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FIU: No Starters vs. UM

Fa Quick update from Coral Gables, the last FIU starter available for tonight's game -- Tremayne Russell -- will not play and is out definitely with a broken hand.

FIU will be playing tonight's game with their reserves and four non-scholarship players. If this doesn't get any better for FIU hoops, then.....FIU baseball season begins Feb. 20 vs. Jacksonville.

Hey, the UM hoops team uses FIU football's introductory song: Just heard AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" and I was expecting to see the Panther jumping buildings and landing on a UM helmet and then see MC and the boys coming running out of the tunnel.

FIU hoops could use some of football's big bodies tonight.


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Russell out, too? Holy crap. This game's going to be a colossal beating. Poor Rouco must curse the trainer's room every time he walks by it. Either that or he's going in there to try to cure his stomachaches from having to coach a team of invalids and walk-ons. It's hard not to have pity for SR right now. Even if you don't like him as a coach.

Regarding the last post, I can second PP on the part where people in the press box were calling in plays before they happened. That was the year I was PA (before Roman). I wasn't in the press box area where Pete was... I was in the upper level... but people there were doing it, too. I wasn't... I was kind of busy. Besides, I'm not that brave. :)

Funny thing was, Strock was supposed to be an O guy and the play-calling for most of his tenure was pretty vanilla. Especially that year. Actually, I remember having some conversations with Senor Pelegrin that season about Strock's play-calling. For the record... I still think it's hard to get creative when your O-Line can't stop anyone from hitting the backfield in less than 2 seconds. But he could've at least tried some new plays.

Anyway... it's a freakin' shame the UM-FIU series is ending. It shouldn't be happening. I can understand football not being played, at least until FIU gets better as a program, but there's really no reason the series shouldn't continue for baseball and basketball. Fortunately, life goes on. Both programs will be fine. FIU will still climb up regardless. But there's no doubt in my mind that South Florida as a whole would benefit from these two playing one another yearly. I would throw in FAU, too.

There's something to be said for local rivalries in college sports. They bring a flavor you can't get anywhere else. Take it from someone who lives in North Carolina... people here get positively geeked when any combo of UNC, Wake, Duke, NC State, ECU, the other UNC's (Wilmington and Charlotte) and all the other state schools play one another.

Considering FIU has no other real rivals but UM and FAU, and UM in reality has no others but FSU, UF and FIU... this is a bad business decision. No other way to put it.

UM not playing FIU in the three major sports is inexusable and an outright admission by UM that they are scared of FIU. They know the monster that FIU can (and will) become, and they are simply running.

For a program like UM's with so much pride in its football program to cower away from FIU is embarassing. I honestly don't know how the students and players can hold their heads up when they walk the streets of Miami.

In a way, I can't blame them. We've only played twice, and even in those two games, FIU with a far less talented team and coaching staff, put a scare into the Hurricanes by playing them close. Both games were within reach well into the third quarter.

I have no doubt that FIU will overtake UM in the near future as the preeminent football program in South Florida. FIU is a bigger school, it is a better school, its far less expensive, much more diverse and truly represents South Florida in a way that UM never has or will.

Senor Pelegrin... the following's from Manny Navarro's UM blog:

"From what FIU beat writer Pete Pelegrin tells me, UM is looking for a four-game deal in hoops, with three games at UM and one at FIU. That's doesn't sound like a stretch, considering UM has hosted 10 of the team's 12 meetings. But FIU athletic director Pete Garcia is looking for a basic home-and-home series with the Canes."

Is that true?

lmao... somebody find that black cat in the ATM chewing on that dead headless chicken that has a vodoo doll tied to its leg.!.. this team just cant buy a break... i think its DS and DP trying to get their 3rd member of the Past Athletic Program to join their golf game

hahaha that was halarious CJ.... b-ball is just depressing at FIU. FIU maight wanna start concentrating a little of thier muscle on this sport is they wanna make our Athletics Department a success. In my opinion it is pathetic.

In Backetball unlike football you really just need 1 or 2 star players and a cast of role players. How hard can it be to find a standout player in miami?? its not like football that needs to be built from the bottom up.

