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Golden Dazzlers Calendar

Dazz The FIU Golden Dazzlers will have their swimsuit calendar launch party tommorrow (Thursday) at 8 p.m. at the Stadium Club at FIU Stadium.

The event is free and open to the public. The lovely ladies, who have been called "the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders of the NCAA", will be signing the calendars, which cost $10 and would make a great Christmas gift.

We will have a Golden Dazzler join us on the GPP to talk about the calendars. :)


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Hay Ma Ma.......This is going to get me in trouble....

im soooo excited for next season, but for some reason Im really reluctant about it. I had this same feeling at the end of the 2005 season. i thought 2006 was going to be a breakout year for us. We had Josh Padrick, the SBC's best QB, two awesome receivers in Chandler Williams and Sam Smith and best of all the killer B's featuring El Monstrou. Then we all know what happened, 0-12. Pete I dont know if you can quell my fears, but tell me this wont happen next year. actually a better question would be, why did an extremely talented FIU team (maybe the most talented to date) go 0-12? Im really looking forward to seeing McCall, Hilton and Perry next year as well as Gaitor and others on defense, but im concerned that next year might be a repeat of 2006. Am i just being stupid?

Pete i heard from good source that AJ Grant has chosen to play in the AFL???? Say it ain't true!! Please find out if you can cuz he was my favorite recruit last year (not counting Ced)he just tackles way too hard!

PP.... i know you to be sharp and well informed. "dallas Cowboys of the NCAA?" I understand that you did not say it because of the qoutation marks but, would that title be more appropriate for the USC sweater girls?.... either way would not hurt to have both calendars!

pow chiki pow wow


They went 0-12 because of: COACHING.

alt7787: I wouldn't worry so much about next year being a repeat of 2006.

First off, as FIUfantastic put it, the coaches are different. Unlike others on here, I won't say Strock was a bad coach. He's had some success as a coach at the pro level, and I think he's a better play-caller than people gave him credit for. Knowledge and being able to coach wasn't his problem. It was that he was a very poor fit for the college game, especially personality-wise.

Seemed to me the guy thought he could treat the kids like pro players and get away with it... and I think that in itself led to a lot of the discipline problems. It also seemed to me that he just didn't "get" college kids and didn't know how to read them or react to them properly. I remember some of the comments he said after the Miami game in '06... especially the one where he said he "never" thought the emotions would spill over the way they did. Any college coach who thinks that his kids wouldn't be extra-geeked to play a school many of them wanted to go to is just straight-up clueless.

Anyway... that's not a problem MC and company has. His whole experience is the college game. Also, he's emotional as hell and gets kids from that perspective (so it seems).

Second, I suspect the '09 team's a lot more talented than the '06 team. I know, we need to wait for the recruits, but I think you can probably say that already. McCall is a MUCH better QB right now than Padrick ever was. I dunno why people thought JP was so great to begin with... he never really impressed me. He always seemed to make 1-2 mistakes in a game that were killer. Sure, the tools were there, but that's about it. McCall may not have the gifts, but he's got the mental aspect down pat. He doesn't kill you with dumb mistakes most of the time.

And Hilton, frankly, could run circles around any receiver in the Strock era. I always liked Chandler, and McKinney had some talent, but this WR group is way better. I've only seen a couple of games from the current guys and I already feel confident saying that much.

Finally... 2006 was also a perfect storm. A lot of things had to go wrong for them to go 0-12 and they did. I've always felt that, given another crack, that FIU team actually could've been .500 or better. They were not an 0-12 team. They just couldn't deliver when games got close, and I think the boys lost confidence in themselves, especially after the NT loss and the brawl. And, obviously, all the suspensions afterwards didn't help. The odds of all that happening again are minimal with a guy like MC. He'll have other issues to deal with, but I think a repeat of 2006 won't be one of them.

Clawing Cancer i have to agree w/ you about that perfect storm of the 06 season. but the first half of that season was lost on coaching.. the second half was lost on the lack of bodies and finding out that DS was leaving after the season during the middle of the season.. really how are you goin to play for a lame duck coach.. you should but he really had no reason to coach up his players and they had no reason to do it their self now we have talent a coaching staff that will never have a problem coaching up their kids, and we are now learning how to win.. i have expectation's for this team to finish over .500 next season. and possibly 1st or 2nd in the belt. there is no reason for them not to have that

I'd have to agree with CJ but I also think a lot of those players that were mentioned just in actuality weren't that good. They made the Sun Belt Conference teams but haven't done anything in the NFL. Right now Antwan is the most successful player out of that class and he just plays special teams and back up.

