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Big Starling To FIU

That Add another defensive lineman to the FIU recruiting tally, Thatcher Starling from Hutchinson (Kan.) JUCO said he wants to be a Golden Panther.

Starling is not a major household appliance, as cabin001 thought, but he is built like one at 6-4,Tts_3  250. TS will enter FIU as a junior and after getting in the FIU weight room this summer don't be surprised to see him starting next fall when the Golden Panthers open in Alabama. Could envision Jonathan Jackson and/or Kambriel Willis bringing the speed from one side and Starling (right in blue) bringing the muscle from the other side of the D. Or he could bulk up enough to become a D-Tackle, which is a position FIU needs to fill.


Apaw In the early voting results from our last poll regarding FIU's 2008 Defensive MVP, you good people have DB Anthony Gaitor leading by a wide margin (70%) thus far. Keep voting, poll remains open.

Apaw_2 Although today is Festivus, and a Happy Festivus to all, we got an FIU Christmas shopping question Fest at the end of this Pawse. Speaking of Christmas, the GPP's gift to you will be posted at some point on Wednesday, Christmas Eve.

To your questions:

Ultimate FIU Fan: Pete, any chance Robert Mitchell gets drafted? Any senior have any hopes for this year's draft? Will MC have a FIU / NFL day for scouts? I'll be there for the Dec 27th game for my prize. Any players coming back from injury list for that game?

GPP: RM has a shot to get drafted late, if not, he would likely get a free agent shot with some team.  Other than RM, don't think any other FIU senior gets drafted. Yes, MC has a FIU/NFL Day.

As far as FIU hoops injuries, no player is expected back on the 27th, but Alex Galindo is supposedly close to returning in January. Will have your 2nd place prize from our WIN A GPP BLOG contest on the 27th.

FIUJM: Thanks on the 2 FIU hoops articles.

Tt fiufan751: Are you getting positive vibes from Coach Thomas?

GPP: Yes, I am. FIU baseball can have a similar turnaround like the Golden Panthers football team. Turtle Thomas (left) signed several pitchers and has 4 left-handers, which he did not have any last season. And regarding those who jumped on TT for last season, remember MC went 1-11 in his first season. It takes some adjustments from the players when there is a change in head coaches. Plus, what the former head coach thought of as talent, may not be what the new head coach thinks of as talent. FIU football and baseball previously had 2 head coaches that recruiting was NOT their strength. FIU football and baseball now has 2 head coaches that recruiting IS their strength. TT must be doing something right when this year's recruiting class is ranked No. 15 in the U.S.A. Only the Gators were ranked higher among Florida baseball schools. TT will be on the GPP in January to talk FIU baseball.

CJ: UM DB Demarcus Van Dyke's little brother David Van Dyke is being recruited by both UM and FIU Dvd according to Rivals with only FIU offering.. what's your all take on that?

GPP: Not sure about the recruiting situation in Coral Gables, but FIU could always use 4.4 speed and 6-0 at DB. Plus, a 3.4 GPA doesn't hurt either. Like I wrote in the DB recruiting blog, FIU will always need as many DBs as possible facing spread offenses about 6 to 7 times a season. DVD's speed is just 0.1 slower than Goodbye.

Apaw_3 In our last poll question about FIU's Defensive MVP, we reached another part of the world. The GPP is now read in Zagreb, Croatia. A GPP reader there voted for Anthony Gaitor as FIU's D MVP. Here's the updated scorecard:



23 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

Apaw_4 Time to go last-minute shopping for the Golden Panthers:


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Dear Santa,
Please bring FIU some of the biggest, ugliest, and meanest buffet busters your elves can find.

More BeeeeeeeF!!

Dear Santa,

Please bring in a mixture of huge, mean, dedicated, big men for both lines so as to dominate in the trenches, as well as some real good athletes for every other position, so our players can run with anybody......

Antwain "El Monstro" Barnes sustained a torn pectoral muscle this week and is out for the season, according to his agent Drew Rosenhaus.

This is a devastating injury. I've had it myself during my time in Spain and thanks to doctor mess ups, my left shoulder/pec will never be the same again. This is an injury that requires IMMEDIATE surgery, otherwise the torn pectoral is subject to quick atrophy. Obviously this sort of injury for a NFL player can be career ending if not promptly taken cared of. If he does get surgery quickly (if he hasn't already done so), a full recovery is possible in tandem with significant 6-9 month rehab program.

Let's all keep Mr. Barnes in our thoughts and hope he can get through this! It would be so unfortunate for this injury to shorten his career, we all know the monster he is...he's made us GPers proud! Get well soon Antwan!!!

Pete, any reports you can share about his injury and return would be appreciated.

Quijote, I had no idea about Antwan, our prayers are with him. He has been nothing but a positive alumni for FIU and when Miri and I met him, he was extremely grateful for all our support. Get well soon Antwan so that you can continue doing what you do best, destroying QB's.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Antwan Barnes. Hope for a COMPLETE and quick recovery.

To entire GPP Nation, Pete and all non-FIU fans that visit this blog, have a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

Guys remember what truly is important when closing out this year. We all have fun on this blog and there is much back and forth between strong opinions on a myriad of issues, but it your family and friends that are with you always and treasure them every time you're with them!


Well said Ultimate.....Don't forget to include your faith and values into the equation of Christmas and Holidays.....

Happy Holidays to All!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Also, sending my thoughts and prayers to Antwan. Get well soon!

Happy Holidays everyone. Be safe and enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas to all!!! And a great and prosperous New Year!!!!

I would like to thank Pete for this blog as well, it gives me something to look at everyday until baseball gets here. I am very excited about the team this season based upon the Fall, plenty of talent with some good arms. I think we will contend this year and be in contention for a regional when all is said and done.

from our family to yours, happy holidays to the GPC (Golden Panther Community)

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