... and what i mean by "standout" is: Standount for sunbelt standards.... so visit all 50 states if you have to and find just one stud.

At this point it is a CURSE what is on SR's team. In all my years of following sports, more specifically hoops, I've NEVER heard of FIVE starters being out AT THE SAME TIME! Unbelievable.

Pete, how long is T. Russell out for? Is ANYONE scheduled to come back soon? Are any of the injured players ahead of schedule for their return? Let us know.


Pete I've heard that Wesley Carrol is thinking about staying up there. Please tell me it aint so!!

This comment is for all you SR fans out there.

MC gets a 0-12 team and in two years he was on the brink of going to a bowl. MC coaches a team sport that requires at least 20 good players. MC never gives excuses or talks about bad luck or injuries, in other words he gets things done.

SR is into his fifth year and there is no relief on site, no hope of going to the NCAA playoffs. SR coaches a team that all it needs is one or two good players as esteban688 suggested. SR keeps talking about bad luck, injuries and obstacles in his program.

As a fan I'm offended how SR's fans and friends keep excusing him when it comes to coaching. The man is a nice guy, but he can't coach.

Take a look at how MC conducts business and that's what FIU needs. If I'm PG I would expect all my coaches to emulate Mario or Danijela Tomic, the volleyball coach.

SouthPaw, before you blog, "think". What does UM has to gain by beating FIU. The basketball program at UM is younger than FIU's (UM cancelled it in 1971 and started it again in 1985). Since that day our basketball program has been head and shoulders above yours. The football program has 46 current NFLers, FIU has one who doesn't even start. The baseball program has a current playoff streak of 36 years and hasn't had a losing season since 1963.

Now you're questioning how we can walk with our heads up. Then you go and chastise UM and say that FIU is what South Florida is all about.

Look around your campus and whatever achievement it shows is because of the generosity of UM or its alumni. Do you know Donna Shalala helped your president with the school of medicine ?. Where did you AD, football coach and 6 assistants came from?. Check the donations to FIU and I'll bet you more money pours from UM alumni's than FIU's.

BTW only in your mind FIU represents Miami better than UM. Maybe you're proud of communist spies working at FIU trying to destroy this community.


You guys take the FIU vs UM thing very seriously.

UM is better for now, and has a lot of FIU fans and people that didn't go to college (since they didn't have a Football program to cheer for). Now we are getting fans back and on route to having very competitive programs with the focus on Athletics. 5 years or less and I see FIU vs UM head to head in a football game, then we will have a good cross town classic. Hopefully UM agrees to play us then or we meet them at a Bowl or we move to the ACC to get the rivalry started.

As far as representing Miami, well UM is a private organization which costs a lot of money to go to, so I think we can agree FIU better represents Miami Students. Most UM students are rich kids from all over the world that finish college and go back home - fact.

I think every fan in Miami would love the FIU vs UM series to continue!

Oh I forgot to point that Manny, the guy that does the UM blog, graduated from FIU - you get my point. Those fans will be back.

Sorry about confusing UF for a beginning of the season game a few blogs ago, my tired eyes were playing tricks on me. Still, I'm curious to see how Mario recovers from a very tough opening month.

Regarding UM-FIU, just let it go people. UM is busy trying to get back to their place atop the polls and are doing nicely with their basketball and baseball programs. Frankly I still wish they had Perry Clark, or maybe it's not too late to trade Leonard for Haith, after all we can pay him more (just playing around UM people.)

The only way the two teams play is in a bowl game. That's a slim chance of happening to begin with. The ACC is full and wouldn't accept FIU. FIU's best chance at a legitimate conference would be the Big East but FIU has to worry about building several winning seasons and bowl games, several upset wins, and building a fan base. Nine thousand at the final game isn't going to cut it and it'll take time to build that fanbase.

Best of luck this recruiting season and with Neat, I hear Ole Miss is putting the full court press on him and we all know or should know just how slick the SEC is when it comes to recruiting. Happy Holidays everyone.

