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Golden Panther Pawse 12/4


GppawMore than 80 percent of you have spoken and looks like we'll keep the Pawse on a post by itself. Thanks for voting in the previous poll.

Gppaw_2 "The Hilton Heave" won our poll question for the best name for the T.Y. to JuniorHh  Mertile winning TD pass vs. Arkansas State. I spoke to Greg Ellingson after practice on Wednesday and he does not have the nickname "Glue Hands" nor does anyone on the team call him that like someone said in a comment a couple of blogs ago. So I let him know some of the nicknames you good people have been kicking around and GE said to let you guys decide. So vote at the bottom of the Pawse.

Gppaw_3 LIVE GPP BLOG for the season finale against Western Kentucky begins at 6:45 p.m. on Saturday live from FIU Stadium.

To your questions:

Ultimate FIU Fan: Any more injuries for SR's team in the last minutes? We have two early SBC games against Ark St (away) on Dec 18th and S. Alabama (home) on Dec 20th. Pete how those two teams predicted to do this year? Why does so much attention go to the UM player who is ACC Rookie of the year or something like that, yet no attention, except for your mention in the Herald about TY Hilton possibly being NCAA Freshman of the year?

GPP: Freddy Asprilla is week to week with an Achilles' injury. Harley Fuller had a tooth knocked out vs. Florida Memorial, but should be back in for Buffalo.

South Alabama should be good again after going 26-7 last season. Would say vs. Arkansas State, FIU could get a win, but with the injured state of team right now not sure where and against who FIU would win.

Unfortunately, until FIU gets that signature win or goes bowling, the attention will not be there from the national media.

FIU_Blitz: Do you think is safe that we have Hilton playing both sports? Shouldn't he commit to one of them instead to prevent an injury?

GPP: I'm not so sure Goodbye is going to be playing hoops. He's a freshman. There is a lot on his plate for his first year of college and with the bad karma right now around FIU hoops, he would probably get hurt just stepping on the court.

JM: Can we get an update on how recruiting is going? any recruits gonna make a big impact next year like T.Y. did this year?

GPP: JM, will have a breakdown of FIU recruiting later this month.

FIU Fan For Life: Pete, in your best GUESTIMATION, will PG go after a top assistant at a legit program (NOT UM! No history in hoops!) or will he go the FAU route and take a known coach with PAST glory and maybe a checkered past to bring in a name?

GPP: Judging by PG's track record of hiring coaches, my guesstimation is that his priority will be someone who can recruit and not just nationally and internationally, but locally as well. Don't see PG getting a retread like they did in Boca Raton, unless that person is a heck of a recruiter.

fiu4ever: Are they going to continue with the stadium construction during this offseason? Do you know what the plans are?

GPP: Yes, as we speak the fieldhouse is going up. The outside walls of the FH have just about been put up and most of the plumbing is in. The concrete for the entire floor of the FH has also been laid down already. There is no off-season for FIU Stadium construction. There's a chance the building of the north side of the stadium could be sped up if Miami MLS happens.


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