I think this FIU team has better receivers than that team, and although no player as good as Antwan, they bring something more to the table as a collective group.

I'm curious to see how this team responds to the first half of the season next year since it is a tough schedule and 3 out of the first 4 games are definite losses. Leading into a rivalry game with FAU on a team that's down may be dangerous, it'll require a lot of hard and tactful work by MC. I am intrigued to see how he handles it though.


You mention 3 assured losses upfront for FIU. I concede Bama and UF, but i'm not quite as sure with USF. When USF was starting to gain national momentum in 2006, USF beat FIU by 1 point in Tampa. This past season, with USF touting a number national ranking, USF snuck out of FIU with an 8 point victory. That's 2 games decided by under 10 points.

After the 2008 USF game is when FIU started to roll a bit. I say the jury's out on that USF game next year and i like FIU's chances.

a number 12 national ranking


I understand how close the games were, I saw the games. I think USF is a severely over ranked team to begin with. They would be lucky to crack my top 50, but they'll be at home, they have their top 2 rushers coming back, and 2 of there top 3 receivers. They really only lose Selvie on defense, nobody else makes as big an impact as Selvie and to be honest I don't think they'd need Selvie to break through your O line.

I would put money down right now that you drop those 3 games, especially due to the fact that the offense won't have too much continuity to work with since Bama will dominate with their lines. I don't see Grothe losing at home so soon during his senior year. They have two cupcakes to play before you, they'll have continuity and a rhythm, and they always start their year strong. I think the first 5 games or so will show you just how much Mario has grown or has failed to grow, the third and fourth years are the most important years for coaches in a program.

I preaty much agree with forementor. USF is over rated and it really would not surprise me if we win. But i need to see alot of improvement to be more assured. They will be at home. Those 3 games will likly be losses, but i would not bet money on USF.

Even if we do lose those first three games, so what? does it make any difference in the big picture. We are contending for sun belt championships not national championships. I dont care what anyone says about offensive rhythm and anything of the like, those men will be ready for FAU...and ready for any other sun belt team for that matter.

If I am not mistaken the UF game is November for gato growl. so it wont be like this year, we might loose 2 at the beginning but conference play starts earlier, and we might have a chance to get some w's

You are right, baltimorepanther....FIU starts with Alabama, a conference game, at USF, and hosting Toledo in our first 4 games of the season. Florida game is in November...kind of filling up the spot in their sched that The Citadel just did this past season.

A win at USF will be crucial, it'll definetly send a message to the nation that we mean business. And we can definetly do it, there is no reason to think we can't. I'm just excited we get to play two SEC powerhouses next year: Alabama and UF. If we can just stay competitive against those teams we can raise some eyebrows. A Sun Belt Conference Championship is definetltly a realistic dream. We have homefield advantage against the tougher teams in our conference unlike this year when we didn't (Troy, ULL, FAU), and if MC can bring in some strong recruits to shore up our O-Line and D-line we should be interesting to watch, especially with how great our offense should be next year. Sheesh, September '09 is too far away!!

Look for some more JUCO kids to come in and play right away on both sides of the line until the recruits from '07 and '08 are ready for the BIG time.

College football is won on the line of scrimmage. **What a match up with Anthony Gaitor vs. Julio Jones...

If we can get some stud D-line kids to help with the pass rush....I think beating USF is very possible. Their skill players are very even with ours. Had we played USF in October, as Fomenter points out "continuity" is very critical....we win that game at home.


Would you please find out what are the implications for next year's recruiting class with the scholarships reductions due to the APR and infractions? With that I mean, how many...if any...scholarship reductions are mandated by APR for the 2009 season?...how many schollie reductions were in effect for the 2008 season?...and so forth?

As usual..thanks for your input.

Your points are valid. At this stage, I would only say that SunBelt play will define success or program progress, not neccessarily OOC schedule.

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