Whatever achievements are because of um???? PLEASE!!! Whatever achievements are INSPITE of um. The main reason I HATE um is because of that, not because of their athletic programs. When FIU wanted a law school it had to go to the legislature 5 times, you know why, because um lobbyist and their legislative supporters blocked it each time (I was there for 2 of those times and heard it from legislators). The med school? FIU got it thanks to Rivera and Rosengberg, um argued that it was better for the state to give them the money so that they could expand their medical program instead of starting one at FIU. Give me a break, Maidique should be given an award for breaking the strangle hold that um apologist had on this community. um benefited in trying to deny South Florida citizens a place to obtain a quality low cost option to higher education. It was essentially trying to keep the community from improving itself by blocking these programs from starting at FIU. Over 50% (probably more) of all um grads leave the community, you will find that this is not the case for FIU students who have a vested interest in improving the community they grew up in and will raise their children in. um does not represent South Florida, it represents the interest of Daddy's little boy's/girl's from the northeast who are only interested in going to a party city on their parents dime...Get Real!

Apparently there is not going to be a 2009 AFL season: http://sports.espn.go.com/extra/afl/news/story?id=3763102

AJ Grant should've stayed with us in order to grow as a player instead of going to the AFL.

i would still like some conformantion on that rumor. Cuz AJ Grant was THE defensive recuit of 2008.


Just announced at "Inside MSU Sports", Carroll to Transfer to FIU! Read the link for info:

Welcome Back home Wesley!!



Ultimate FIU Fan, it was reported on FIUgoldenpanthers.com that Carroll was going to stay at MSU after he was convinced by the new head coach to do so. I do not know if the source is credible, but it would seem like the smart thing to do for him since the new head coach was the offensive coordinator at Florida.

Pete Pelegrin,

You're MIA. Haz algo para la patria. We're dying for football info. Heck, any FIU sports info will do at this point.

cabin001 it was said that there was a chance he would stay

FIUPantherFan, stop HATING. I graduated from UM and my parents weren't rich. As a matter of fact they worked in factories when they came from Cuba. I still live here. Probably your doctor or your attorney went to UM. Stop acting as if UM is this big bully institution that will stop at nothing.

Who has blocked Miami-Dade Community College's efforts to become a 4 year institution?. It's not UM. It's been Maidique and his people every time. Dr. Eduardo Padron has always praised UM for their cooperation and help. Do you know that MDCC has a nursing program that is run out of a UM Hospital?. When MDCC wanted to make their Education program a 4 year program, Mitch and the gang used taxpayers money to block it.

BTW your facts are totally wrong. Rivera might have helped, but it was Marco Rubio the one in the legislature. If you were there, and I WAS there because I'm a lobbyist, you fail to mention individuals like Marcos Perez, who after fighting hard for approval was let go by FIU.

Stop making FIU bigger than what it is, a good learning institution with HORRIBLE sports programs.


Stop making UM into something they are not. UM is an inferior learning institution propped up by over-rated and declining sport programs.

FIU is on the rise and UM is on the decline. Face it, buddy, you're riding a one-engine airplane. Stop wasting everyone's time by posting on an FIU blog and start writing and calling your administrators and tell them to strap a set on a play your bigger cross-town brother who does things the right way.

How can you 'Cane fans seriously defend your instituions' obvious blatent fear of FIU? Do you really think we're stupid? You're just making yourselves look foolish by trying to defend your fear. And please don't ask FIU fans and alum what UM has to gain by playing FIU again. The only thing you have to gain is credibility and respect. Good luck against the Charleston Southern's of the world. You sure have alot to gain from playing those guys.

Cane First, you are in the wrong blog, with wrong information, and history. It was clear, from the very beginning, that both MDCC and UM did not want FIU to become anything other than an "upper level" undergraduate serving institution. MDCC because they didn't want to lose freshmen and sophomores, and UM because they didn't want FIU to become what it has become now...a doctoral granting institution with several nationally, and internationally, recognized programs.

But for me, although it is part of history, it is water under the bridge now. UM is a nice institution that has been there for years now...and FIU is a nice institution that is very young, and with great aspirations.

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