivalry that hasn't been very succesful.

Yea.... we need to drop "The Shula Bowl" all together. Let FAU be the rivals of Western Kentucky or somebody else.

Our rivals should be USF and maybe UCF. Having them as rivals will also help in terms of eventually moving into the Big East or Conference USA.

I agree there is no rivalry because you have only won 1 game out of 6?
Do you still believe that your program is better than FAU's or UM's?
You haven't won anything yet, so why do you have that attitude towards FAU and UM. These 2 teams have shown you that they are better than your team in the recent past. I do not know if the Shula bowl is fabricated, but with your attitude the only result you can get is losing.
FAU was able to WIN the conference last year and consequently a bowl because they won games like the one against FIU. We support our team 100%. I just feel that your attitude is only based on jealousy because FAU has swept the floor with you the past years. We do not know what is going to happen tomorrow and if you win; it is because you deserved it and you worked hard for it. In terms of basketball, FAU kicked you out of the tourney last year ouch!!!
So what is it that you think you are better than us?
We have to play at DS because of the contract (1 game per year) until 2010 or something like that. The parking at Lockhart is $5.00.
I did not come here to argue, but your attitude is pretty insulting by not showing to a game because you think you deserve better. If you really think you deserve better, you should start winning against FAU.
I think you should go back to 1AA and be the rival of FAMU. Now, how does that feel?
Hope to see you all at the game!!!!
GO OWLS!!!!!

FAU fans are only slightly more evolved than scUM fans but I got no problem playing FAU, I think the players enjoy it, a lot of them played against each other in HS so it's a rivalry for them. It's just us fans that do not care about FAU. It's probably because FAU was and is never relevant in Miami-Dade county. I hardly ever hear or see anything FAU related in my every day life except on this blog. I wish them well though, there success will be good for the conference. But for there to be a good fan-driven rivalry there needs to be intense feelings against the other team. Maybe if they were to knock us out of bowl contention or vice versa then things would get a bit heated. Till then, it's just another North Texas or Western Kentucky game.

dear alexFAU06....no one that goes or went to FIU is jealous of your school somewhere in the middle of nowhere also known as boca raton. Congratulations on winning the conference and bowl last year. I hope you enjoyed it, cause FIU is ready to dominate the sunbelt.

i thought this was funny.......

One day in an elementary school in Boca Raton, FL, a teacher asks her class if the Florida Atlantic Owls are their favorite football team. The whole class says yes, except for Little Jimmy.

The teacher asks, "What's your favorite football team Jimmy?"

Little Jimmy says, "The FIU Golden Panthers "

The teacher asks, "Well, why is that?"

Little Jimmy says, "Well, my dad is a Golden Panther fan, my mom is a Golden Panther fan, I guess that makes me a Golden Panther fan."

The teacher angered by his reply says, "If your dad was a moron and your mom was an idiot what would that make you?"

Little Jimmy says, "Well, I guess that would make me a Florida Atlantic fan."

Why are u so concerned about FIU football?

As an FIU alumni and fan, I am simply speaking to other FIU alumi and fans on this FIU forum about possible future scenarios for OUR school.

Its not about thinking we DESERVE better, its about planning for our future. I absolutely think that it would be beneficial to us to play UCF and USF to eventually move forward to a bigger conference.

Its like you have this constant NEED for FIU to acknowledge some small school in west palm beach. FAU is about as much a rival to us as Louisiana-Monroe is.

But anyways here is the last comment I will make since I don't want to waste my time on trivial things: Consider yourselves to be lucky to be our stepping stones to bigger and better things.

Ouch. Stepping stones. Might be a bit much. Let's win the conference before we call anyone stepping stones.

Did you know that:

The FAU's average GPA for the 2006–2007 academic year was the second lowest of the 11 universities in the state system. Second only to FAMU.

Munch on that...

Travis, Scott (2007-09-18). "FAU hopes tougher admissions standards will increase graduation rate", South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Retrieved on 12 October 2007.

hoping that we win against L-Monroe next week..... the shula bowl will be significant (and i hope it is).

it will make the game more interesting for all if both teams go into it 5-5...... i could see a real rivalry beginning to blossom from there

oh and FIU has much hotter girls.... not to mention the dazzlers.

most of the fau cheerleaders i saw last year were chewed up rednecks... :/

anyone second that?

Let's get off that topic...all it goes is give them importance. Which is what they so desperately seek from FIU.

Pete, what's the next interview we can expect? I would love to read about Mario Cristobal's thoughts so far.

Lol, I saw a picture of their cheerleaders in a Boca fast food joint. They were all fat chicks.

Nuff said.

Look buddy, we beat you twice in the regular season in men's basketball and then we had a conference tourney match at FAU. How many people outside of the bus FIU rented went from FIU? Not many! Not because we always lose to you (see the 2 regular season wins) but because to a regular FIU fan, FAU is just another Sun Belt school. You and every other FAU fan can THINK this is not a rivalry and our fans don't attend because we don't win, but you are wrong. It's not a rivalry because we don't care. We don't win vs. UCG, yet we bring 15K to the orange bowl, 2K to Bank United center and 1K to Mark Light. So your entire theory about us being jealous or not winning and not attending is factually incorrect. We're not jealous of FAU, we just see you as any other SBC school (UNT, ULL, FAU, ULM, WKU, etc.)

Did you know that:

In June 2007, Governor Charlie Crist signed the differential tuition bill authorizing the state’s five major public research universities – the University of South Florida, the University of Florida, Florida State University, University of Central Florida and Florida International University – to charge differential tuition in order to provide additional funding needed for these high-level research universities to continue to provide high level, competitive academic programs for undergraduates.

