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FIU/Western Kentucky LIVE GAME BLOG

Fiuhelmet Season finale, GPP Nation, as your Golden Panthers take on the soon-to-be-Sun Belt member, Hilltoppers at FIU Stadium on another pleasant December Miami evening.

Wk_2 FIU looks to snap a mini and costly 2-game losing skid tonight and finish the 2008 season on a high note. If we've learned anything from this season it's that this program is headed in the right direction as evidenced by their nice turnaround from 1-23 the last 2 years.

Quijote, stuck at work and wondering his internet options: 1) Here on the GPP for the LIVE BLOG or 2) Panther Pass is televising the game on-line.

If you're in FIU's home, stop by and say hello at the open-air press box on the east side of the stadium by the 5-yard line. If you're out of town, then follow along on here as we have reliable FIU wireless this week and not the wacky wireless of Dolphin Stadium....Let's kick this thing off....


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WK goes 3 and out on first series...punt

htere you are pete!

a little late getting on-line....had the parents come over to their first FIU game and gave them a quick stadium tour.

FIU starts with the ball at their 17

nice late hit


How is attendance?

I am heading out to the cage right now hopefully we get the W.

pete whos the back up running back this week is it still perry?

FIU gets a couple of 1st downs on their drive but has to punt

early attendance looks like a Marlins game, hopefully that changes....everyone on cuban time?

Perry is the backup RB tonight....Ned and Owens are out for the season.

WK moving the ball 20 and 16 yd passes....ball at FIU 39

WK to punt from FIU 39

FIU starts drive at their 20

DP gets first carry of the game for 2 yds

PM to GE 29 yd pass and a WK personal foul....gain of 44 for FIU

FIU ball at WK 32

Bama just loss the game, Saban is not getting a ring this year

PM to GE 10 yds to WK 22....FIU 1st down

Let's go Panthers! It would be nice to finish with a win! Hi Pete!

DP gets another 2 yds....looks like WK focusing on him

Hi TE Lady

FIU misses 33 FG....WK takes over at their 20

wow we really need a kicker for next season..........................

what the hell type of kick was that

WK gets another long pass...18 yds

good think we recruited a kicker this year

WK on the move to FIU 44

FIU rough the passer....WK now at FIU 27

We continue to kill ourselves with dumb penalties

another stupid penalty...FIU offsides...WK at FIU 12 now

WK calls timeout....3rd and 7 at FIU 9

they're moving on our penalties

not much energy here at the stadium and with the Golden Panthers thus far

WK incomplete pass on 3rd down.....might be a fake FG here

fiu 0 WK 3

we are losing to WKU.... this should not be happening

WK FG....3-0

why isn't T.Y on kick off returns....

T.Y. is not 100 percent with a hammy strain

FIU 3 and out on offense....time to punt

where did reams play HS ball?... were the endzones where the sidelines are cause that guys only runs east and west

There you are! Ok listening on 610,, not a good effort so far apparently. Pete, sounds like they've come out flat...with little to play for eh?

CJ don't worry about Reams he is gone after today

end of 1st qtr...WK 3-0......can't let another ULM thing happen here where FIU waits until the 2ns qtr to wake up

Pete, I am afraid to ask, how many people are at the game?

yeah FIU has not come out pumped up....need a big play somewhere to get them going....attendance not a strong turnout

WK has to punt, but so far FIU is looking like the 2-9 team

the best part of the game has come out to the field now.....The Golden Dazzlers

FIU will start with the ball at their own 9

I need to get a copy of the Dazzlers calendar

... wow the line is giving no support today

Panther Pass Blows

FIU looks confused on O right now....another 3 and out...after the punt, WK takes over at FIU 47

WK QB gets knocked cold and taken out of the game.

hey pete 610 is making WKU's QB sound like a real duck of a player, is he really that bad?

Is this the first time we wear white pants/blue jerseys this year?

yes it is that boring?

WK QB has thrown some duck passes out there, but he's completed them when he had to....FIU just sacks backup QB for 15yd loss....4th down and 25 now

panthers pass does blows

first time FIU wears blue tops and white pants (what was the original home uni)

T.Y. enters the game for a punt return, but WK kicks away from him....FIU ball at their 15

Pete is the only professional covering FIU sports

looks interesting w/ the white pants now lets see the Offense get interesting and score
... o got that was bad if thats a pick

PM throws incomplete pass, but WK asks for review on possible INT

thanks baltimorepanther

FIU gets incomplete pass after review

Yes, Pete wanted to thank you and the MH for this blog.

no prob NYC

wow you got shot gun formation on a 2 and 1 come on .................

FIU has to punt again....WK starts at their 16

Our offense is neither polished nor consistent.

WK has to punt after 3 and out....if you like punts then you'll love this game.

we don't know how to play our way, we play like our opponents

This sounds like our worst game all year... I knew this would happen. Mario and Co. have done a VERY poor job of getting our team energized and ready to play.

Regardless of what happens in the second half, first half play is very concerning.

FIU moving on the ground with PM and DP running...at WK 31

PM to Jr 17 yds...TY 8 run to WK 3

TY TD ....Goodbye

I'm listening to the WIOD announcers and they also seem so negative toward FIU, i can't stand the way they downgrade FIU. Shouldn't they be a little more supportive! Geeze

We are awake

oooh that panther growl after TY sounded nice, didn't hear a "GOODBYE" though!

The Goodbye was loud and clear

the guys from 610 are having a night with WKU qb

i hear'd the goodbye on pantherpass..

Baltimore, you are right, they are going off on the WKU QB. They basically think he blows.

FIU stops WK with 30 seconds left in the half...7-3 FIU

I am glad he does, with they way we are playing tonight

how much time is left?

The seniors have to step it up in the second half and motivate the rest of the team, this is their last game.

18 seconds left....FIU with ball at their 44



what's the time

how big is the sr. class this year?

ok got it

Troy is killing ASU 21-0

FIU loses 13 seniors

Halftime FIU 7-3

think there are 13 seniors

is it just me or does midque sound drunk

Let's hope we come out strong in the second half!

Lets beat these guys and end the season on a high note.

wow... reams needs to learn to hit it the hole

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