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FIU Recruiting Prowl: Quarterbacks

Pm The Golden Panthers don't need a quarterback for next season, but in 2010 it will be interesting to see who is starting the season at Texas A&M under center -- or in FIU's case -- in the shotgun spread.

Paul McCall enters the 2009 season entrenched as your starter, but between Wayne Younger, Colt Anderson and this season's batch of recruits the Golden Panthers will need to start planning for the future giving next year's backup some reps so he doesn't face the Aggies cold.

Before we look at the QBs, here is your OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN TO SIGNING DAY: 40 days (Feb. 4, 2009).


Next season should be the time when a true No. 2 QB emerges for the Golden Panthers, especially with all the QBs now having 2 years in the spread offense. WY (left), who will be a junior next season, likely will get first dibs on backing up PM. However, CA (right) -- who will be a redshirt sophomore next season -- showed Wy plenty of potential in practice last season. CA's arm strength has gotten better. He Ca moves around well and at 6-4 has good size for a QB. Let's see if he can take that next step next season. Darold Hughes has had his moments running the scout team O and burning the 1st team D at times, but he'll have to be more consistent to get in the QB mix.

On the recruiting trail, there are some intriguing prospects -- and of course, nothing is official until NSD.

Still nothing new regarding Wesley Carroll (left in blue and gold colors -- don't get started with gold helmets, SP). You would have Wc_2 to imagine if WC does become a Golden Panther that he would be thrown right into the starting job competition for 2010 after he takes a redshirt in 2009. But my good friends, remember the GPP's Gatorade analogy when it comes to this situation and all recruit situations.

North Miami Beach's Nico Flores (right) would be a tremendous signing if MC were to land Nnf   him. The 6-2 QB is being recruited by the world, but is visiting FIU on Jan. 16.

Mccloud_2 Cedric McCloud (left) from Jacksonville Raines at 6-0 is not as tall or as fast as NF (5.0 to 4.7 40-yd), but does have a strong arm and some bulk at 200 pounds. CM is someone that could develop into a pretty good spread QB.

Fiuhelmet_2 Here are the QBs FIU brings back: Paul McCall, Wayne Younger, Colt Anderson, Darold Hughes.

Fiuhelmet_3 Here are the QBs FIU loses: None.

Carnac 2009 guesstimations: Do NOT see MC going the route of his counterpart across town and playing the backup QB in the second quarter or whatever. However, the Golden Panthers backup next season should see action against Alabama and Florida and possibly when FIU is comfortably ahead in other games.

This whole backup/next FIU QB after PM thing next season could depend on what QBs the Golden Panthers sign in February. If WC joins the Golden Panthers, then WY and CA may have their work cut out for them in 2010. Wouldn't surprise to see WY on the field as a receiver eventually, because he's a hell of an athlete. CA has got all the tools of a Division I QB, maybe competition from an All-SEC freshman QB helps CA flourish.

From what I've heard and read, the guess here is CM would need at least 1 or 2 seasons before Hh_2 challenging for starting role. NF could challenge for starting QB role from Day 1.

Regardless, of who emerges as PM's successor, they just have to remember one thing: Get TY the damn ball !

Coming up next: Running backs


  Gppaw_3 Spoke to El Monstruo's cousin up in Baltimore and he said EM is doing better after his season-ending injury. Left EM a message to call me back and when he does I'll post an update on here.

Gppaw_4 In our last poll question, you Santa Clausers would like to bring the players in the trenches to FIU as an Xmas gift. 45.7% of you said FIU is getting O-linemen for Xmas; 27.1% said give FIU D-linemen and 20% said give FIU a Manning-esque QB.

pikedanny: While I am loving the Christmas spirit shown by Mr. Pelegrin... I must say this blog entry was pretty redundant. No news not even some insight... I think you could've come up with something better. No?

GPP: It's Christmas time. Let's have a little fun with an FIU Christmas blog. We're in cyberspace where there is endless space to write and no time constraints. In fact, one of our 2 poll questions at the end of the Pawse is in regard to the 2 X-mas blogs on the GPP. Plenty of newsier blogs up ahead. Thanks for Sc En_2 your readership.

gpantera: Thanks for your support. Let pikedanny, yourself and me all get a shot of egg nog and toast the GPP and the holiday season.

alt7787: pete, i was so happy to see TY on the Miami Heralds All Florida Team. Before I opened the paper this morning I was hoping that he wasnt snubbed in favor of some underachieving receiver from UCG. but I was soooo delighted to see him on the first team. I also noticed your name was part of the team that chose the players. honestly, did you have to do a lot of lobbying for TY or was he a pretty unanimous selection?

GPP: Among the other writers that voted for the Herald's All-Florida college team, TY was a no-brainer as was Anthony Gaitor (left). The FIU second teamers (Scott Bryant and Robert Mitchell) needed some lobbying. Here's my 1st team ballot: OFFENSE -- QB - Tebow, UF; RB - A. Smith, FSU; WR - Harvin, UF; Ag WR - Hilton, FIU; WR - Murphy, UF; TE - Grant, FAU; OT - Rizzo, FAU; OT - Trautwein, UF; C - Serini, FIU; G - Pouncey, UF; G - Hudson, FSU; K - Gano, FSU. DEFENSE -- DE - Selvie, USF; DT - J. Jackson, FAU; DT - Troup, UCF; DE - Brown, FSU; LB - Spikes, UF; LB - Joseph, FAU; LB - Spence, UM; DB - Gaitor, FIU; S - Black, UF; S - Mitchell, FIU; DB - Burnett, UCF; P - Henry, UF; RS - Hilton, FIU.

FIU Fanatic: Any link to that "All Florida" Team? Guess, it's not yet online?

GPP: Already told the MH on-line people that the team needs to be on the MH page. So let's see when they get it on there.

Here are 2 poll questions. The first deals with FIU QBs, the second is your opinion on the GPP's 2 Christmas blogs. Here is the link for last year's in case you forgot: 2007 FIU Christmas Carol


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