The other non-high level research schools will not be allow to charge these tuition increases.

Sorry guys!!! Didn't mean to talk about FAU. Just want to make sure we all show up in numbers, but I was getting ahead of myself. First we need to take care of business against ULM.


FAU is NOT just another Sun Belt school to FIU. The fact they're the only other Florida school in the Belt is significant. For that reason alone, I would say they're the most heated rivalry FIU has in the SBC. Hell, many FIU fans compare ourselves to other in-state schools, and FAU certainly qualifies. And we often recruit the same players in all sports, but that's more closely felt with the players, coaches and admin in both schools than the actual fans.

I have to agree that more FAU fans see FIU as a rival than the other way around. But I think the reason why is different than most of you have said. If FAU had a school like the University of Miami nearby, I doubt they'd care about FIU, too. When you're from Miami (and most FIU'ers are), the one school that everyone compares FIU to is Miami, consciously or not. That, along with UM's success, is why many of the blue & gold believe Miami's our real rival, even though they're worlds apart in many respects.

If FAU had Miami's success, then I think things could be different. But as things stand, I think the "rivalry" really isn't much of one. At least, as far as the fans are concerned. It could be in the future, though. Depends on how things work out. I sure don't see FAU being a "stepping stone" for FIU. Hell, the Owls have just as good a shot of getting into a major conference as FIU does, if only because of Schnelly.

Clawing Cancer:
You are truly a gentleman my friend. You understand how things work and you are not another delusional fan. Sometimes people forget how things really are and get hot headed writing non-sense comments. Both schools are very similar and are looking for the same success.

To the rest of the fans:
Some of your comments are very offensive! like the redneck issue and the GPA requirements. Would you like someone to call you Hispanucho? I am hispanic born and raised in latin america but moved to the states when I was a grown up.
I wanted to experience an american school. That's the reason why I never chose FIU. FAU gave me the education I needed and helped me to find a decent job. I probably could have done the same thing at FIU, but I did not do it. In addition, sure there are some rednecks at FAU, but we have a diversity of cultures and social statuses as well. I also have experienced students transferring from FIU to FAU and UM because they were not happy at FIU because of the quality of few programs. I bet it also goes the other way around too, so don't pretend that you are an Ivy League school or you are ranked as a 1 tier school. FIU is ranked as a 4 Tier school just like FAU and there is no way you can prove which school is better.

How has this thread degenerated into all this rivalry FAU talk and back and forth hate talk? I know, the FAU fan came here, as usual, in a combative and argumentative tone....but...geez....though I know it's not easy to do all the time, let us try to ignore the rude comments by some of our visitors here.

Now, back to the topic at hand...As far as sheer excitement goes, last week's win over Arkansas State ranks top in my list...Of course, the fact it is so recent might have a lot to do with it. But, we haven't had that many exciting, last minute come-from-behind wins at The Cage or OB, that I remember. That by itself makes it very exciting, especially given it was done with such a play. Don't you think?

The North Texas win last season was awesome as well...and has a program-changing possible meaning to it...as it was the first win in MC's tenure, and a reminder to everyone that winning ways were already within grasp. Besides, it was the last college game...and win...ever at the Orange Bowl.

Heck, even the Toledo win this year meant a whole lot...and got us fans all excited, as it meant THIS year's turnaround to what we've witnessed so far...when the team arrived on campus at around 3-4 am, there were reportedly 100-200 people there to welcome them. Talk about a 'big' win in FIU fans' minds.

Of course, the St. Peter's Inaugural Game win...the SF Austin win....the Youngstown St. come from behind win engineered by FIU's first commitment ever, David Tabor...are all part of history for FIU football...Nice discussion here...and every one of those wins have a spot in FIU's development and growth into what it will become (hopefully) in the future.

I don't know about you guys, but ULM scares the heck out of me. Look at their results so far:

MidTenn 24, ULM 21
FAU 29, ULM 28
Arkansas State 37, ULM 29
ULL 44, ULM 35
Tulane 24, ULM 10
Arkansas 28, ULM 27

A lot of close losses against pretty good teams. I think FIU needs to score early in this one to keep up with ULM's offense. Hopefully, our players don't overlook their 3-7 record.

They also won at home against Troy...yikes

That's a very good information on ULM there, cabin001. It shows how dangerous they are, and I didn't really know how close their lossess have been.

FAU is where you go when you can't get into Miami Dade.

Don't be so childish, you know that is not true. Wake up and realize you are a 4 tier school. Does that mean FIU is a bad school? NOT REALLY!
sooo, stop with your comments because you never attended FAU and you don't really know. You can go to Harvard and be a loser with no skills to get a job or you can attend a community college and be really successful. Every school has its good and bad things and I believe FAU is not a bad school, actually it is a great school where I had the opportunity to attend and get my degree.

I agree with you, you can go to Harvard and still never succeed in life.

However, Harvard is still Havard.

And yes theres a chance you can succeed if u went to FAU.

But FAU is still FAU.

You are completely fooling yourself if you don't realize that FAU is an open enrollment school that is the back-up to other back-up schools.

There are only 5 major research universities in Florida. UF FSU UCF FIU and USF. That's it. I'm sure the other are very nice places and have very nice people. But let's call a spade a spade here.

There's no need to get defensive, it is what it is. Every university has a place and a role. FAU fills the role of accepting students that generally wouldn't get accepted at the other 5 major universities.

you guys are soo blind and brain washed!!!!!!
yes! FAU is still FAU, the beat ULL!!!

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